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You Never Say "I Told You So"

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You Never Say "I Told You So"

I don't say that, and I don't like people who do.

From Tom Silverstein:

The Green Bay Packers are exploring the possibility of adding former Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook to their already potent offense.

Though it’s unclear whether the Packers are serious enough to sign the 30-year-old veteran free agent, two sources said Monday that the club definitely has shown interest in him. Westbrook became a free agent when the Eagles released him Feb. 23.,

Westbrook has taken a lot of hits over his eight-year career and last year missed eight games due to a pair of concussions. There was some speculation that he would retire after the Eagles released him, but he appears determined to play again and wants to show people rumors of him being finished aren’t true.

I told you so.

UPDATE: ESPN calls me "clairvoyant"

Although he won't make any claims to the effect, Aaron Nagler of Green Bay Packers blog Cheesehead TV might be clairvoyant. Well, either that or the actions by the Packers' front office are becoming easier to read. Back in late March, Nagler made the speculative suggestion that the team would become interested in free agent Brian Westbrook the longer he is on the market.

Well, Westbrook's still on the market, and guess who's interested. Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel received info from two sources on Monday that the Packers have "shown interest" in Westbrook.

Clairvoyant? Hardly. But I do check my Tobin's Spirit Guide quite regularly... ;)

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alfredomartinez's picture

didnt thompson sign woodson b4 the draft? itd b interesting if that were the case with westbrook...mad respect for brian!

packeraaron's picture

Just Tweeted that earlier - this is EXACTLY when Thompson signed Woodson.

Dilligaff's picture

I think Westbrook should take the approach that Steve Young and Troy A. did with their concussions, retire.

I like the idea and concept, though I still feel A. Green has something to offer.

Its one thing to have bad knees when you are done playing football, but your mind is all you got.

cow42's picture

green's been done for years.
there are 100's of guys just like him in the league.

Dilligaff's picture

If TT is thinking about Westbrook, then why didn't he go after Chestor Taylor in an uncaped year?

packeraaron's picture

Because Westbrook will be a few million dollars cheaper and better for their offense.

dilligaff's picture

I disagree that Westbrook at this stage of their careers is far better than Taylor, both fit our system well and Taylor is used to the idea of not being the featured back.

Westbrook fits better given that TT is thinking one year only, where as Taylor would be good to go for 2 to 3 years more.

I just don't see Westbrook coming back to play really cheap, why take the risk for so little to mess his mind up.

I bet the pay is going to be a deal breaker for Westbrook, It has to be worth his while to take the risk or he retires.

bomdad's picture

how do you know he didnt go after Taylor? The Bears went harder than anyone and got him the first week. Neither one is going to be the starter for the Packers.

PackerBacker58's picture

they said the same thing about woodson except for the head injuries and look at him now

Ron LC's picture

Brilliant call Aaron! No dowqnside at all. Well money. He'd be a threat catching passes out of the backfield. It would be hard to plan on his availablity for the entire year so someone would have to be strategically placed on the Practice Squad or what ever they call them these days.

bomdad's picture

Ahman would be happy to sit at home and work out for a chance to come in at mid season again and get in on a playoff run.

DaveK's picture

I think they have room on the roster for another RB as I doubt they keep 3 FBs this year.

Jeff's picture

I'd have a pretty magical football boner if this happened. Him and Grant would be a good duo.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"magical football boner".


Jon's picture

Why not take a chance with Westbrook, he might benefit from playing for a team that at times is committed to the run game. Rodgers's numbers will sky rocket if he has a back that can catch the ball.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Put an injury clause in the contract, sign him on a contract heavy on incentives... BRING HIM IN. Why the hell not? So long as were not "counting" on him, it could be a great value pick-up (dude's $$$ when healthy).


alfredomartinez's picture

LOL Nagler i just realized the new site has ur tweets on the right side...totally read ur earlier post...this idea is still very sounding to my ears!

Jersey Al's picture

I guess Uncle Ted sniffs a bargain. I suppose it's worth a roll of the dice at the right price, but with multiple concussions, I'm wary of how much he can contribute.

JohnRehor's picture

My thought re: Westbrook has always been the same. Worth a look, but I would not rest my backup RB plan with a veteran who has a history of concussions. For a cheap deal he could add value to the offense, but what could he give beyond this year? TT has to look somewhere in the draft to upgrade the RB position.

madden07's picture

This would finally bring something dynamic to the screen game.

Oppy's picture

Besides the obvious yardage the Packers would reap from Westbrook running screens...consistent, effective screen plays for the duration of the season will eventually yield a very effective surprise QB Draw in a key situation down the stretch in the regular season or in the playoffs with the athletic Rodgers at the helm.

