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Who Will Be the Packers' Breakout Player in 2019?

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Who Will Be the Packers' Breakout Player in 2019?

The draft is over, and the undrafted rookies have been signed. Whlie there will likely be a few adjustments over the next couple months before training camp begins, we now at least have a sense of what the roster will look like and what positional battles will take place during camp.

The last couple years have seen an exodus of established players from this roster. From the end of the 2017 season to now, the team has said goodbye to stalwarts like Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Morgan Burnett. Left in their wake are a number of players who are a number of promising young talents ready to usher in a new era as the Packers embark on their second century of football this fall. 

So who are the players looking most poised for a breakout in 2019? Here are a few possibilities.

Aaron Jones, Running Back

The Packers and their fans know well what they have in Jones, but Jones has still yet to have a traditional, statistically gaudy breakout season. He simply hasn't been given the opportunities he deserves to carry the team's ground game, much to the chagrin of Packers fans week in and week out over the last two years. With Matt LaFleur taking over and bringing his offense in with him, expect Jones to get many more opportunities to touch the ball. 

As we've seen over the last couple years, when Jones touches the ball, good things generally happen. If he's able to get his touches in, he could become one of the league's top rushers.

One of the young wide receivers

The Packers currently have one established receiving threat at the wide receiver position in Davante Adams. Adams is going to continue to be one of the league's top pass catchers, but someone is going to have to step up to become a true second option. It's just a question of who it's going to be.

Geronimo Allison has a headstart on the trio of second-year receivers (Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Equanimeous St. Brown, J'Mon Moore) in terms of developing a rapport with Aaron Rodgers, and his absence likely hurt the team more last year than most people would have suspected. If he stays healthy he could tally some respectable numbers this year.

MVS seems to be the player with the most potential for explosiveness. His straight-line speed is tops among the Packers' pass catchers, and he produced the most results out of any of last year's crop of rookies. ESB didn't have quite the same level of flash, but certainly had his moments as well, and his height makes him an intriguing prospect. 

J'Mon Moore is the player we currently know the least about. He barely saw the field last year, and one would hope a change of offensive system will do some good. Moore had perhaps the highest expectations of any of the three, being picked in the fourth round, and still has a ton of unlocked potential. 

Odds are strong that one of these four players will be a breakout player for the team this season.

Za'Darius Smith, Edge

If I'm going to choose one of the newly acquired Smiths that I expect to make a larger immediate impact, I'm going to say Za'Darius Smith. Smith already had his breakout year in 2018, in a sense, but carrying that success over to the Packers and building on it could catapult him to stardom. Smith is a versatile player who you can expect to move around the line in various formations and stunts. He's perfect for a Mike Pettine defense, and you've got to believe Pettine is going to enjoy deploying him in all manner of ways.

Darnell Savage, Safety

If I were to pick one rookie who I think can come in and make a significant immediate impact, it would be Darnell Savage. Savage comes in at a big position of need for the Packers. He plays extremely fast and loose, but that's not to be confused with reckless or negligent. He is not afraid of seeking out contact. He makes quick decisions and commits to them. If he's able to transfer his college game to the pros, Savage could very well become a special player for the Packers at the safety position in a manner not seen since Nick Collins' career-ending injury. 

That being said, he hasn't played a down yet in the NFL, so I want to beware of overhyping him. But out of all the players in this draft class, he's the one that excites me the most. 


HONORABLE MENTIONS: Josh Jackson, Kevin King, Jace Sternberger, Preston Smith


Who do you have pegged for a breakout year in 2019?


Tim Backes is a lifelong Packer fan and a contributor to CheeseheadTV. Follow him on Twitter @timbackes for his Packer takes, random musings and Untappd beer check-ins.

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Point Packer's picture


TheVOR's picture

I like your answer! Will enjoy watching Jake compete again - My money is on MVS. If that dude makes a 2nd season jump? wow! MVS reminds me a lot of Davante Adams rookie Season, they both had 38 catches in their rookie seasons. MVS just seems to have "IT". Plus I think Rodgers liked him, which we all knows correlates directly to the number of balls he'll see.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Ouch. I didn't say anything.

