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My plan was to put this much debated series on the shelf this season. But, Packer Chatters has gone and done it again leaving my no choice but to crown them dumbass of the week.





One of our readers tuned in to this morning's remarks on the Michael Vick drama. Not much had been said about Vick up to this point and this was well before Ted Thompson's press conference. Our reader, also a Packer Chatters member, attempted to share this information with his Packer fan buddies on the PC forums.

Using the usual practice of attributing a post back to a website, he kindly posted a link to The Packers Lounge. The discussion started to take off.  Then, in less than an hours time, Packer Chatters had removed our readers post and replaced it with one of their own.

Once again Packer Chatters has gone above and beyond their usual douchebaggery to completely deny their fans attributable information. This time they even went one step further and used their readers to promote material as their own. I mean Jesus, even the Brett Favre forum had it up.


So, let's see Packer Chatters:


You don't let every Packer fan join your website, only the Packer fans you choose.

You consistently take credit for other people's ideas.

You blatantly deny Packer fans access to pertinent Packer news.


Packer Chatters, "By us... for us... screw you Packer fans."


Nice mission statement dumbass.


EDIT: One Mr. Wally Pingel (Packer Chatters staff but NOT in charge of content) was kind enough to fire back with a semi-enthused post here. He makes some good points, and I like Wally because he is cool headed. But, I think you are missing my argument.

I don't care who is the best Packer site either. What gets me is the Hitleresque approach that is taken to any Packer fan not wearing the Packer Chatters star. There is no need to segregate Packer nation, which is PC has done for years.

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LMG's picture

Someone let us know that you are bad mouthing the PackerChatters website....again.

For your information on your latest here the post you refer to was not deleted but moved into an existing Michael Vick thread;

As far as accepting new members our Registration Submissions are not 'automatically' processed. Instructions on registering are clearly visible in the very first Forum listed...Admin Support.

All one has to do is read how and why we do our Registrations the way we do.

I'm not sure why you and your little group continue with your agenda towards the website but it surely is not very professional especially when you spout off not knowing all the information.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I have tried to register to PC several times over the years. It is never approved. The post was deleted and replaced with your referenced post. That is not the original, sorry try again.

Unprofessional is acting like the Hitler of Packer Nation.

It doesn't matter anyway, your methods are well documented in several places by several different people.

coreyb's picture

hear hear!

Alex Tallitsch's picture

The voice of reason...'s picture

Can't we all get along and play nice? I have to say cheesehead nations Machiavellian approach is just as unscrupulous as Chatters idealistic and restrictive posting tactics.
Let's put this crap to the side and focus on football !

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Says the guy who posts his link all around this place and we leave it up.'s picture

Fine take them down and kindly return the $40.00 I paid you to sponsor your chat...careful there don't bite the hand that donates !
I also post your links..use YOUR RSS feed.
I have stated on many occasions that ALL Packer sites should work together and YOU know that but why post this column ??? What purpose does it serve ???

Fact of the matter is there #1 ranked in TRAFFIC.....not content traffic. You know what I am driving at. I won't make the mistake of posting again.

Kindest regards,

Wizard 87

Alex Tallitsch's picture

What purpose does it serve? I would say it serves as a warning. No one is biting your hand at the HQ. We have displayed the link, appreciate your donations (along with the many others) and appreciate the fact that you put our work out there.

Which is exactly what Packer Chatters does NOT do. So I don't get your argument.

LMG's picture

Alex, all one has to do to register is follow the instruction and send the email.

On the post by GM was just moved into the ongoing Vick thread in it's entirety with no editing.

Hitler? How juvenile!

Your "documented cases" are from those that are 'well documented' as the ones that started this agenda.

Get back to discussing the Packers....on all Packer sites.'s picture

<blockquote cite="comment-4733">

<strong><a href="#comment-4733" rel="nofollow">Alex</a></strong>: What purpose does it serve? I would say it serves as a warning. No one is biting your hand at the HQ. We have displayed the link, appreciate your donations (along with the many others) and appreciate the fact that you put our work out there.Which is exactly what Packer Chatters does NOT do. So I don’t get your argument.