Oppy's picture

Perhaps I should change that from "Would" reap to "Could" reap :)

Wiscokid's picture

I was just out on Packers War Room blog and they are talking about a possible trade for Brandon Marshall that involves trading Nick Barnett. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

packeraaron's picture

That's a complete junk-internet rumor. Pay no attention.

wgbeethree's picture

Normally I'd agree with you on that Aaron but I have heard from a couple people that are usually the first to "poo poo" these sorts of rumors that there were some actual discussions regarding Marshall. Of course a they pointed out that means very little as there are no doubt dozens of "discussions" daily between different teams regarding players availability and asking prices. You would almost have to assume that with TT's affinity for WRs and him being one of the league's most physically talented ones that TT would have at least asked what they wanted for Marshall which is enough to give the rumor the "legs" to start.

FWIW our first for Marshall and their third works out to roughly the 33rd or 34th pick value wise which may be exactly the area of return Marshall will bring/ the lowest Denver is willing to settle for in trade making the possibility all the more plausible.

Not saying it's going to happen (or that I'd have anyway of knowing if it was likely to) but I think it's very reasonable to think both sides could be interested in a deal like that and that it is something that very likely could have been or in fact was discussed.

globalpack's picture

If the Pack signs Westbrook before the draft it will be a very curious move indeed. The Pack should be prepared for the possibility that a RB they have highly rated falls to them in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round. However, Westbrook's value could be so low right now that he's willing to take near the vet minimum and his agent is trying to get him inked before the draft so he doesn't end up as the next Marvin Harrison. Assuming the last statement is false and Westbrook does still command $$, this would have to mean that TT doesn't think that much of this years rookie RB class or Brandon Jackson.

PackersRS's picture

Signing Westbrook will have ABSOLUTELY NO IMPACT on our draft. He's past his prime, so he's only a stop-gap solution.

What will determinate if we get a RB or not will be TT and MM's trust on BJ and, most importantly, who's available when we pick, and how much does TT likes him...

TT doesn't pick for current need. He's a BPA, future needs guy...

FITZCORE1252's picture

WEE-WOO WEE-WOO Grammar cops.

You remember our back-and-forth @ the lounge on "determine vs. determinates". Good times, LOL.
You rock it however the puck you wanna though. We know what U B sayin'. I'm really just tryin' to help a brother out, you use that word quite a bit.

Don't go gettin' all pissy now either, you know it's all love, bro.


PackersRS's picture


FITZCORE1252's picture

Nice restraint RS. I was fully expecting to log on to an "F you and your grammar" type post. nice work, I know I ain't be grammatically correct all the tyme. I'll never mention it again.

PackersRS's picture

Westbrook will certainly bring in excitement for the fanbase. Don't know if he'll bring much.

I think being a change-of-pace back, with low carries, he's going to do a lot of damage.

But the problem is, when was the last time he actually played? Been a long time... He's had a lot of carries/catches. He has head issues. Is he worn out? I don't think so, but I can't affirm.

And the most important question is, can he remain healthy to be a decent contributor?
But then again, between his injuries and BJ's, we ought to get production from our bench. Just hope they aren't injuried at the same time...

Wiscokid's picture

I'm all for taking a look at Westbrook but at this point I doubt if he would be a much better choice than AG. They might just as well have brought in LT.

Done is done is done. It's hard to recapture past glory. Concussions are a serious thing and I'd hate to see Westbrook sounding like Ali in a couple of years.

nerdmann's picture

Westbrook has always been a weapon when he's been healthy. But he's always been brittle.
We need a guy who can run screens. Absolutely. Would be some good veteran leadership at the position too. But I'd still draft a younger pass catching, screen-running HB.
I also like Bjack, but I see him getting traded. Actually I like him better than Grant, but I have a feeling TT's gonna swap him for some picks next week. Dude deserves a chance to start, and we got too many guys who are very similar to Grant.

dilligaff's picture

Just got done reading an Eagles fan forum. A number of people say the concussions are not the primary problem, though the most dangerous, but his left knee is the major issue.

To the point he has trouble playing on artificial turf with it swelling up.
Natural grass is his friend.

If he is signed before the draft, I hope TT will not pass up a good RB if one were available.

If we kept 3 Full Backs last year, then maybe we keep 4 RBs this year. If I am Lumpkin or Wynn I would be planning my future wisely.

I am not sure Westbrook will play really cheap and be worth his while. Unless a championship shot is worth it for him to take such a risk to suffer more concussions.

Dilligaff's picture

I just read a rumor that A. Green is pursing other interests and making commitments outside of football that would make it impossible for him to play next season.

Can anybody confirm this?

packeraaron's picture

He's taken up substitute teaching in the Green Bay area. But that doesn't mean anything.

dilligaff's picture

Pretty cool for those kids.

Mark's picture

As a Villanova grad, I've always liked Westbrook. He actually lived down the hall from me Sophmore year, a class act and a really nice dude. I would love to have him for his leadership, and I would love to see him get a ring, but I just think the guy is done. I'm hoping for Dexter McCluster.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

good point packersrs, westbrook signing shouldn't have an effect on our draft class. i think thompson would follow that logic.

if he's a real threat to catch balls out of the backfield or even lined up as a receiver, he'll be an effective distraction at the very least, creating matchup problems the whole year.

on the other hand, if he's lost 'it,' he'll be an effective distraction at the very least - for the first game or two.

someone else to gameplan for in this passing game (currently teams have to gameplan for jennings and finley specifically, besides just a good passing attack in general, imo) - that would be HUGE.