My top 3 offensive NFL rookie breakout players.

1. T.J. Hockenson
2. Andy Isabella
3. Miles Sanders

albert999's picture

we’re talking about Packer players

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"we" ∌ Doug

I guess

dobber's picture

You know how sometimes when you're shopping for a car or a house, it takes awhile to get out of that mode and you find that you're still looking even though you've bought something else?

Enter Doug.

Coldworld's picture

Move on ...

Doug Niemczynski's picture


draftnut59's picture

You do know that Hock was off the board to Detroit before we picked, right?

Doug Niemczynski's picture

If I was the GM those 3 players would have been on the Packers, so let's see whose picks turn out better Doug's or Gutes!!

Come on 2019 !!

MarkinMadison's picture

What on earth are you talking about?

dobber's picture

Draft crushes.

zeroluv's picture

My money is in Gutey picks over Doug’s

MarkinMadison's picture

Which three?

jannes bjornson's picture

Trading up to # seven for Hockenson would get you fired by sundown.

John30856's picture

Enough already. The draft is over

ShanghaiKid's picture

I don't even think Kumerow makes the roster.

Point Packer's picture

How about Gary? The guy you brilliant bloggers called out most regarding who the Packers shouldn't draft.

TheVOR's picture

Just my opinion, I'm not a fan, he's the reincarnate of Nick Perry. My money is on him not even being in the league in 6 years

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Gary has all the physical attributes,.

1. College stats don't match up with ability
2. Shoulder injury and will wear brace
3. Wonderlic score of 9

sam1's picture

And we wonder what the hell you Liced?

Coldworld's picture

He is dyslexic, as has been widely publicized. That score from a written test is BS. He is actually brighter than most by all accounts. I’ve no problem with people being concerned about injury or attitude or off field actions of players, but the use of a bogus IQ measure seems unnecessary and unhelpful.

John30856's picture

Based on nothing

albert999's picture

Shoulder will give out with bigger faster game in NFL

holmesmd's picture

Gary is a very good student but has dyslexia. That’s why he scored a 9.

John30856's picture

again a pure guess

Doug Niemczynski's picture

No way.

Dzehren's picture

The Big E, Oren Burks & MVS
2 obvious candidates: Aaron Jones & Jaire Alexander

Tim Backes's picture

I guess I figured Alexander already broke out, but he's definitely one who can further propel himself toward stardom.

Dzehren's picture

Agreed on Alexander!

TheVOR's picture

Alexander is a stud! That was a Great Pick!

Coldworld's picture

Tony Brown and Donnerson are my D break out players of those here and not starters last year. I’d have to hope Burks too.

Offensively, EQ and MVS

CheesyTex's picture

Coldworld: Nice. Even if each of them would make a second year jump, it would be a huge boost to this team's depth.

Nick Perry's picture

I think Tony Brown will continue to shock some, surprise others, but WILL be one of those players where you ask yourself "How in the HELL did that kid go undrafted?"

Doug Niemczynski's picture

True . You are correct he does have Dyslexia.

dobber's picture

Doug, you have GOT to figure out how to get your posts on the actual thread you are responding to.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Dobber when you use the CHTV app and reply it posts your reply randomly. When you use their website it posts it under the comment you're replying to. Al said their app is being updated currently.

Tundraboy's picture

That has been my experience as well. And on Android, although I don't know if that makes a difference.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

True . when I click on reply it posts it somewhere different. Have to be more careful. Thx

Demon's picture

My pick would be MVS. Speed kills, if MVS were able to catch 40 balls with a high yards per reception that would be huge for the Pack.

Rak47's picture

I think MVS will make marked improvement but the big breakout candidate will be Allison as he will see the ball quite a bit as a favorite of Rodgers and his number 2 option.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I'm definitely in on MVS or Kumerow.

Somebody needs to catch all the passes AR is going to complete.

