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Watch "Last Day at Lambeau" Online for the First Time

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Watch "Last Day at Lambeau" Online for the First Time

StoryFirst Media—the production company that created the documentary movie Last Day at Lambeau—made the film available for online consumption in the past week.

Last Day at Lambeau chronicles the events from the summer of 2008, Brett Favre's divorce from the Green Bay Packers and shares the thoughts, opinions, viewpoints and perspectives from media members and fans who covered and were impacted by the unusual set of circumstances.

Cheesehead TV is proud to have played a small part in the film and encourages you to take the time to watch it if you have not done so already.


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PackerBacker's picture

This is outstanding. I watched it the other night when I saw it on twitter.

It does a really good job of breaking down what happened when and how people felt about it at the time.

Allan Murphy's picture

he is undoutably the greatest QB ever to play the game .......

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

It was great to relive those moments, the kid Favre was something very special.

Nikolaj Andersen's picture

Good documentary.
However i'm not quite sure it was healthy to relive that period:-)
But yes. A great football player for 16 years here.
The person - well...

L's picture

I remember how my opinions and feelings on the Brett Favre situation were opposite from most people I personally knew during that period of time despite having been a giant Favre and Packer fan since the early 90s.

I was initially sad to hear and see that B.Favre was set to retire from the Packers after the pretty successful 2008 season but at the same time after watching another excruciatingly poor "big game" performance from him, especially in the cold, I was actually quite excited to see the young and promising Aaron Rodgers given an opportunity and the so-called reigns over a team that had just reached the NFC Championship game. I was geared up and ready for a new beginning.

Although, when news and rumors began that B.Favre was restless and ready to come back I got a bit excited to think that one of the greatest quarterbacks the league has ever seen might be un-retiring to rejoin the Packers in order to take another shot at the Super Bowl, but I also recognized the major predicament this would create for the team. I mean this was now suppose to be the year the Packers could truly find out what they had in 1st round pick A.Rodgers before he would become a free agent.

The team was certainly dealing with a major gamble in that they'd either be welcoming back a proven star QB from a team which was just on the cusp of reaching the Super Bowl the year before with an unproven QB who might actually show that he's not a capable NFL QB and in turn close that window to winning a championship. I do understand the rational of many fans during that period of time that wanted to see B.Favre return to the team and lead them back into the playoffs and hopefully to another Championship, but I just couldn't get past the feeling that Favre wasn't a very good fit for the Packers anymore; especially, if he was forced to play in Lambeau Field during the playoffs and because of that I was ready to see A.Rodgers get his opportunity.

Funny thing is I still wanted to see B.Favre un-retire and return to the game of football even if not with the Packers because it's a game of entertainment and he has always been an exciting player to watch, but I couldn't envision the team allowing him to play against them - especially not for a division team. So, to me if he was truly determined to return to the game of professional football and it wasn't going to be as the starting QB for the Packers then I predicted that the Packers were going to be forced to trade him and that after spending a year where ever he went he was going to find a way to eventually get moved to the Vikings - an obvious fit at the time despite the fact that it would also allow him to so-called "stick-it" to Ted Thompson and the Packers. However, my line of thinking at that time was that instead of simply retiring now he'd actually be returning some additional value to the Packers by fetching a future draft pick and that might end up being a pretty awesome player.

In regards to the news that broke about Favre requesting a release from the Packers so that he could sign on to play with any team he wanted I certainly thought the Packers would have been incredibility foolish to grant him that outright release because he obviously would have joined the Vikings and the Packers wouldn't have gotten anything in return -- there just wouldn't be any value in taking that path. I also thought it would be a bad idea to make the starting QB position an open competition between A.Rodgers and B.Favre which is what many friends I had wanted to see.

Logically speaking a trade was the only thing that made any sense and more specifically a trade to an AFC team that didn't play the Packers in the upcoming season so that he couldn't directly influence the Packers season unless he made it to the Super Bowl with his new team, but it seemed pretty obvious that by the time the trade occurred that Favre had a personal vendetta against the Packer's management and had a chip on his shoulders that would probably end with him playing against them in their division with the Vikings.

Anyways, at the time I didn't understand why everything became such a giant negative PR disaster for the Packers and Ted Thompson. I thought the team took a very logical and practical approach to all that was happening as it was clearly a sensitive situation and they recognized it. I also didn't get why so many people thought that the team's management were dead set on screwing over B.Favre and that T.Thompson was an evil asshole - I just didn't see it.

Finally, when the timeline news broke that detailed the team's interactions with Favre and how he had flip-flopped his decision to come back, plus couldn't even give the team any kind of solid commitment level I started to see Favre a bit differently than how I use to see him (I didn't originally see him as a giant selfish prima donna kind of guy, but I began to recognize it during the fiasco). Then after watching Favre's interviews on Television in which he talked like there was a vendetta that grew between him and team management basically because he didn't feel like he was being handled and treated extra special-like and especially after the sit-down Favre had with Mike McCarthy where the coach still couldn't get the commitment he was looking for from B.Favre. After all that I just found myself 100% ready to see the team move on without him. I mean I still hoped he'd have success with another team, but obviously not at the cost of the Packers.