My argument is and I regress here is that I started a site like you did , and cheesehead and so many others so that I could talk Packers my way. There is no wrong or right....your going back and saying that there site should be run the way you believe it to be NOT the way they see fit.
We are all independent in are own way...we don't always agree but that's fine variety is the spice of life.
It's not your place or Cheeseheadtv to warn anyone about this stuff. My point in a nutshell is that we need to put all this crap to the side and focus on football NOT on who posted what or that joeblow has posted this on there site.
Packers Lounge,Packer chatters, CheeseheadTV, Packershome,, Green Bay Bums, PackerForums, Packer Rats, Rail bird Central, Acme Packing AND any other Packer site I publicly challenge all of you to put your feelings aside and let's work together in 2009.
Better yet let's form a partnership...independent yet unified.

Anyone who wants in e-mail me at [email protected]

Balls in your court guys..What you say?

Aaron's picture

I say I'm sorry I started all of this back in May.

Season's here. Let's roll.

Dan at Marquette's picture

Guys, I realize there was some bad blood between a few of the blogs (CTV, PackersLounge) and PackerChatters based on their respective methods of reporting (or not reporting?) news during the off season.

Now we have football again, and it's really time to let bygones be bygones and come to some sort of truce. Imagine the possibilities if there was an open partnership amongst all of these Packers sites, with free ability to cite a nice article posted by the writers of another.

Instead of taking jabs at each other through various blog entries/forum posts, maybe you guys could actually talk this out via e-mail and come to a consensus? I'm personally not a fan of the segregation that occurs, NOT in posters over at PackerChatters like Alex is talking about, but in me (and many other Packer fans) having to segregate our news sources because of a high school-esque feud.

I'm really looking forward to this Cheesehead Nation business. It takes three of the best Packer blogs on the web, throws in a little state of the art technology, and a whole mess of Packer fans talking Packer football. It's great. I haven't missed a blogcast yet. And, like it or not, Brian keeps telling us in there to spread the word and get more people in. Well, I'll do my part, but the best way for that to occur is for you guys to make peace with as many Packer sites as possible and make this thing as big as possible. It would make the entire thing that much more enjoyable for all parties involved.

Larry... I've been posting on your site for quite some time. I've also been reading these blogs for a long time. I guess my question is.. why the need to isolate? They've got a great thing going here with this three-as-one blog stuff, and PackerChatters is a high traffic website. It's a match made in heaven, but for some reason none of you guys can put your differences aside to make this thing work. PackerChatters is (and should be) proud to be the highest traffic single Packers website on the internet, but that and $2 will get you a cup of coffee at the nearest Starbucks. Unity amongst the best sites would reach out to the largest contingent of Packer fans, and make this season a heck of a lot of fun.

Who knows, maybe Packers Transplants and Packers Therapy could get together for a combined episode. Okay, maybe now I'm reaching.

But seriously, to me the idea of a multitude of high traffic Packers blogs and forums uniting for the single cause of putting as many Packer fans in one place as possible intrigues me.

Just off the top of my head, I can think of PackerChatters, PackersLounge, CHTV, Railbird, PackerRats, PackersHome, Packerforums, and a handful of others. Imagining all the great posters, writers, and people from those sites piled into one massive force, Cheesehead Nation? Now THAT sounds like a Packer fan's dream.

Consider it.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

That is one hell of a post, Dan. Like button hit accordingly. Thanks.

Asshalo's picture

"I don’t care who is the best Packer site either. What gets me is the Hitleresque approach that is taken to any Packer fan not wearing the Packer Chatters star. "

Oh god. This stuff isn't even worth writing about. Let it go.

Debt Settlement Program's picture

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Program's picture

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