ShanghaiKid's picture

He basically did that last season. 38/541/2 that's 15.3 YPC. I'd be happier for a higher catch %. Part of that is on Rodgers, and part of that is on MVS. He only caught 52% of the balls thrown his way. If he hovers around 65% on more targets he could breakout.

Coldworld's picture

Do those figures include all QBs or just Rodgers?

TheKanataThrilla's picture

My guess is somebody on a contract year.

sam1's picture

Long shot here, Trevor Davis, being up against for returner with so many brought in has to really step up to stay put!

Since '61's picture

Jaire Alexander to achieve "Island" status. Thanks, Since '61

4thand1's picture

That would be great, but remember he is only in his 2nd year.

Since '61's picture

Yes, but he has the entire season and hopefully the playoffs to achieve “island” status. Thanks, Since ‘61

RCPackerFan's picture

IMO, I don't think you can really say a top FA signing can be a breakout player candidate. So to me that rules out the 4 FA's.

The players we are looking at breaking out are Rookies - 3rd year players.

Any rookie could breakout. We need Savage to be the guy. We traded 2 4th round picks to move and get him. He was the first safety taken so he has to be bigtime for us.
The dark horse pick is Dexter Williams. RB is supposed to be used more in GB this year. We don't know how Jones or Williams will fit into the new scheme. Though Jones is great and will be a big factor regardless. Dexter Williams was drafted for this scheme. He is a guy to really watch out of the rookie class.

For the 2nd year players the list is really long. I don't count Alexander though he could take a big jump too. Jackson the same way. Oren Burks is the guy to really watch here. He was emerging as a rookie until he got hurt. They added players to play in front of him and behind him. He has the speed to make an impact. He would be my 1a for 2nd year players. Out of the rookies I would not be surprised to see Moore take a step. But I think MVS has a big year. He is a big time play making type of WR. He is my 1b for 2nd year players to bust out.

3rd year guys there are still guys that could jump out. We have 2 candidates. Josh Jones and Montravius Adams. Both could be big factors in the defense this year. If this year clicks for Jones, he could be a huge player for the defense.

Out of this list of players if I was going to go and place money on 1 player to break out, I think I would go with MVS. He gives the offense that deep threat that we haven't had since Jordy got hurt. From what I have heard of LaFleur's offenses is that he likes to have a deep threat. And one of the highlights Rodgers was talking about when he showed them what they want to do on offense is with Julio. I am not comparing MVS to Julio but he is probably the closest player we have to Julio, and he could do a few of the same types of things.

Rak47's picture

" I don't think you can really say a top FA signing can be a breakout player candidate. "
How about if one or both Smith's recorded 12 or more sacks each, would you still feel the same. I personally would think that both would consider that breakout years in their careers, considering neither has had double digit sacks so far in a season, that just so happened to be in GB after FA.
Just wondering what your take on that is RCPacker?

Turophile's picture

I agree with most of RCPackerFan's post, including not counting vet FAs and agree that Dexter Williams has a chance for playing time in a rotation, but I'll pick some other guys.

ESB was doing better than MVS towards the end of the season, but that may be the rookie wall syndrome for MVS. They both have a good chance to be much better this year. J'Mon Moore is yet another WR candidate. Allison has the chance of a healthy year. It's his 4th season and he didn't get much of a chance in 2018.

That's 4 WRs already and I could have added more, it's a position with a ton of potential upside, enough that it isn't unlikely one could make a fairly big jump. Allison would be pretty good with a relatively modest jump, he isn't far away, but he can never match the size/speed combo of some of the other prospects, so his ceiling is lower.

A healthy Oren Burks with an extra years preparation could be a good complement to Martinez. It might serve him well to have added about 5lbs in the offseason.

Josh Jackson is a serious minded guy, the type who can usually find a way to be effective. He will either improve as a boundary CB, or be tried at safety, which fits his skill-set nicely.

I'm going to pick 3 guys and 3 near misses, in what is a rather random effort to guess right.

