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Week Ten Gut Reactions

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Week Ten Gut Reactions

  • Rodgers is going through a very rough patch in regards to recognition when it comes to the blitz and protection. A brutal stretch, truth be told. Why defenses haven't done what Leslie Frazier did today from Day One, I have no idea. It's painful to watch, but Rodgers will get it worked out
  • Hard to watch Thompson's off season moves (Favre, Williams, Ryan, etc) all coalesce to cause a Packer loss, but that's exactly what happened today
  • Why does anyone throw against this defense?
  • Nick Collins and Charles Woodson should be starting in the Pro Bowl
  • A.J. Hawk should not
  • Speaking of linebackers, why did we pay Brady Poppinga again? At the time I defended the move, but he was downright terrible today and has not added much all season
  • McCarthy got away from the one player, Ryan Grant, who was having any success against the Viking defense. Not sure why
  • The season is not over - but it's on life support
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jen's picture

I agree with all of your gut, especially with being on life support. I refuse to believe that the Vikings are that great, or maybe it's my bitterness talking. I very surpised you brought up Favre. Yes, it would be nice to have him, but me and you were in the same boat when it came back to #4. Are you going to make me say it? Fine, I will. FAVRE DOES NOT PLAY DEFENSE. He sure does have a good one in his new team though.

dd's picture

this game was hard to watch

Ron La Canne's picture

The season is not through. That's only if MM pulls his head out of a rear-ward orifice. Likely, the worst coaching performance since Lindy Infante. MM gets the ball with a little more than 2 minutes. He needed to get to the 30 and kick with 3 seconds on the clock. Pass to far down field and run straight the W's. Pass for ball control. 5 or 6 yards a catch can get you the 30. Clifton is finished or should be. And that timeout with 6 minutes accomplished what? And another timeout wasted with the challange. That would accomplish what? This was a gift wrapped victory given back to Childress by the terrible play calling in the last two minutes. Two games in a row with losses credited to MM.

TT better come up with a plan to replace both the entire O & D lines for 2009. "Dandy Don Meridith" would be singing "The Party's Over" today. 7 games left and must win 7. If they lose just one more division game they are for all practicalr purposes - TOAST.

The only reason it was close was obvious. Brad Childress and Daryl Bevel are the dumbest people in the NFL.

Interesting stat: The Packer offense has scored 2 touchdowns in the last 10 quarters.

jen's picture

oh, and thanks for having a intellectual website. I was reading the comments on jsonline. ..WOWSERS! But the Favre comparisons will keep on coming fast and furious this week. Lovely!

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

I agree the challenge was horrible. What do you gain? MN gets the ball at the half yard line and run more time off the clock. Barnett actually looked to be playing decent before he got hurt. Except for his first few plays, Bishop played well to replace him (the late hit was really bad tho). Penalties are absolute killers to this team. It seemed like any decent gain on offense was offset and now its 2nd and 15 or 3rd and 12. Agree, Clifton was beat like a drum today. I think he's done. Just like last game, as much as the defense bailed us out, they could not stop the run on MN last drive. Childress goes on 4th down and gives us a gift, we get 3 more points meaning they have to get a touchdown, then that's exactly what they do. Last year we got every break, every close game. This year is the opposite. I'm so freakin depressed.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

And on the point I posted under Week 10 Matchup, I just don't understand why Jennings goes on TV and shows on the Smartboard how to beat MN secondary. Let's just give them more bulletin board material. Just not smart

DaveK's picture

Chillar was inactive today. Must be hurt but I didn't see him on the injury report all week.

This was horribly coached game. The decision to try and generate some offense at the end of the first half was idiotic. You are starting on the 10 yard line. There is less then one minute left. Your offensive line is playing awful and your offense has been effective the entire half. Your only down by a few points. Pack it in and start fresh in the 2nd half. Instead, you give up a safety and end up losing by ONE point.

Holly's picture

I'm gonna be honest. That one hurt. A lot. We can't be that ineffective on offense, and we certainly can't have our defense give up 25-yard runs on third down. Our passing D is phenomenal, but unfortunately, it's clear that's not enough to win games.


Rich Beckman's picture

Are the receivers constantly running slow developing routes? Or are they not as good at getting open as the hype would lead one to believe?

There were plenty of plays when Rogers dropped back to pass, had at least a bit of time to throw the ball and never did.

It seemed like Rogers was almost paralyzed when it came to throwing the pass.

packerhigh's picture

Mike McCarthy was very happy after the Blackmon run back. Why? I believe he has to be worried about his job. Fun Duh mentals? Yeah right. Could Mikey keep A.J. Hawk out to save us all more embarrassment? Challenge flag? What? The fact is the Pack has a losing record!? What? Does our secondary and defense have to win every game for us? Thank God for Woodson and Harris.

Phillip (AZPackerFan)'s picture

Poppinga (aside from Chillar) is the only lb on our team thats near complete, he can somewhat cover and sometimes he plugs holes tell me Hawk covers or Barnett and ill laugh get Barnett outta here move hawk to the middle and let poppings and chillar start as outside. Mccarthy really didnt move away from Grant but we were in a hole ill bet if we look at the numbers play calling for run and pass was pretty even

lostinutah's picture

Thank you for acknowledging TT's absolutely abysmal offseason moves. AR is a good QB. It's not all because Brett's gone. But I think that the piper has come to be paid now - and we're paying. Oh, how we're paying.

ctpack's picture

Life Support? Dude slow down please. A game behind if we beat the Bears and the Vikings lose to the Bucs we are all tied.If we lose next week then you can start to worry but not until then.

Ron La Canne's picture

2 tds in 10 quarters by the offense. I'd call that the death rattles. The Bear defense will kill Rodgers.

rude60's picture

i agree horrible coaching display got to go. we should be 7-2 or 6-3. can't take these last minute losses, especially when secondary plays their butt off

astyak's picture

Sad, So very sad. I'm glad I only listened to the game and couldn't see it. Must beat Bears. It will be a long off season otherwise.

So sad

IronMan's picture

No discipline. But don't worry; McCarthy does not tolerate penalties!

migas's picture

Terrible to watch. Management has to take some hits for this team. TT has not solved the OL issues. Colledge is horrible and now our tackles are starting to slip. AR holds the ball too long but there were many plays he barely had time get the ball off on his first read.

And the penalties....I am tired of hearing MM constant refrain about things that need to be corrected.'s Week 9 now and they're still happening.

I realize we got some breaks last year and with the QB change I expected some rough spots but this is awful.

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