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"We feel pretty good about our roster as a whole." Ted Thompson Addresses Reporters Before the Draft

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"We feel pretty good about our roster as a whole." Ted Thompson Addresses Reporters Before the Draft

Wednesday was the last time Packers general manager Ted Thompson would address reporters before the 2017 NFL Draft, and in "typical Ted" fashion, he didn't offer many details.

Aside from the occasional jokes - and even a confrontation with an older woman at a restaurant who was shocked beyond belief at how much better Thompson looked in person, Thompson stuck to the script for the duration of his presser. That script being very few looks into just what the Packers' plans may be.

Green Bay is on the clock at 29th overall. Its position being almost protocol late in the first round after repeated shortcomings in the post-season. It's also a spot in the first round where the Packers have selected weaponry for the defensive side of the ball every single year since 2012. Their 2012 selection, Nick Perry, was just re-signed after leading the team in sacks coming off of a one-year "prove it" deal.

Many are critical of Thompson's draft strategy, especially as of lately. However, his process, as well as his scouts', remained true to form, and he acknowledged their ongoing efforts.

"What needs to be known by everyone out there in Packerland, is that it takes an extraordinary number of people to put together the working mechanism of the draft," Thompson said on Wednesday. "Everybody in our personnel department, they just have endless hours they're spending in a dark room. Often times, away from their families. Either up here or on the road.

"The entire company, for that matter, that is the Green Bay Packers, contributes to the draft itself."

After losing cornerbacks Davon House and Tramon Williams at the culmination of the 2014 season, the Packers were awarded two fourth-round compensatory picks. Picks they ended up using on linebacker Blake Martinez and defensive end Dean Lowry, tallying 596 defensive snaps between the two in their rookie seasons. It isn't the first time Thompson has taken advantage of compensatory picks during his tenure.

Mike Daniels has become one of the more renowned compensatory selections in the Thompson era in recent memory. Josh Sitton, Richard Rodgers and current Packers defensive tackle Christian Ringo are among others. The Packers were given one fifth-round compensatory pick this year.

"(Compensatory picks) are no different than regular picks," Thompson said. "This time last year, you can use the pick to draft somebody, but you can't move if you decided to make a trade. In that regard, it is helpful. It's better to have that option than to not have it."

Defensive end Kenny Clark, however, wasn't a compensatory pick.

After a rookie season where he didn't highlight the stat sheet, but still provided extra force in Green Bay's pass rush, Clark helped solidify Thompson's motive in 2016 with selecting Clark with the 27th overall pick - another late-round selection following the team's loss in the NFC Divisional playoffs.

"Decisions like that are not made during the draft normally," Thompson said of picking Clark 357 days ago. "There's been a couple in my lifetime where 'boom,' something changed and I had to make a decision. Most of the time you sit there and you kind of know who you want to take. Everything falls the way it's supposed to fall. It doesn't necessarily mean your thought process was correct, but it means you never wavered."

Clark's small sample size of success doesn't mask Thompson from the fact that the Packers' defense was sub-optimal a season ago and fell far below expectations. Going into the following campaign, there's optimism, but still a clear need for improvement.

"We feel pretty good about our roster as a whole. From a numbers standpoint, we're going to have to increase and add some players.

"We're hopeful to do that during this process and through the rest of the process in the spring and the summer."

If there's any certainty, it's that the skepticism of Thompson has never been higher amongst fans since he took his positional role in 2005. Specifically, the crowd who feel strongly of the general manager "wasting" Aaron Rodgers' prime with his lack of free agency roster building as opposed to his yearly draft and undrafted free agent hauls.

The Packers have been on the clock since late January, but they'll officially be making their selection in the 2017 NFL Draft a week from tonight.

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Nick Perry's picture

Different day, same Ted. He's going to tell you the Packers brass feels god about the roster. He'll always talk about and say nice things about the scouting staff, and he'll always have a joke or two. You can't say he's not consistent.