1) Kendall Donnerson LB, 6'3", 249. Super high RAS tester, has had a year to get better fundamentals, strength, more playbook-aware. If he could ever learn to play anything like as well as he tests, he could make a big jump.

2) Oren Burks LB 6'3", 233lb. He has the speed you want for sideline range. He really needs a healthy camp, preseason and regular season this year, to maximise his potential.

3) Josh Jackson CB 6'0", 196lbs I think he has the mental toughness to adapt to what is needed, cut down on those penalties and take a big jump.

Nearest three misses: ESB, Montravius Adams and G'Mo Allison

I even have one 'if-only' pick. If only MVS can get his routes down pat, that crazy size/speed combo could turn him into a terrifying nightmare to defenders. He does have the work ethic to get much better, as shown by how he picked up the playbook rather faster than Moore or ESB.

That's my three, how about yours ?

jannes bjornson's picture

E-Quan should be the man. Scantling will see more high safety help this year.
We have not seen LeFleur's verticle attack yet so its difficult to speculate.

draftnut59's picture

Allison is the only one mentioned with a financial incentive to breakout. A big season from him would net a big contract.

Archie's picture

Elton Jenkins, Billy Taylor and Cole Madison could have a big impact in upgrading pass pro and run blocking.

Archie's picture

We figure to ge increased production from lots of guys:

1 = the 3 interior OL referenced in previous post;
2 - geronimo's return;
3 - Dexter the RB;
4 - Jace the TE;
5 - 3 FAs on def;
6 - 2 guys drafted in R1;
7 - Oren Burks;
8 - Kevin King;
9 - numerous other possibilities.

This is what this team needed. I fully expect 12 to have a great year.

Jonathan Spader's picture

I'm hoping Kevin King finally plays 16 games and has a breakout year. Similar to how Hayward broke out once he finally stayed healthy. Jimmy Graham is another player I'd like to see play up to his contract. If used correctly he's a matchup nightmare especially in the redzone.

porupack's picture

Agree with you JSpader; I'm using this opportunity to cast positive vibes on 1) Kevin King as breakout, and finally worthy of 1st round pick. Not to mention he benefits from JAlexander, enter 2 stud safeties and enter 3 improved pass rusher personnel.
2) I also think JGraham gets a 'comeback breakout' by getting in sync this year to rebuff his career and simply benefits by a year 2 with ARodgers and MLF. But, he will be limited as JStern gets increased reps.
3) Savage has to be a top rookie breakout candidate, (already by end of September).
4) MVS will breakout with biggest WR production jumpage.
5) ZSmith, will breakout as sack leader as the Dbackfield provides solid coverage.
6) ESB breaks out nearly as MVS.
7) Darkhorse rookie mini-breakouts: Kingsley Keke and Ty Summers introduce themselves to NFL America.
8) Daniels ensures and deserves he is paid by someone, enters tier of elite.

That is the descending order of top players hitting levels of breakout-ness.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Ah...I doubt it.

You forgot to add Jeff Janis

1. 6 '3
2. 4.35 40 Yard dash
3. Pretty much caught everything
4. Don't believe he was ever seriously injured

Had the skills, speed and learning along Jordy.
4 years on the team. All the physical attributes you could want. Packers fan favorite. Special team ace.

But, couldn't run a route for the life of him.

So, he gets cut.

fastmoving's picture

I always put that Janis thing on AR stubbornness. JJ never really got a chance to prove himself and Im not so sure if that route running thing is true. He had the chance to make a difference if they had used him the right way.
I know, I know the narrativ is he was just a folk hero and raw and never played a game anywhere else after the PACK released him. So he was just a pre season wonder.

Not for me and its not what I saw. He played good, everywhere they put him and even when he did too much bodycatching, he really had potential with his speed and size. And that skills were hardly missed back than.

But Im sure he will not be our breakout player 2019. only wished it had turned out better.

jannes bjornson's picture

Sp teams gunners only get paid so much. Couldn't even stick with Cleveland. The fans seem stuck on watching his two big catches highlight reel on a contiuous loop. He couldn't move in close space or run the route tree required of a Pro Wide receiver.

