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Total Packers?

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Total Packers?

More like Total Bullshit.

(Sorry, couldn't resist)

On a serious note, Monty offers this at the end of his schedule breakdown:

The aftermath

The Packers miss the playoffs for the second consecutive year, and the only good thing that can come out of all of this heartache happens - Mike McCarthy is fired. If anyone has Bill Cowher’s number, let’s be sure to get him on speed dial around week 7.

Emphasis mine.

Look, I get it. The Packers were 6-10 last year. People are pissed. But McCarthy getting fired would NOT be a good thing. Not even remotely. Of course now that he has competence on his side, defensively speaking, my bet is that everyone will be calling him a borderline genius again by the end of the year. Me? I'll stick with 'good football coach' and let the chips fall where they may. 

On a side note, I find it funny that Monty would pine for Cowher, a coach who suffered through a few losing seasons of his own, not to mention the thud of an 8-8 follow up to his Super Bowl championship,  won after many, many years of tenure. McCarthy has the capacity to be every bit the coach Cowher was - he just needs time on the job and not to be kicked to the curb the first sign of trouble.

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Bobby.O.Shea's picture

I hate fans like this..

WoodyG's picture

Face it. We're still dealing with the aftermath of the Favre Fiasco. Alot of the NegaFans are predicting doom & gloom because that is how they now express their displeasure at the 2008 events.

What will they do when GB wins 10+ in 2009?? - Either shut-up, convert or get even more illogical.

IronMan's picture

IF we have another losing season, McCarthy's job might be in jeopardy. And I don't have a problem with that. As for Cowher, he started his tenure at Pittsburgh with six consecutive winning seasons, before having his first losing season.

Nick's picture

I've never been on that site before, but after reading the first paragraph don't you think there's a slight chance he wasn't being entirely serious?

IPBprez's picture

Game One would probably be more like - "let's run it on 'em as they're [expecting] us to have Cutler throw it all day long"... and it might just catch the Pack offguard, for about half the game.

Otherwise, it's a pretty obvious attempt to coverup his HATE TT & MM attitude.

I certainly see the Pack rebounding in a big way, this Season. If anything, in 2008, the rest of the players seemed to be off-kilter from the changing of the guard moreso than the new QB. Course, losing Jenkins right away was probably the most devastating. Corey Williams didn't exactly shock the world up in Cleveland.
Did anyone remember, Kellen saying Brady Quinn should be the starting QB for the Browns, this season?
If anything, the blogger could be 50% right, at best. I don't see us going 4-1; more like 3-2 as the Team settles down after the break. It'll be a long season having the BYE that early in October. There's where Redding's training regimen had better kick in.

L.A.'s picture

There is a murmuring that the entire move to the 3-4 is a bit of a smoke screen that buys the regime a little more time to get things going back on track. It makes a little sense: fire all your defensive coaches, install a trendy defensive scheme, and claim it was what you had actually wanted all along.
That stated, I think it does buy MM another year, even in the face of a collapse. Capers brings some credibility that it will get fixed, and the pressure may go back on TT to bring in the talent to make it work.
However, I will say for as wonderful as the beginning of the schedule looks, the end looks to have the potential to bring a playoff drive to halt.

blackterror's picture

After living in the 'Burgh for eight years, I can say that there is something categorically worse than a McCarthy presser, and that is a presser by 'the face.' Now, I don't know from effective coaching, but listening to Cowher talk about football was uniformly aggressive, evasive and depressing. The man was only marginally able to coach the most successful personnel strategy since the invention of the salary cap. The only asshole who I would less like to see take control of my beloved Packers is Brian Billick. God help us all.

Pack93z's picture

Well considering that we haven't even made it to the draft nor the blood letting post draft when teams start to squeeze the roster counts to sign the picks... I find it humorous for anyone to try an pick the win loss record at this point.

Call it blog/article filling and nothing more.

Relax, breathe.. there is a ton of offseason to go yet.

unbiased observer's picture

I can't believe how arrogant some of our fans are. I read plenty of arguing that TT/MM should be fired and little of it makes much sense. Bringing in new staff would set the organization back several years again! Some of the posts I've been reading this off-season are making me ashamed of calling myself a Packer's fan.

Creek's picture

Packer fans beware there seems to be great expectation for our beloved Pack this year. However, with a new defensive scheme it may take 2 to 3 years to perfect it. Therefore these predictions we are seeing of the Pack going 10-6 or so are a little bold. I hope as a Packer fan for many, many years we do go 10-6 but we should be more realistic with the new defensive scheme and all and predict 8-8 or thinking on the positive side 9-7.
Go Packers!

Rob's picture

If this were a straight up switch to the 3-4 I would agree, but we are transitioning to the 3-4. Besides, with the schedule the way it is there is no reason why packers, viking and the bears can't all go 10-6 this year!

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