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Tuesday Night Practice Report

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Tuesday Night Practice Report

Here's what I saw:

  • Fights. Three of them in fact. (Maybe four if you count the first skirmish) After Bulaga got into it with Bishop, McCarthy called the whole team into the middle of the field. Obviously, I don't know what was said, but at one point, clear as a bell, everyone could hear Mike yell "Play some fucking football!" It was, in a word, awesome.
  • Jordy Nelson is a man possessed. He's caught almost everything thrown at him and he so obviously has a connection with Rodgers. Again and again, it was like he and Rodgers were reading each others' minds. James Jones has flashed here and there, but right now this "competition" isn't even close.
  • I really like what little I've seen out of Quinn Porter. Every time he's caught up in the wash, he finds a crease and makes a move to get four or five yards. Its the type of wiggle that neither Grant nor Jackson have. On top of that, today and tonight, he showed some soft hands, catching a couple screen passes out of the backfield. James Starks should be very worried about Porter.
  • It was nice to see the linebackers and secondary working on assignments vs. bunch formations, but it was worrisome when Brandon Chillar and Jarrett Bush took the same guy streaking down the middle of the field, leaving a receiver open in the flat. It was Arizona all over again.
  • Aaron Rodgers and the passing offense were almost flawless for the first 2/3rds of the night. Rodgers hit his first 12 passes before throwing one just out of the endzone on a deep fade. (James Jones actually caught the ball, there was just no way he could stay inbounds) Once the defense started bringing some extra pressure, however, things started to break down a bit. I really don't worry about it too much because there was a lot of mixing and matching on both sides of the ball personnel wise. Hard to get any cohesion in pass pro when guys keep coming in and out.
  • Mason Crosby hit all five of his attempts...before missing a "game winner" from mid-range in a situational period. More and more, I'm feeling like Crosby will cost the Packers at least one game in 2010.
  • Donald Lee had a nice night, catching a couple of touchdowns and generally being assignment sure and getting after guys with his blocking. I know fans are thinking of him as the odd man out at the tight end position, but I just don't see the staff getting rid of a player they know they can count on down in and down out. Helping his cause is the fact that he was on the first-team kickoff coverage unit.
  • Of all the receivers trying to make names for themselves, right now its Charles Dillon and then everyone else. (Although Chastin West and Patrick Williams have flashed at times)
  • B.J. Raji absolutely blew up a running play in the red-zone period, driving Scott Wells deep into the backfield and causing Rodgers to trip while handing the ball off for a run that went nowhere. It was exactly like the play toward the end of the game against Pittsburgh where Casey Hampton blew up Wells to the same effect. And yes, I just compared Raji to Hampton and I'm sticking to it.
  • Speaking of the defensive line, when the defense lined up with their #1 Goalline defense, the line consisted of Neal, Pickett, Raji and Jenkins. Teams are going to have to throw or run outside, because there will be no running in the middle.
  • During the "deceptive" period, the offense ran a play where Rodgers tossed a backward pass to Jordy Nelson who started to run to the sideline and then threw deep to James Jones who had gotten way behind the defense. It was beautiful.
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Bogmon's picture

one correction...that last comment about the Jordy play was slightly askew since Clay Matthews would have tackled Nelson eight yards deep had the tackling been live.

(btw...great to meet you tonight Aaron!)

PackerAaron's picture

I hear you on that. Hard to say one way or the other. From where I was sitting, it looked like Jordy would have easily escaped.

Nice to meet you as well.

Nathan Zacher's picture

Appreciate all the updates! Was glued to Twitter the last week! Great work.

bkshimada's picture

I must say I've enjoyed reading these practice reports the last few days. Great read for those unable to go to training camp (I live in CA) - though I'd definitely like to work towards going to GB during camp some day. Will definitely miss reading these.

Bogmon's picture

maybe some of us local boys can keep the rest up to speed over the next couple weeks.
This is a great forum for exchanging Packer info.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"maybe some of us local boys can keep the rest up to speed over the next couple weeks."

Greatly appreciated.


Ryeguy812's picture going to live Tweet practices?

michaelcainlaw's picture

Great info. I love to hear about Jordy. Going to be rock solid outside. Can't wait to see how the battle for spots on both lines shakes out. I agree in D. Lee, no chance he gets cut. Think this may be the year Lumpkin gets a spot? Has he been doing any special teams work?

aussiepacker's picture

Aaron what was your thoughts on the two punters? Does the Aussie have a chance? Allso didn't hear much on C.J wilson?