Spock's picture

"3. Pretty much caught everything". Uh, no, he pretty much couldn't track the ball and dropped the ball (I'll never forget when Arod's pass hit him in his face mask, lol). Lots of ability, smart player, just not NFL game smart.

dobber's picture

He was smart, but could not process in-game or at game speed. If you go back and watch his (not preseason game) film, he would way too often find himself dragging coverage toward other receivers because he would make the wrong (or no) adjustments on his routes. I remember one time after an incompletion where Nelson reamed him out because he almost ran into him. Then there was the time a perfect pass dropped in to him after he'd gotten a step on his defender downfield and it clanked off his facemask...

The guy was a college phenom (a local kid around here) and an all-around nice guy, but not an NFL football player.

The Silent One's picture

Allen Lazard will be the Packers breakout player in 2019.
1. He is smart, so he will know the new offense sooner, and know his assignment on each play, where he needs to be.
2. Lazard is reliable. On every play he will be where he is designed to be. Rogers will realize that soon and will have intelligent conversations with Lazard.
3. He is athletic enough to use his game understanding do the job.
4. He wants it a lot.
SO, watch as Lazard creeps up the depth chart during camps, breaks out by the start of the season, and impresses everyone by its end.
Maybe, Lazard will not be all-pro this year but he will break out!

Coldworld's picture

Right now, I think Kumerow is the last man in (excluding a returner perhaps). If Lazard or anyone else can force their way in front of Kumerow, Allison or others I think will be on the roster then so much the better.

There is opportunity if anyone can seize it. I actually think this will be a very competitive off season for WRs.

jannes bjornson's picture

Hope Lazard can work on his burst and separation. His route running and size advantage over CBs is a positive. He is a possession guy that moves the chains. I am quietly optimistic.

dobber's picture


If I had to guess which WR will break out, I would pick the one who is going to get the most slot snaps. ESB seemed to have caught up to MVS as the season progressed last year and might be first in line to get Cobb's slot snaps. Coming into LAST season's training camp, I would've bet that person would be J'mon Moore...still could be. But I'll go ESB.

CheesyTex's picture

Eq, St. Brown does look like the receiver most likely to shine. Seems to be the complete package, good feel for the game, and he BLOCKS.

jannes bjornson's picture

The steal in the 2018 draft if he continues to improve his game.

Archie's picture

Until I see J'Mon Moore catch the ball I'm not expecting much. Kumerow and Allison may play big complementary roles to Adams.

sonomaca's picture

Jason Spriggs. Finally figures it out.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

You mean spriggs finally gets cut!

AgrippaLII's picture

Spriggs absolutely has to have a breakout this preseason or he won't make it through the final roster cuts !

dobber's picture

Honestly, I think that unless he gets hurt or regresses miserably, he's almost assured of a roster spot unless another player capable of playing LT beats him out. At this point, he's about all they got to back up Bakh.

4thand1's picture

3 dislikes because people don't want Spriggs to figure it out? It would be a plus if Spriggs played up to his draft status. He has one TC left IMO.

Coldworld's picture

Dobber is likely right. Spriggs is going nowhere until they have a better back up to Bakh. Maybe that is Turner. If he looks clearly ahead then maybe Spriggs gets cut provided that Jenkins, Light, Madison, Nijman or someone earns faith that they can also step in for Baluga.

Honestly, that’s about the only way barring injury or trade that I don’t see Spriggs on the roster. That’s not a ringing endorsement. If he doesn’t get it this year, I see a tackle as first priority next year.

dobber's picture

I thought it would have been a high priority THIS year...

Leftcoaster's picture

running backs catching short passes from AR.

Lare's picture

i think Savage will contribute the most from the drafted players, but if I had to predict one breakout player it would be Adrian Amos. I think he'll be a huge addition to the defense and help solidify the back end of the Packers defense.

Johnblood27's picture

Breakout players?