"Decisions like that are not made during the draft normally,"

Just like Clark was last year hopefully Ted has defense, preferably an edge rusher ready to be selected. The Offense is good and can be made better a few rounds later with a guard and RB. The defense however has allowed 34 points and 440 yards on average in the last 6 playoffs games the Packers have been eliminated from the playoffs. They need help!

Bearmeat's Phantom Downvoter's picture

Yes, the D needs help. Again. The fact is that either Ted is selecting crappy players, or Capers staff isn't using who Ted selects well. Don't give me that crap about drafting late in every round, Ted. All but maybe 4-5 teams in the NFL would kill to have that problem of a HOF QB.

Tundraboy's picture

Perfectly stated. Perhaps this year we hit on a D pick. Just one with a big impact could make the difference. Gotta happen one of these years. Ah. Spring optimism

Nick Perry's picture

I'm looking forward to this draft more than any other draft in a long time. With the depth in this draft on defense, this draft can mean the difference in Championships in the next few years. Hit on 2 or 3 of the first 4 picks (or more) and Rodgers just might have what he needs defensively to go on a SB run

dobber's picture

I agree: the lead-up here has been more entertaining and the discussion more engaging than the last couple years. Whether it's because the talent pool at the top of this draft seems to feel so broad and aligns so well with Packer needs, or whether it's because of a heightened sense of urgency, I don't know.

What I do know is that past history says I need to be prepared to post, "What just happened?" after TT makes that first pick next week.

Nick Perry's picture

LOL...That was funny, good one. Now you're cracking me up. Sarcasm is great humor isn't it?

The TKstinator's picture

Can't blame TT for being consistent in his manner. It's just that Ron Wolf was far more entertaining.

dobber's picture

You are oh-so right!

PackEyedOptimist's picture

I suspect one of the "booms" was Aaron Rodgers being available. I wonder if anyone will be "surprisingly available" this year?

Nick Perry's picture

Joe Mixon in the 3rd round would be one I'd be in favor of. Honestly I go back and forth on Mixon. The "Packers Fan" in me, the part that wants to win a SB every year wants Mixon on the Packers. The side of me that's a brother, boyfriend, or father doesn't want a thing to do with him. I doubt he's there at pick #93, but if he is I think that qualifies as being "surprisingly available".

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Mixon will be long, long, long gone by our 3rd Round pick.

If we want him, it will have to be in Round 1. Otherwise, he'll go early in Round 2.

slit's picture

Unless a guy like M Williams, C Davis, or Howard somehow falls, Teddy should be targeting DEF in the 1st. Reddick is my dream selection, but he's most likely gone. Watt would be my top edge guy, but a guy to keep in mind is Tim Williams. Landon Collins had an interview, in which he was giving his opinion on the top Alabama defensive guys (Allen, Foster, Humphrey, Williams). When asked who he thinks will be the best pro, without a second of hesitation, he said Williams.

MarkinMadison's picture

Williams failed multiple drug tests while at Alabama, and was arrested last fall for possession of a firearm. Police investigated his vehicle when they were walking a routine patrol and the thing just reeked of marijuana. Williams may be a talent, but after the problems the Packers have had the last few years I don't think they will want to take a guy like this high (no pun intended) and depend on him to be part of the solution.

slit's picture

Yeah, cause nobody in the NFL smokes marijuana. If he gets double digit sacks every year, he can do whatever he wishes, and not a single person in Cheeseland would care.

dobber's picture

Maybe, but the league won't look the other way on a failed drug test as Saban allegedly did. Ask Randy Gregory how this is working out for him...

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

My #1 wish for this draft is simple: If we take a corner high, DO NOT PICK A "HYBRID" CB WHO CAN PLAY IN THE SLOT IF NECESSARY. DO NOT DO THIS. PLEASE.

We need a pure, outside cover corner. Like Kevin King. This team is bursting at the seams with quality safeties and slot-capable corners--that's why Hyde is gone.