When Favre was traded to the Jets and then later retired again so that he could un-retire and sign with the Vikings I still never held a vendetta against him myself because as a player I thought he was only doing what was in his best interest in joining a strong team like the Vikings even if the main true reason was because it allowed him to play against the Packers twice a season so he could get back at Packer's management -- my opinion was, "so what, play football and beat him then". Anyways, at that point I was very pleased with the play of Aaron Rodgers during the previous season and the following season. I had optimism that the Packers were justified in their decision, plus were going to be better off in the long-term because of it. I wished Favre well and hoped he could continue pushing his league records further out and would finish his career with some success, but again not at the cost of the Packers. I remember saying in an ideal world the Packers would win the division and have a 2-0 record against the Vikings, but the Vikings would be a wild card team and both would meet again in the NFC Championship game where Favre would be playing again in the cold weather of Lambeau field where he'd throw a game losing interception in the final moments -- ah if only that had been the way that season ended instead of against the Saints.

Overall, throughout that entire time I really just felt bad for Aaron Rodgers because he had to deal with things that were unquestionably tough to deal with, but then again without that ordeal to learn from and sort of forge him would he be the awesome star QB that he is? Hmmm...

4thand1's picture

I remember the Giants game like it was yesterday. I remember telling people, he just threw his last pass as a Packer. He had 4 other open receivers on that play. I loved every minute of watching him play never the less. The Sherman/Rhodes years did him no favors either. 16 years, most of them great. When they retire his # 4 , I'll be there.

tundravision's picture

I saw LDAL a few years ago, when quite honestly, the emotions were still a lot more raw than they are today. It was one of the most eye-opening things I had seen on the topic.

At the end, you almost...ALMOST...had a little sympathy for BF, which is saying a lot two years ago.

You also saw a side of MM you may not have ever noticed before. And Murphy sure looked like he might have been in over his head in his first few months on the job.

Also really curious where in the world Bill Johnson filmed his segment. The Bordello Room at the Don Q Inn?

Jordan's picture

I was a huge Favre fan (past tense) and watched every single game Favre played as a Packer. Any sympathy that I might have had for Favre disappeared once he got on Greta van Sustren and said what he said. That was not cool. He showed a real lack of character doing that interview and saying what he did.

4thand1's picture

The lack of character with the Jets turned a lot of people off.

jimtalkbox's picture

Agh! That movie got me all riled up again.

Excellent documentary, though. It was interesting to hear about some new facets of that ordeal I had never heard before.

Evan's picture

Nice little touch at 43:49 - the shot of the "Brett Favre Pass" street sign with the "P" covered up.

Overall I thought this was really good - probably could have been 20 minutes shorter without losing anything, but very good nonetheless.

It's funny - I honestly have no recollection of where I stood when this was going down. My gut tells me I was on the Packers/TT's side -- I'm a Packer fan before I was a Favre fan -- but I don't remember any strong feelings.

Mike Linton's picture

I'm glad you got this up on board to watch! Great film! It got me emotional in the end.

LMeyer01's picture

This reminds me of a bad relationship where your wife files for divorce. It is mutual and you decide it is really over. A few days later, she says she wants you back. You take a few days to think it over and take her back. Days later, she again says she is out. You had enough and said it is over for good. She then dates someone for a year and it doesn't last. Shortly after that year, she decides to date your worst enemy. That guy you wrestled against, the guy you played other sports against who was a constant thorn in your side. She did this just to get back at you. And you are the bad one in the eyes of your family? Doubt it, she is the confused, selfish, bratty child who when she doesn't get her way, starts to throw a fit. Brent is this man, deal with it. I was 12 when Brett took over for Magic. I loved Favre (and still love what he brought here), but can't stand the baby he became and how he wanted to "shove it" to Ted. He shoved it to the fans more. True Packers fans will understand? We do and will not forget what you did.

LMeyer01's picture

I forgot....Great film. Awesome job on chronologically showing us how this actually went down.

zerotolerance's picture

Very nice. I loved Brett as a Packer, was OK with him as a Jet. As a Viking, was a bit hurt. But in the end he is an NFL HOFer, and will be in the Ring of Honor at Lambeau.

Mainepack's picture

D you know the password for this video?

Mainepack's picture

Hi everyone new member can I obtain a password for this video? Thanks

Dreadlock Packerfan's picture

Wow! Thanks so much for this...clears up a lot. Lets a Varsity Packer Fan move on from the hurt of this. sorta. I was a SOLID Favre fan with unanswered questions, that were answered in this doc. My respect for the man finally faded with this documentary. I'm Packers...I'm not Favre. Filming and posting for all eternity the Burning of Green and Gold is INSANE no matter me that's worse than what Favre did. I have a Team made Favre Jersey from's worth a lot now. but Ive folded it up, and put it at the bottom of my Packers clothes...Man !!

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