(also, shameless self-promotion here, sorry. I did the music track to a video my friend submitted to a u.s. chamber of commerce contest - view count is the determining factor to move onto the next round, so any clicks help. hope i'm not shamed off the site for view-count soliciting, but i'm having the week from hell and getting pitifully desperate for good news. anyway, here it is: )

FITZCORE1252's picture

The video was good, ditch the music though. JK

madden07's picture

Congratulations Aaron, ESPN is referencing you in its rumor central section.

packeraaron's picture

Thanks - I noted that in my update this morning ;)

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yes, how you could have possibly thought Westbrook and the GBP might make sense is truly remarkable, ESPN nailed it, clairvoyant, kudos. Should I prepare my family for 2012 as the Mayans believed? LOL

Draft here yet?


alfredomartinez's picture

joshy, i like the video!

PackerFan4Life's picture

This is per Joe Arrigo's

There is a rumor that I have got wind of a while ago and it could make the Packers offense almost unstoppable. I have learned through two different sources that that Packers have contacted the Denver Broncos about All Pro wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

From what I gathered the Packers have made an offer to the Broncos. It is unclear exactly what the offer is, but according to my source James Jones name is included in the package.

From what I heard, the Packers feel that Greg Jennings is the #1 WR and Marshall will become the possession receiver. Donald Driver will actually stay in his area and be the #3 in the 3 wide set.

This maybe why the Packers declined to even put an offer in for Santonio Holmes. The Steelers called just about every team in the NFL about possibly dealing Holmes to them.

Things are starting to get crazy, so hold on for a wild ride in the upcoming weeks.

I also have to give Patty (over at Packer Chatters) credit for also hearing the rumor and adding to this

PackersRS's picture

This rumor surfaced last year, if I'm not mistaken... Just a different shift to it...

wgbeethree's picture

Adam Scheffler(?) just apparently tweeted that Marshall has signed his tender in order to allow a trade to be facilitated so we should now shortly if any of the Marshall to GB rumors that are flying all around Packerland now are in fact true.

beesteelzz's picture

i would trade the first round pick for marshall....driver is gettin old and were goin to need an replacement and we can keep jones....this offense has so much fire power but i know it wont happen because finley is goin to have an bigger role this year....if we get westbrook and then draft secondary help with first pick and then oline in 2nd or 3rd.....i would be happy....then get an olb in the later rounds we will be goin to the super bowl....

Nypacker's picture

Arrigo's rumors are always nice to read about but idk how many of them actually come true. B. Marsh would be nice to have but I would be willing to wait 1 year more on James Jones before sending him away.

Back on the main topic, I agree Aaron that Westbrook would be nice and hoped that the packers showed even a tiny bit of interest. You also speculated the idea that Cromartie could be looked at by the pack too so I wouldn't really exact those "I told you so" remarks just yet :)

packeraaron's picture

Totally different scenarios. With Cromartie, I said they SHOULD take a look, and they didn't. With Westbrook, I said the longer he stayed on the market, the more likely it was the Packers would take a look. And it appears I was right. ;)

beesteelzz's picture

dude cromatie is an problem especially when the jets had to front him money to pay his child was an matter of time till he was in jail.....six kids from five woman..we dont need nobody like him

beesteelzz's picture

man i love them to sign an chance of pace back to spell grant is what we need......he still has something left in the tank alot left in the tank.....please teddy do it.......

FITZCORE1252's picture

Michael Lombardi on the Pack & Westbrook:


beesteelzz's picture

an little side note from around phlly and former players who have played in philadelphia in all their sports are known to win championships with otha teams......bome on westbrook come on down

FITZCORE1252's picture

R U for real?

FITZCORE1252's picture

In general, that is.

BLACK HAWK's picture

Signing Westbrook would be a great move and doesn't effect our draft one bit. This guy is a pure stud when he is healthy, although he's 30...he has not taken the abuse of a 30 year old back, he's been hurt often and early in his career, all he did was return kicks and punts. Worth the gamble, his leadership in the locker room and the stress on the opposing defense make him a non brainer to sign. Now that Ted has rebuilt the roster and was just getting warmed up in out now...get ready to see Teddy ball game in his prime...draft 2010!!!

FITZCORE1252's picture


Graffin's picture

Marshall to Miami for 2 second rounders

Diligaff's picture

Given that Westbrook is taking more of a risk than the average player due to the concussions he has had over the years, a pretty high contract will have to be paid to make it worth his while not to retire and take the risk of playing one more year

I understand what Aaron is saying that the Packers will show some interest because his price tag is not being inflated by other teams interest.

IMO he will want to be paid pretty well or he retires.

Nypacker's picture

I agree with Bomdad there is no way of knowing if the Pack even had a bit of interest for Taylor. Last season there were reports of TT going after Chris Canty only to lose him to the Giants. So for all we know the interest could have been there.

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