We need OUTSIDE guys in our secondary. Period.

Jersey Al's picture

I like Kevin King, but for the reason you don't want. He has played all over the secondary, including one season at safety. He'd be the swiss army knife to replace Micah Hyde (with a lot more athleticism).

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

He has played all over, but he projects purely outside. I don't want a Swiss Army Knife--not for this roster. I want a fast, skilled, lengthy outside corner (assuming we take a corner).

Randall and Rollins project well at the slot. We're 4-deep at safety.

That said, I'm really enjoying your draft guide. Thanks for all the great work.

Jersey Al's picture

For another team he might project purely outside. I think the Packers will be looking to replace the versatility Hyde gave them and would be likely to use King in different ways. Just a gut feeling.

thanks for the kind words on the draft guide. It's an enormous effort by a lot of people done mostly for love of team. I appreciate your picking up a copy.

I encourage all the other regulars here to support the effort and buy one. It's the only thing we ever charge for and you will NOT be disappointed.

jww061356's picture

Agreed. My dream pick would be Conley, although I have my doubts he'll fall that far. Then we need Edge, RB, Guard(who can hopefully back up at center). I would love to see them get Griffith from UCF later as well.

Jersey Al's picture

Based on where I believe the value will be in each round:

1 Edge
2 CB
3 G
4 RB

I'm going out on a limb and predicting this is the year Ted drafts a real guard. Of course, I'll be wrong...

RCPackerFan's picture

I completely agree with your value for each round. I personally think it will be better to get an OLB in the 1st round and CB in the 2nd. (of course they won't do this).

I am going to disagree with you a bit on the real OG prospect. I think they will draft an OT with the intention of him playing OG.

Who are the guys you like in the 4th round for RBs?

Jersey Al's picture

I think they are going to go the "big back" route. Perrine, foreman, hill, Connor, etc.

RCPackerFan's picture

I can see that.

If they go to a RB earlier who do you like? Lets say the 2nd round they decide to draft a RB.


A player to keep an eye on if he is available at the end of the 2nd round IMO is Curtis Samuel. He is someone that not many are talking about. I think he might be an intriguing player to keep an eye on. He would fit in the Packers offense well. Playing the Cobb/Montgomery role.

dobber's picture

I really like Samuel for just the reason you note: he's a faster, and stronger, Randall Cobb and I think has the ability to mature into a really good WR while still getting some quality reps out of the backfield. He could make #18 and his contract expendable this coming off-season. I don't think he's ever going to be a #1 WR, but he's a weapon.

RCPackerFan's picture

Just looking at what Thompson and McCarthy like to do and how they use players. Samuel seems like a player they maybe interested in.

These last few years we have started to see McCarthy move his WR's around a lot and putting them in the backfield. This last year we saw him use Adams back there. With Montgomery likely to be mostly a RB now, they could be in the market for another guy that would fit that WR/RB hybrid role.

BradHTX's picture

Always good to read your thoughts, Al. I believe you have nailed the positions to be targeted for three of those four rounds. The one you got wrong, IMHO: guard in the 3rd.

I think Thompson and McCarthy have made it pretty clear that they feel comfortable moving forward with the combination of Barclay, Murphy and Patrick at OG. They will draft an OL player, they always do: but I believe it will be in the 5th or later.

I believe the most likely position in the 3rd is WR. Jordy isn't getting younger. Adams has developed into an excellent receiver but isn't a true #1 with field-stretching speed. Allison is going to be a useful player but he isn't that guy either, and neither is Davis. I believe after this season Cobb is gone and Jordy moves primarily to the slot. His replacement isn't currently on the roster.

With the depth at CB in this draft, combined with the return of House, I think there's a 50/50 chance TT might even surprise us by taking a developmental #1 WR as high as the 2nd. Thompson always drafts for future needs, and that position is going to need a reload sooner than later.

dobber's picture

"I think Thompson and McCarthy have made it pretty clear that they feel comfortable moving forward with the combination of Barclay, Murphy and Patrick at OG."

