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Welcome to Cheesehead TV 3.0

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Welcome to Cheesehead TV 3.0

We 1st announced the new changes to the site in the Fall of 2012 on our show Packer Transplants Live. Yes 2012.

Last Friday night in the early hours between 4 an 5 we switched over for our 3rd major incarnation of the site since we 1st launched back in 2007.

Thanks for the support and please feel free to keep reporting bugs and feedback to [email protected] or @cheeseheadtv on Twitter.

Here are the things that changed or will mean the most as we go through the years together as Packer Fans.

  • Every Packer Game Ever Played. Period. A page for every game.
  • Packer Opponent Matrix. When you have every game ever played you can do some cool things..
  • New Joinflow and a logged in complete experience.
  • Facebook login
  • Show/Site Podcast player (HTML5 capable -meaning they work on all mobile)
  • Simpler interface - Packers News, Featured & Microblog
  • Scrolling Mobile compatible Microblog 24/7 Packer everything.
  • New Shop and new merchandise

And the thing is - we have only begun here at Cheesehead TV.

We have many features to add, enhance and improve including Stadium Pages, Enhanced Game Pages, User & Player Pages and the long awaited release of Packer World 2.0.

Thanks for being a part of Cheesehead TV. It's been a wild ride and it just keeps getting better because of all of you.


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Tommyboy's picture

I dig it! Nice work, Corey, Aaron, Zach, Brian, Jayme, and to whatever other fellow Packer-nerds running this operation.

4thand1's picture

Only thing missing is a troll ignore feature.

Brian Carriveau's picture

Actually, you see that thumbs up, thumbs down feature? Use it. If somebody posts something offensive something blatantly over-the-top just to get attention, give it a thumbs down. Too many thumbs down and it won't be shown. Trolls will become a lot less motivated.

Jamie's picture

This either is not working or requires too many thumbs down to make a difference.

I recommend a 10/1 negative/positive ratio as a sufficient indicator that the post should disappear.

Jamie's picture

Edit: Make #2 5/1, since the trolls could easily pump two or three thumbs up in to require 20-30 thumbs down.

coreyb's picture

Ok really? I am willing to try it.

PresidentRaygun's picture

My widescreen monitor hates this site.

coreyb's picture

Why is that Raygun? Can you send me a screen shot?

NiceGuyJoey's picture

I'm not sure that a screen shot would show the problem. When scrolling through an article, the top "bars" (masthead, scrolling micro blog, news/shows/schedule/shop drop-down menus, and Google search widget) stay in place and obscure ~50% of the screen. The bars themselves aren't the problem - the fact that they won't get out of the way is what makes it hard to read an article.

coreyb's picture

sorry about this - I have received some complaints - have fixed a couple browser issues - a lot of it comes from zooming in and out on some browsers. We have fixed a bunch of these now so it should be better.

carlos's picture

I agree

Tommyboy's picture

I do miss the twitter-feed a little :(. I know, get on twitter. But, I don't wanna and you can't make me.

coreyb's picture

Yeah - I agree. it just gets busy. I have a plan for twitter integration that should help mitigate the loss... Thanks Tommyboy.

RCPackerFan's picture

I agree Tommy. I loved the twitter-feed. I am also not on twitter.

Is there any possible way Cheesehead TV could at least add a link to those connected with Cheesehead TV on twitter?
Green Bay Press Gazette has that feature.

coreyb's picture

Good idea.

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Changing over is hard, but within a week or two it should seem like normal. Like that we can give put some thumbs down to our favorite bovine friends. The login pop up is annoying so I've been trying to log in on all devices. On the iPad, the pop up keyboard makes the login screen layer under the header. May want to check that out.

Progress is jolting sometimes. But I put away my persimmon woods and I can get used to these upgrades.

travis's picture

The image on this post, is that what the "user profiles" will look like? I dig it.
Will you be able to view user profiles by clicking on the their username in the comments? Would be cool to view who these people are?

The archiving of every game is amazing. Kudos to the team for doing that. On the Packers vs team matrix, since you list every opponent the Packers have played since 1919, it might a good idea to set some parameters to focus in on a group of opponents. For instance NFL, NFC or NFC South etc... Just so nerds like me can get to the stats we want sooner.