How about Mossy Cade?

I would go Aaron Hernandez, but he is kind of immobile now.

Maybe Rae Carruth, but that trunk lock is tricky...

Nate Newton? lumbers too much to make a getaway.

Ryan Leaf already got out...

fastmoving's picture

Im high on all 3 WR rookies from last year and they all have the chance to be great.
I like St.Brown most and saw him way better than MVS last year if given a chance. Faster, more explosive, better hands, good body control.
Dont impressed with Kumerow even he is a fan favorite and AR likes him as well. But that alone will help him a lot.

MikeS's picture

Sorry but ESB is not faster than MVS.. MVS is the fastest WR on the team.

Coldworld's picture

Different types of players. That’s a good thing.

jlc1's picture

I'll go with Aaron Rodgers as Comeback Player of the Year.

Turophile's picture


JakeDickerson's picture

For the sake of the Defense I hope it’s Burks or Savage.
Offensively one of the young WRs would be nice.

Bryan Chisholm's picture

I think with a fully healthy D line.. and adding players like the Smiths and Gary, with Savage and Amos being back there.. I think Burks has the best chance to improve.. and honestly, he didnt show that much anyway so it shouldnt be that hard. So with a full year in the system, coming back healthy and probably one the highest beneficiary's from the additions around him.. I think the floor is wide open for him to dance. I absolutely would not be shocked if this was the year Kenny Clark put himself into superstar status either.. he will benefit big from the additions as well. Just that half second to a second longer I think will make his sack numbers jump up 4-5.

Handsback's picture

It's hard for a lineman to be a breakout player, even Clark took two years.
My best guess is Geronimo, or Jones as the primary breakout candidates.

MarkinMadison's picture

Tony Brown.

Packer Dave's picture

I think on offense it would have to be GMo and on defense it would be King.

If GMo stays healthy and is WR2 he'll probably be pushing 10 TDs and 1000 yards.

If a long needed surgery does wonders for King he could be the lookdown guy he was drafted to be (Ill say 5 INT, especially considering our pass rush has way more juice this year).

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I say the receivers make the biggest jump.

1. MVS
2. EQ Brown
3. J. Kumerow
4. G. Allison

I've always liked Geronimo Allison. I really thought last year would be his break out year, but he keeps getting plagued with the injury bug, so I'm not sure if he makes the team this year.

Pierre's picture

Alexander, Savage and King break out with getting numerous turnovers for the Packers defense.

Randall Cobb breaks out converting third downs catches in the slot for the Cowboys.

Tom Legener's picture

Your overthinking it. It's Jones. The running game is back.

Coldworld's picture

I’d say he has, but if he is used properly and stays healthy I get your point in terms of stats and recognition on the national stage.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

The good news is that there are more plausible candidates than I can remember in prior years. That might be considered by some to be a bit of a double-edged sword, but I don't think it is. Look at all the candidates:

WR: Gmo, MVS, ESB, + others.
OL: Jenkins - yes, he could start.
TE: Sternberger, Tonyan. Even Lewis.
RB: Aaron Jones.

DL: Gary.
ILB: Burks
OLB: Do Z or P Smith count w 12 sacks?
CB: Brown, King, Jackson.
FS: Savage.

Could add Spriggs (but that probably means one of the OTs misses time), Lazard, Kumerow, Jamerson, and even Jimmy Graham could improve his numbers, though I suppose he wouldn't count as a breakout player.

Not all will breakout. I'd go King, ESB, Brown as most likely to break out, in that order, but I like that there are so many other plausible candidates.

Coldworld's picture

Excellent point. A depth of true completion team-wide that we have not seen for a very long time.

I don’t know how much opportunity he will get, but I think Tonyan could do well this year with his receiving ability and a TE scheme that makes sense. Kind of forgotten in the Sternberger signing and retention of Graham discussions.