How can you tell when TT and MM are being purposely evasive or dealing in non-information? Their lips are moving. I've been saying for some time that I don't think the replacement for Lang is currently on the roster, and I still don't think he is. I'd be glad to be proven wrong, but my hunch is that TT will bring in someone after the draft or pick someone to plug-and-play...which points toward a legit guard.

"With the depth at CB in this draft, combined with the return of House, I think there's a 50/50 chance TT might even surprise us by taking a developmental #1 WR as high as the 2nd."

One of the first 3 picks for the Packers will be an offensive skill player. Many would guess RB, but I think it will be a WR for just the reasons you mention. I like Curtis Samuel for his speed, strength and ability to contribute from just about anywhere on the field, but I don't think he's destined to be a #1 WR.

BradHTX's picture

"How can you tell when TT and MM are being purposely evasive or dealing in non-information? Their lips are moving."

Well played, sir, well played!

Jersey Al's picture

I would not be surprised at all by a WR pick from round 2 on if the right guy is there. I decided to be selfish and go for immediate need with my projections. Of course we know that's not how Ted thinks, but a guy can dream, right?

DThomas's picture

"I'm going out on a limb and predicting this is the year Ted drafts a real guard. Of course, I'll be wrong..." Very clever Al. If they draft an OG you can say, 'See I told ya so' and if they don't you can say, 'See I told you I'd be wrong about them drafting an OG'. :)

I too hope they draft a CB who can play outside, that's the area of need. And whether they draft an OT or OG to vie for the open OG spot, I hope they put him at OG and leave him there and not worry about versatility.

Jersey Al's picture

haha! that wasn't my intent, but I see how it could work in my favor.

RCPackerFan's picture

I am in the same boat as Ted.

I feel pretty good about where this roster is at right now.

Do they have some work to do, yes. Do I think they will get it done. Yes.

When listening to some people, it sounds as if we are replacing half our team with some of the departures we lost. But did we really lose that much?

Some key notes on the departures.

RB we lost Lacy. While I wanted Lacy back, our offense seemed to open up a lot more without Lacy then how it did with him. Having a faster RB like Montgomery really showed that our offense can be more dangerous with that style of a RB. Adding another RB in the draft can be done.

TE we lost Cook. But then we signed Bennett and Kendricks. We upgraded our TE position, which can really change our offense.

OG we lost Lang. That is probably our biggest loss on the team. While its almost impossible to replace a Pro Bowl caliber player, do we need our OG to be a pro bowl player?

OLB lost Peppers and Jones. Peppers made some splash plays, and did play well, he is a year older and his play has declined. Is there that much of a drop off from Peppers to Fackrell, Elliott and other draft picks? Just about the same can be said with Jones. I thought Jones might have returned on a 1 year deal like Perry.

CB lost Hyde. The versatility will be missed most by Hyde. But he is a guy who isn't great at anything, but good at everything. He was a good CB/S tweener. I personally think Brice is already a better Safety. CB Hyde can step in and play in a pinch, but can't be relied upon long term.

IMO the biggest needs we need to improve at are OLB and CB. Some of that may happen with who is on the roster already. House coming in gives us a physical presence. Also Randall and Rollins getting healthy will be very good for them. I expect them to draft a CB fairly high (first 3 rounds) which will help the position.

OLB perhaps Peppers and Jones leaving will open the door for Fackrell and Elliott to get more playing time to show what they can do. Also if they draft a player high it could do a lot of good for our team.

After those 2 positions, they need to add another RB, and OG.
They found Sitton, Lang, Bakhtiari in the 4th round. Linsley was a 5th round pick. I trust them to be able to find another mid round player that can contribute early.
RB's can be found in the mid rounds.