Great update and I'm sure with some more testing will become even better. Go CheeseheadTV!

aussiepacker's picture

Looks good. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in it makes a huge difference to my day. Much appreciated.

coreyb's picture

thanks Aussie!!

Ruppert's picture

I dig it.

Evan's picture

I've only been using it on an iphone the last 24 hours or so (and it's a little wonky on there - but that'll be fixed with the mobile version).

My 2 thoughts are:

1. Can we get the "edit comment" feature back?
2. I'm disappointed the "Recent Comments" section is off the homepage. That's the primary way I would navigate the site.

Evan's picture

Overall it looks nice though.

coreyb's picture

Thanks Evan - I took the notes

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, the 2 things I would like is the twitter feed, and the most recent comments.

Those are 2 things that I really am missing.

L's picture


Please Return:

- The "Edit Comment" feature.

- The "Recent Comments" Section


How do I access older articles/posts that are no longer within the main page? It seemed more straight forward before, but now I'm not sure how to access them.

L's picture

I should have added...

- The "Recent Comments" Section (on the main page).

coreyb's picture

I am hearing this loud and clear - I agree on all points - should be able to get to most. thanks !

TommyG's picture

You all put a lot of work into this new look, and it shows! Thank you!

coreyb's picture

Thanks Tommy

Mojo's picture

Overall the new look is fine. Agree with Evan that it would be nice to have the edit feature back.

Also you need to get the "Latest Stats" off the GB - SF game. Don't want to keep being reminded of that game. Now if you want to go back to the "next to latest stats" - the GB - Chicago game, I'd be OK with that.

coreyb's picture

Soon we will have Polls to replace the schedule. Planning on bringing a timed edit feature back for sure - probably the #1 user request!

2 share owner's picture

Love the layout! great work.

Sparx's picture

I guess I'm waiting for the mobile app, as I don't like the layout on my ipad. Too my header & the white info band is too wide. I haven't checked it out on my laptop yet. I also miss all the links of 'Packer World'

Sparx's picture

'Too much header' Sorry

Sparx's picture

Still the best Packer content on the planet

coreyb's picture

Thanks Sparx - Packer World is getting a refresh - there is much more to this release than what you currently see - I had to go live in the off-season and we are all gonna be better for it. :)

BradHTX's picture

Since you have enhanced the comments' functionality, adding a feature with highlighting of new comments since your last login would be a nice addition. A certain other well-known Packers fan site does that and it makes it much easier to keep track of different conversations within the comments on an article.

coreyb's picture

Yes for sure - will be coming with new user pages. :)

zoellner25's picture

I like the layout, but don't like the default fonts for all the article text. too bold looking. I like the old font better.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Agree with this.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, I'm still not used to the bold font either. I thought I would get adjusted to it, but it honestly is starting to drive me a little crazy...

Jamie's picture

Some of these may be in the works, and/or have been mentioned...

1) Mobile version
2) Remove thumbs down post if 10/1 negative/positive
3) Ignore user (I'm quite surprised this wasn't implemented in addition to the thumbs up/down)...makes the user experience SOOOOOO much more positive because we have ultimate control
4) Edit post

Jamie's picture

Edit: Make #2 5/1, since the trolls could easily pump two or three thumbs up in to require 20-30 thumbs down.

coreyb's picture

1) this week
2. Good idea will add to roadmap
3. Great idea - not sure how I missed it but may be more difficult to implement short term
4. Yes for sure. Hopefully this week.

Evan's picture

Another minor quibble - when you click a recent comment, the anchored link takes you to a point on the page just after said comment so that the actual comment you're looking for is not actually on the screen.

coreyb's picture

Its on the bug list - thank you

Lucas Abreu's picture

Are you going to create a mobile version of the site?

coreyb's picture


coreyb's picture

I just turned on edit comments for users.

Evan's picture

I see the mobile version seems to be up and running.

Is there any way to get Recent Comments added to that?

Or, if not, is it possible to allow us to toggle between the mobile and the full site, like the old system?

coreyb's picture

Still tweaking it - this wek is a hack so I will be fully featuring this as we go.


PackerBacker's picture

It would be awesome to get an email notification if one of your comments is replied to. Is that a possibility?

coreyb's picture

Good idea - may not be this week but I added to our roadmap.

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