4thand1's picture

MVS can stretch the field which helps TE's, RBs, and D Adams.

leaerin4's picture

It's a long season so look out for Dexter Williams the running back from Notre Dame. He was the most impressive running back at the Senior Bowl and could provide rushing yards when we're making a stretch run to make the playoffs.

leaerin4's picture

Also, the Packers defense will keep us in every game and just keep getting better as the season progresses. Alexander and Savage give us the big plays on defense we've been missing. They both have closing speed like crazy and will bait QBs into making bad throws that end up in Green and Gold uniforms.

Tundraboy's picture

ESB,perhaps both of the Browns

Pack71Attack's picture

ESB, Alexander, Savage would be my top 3 guesses. I could see ESB catching 65 balls for 1000 yards. Alexander was robbed of 2 interceptions last year on questionable pass interference calls on Matthews. With better pressure this year, both he and Savage could each have half a dozen picks.

I love Aaron Jones, but he gets hurt too often so Dexter Williams is dark horse candidate for this list.....

JimandRosemary Kaczka's picture

ESB, Josh Jackson, Dexter Williams

Bo Hunter's picture

I’m with Since 61, Jaire becomes Alexander Island. I think the secondary is going to be exciting to watch with Jaire, Smash, Savage anchoring the unit. Big Hits, interceptions, and attitude coming to you soon. Hopefully King can stay healthy, or Jones steps up and joins the party.

IceBowl's picture

Not to be a party pooper, but I think the question should be O or D breakout.

Football is such a definitive TEAM sport, it takes your team mates to make you good.

So I say offense. Play for a TD every play (which won't happen) and try to average 35 pts a game.

Lets Go!!!

mrtundra's picture

ESB will have a break out year and will become Rodgers' 2nd favorite target after Davante Adams. On Defense, I think Josh Jackson will have a solid year, in the secondary. I think Jace Sternberger will have an impact but will see limited playing time behind Graham and Lewis. That could change if he has a solid showing in camp. I like this guy a lot. The guy I see who can be the biggest difference maker is Darnell Savage. Speed and a willingness to hit is something we have lacked at the Safety position the past few years. I cannot wait for this season to begin!

greengold's picture

I'm a huge Savage fan. He was the one player I wanted GB to secure in this 2019 draft, more than any other player.

As for a "Breakout Player," I tend to consider that a player who was already on the roster, and I would have to go with Aaron Jones. If LaFleur is true to his word, which I believe he is, we are going to be running A LOT! If Jones gets 20+ carries per game, I can easily see him tearing up the rest of the NFL, no matter who we are facing.

Jones had a paltry 11.1 carries per game last season, and averaged 60+ yds per game for 5.5 ypc. It was a dereliction of duty by McCarthy to have not insisted that he had double those carries per game in 2018. I believe 2019 will be another story altogether. Aaron Jones.

greengold's picture

In his last season at UTEP, Aaron Jones rushed for 1773 yds in 12 games, 19.1 att/game average, 7.7 ypc average and 17 TDs. He's also a solid receiver out of the backfield.

I can EASILY see that production increasing with this 2019 Packers team under LaFleur. If LaFleur shows a firm commitment to the run, he could easily wind up being the darling of the NFL at RB, especially considering our OL additions this offseason. RUN THE ROCK!

greengold's picture

In his last season at UTEP, Aaron Jones rushed for 1773 yds in 12 games, 19.1 att/game average, 7.7 ypc average and 17 TDs. He's also a solid receiver out of the backfield.

I can EASILY see that production increasing with this 2019 Packers team under LaFleur. If LaFleur shows a firm commitment to the run, he could easily wind up being the darling of the NFL at RB, especially considering our OL additions this offseason. RUN THE ROCK!

greengold's picture

In his last season at UTEP, Aaron Jones rushed for 1773 yds in 12 games, 19.1 att/game average, 7.7 ypc average and 17 TDs. He's also a solid receiver out of the backfield.

I can EASILY see that production increasing with this 2019 Packers team under LaFleur. If LaFleur shows a firm commitment to the run, he could easily wind up being the darling of the NFL at RB, especially considering our OL additions this offseason. RUN THE ROCK!

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