While they have some work to do, i think the improvement with the players developing will help the most. Guys like Clark, Lowry, Martinez should all improve, which really improves our front 7.
I do really like where this team is at.

Ryan Graham's picture

Good post. Agreed, my concern would be Jayrone Elliot. I like Fackrell to step up and have an impact on the defense, but Elliot might open up some outside lanes. I prefer to address the edge rusher position round one which the draft and the team is set up to do, and I believe Fackrell and that rookie (one of Charles Harris, Watt, or Jordan Willis) to hold the load of what Peppers and Jones did last year as package rushers.

This draft is so deep half of the second rounders would be graded as 1st round quality in most other classes. A boundary corner is ideal and I really like Fabian Moreau to be the guy to get at the 61st pick.

After that IMO the roster is pretty gravy. The following rounds and UDFA pick ups will be about getting depth players and package guys on all sides of the ball.

RCPackerFan's picture

See with Elliott, I think he just needs more playing time to be honest. Every time he has been on the field he has made plays. He just doesn't get on the field as much. At the very least I would love to see him be a 3rd down pass rusher. Thats just my opinion though.

I do agree that I would love to see a rookie get drafted in the 1st round at OLB. The guy I continue to want is Watt. He is just a perfect fit in the defense. Coming from a 3-4 OLB to play a 3-4 OLB.

I would be very, very happy if they came away with Watt in round 1 and Moreau in the 2nd.

dobber's picture

The "Watt-Moreau" combo in rounds 1 and 2 seems to be a combo that fans and draftniks keep gravitating toward...which means there's virtually no chance it turns out that way. ;)

RCPackerFan's picture

lol, exactly right.

Ryan Graham's picture

Isn't That just the plain old truth though.

vj_ostrowski's picture

I agree. I find it hard to be tooooo upset at what we've lost, considering we fielded such an uninspiring defense. How can the same fans that think these players made our defense garbage really be all that upset that they're gone? I feel like Micah Hyde never had as many fans as he's had until he LEFT in FA.

Bert's picture

I'm not that worried about the guys we lost either. Just wish Capers would have gone with them. Not sure how much the defense will progress as long as we keep Capers and his predictably predictable "scheme".

dobber's picture

Plays or players?

snowdog's picture


RCPackerFan's picture

I liked Hyde, and I do think they will feel his loss a bit. But IMO, they were smart moving on from him especially for the money got.

As far as him as a DB, his value really was more that he was versatile.

dobber's picture

"I feel like Micah Hyde never had as many fans as he's had until he LEFT in FA."

You win the thread!

Jersey Al's picture

Agree, Hyde made some big plays for the Packers, but they were always surrounded by a bunch of pedestrian plays. His versatility was his main attraction.

Jersey Al's picture

Agree, Hyde made some big plays for the Packers, but they were always surrounded by a bunch of pedestrian plays. His versatility was his main attraction.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I didn't want Hyde back at any price. Nothing against him; he's a fine player.

We just don't need versatility in our secondary. We're loaded inside, with 2 excellent safeties, 2 ascending safeties, and 2 high CB picks best suited for the slot.

We need pure outside CB's with speed, skills, and length.

MarkinMadison's picture

With Peppers and Jones you are talking about two guys who were mainstays in the elephant role. To me, their departure simply signals that the elephant was more an modification to fit Peppers' talents than a part of the defense that Capers believes in, and feels is necessary. You break it down and Peppers isn't getting any younger, and Jones was never that productive in the 3-4. So you let Peppers go and you really don't have much of a role for Jones, who spelled Peppers at elephant a lot. Not sure if this will make the defense better, but it will take a group of adjustments off the plate of things that everyone has to know. That may not be a bad thing.

vj_ostrowski's picture

This is an especially astute point. Look at the EDGE rushers in Dom's defense the year we were top 5 (2009-2010).

A completely different style from the Peppers/Jones elephant build. Not that I don't appreciate Peppers contributions, but we're talking about a rare player. It never ever worked with Jones, and almost seemed doomed from the start.

