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Boring Says Blackmon

Boring Says Blackmon

Green Bay is sooo boring. At least if you're Will Blackmon anyway. That may be the case for the young Mr. Blackmon, but as they say don't bite the hand that feeds ya. Sometimes it bites back.

I don't understand I guess. Why in the world would Blackmon want to say something like that? Does he not understand the undying allegiance of the citizens and fans to Green Bay? Does he not understand that every time free-agency rolls around we have to deal with that one little x-factor called small market team?

Maybe Green Bay is boring, but as I read from Brian Carriveau today, there seem to be a few players who find it a nice place to live. I know from Nick Barnett's Fourth of July extravaganza that fun can be had around here. Green Bay Packer fans ain't no punks. And if you don't believe me, see Javon Walker, Mike McKenzie, Ahmad Carroll and Joe Johnson.

As far as most people are concerned, if you can't find something to do in Green Bay, you're probably looking to do things you shouldn't be doing anyway. The bottom line is simple, if you are trying to endear your fans coming off an injury with a payday on the line, you really didn't help your cause.

We loved Colledge about this time last season too.  Fail Will, fail.

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Kyle182's picture

I think its a little overreaction from everyone about his comment.

I've got no idea about what Green Bay is like as im from the Gold Coast in Australia, however, sometimes people need different things to keep them occupied and can find a place boring. Where i live its perfect weather 300 days a year, we have some of the best beaches in the world with some of the best surf, have 4 theme parks, loads of nightclubs, concerts all year round, arts markets and much much more, and if I moved to a place that had none of that i would probably find it boring too...

All in all no need to overreact, he's just being honest... GO PACKERS!

dominic's picture

low. extremely low. how long till blackmon quits twitter?

Alex's picture

How long until the first small business owner has to shut down because no one wants to live in his city after hearing a high profile resident diss it?

PackersRS's picture

I think it was a little overboard, Alex. Read too much into it...

But, I got to say, that piece of yours emulating Barnett emulating Hemingway... One of the best pieces I've read on the internet, may I say.... I can't understand half what's written, so it goes to show that it's really great. But from what I can, it's like you're there with Barnett and his enterprise...

cousin fred's picture

it's not even that what he said offends me. it's that his fragile ass has nothing better to do then to f around on twitter and piss on the community. i would kill to live in northern wisconsin (and have millions of dollars). it's god's country.. if he doesn't realize this then go play for the Dolphins. Send in your Project Runway audition tape and move to New York. Blackmon is the most replacable guy on the team anyway.

if you don't know the rules of twitter as they apply to your employer, the fans of the green bay packers, and too naive and stupid to know about the stereotype that follows us around, then get the fuck out.

This is the shit that separates these cocky, ignorant spoiled brats like blackmon, who make two plays a year, from the real leaders of the team like chuck, cullen, ryan, donald and al.. if he doesn't see this then he never will.

No, i've never badmouthed a player like this, ever. I've never had a reason to.

Erik's picture

While I do think there's a slight amount of over-reaction going on (see above from Fred), it was still a boneheaded move on his part. Sure, Green Bay is kind of boring (and yes, it's boring compared to Providence too), but why did he have to tweet it? Talk about a snafu for a public figure to make, especially when talking about Green Bay, a place the locals have A LOT of pride in and he knows it (or should).

PackersRS's picture

I agree that it was something... It was a dumb move, to twitt (tweet?) such comment, no doubt, specially considering the kind of relationship fans from everywhere have with GB... But IMHO it's a little too much, to say that small business will lose their job because HE said it, and that this will affect Free Agents...

FITZCORE1252's picture

Smooth move Ex-lax.


The Good Kid's picture

What is it exactly that he said that didn't have some truth to it or even bad? Some of you guys take things WAY TOO personal.

Green Bay doesn't have a great night life scene & the spots it does, the players I'm sure can't go and relax without getting harassed.

Leave the guy alone. Some of you people sound petty & juvenile with your attacks on him.

" God's country " ??? I have family including my father that grew up in Green Bay & they would say otherwise about it being " God's country "... They even go as far as saying it's a pretty racist town. Not saying it is or isn't, but I tend to believe people who have lived there then people who want to live there because they heard it's " God's country ." RIDICULOUS some of you people are...

Dave's picture

@The Good Kid:

Racist? Good lord....wouldn't be a real internet argument without bringing race into it. What's next, Nazis? And you have the gall talk about people being ridiculous? Please...what the hell does race have to do with a city being boring? But I digress.....

I think there certainly is some overreaction here.

Green Bay is a great city and this is God's country in my opinion, as is most of the Midwest. Boring? Maybe. That's Blackmon's opinion and he's entitled to it. He's a 25 year old with an NFL salary, I can see how a place like Green Bay would be boring to him. I can't really relate, but I grew up in Wisconsin and happen to think there's lots to do year round if you're willing to spend a little time here and look around. There's no excuse not to with as much disposable income as an NFL athlete has.

Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago are all close by. Summerfest (All of the other festivals all summer long), Six Flags, Noah's Ark (The Dells in general), snowmobiling, downhill skiing, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, hiking, more bars/clubs than you could want, etc.

Plenty to do here and the people are down to earth and friendly here. It's not a pretentious place like L.A., but maybe that's what he wants to be around. I'm sure that'll change with age and he realizes what's most important in life. No offense intended in saying that, either. Just called growing up.

PackerGranny's picture

When a player, especially a Packer makes statements on a very public forum (twitter) like; 1." Its inevitable, can't escape pack fans on flights to green bay, sigh... just embrace em!", 2. "Green Bay is so boooring", and 3. "Ok green bay. Ill give you summer and football season. That's it! Nothing else. Deal?"; shows me, a Packer fan (twice as long as he is old) that he doesn't have the character to see what a slap in the face his comments are to the fans/citizens/hands that feed him! From his first stupid comment (of which there were MANY) to the last, he acts like he is some king of the world condescending to the unimportant half-wits that long to just kiss his ring! And as far as his "deal" goes, he gets over-paid very well for summer & football season and he better get a clue that we expect him to respect Green Bay Packers/fans/citizens year round and have the humility to know how lucky he is to still have a job after being paid like he has been for the last 4 years when only playing half the time (32 games out of a possible 64 reg. season)! Those fans/citizens that he has been so condescending to have been loyal and faithful to him and we deserve the same in return and deserve an apology!

The Good Kid's picture

Hey Dave READ my post. I was responding to the person who called Green Bay " God's country " as if it's a better place then the rest. A place referred to as " God's country " would not be labeled to have racist problems in it, now would it? I was making a point that flew over your head, obviously. I'm white for the record, so it really doesn't make much sense for me to make up a lie about my own race that makes them possibly look bad, don't you think?

I'm not saying everyone in Green Bay is a racist, but my father & family are VERY honest people(almost to a fault) & WOULD NOT say something about Green Bay that doesn't exist just to say it. Dave, please get out of that little bubble of yours & realize that Green Bay has it's fair share of problems too & racism is one of them.

Will was calling a spade a spade & you kill him for that? Have you ever heard of a thing called 'culture shock' ? I'm sure that's what a lot of these players go through when coming here from bigger cities. He didn't say anything in the least bit bad about Green Bay's residents, but you interpret his tweet as a slap in their face. Again, GET REAL.

I'm not trying to make this about race, but I've heard some pretty outrageous stories about Green Bay from people that ACTUALLY grew up there & lived there for a LONG time, so when I hear the " God's country " crap it really gets me going. I hate nothing other than people who think their city is perfect and better than the rest even though that could not be any further from the truth...

Dave's picture

@The Good Kid

If you're going to suggest I'm lacking reading comprehension it would be swell if you'd actually read what I said. I didn't say Will Blackmon was wrong for calling Green Bay boring. I said it's his opinion and the opinion of a 25 year old with NFL money. I then went on to point out the fact there's plenty to do here. No, we're not L.A. or Miami. Most places aren't. I didn't find his comment to be a big deal. I'm not offended. Green Bay will still be here long after he's gone from the team or retired.

As far as this race keep digging a hole for yourself. Who cares what any of your relatives have to say about racists in Green Bay? That was my point. Why are you pointing out that you're white and that it's your race that are racists? I'm not a white guy, so glean whatever you want from that. The racists out there are guys like you flapping your gums about a black man calling a city of mostly white folks a boring place.

If it was Aaron Rodgers calling Green Bay boring would you tell us the same story about your relatives saying Green Bay is a city full of racists?

Of course you wouldn't. Look in the mirror, broseph.

PackerGranny's picture

The Good Kid ~ I've obviously lived long enough on this earth to see the difference between a racist comment & calling a 25 year old Packer player on his childish behavior. Race has nothing to do with Blackmon being confronted about his public comments on twitter! I'm not real happy with Colledge right now either & if he made the same kind of comments Blackmon did and disrespected the fans/citizens/hand that feeds him I'd call him on it too! Sometimes the truth hurts and for Will Blackmon's sake he obviously needs someone to tell him the truth before he shipwrecks himself with his behavior.

The Good Kid's picture

I didn't say race had anything to do with it.

Please stop trying to spin my words.

The Good Kid's picture

Dave, your reading comprehension is SERIOUSLY lacking.

I pointed out that a place that has racism problems is hardly " God's country ". Racism was my arguing point to prove your theory of " God's country " as wrong & sorry that reality hurts your feelings. If Aaron Rodgers said that, I would care less as I did with WIll because it's the truth for the most part. Why would I care if someone says a place that is pretty boring for a night life scene says it is? Please make sense.