PackerAaron's picture

Right now both punters are hitting it well, though they didn't do any punting last night. Masthay was holding on all Crosby's kicks, if that means anything.

Ruppert's picture

Great stuff, Aaron. I have been working way too much lately to follow camp (or the Packers in general) as closely as I'd like. You guys are a great way to catch up.


FITZCORE1252's picture

I hear you 100% I'm in the same boat.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Great news about Porter. We need that kind of back to complete this Offense (I was hoping Starks would emerge early, but so-long as somebody does...)

Haven't heard anything about Quinn Jouhnson other than he's a monster. Does he look to be a player? I was hoping to hear about him leveling Mofo's by now.

Scared shitless about Crosby. He's got all the leg you could want, doesn't appear to have "it".

Great to hear BJ is wreaking havoc. No reason why he can't be our Hampton.

Was Bulaga in on two fights? I read at that he was in a skirmish with Wynn as well... That's what I like to see out of our future LT.

Thanks for the updates Nagler.



FITZCORE1252's picture

"Haven’t heard anything about Quinn Jouhnson"

Or, Quinn Johnson. LOL

Jersey Al's picture

Still early but, hmmmm, Charles Dillon, Quinn Porter, Jordy Nelson. Been touting all 3. Now if Nick McDonald makes a splash...

FITZCORE1252's picture

Funny, haven't heard much about Lumpkin. 8-)


Bogmon's picture

Lumpkin has been getting alot of touches. Coaches are definitely giving him heavy evaluation.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Rightfully so! It's 'shit or get the fuck off the pot time' for Lumpy (You know this Al, I'm rooting for him too. BUT, the time is NIZZZZOW)!

"Lumpkin has been getting alot of touches" = although he's been gettin' mad reps, there's a reason we're not hearing anything about him... sounds like the Lumpy I know!



PackersThad's picture

These are all good things to read! And I was happy to see Crosby was 5 for 5. He needs to keep kicking in order to get some confidence. I think that is what he needs.

The thing that stuck out to me was not Crosby's missed game was Scott Wells getting destroyed (again) when it mattered. Although I like what I hear when people say that Scott has great protection calls, whenever it is time to get the tough yardage, he is a liability. I think Spitz should be competing at Center, and not at LG

dilligaff's picture

It will be interesting to see who gets that 3rd running back spot, still upset about cutting Sutton last year. Good to hear that Porter has a wiggle and can get yards after contact. Thats what is lacking in our running game, making something out of nothing.

Special teams still bothers me, hopefully additions like D. Lee and the skilled positions get their acts together.

The O-line still concerns me, I think too much thought has been given to the 2nd string and keeping people in one position. I mean Lang backing up Sitton??? Lang IMO could be one of the top 5 lineman, better than Colledge. Lang maybe better than Tauscher, who has never been all that good at run blocking (average). If Lang can come close to Tauscher's pass blocking skills, why not go with youth?

Asshalo's picture

As painful as it is for me to say this, I am really enjoy these practice reports. “Play some fucking football!” It was, in a word, awesome. LOL

Tony Wilson's picture

I'm starting to like McCarthy more and more.. he seems fiery this year

Oppy's picture

Are we getting to the point that Packer Nation, as a collective whole, is going to start saying loudly with their heads held high, "Mike McCarthy is our Green Bay Packers Head Coach"?

It feels like this is the first year I haven't heard people calling him a Fat Loser, etc, etc.

It's funny that people somehow equate the occasional public cursing or angry glare to good coaching, but whatever. If it makes people feel comfortable with their coach, more power to you.

Bogmon's picture

It shows a grit that we rarely see in press conferences or on game day.
It's nice to see or hear the fire billow out of the head coach from time to time.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

"Play some fucking football!" - Awesome! Right up there with "What the hell is going on out there!"

pitts's picture

start at 10 than 16 now maybe 20 start the season early play only 2 preseason games tickets go up,risk of injury with more games.corp.more more revnue for board of directers theres no dome.the fans should have the final say.or have two teams and play all year. give me a break.A team rodgers,gennings,grant,driver ,finley B team thompson brothers,harrel, bigby kicker,hawk,jolly.go get them A&B PACKER TEAMS

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