RCPackerFan's picture

Exactly. Capers changed his defense to work around the players he had. That is a great point about Jones/Peppers playing the same type of role.

I think we will see adjustments made to fit the players he has next year. Hopefully they are good ones.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

In Round 1, I'm hoping for someone from this list: Willis, Watt, Wormley, Mixon, Humphrey, King.

Any of these would thrill me.

Duke Divine's picture

Tinkering Ted scheming again! Man, that was a boring press conference...

the REAL Packman's picture

Draft update with a tradedown

2. Joe Mixon RB
3. Adam Biswontany G
4. Raul Douglas CB
5. Keith Beckwith ILB
5. Phil Hansen WR
6. Montravious Adams DT
7. Nate Gerry S

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Mixon will be gone by then.

4zone's picture

For some odd reason, I don't care what position we pick where. I really think we will come away with a better team for the long haul one way or the other.

If we go offense, we could be breaking records this year. If you can keep your drives going, defense is on the field less.

If we go defense, I think we come away with at least 3 solid guys. And with last years class making steps forward like I think they will, then the D should be much better, even if not dominant.

What I think has already made this team one nobody wants to play are our two new TEs. That one went Yard TT.

DThomas's picture

The defense wasn't good enough last year; I don't know why anyone would be confident if they hadn't lost anyone on defense. Between Peppers and Jones they lost 64 pressures as well as Peppers' 8 ½ sacks and 5 batted balls. And Peppers only played 58% of the time (according to McGinn). That's a lot for Fackrell, who needs to gain strength, and a rookie to make up for. And if the replacements just match the production of Peppers and Jones, how is the D better?

Peppers is 37 and Jones only performed in the last year of his rookie contract so I understand why Thompson didn't retain them. But downplaying the loss of their production or painting it as a positive seems foolishly optimistic. Once again, they're putting a lot of hope in rookies and the 'develop' part of 'draft and develop'; that hasn't worked out very well over the past several seasons. The good news is if they find an adequate replacement for Lang I think the offense will be improved. Maybe it'll be good enough to score 36+ points in the playoffs to overcome the defense's deficiencies.

4zone's picture

House is a better cover corner than Hyde. = Upgrade
Peppers loss in physical skills are pretty much equal to his leaving the team. = A Wash
Jones leaving while contributing = Loss
Adding Ricky Jean Francois compared to loss of idiot Pennell = Upgrade

Overall FA transactions so far = Small Upgrade, not earth shattering

Players projected for growth from last year's class
Clark, Lowry, Martinez, Brice, Fackrell = Upgrade

Players returning from major or significantly slowing injury issues
Matthews, Randall, Rollins, Perry = Upgrade

Projected additions in the draft of CB, OLB (at a minimum) probably multiples at one of those positions and possibly a DL as well = Upgrade

So overall, I see this defense, while not ready to knock anyone's socks off, a much better unit this year than last simply by being more healthy and adding a couple of decent players in FA while continuing the build in the draft.

Of course, that only lasts until Clay pulls another hammy, Randall gets his bell rung, House blows his knee out and Guion gets busted for PEDs again...

DThomas's picture

4zone: "Peppers loss in physical skills are pretty much equal to his leaving the team. = A Wash." No, it's not a wash. If a great player like Nick Collins has a career ending injury, is that a wash? No, for the team to maintain its level of play, it has to replace his performance. It doesn't matter how Peppers would have played this year, the team has to replace his contribution from last year: While playing 58% of time (722 snaps) he recorded 32 ½ pressures - second on the team, 8 ½ sacks - second on the team, 5 batted balls - first on the team, and three turnover plays. Nick Perry only had 3 ½ more pressures and 3 ½ more sacks in a career year for him (although he lost snaps due to injury).