If knew how to read properly than you would see that I only commented about race when the person said Green Bay was " God's country ", stop trying to spin it like I would have a different comment If Rodgers said it. Seriously you sound pathetic & you are the one that is digging yourself a hole, jack ass.

I find it HIGHLY offensive that you call me a racist in lesser words. Real classy of you & completely wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to make this out to be more than it is. You seem to have a guilty conscience & I'm 100 % positive the more you talk the more you will be exposed. If I were you I would choose my words carefully in response to me for your own benefit to everyone reading. Trust me on that one.

Dave's picture

@The Good Kid

There aren't race problems in Green Bay any more than there is anywhere else in this country. Race has absolutely no place in this discussion and you're the one who brought it here. Why? To explain away someone's assertion that Green Bay is God's country? Riiiiight.

People are reacting to Will Blackmon's comments about their city and nothing more than that.

I didn't find his comment to be a big deal, but I respect those who do. What I don't respect is a guy like you calling Green Bay racist by way of your family members.

Absolutely ridiculous.

Oh, and spare me the idle threats. What, you gonna send the E-Sherrif after me and call me into E-Court? Grow up.

The Good Kid's picture

You probably don't even know the origin of how that label " God's country " came about, do you? You don't even have the slightest clue. GUARANTEED. I would love to hear what you think of your reasoning as to why it's " God's country." Please enlighten me!

If you think I'm going to censor what reality is because it's not politically correct then you're sorely mistaken. I tell it how it is no matter if it sounds good or not. I'm not making shit up no matter how much you wish I am.

I could care less if you respect me or not. Idle threats too? More like giving you advice so you don't expose yourself.

You're right though, I should believe someone who hasn't once said he lived or lives in Green Bay as opposed to people that have a combined 150 years of life in that town. Get real!

Shit, if you don't believe me then use google. It's all out there for the world to see. It's actually common knowledge for those that aren't in denial, white or not a minority.

Anyways enough about race. I was making a point that obviously jack ass couldn't grasp or didn't want to grasp. Either way I know I'm right on this one.

Kadon's picture

Racism exists in every city, in every country in the world. Green Bay does have some racism. There are racist people EVERYWHERE! but for the most part, the people here are down to earth, real, genuine people. the majority are far from racist. Maybe your family members just hung around racist people?! dont go around trying to make GB sound like the most racist city you know. get real. fa real buddy

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I highly doubt, in fact know, that Green Bay is not any more racist than any other town north of St. Louis. That's the facts, and have been since about the Civil War.

You want to see racism in its full form still in practice? Head south not north.

Cohl's picture

I like Green Bay. It's a really neat place to be a part of. I've lived there my whole life, and I've never had a problem with racist comments. Ever. Never heard a racist comment out of anyone of these people's mouths. Green Bay has it boring moments. but if you look around a lil bit, there is plenty to do in and around the area.
But hey, everybody just forgive Will. I'm sure he did not mean to offend or upset anyone.'s picture

Wait a minute Alex that head south comment is just as bad as the rest. Stereo typing anyone is plain wrong. Most of the south is being filled with people from the northeast and west cost. My little hole in the ground southern town has 2 Chinese , 3 Mexican, 1 Jewish deli, 2 Italian ( a 4 th generation long island family) as well as several other ethnic restaurants.
Many families with as very diverse ethnic background.
I get sick of folks in the Midwest thinking...we have no racism? That BS it's everywhere and in every town. Is Green Bay a racist not anymore then Athens Georgia or Salt Lake city Utah.
So blackmon is bored big deal....but please leave your are [email protected]#@ don't stink holy then thou stuff to yourselves.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

It's not stereotyping it's fact. Racism is everywhere, but even today (look at any regional study) the south has always been behind the rest of the nation.

I should know. My grandmother, the fearless Irene Gaston Samuel, headed up the WEC in Arkansas. She successfully challenged the dominance of segregationists on the Little Rock School Board, and their efforts marked a turning point in the city’s desegregation controversy.

If you want to have a race debate that's fine, but you have fair warning that I come heavily armed.

However, this whole topic has nothing to do with race, and never should have gone there. That is my larger point. Racism is everywhere just like drugs and crime.

PackersRS's picture

I disagree with you. You're defending that the South is more racist because in your grandmother's time it was extremely racist???

I haven't been to any southern USA cities, but I'm well aware of it's reputation (mainly from films, yeah...)

But basing a point from an occurence in the 60's or 50's???

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Sigh - it a well known fact that the South is far more vocal and open as far as racism is concerned. Check any sociological study and you will see the that the South still has a way to go. In a study in 2004 over 25% of white respondents would not allow their children to interracially marry to only 5% of the Northern States.

Now, Ill concede in the North we hide behind our racism by moving to white neighborhoods, avoiding the subject, and only talking about it behind closed doors. Perhaps that is worse, but for the moment, there is no denying, that racism is the South in more outwardly vocal than anywhere else in the States. This comment section is now closed.

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