We can all agree the defense last year wasn't good enough, can't we? It's OK for Packers fans to admit that and also to admit the D has to significantly improve and so far it hasn't. Maybe players like Randall & Rollins will play well. But if they don't and a rookie doesn't step in and prove to be a good starting CB, even with the addition of House, I think they'll have trouble vs. the pass - just like last season. And they have to replace the production of Peppers and Jones (even if Peppers is in a wheel chair at an retirement home this season) or the secondary will need to be that much better.

DThomas's picture

duplicate post

stockholder's picture

Your Right this time DThomas.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I think Peppers's production will be replaced by developing players on the roster. Any added talent in the draft is gravy.

4zone's picture

DT, from a production standpoint, last year to this year I would agree with you. Overall, as Jones, a net loss.

In terms of resigning him vs letting him go, I think is a coin flip but that really didn't fit my train of discussion correctly as you correctly pointed out.

When refactoring in this correction, I think the D still weighs in on the improved side of the ledger although not as improved as originally indicated.

Also, I would point out that improvement from one year to the next xt is always the strategy, or should be, it doesn't necessarily translate into an improved ranking as other teams are improving also. Or at least trying to.

snowdog's picture

" Of course, that only lasts until Clay pulls another hammy, Randall gets
his bell rung, House blows his knee out and Guion gets busted for PEDs again..." Now I'm going to have nightmares .

Spock's picture

TT wasn't the only Packer person saying they probably have the OG already on the roster: Aaron Rogers said the exact same thing in his presser and I got the impression he meant it. I think this is the one draft where Ted will actually do what people want in the first and draft a pass rusher! That would be this year's TT surprise. LOL

Handsback's picture

First I want to say I think TT has a great, but very dry sense of humor. Seriously, he turns and ask "where do we pick?" and a couple of other remarks were pretty funny.
Getting back to the article, this Packer roster is void of playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. That has to change and w/o Peppers....that's a little harder. CMIII can make a difference along with the other pass rushers, but they have to take advantage of the opportunities they have by creating turnovers and sacks.

Now if TT selects Jared Davis from FL, ILB, I will be very happy and know many will say, "WTF!" I look at him as a guy that if he's healthy, he will be a playmaker in the middle of the field. I like him better than Foster because of his character.

Point Packer's picture

Oh yeah, we have

stockholder's picture

Countless hours by everyone. The entire Company.(Scam) How else can he justify spending of the stock holders money. He surely saves it being cheap with Free Agency. And lets see what Clark does this year. Notice he doesn't talk about the secondary. The decline of certain players,( we all know he reached for. ) I'm hooked on his numbers standpoint. I always wondered why he didn't trade up more. He just explained he's looking at numbers. But why isn't he saying how good the roster looks on paper instead? I love the skepticism wording. It's draft time. Can't say they felt that way when Atlanta crushed us. And I'm not going to go to comparisons or numbers. TT is about to give us a christmas present @29 and more. Yea, Get Pumped. We just might get an All-pro this year.

idgafkurt's picture

I'm going with Colorado CB Chidobe Awuzie as the Packers 1st round pick. Smart, high character, can play outside or slot, good speed/3 cone numbers, great blitzer and special teamer, fits a need. Go get him TT...

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Don't target any hybrid who can move to the slot. Half our secondary can play the slot. Get a pure outside corner, period. We don't have a single quality option outside on the roster.

Length, speed, outside cover skills, especially press. No hybrids. No, no, no, no, no.

We need a slot corner like we need a starting QB.

lambeau66's picture

No real attempt to help this Dfense. another year wasted!!!!!

croatpackfan's picture

And, at the end everybody here will be left with open mouth after draft and with open questions sounds like "WTF".
Usuall Packers scouting team and his boss Ted Thompson.
Packers will be fine. More than fine. Once again, they'll be excellent team (with holes, as every team has and will have holes!). Only battle Packers will need to win big will be against injuries. And that is that!

dschwalm's picture

Wow! I wish I had your optimism, Croat, but I just don't see any evidence to support "the Packers will be just fine".

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