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Top Ten Things To Do While At Training Camp

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Top Ten Things To Do While At Training Camp

This article was originally published on Sports Bubbler last year. At a reader's request, I wanted to post it again as a service to travelers heading to Green Bay in a little over a week. While you're in town, there's plenty to do outside of practice. Here's a primer:

  • 10. The parks of Green Bay - Before Curly Lambeau officially created the Packers in 1919, the team evolved from a local town team that dates back as far as 1895. The cities and parks around Green Bay were home to several practice sites and games. Thanks to the book "Before They Were Packers," we're able to find many of them. Probably the most noteworthy of which is the former Bellevue Park, the home to the Packers before City Stadium. In reverse order, the playing fields of the Packers are Lambeau Field, City Stadium, Bellevue Park. Although the park technically doesn't exist, its location is 1609 Main Street behind the McDonalds. Other old practice and game sites include Tank Park, Whitney Park, Seymour Park and Saint James Park. I suggest buying the book "Before They Were Packers" if you have interest in this sort of thing.
  • 9. Lombardi heritage - The house where Lombardi lived when he coached in Green Bay is private residence and generally off-limits, but you can drive by and look at it. It's located a little bit outside Green Bay in Allouez at 667 Sunset Circle. John Madden once did a feature on the home. Lombardi also worshiped while he was in Green Bay at St. Williebrord Parish. The church is located at 209 S. Adams St.
  • 8. St. Norbert College - The college in De Pere is currently training camp headquarters for the Packers. They don't practice there, but they do sleep in the dorms and have team meetings there. The college was also the site of many town team games in the era before 1919 in the grassy area between Main Hall and the Ray Van Den Heuvel Family Campus Center.
  • 7. City Stadium - The stadium seating for 25,000 thousand is gone, but the football field still exists. It's now the home of Green Bay East High School, and the Packers did hold a training camp practice there last year in a nod to the site's history. A monument sits at the front access of the stadium. The adjoining park area including the former Hagemeister Park, Wisconsin-Illinois Baseball Grounds and Washington Park were all sites to early Packers games before Bellevue Park.
  • 6. Walk of Legends - Located primarily along Lombardi Ave., this series of 24 large granite monuments stand in tribute to the Green Bay Packers. It's a little bit of a hike as the monuments cover a circumference of a mile and a half. I know they stretch as far down as Marty's Boston Crab near Bart Starr Drive all the way down to Lambeau Field. Among the 24 monuments, 13 are dedicated to particular players and coaches, and what's neat is that it wasn't necessarily the greatest players - one is in dedication to Max McGee (although he certainly deserves his spot in Packers lore). The remaining 11 monuments are in honor to the different eras in Packers history. It's interesting to note that the monuments are made out of granite as a nod to Vince Lombardi, one of Fordham University's "Seven Blocks of Granite."
  • 5. Rockwood Lodge - It's a definitely a drive from Green Bay, 17 miles north in what's now Bay Shore Park. Rockwood Lodge is considered the NFL's first inclusive training camp site. It was built on a Limestone Bluff over looking the Green Bay body of water. The Packers practiced there from 1946-1949 when the lodge itself burned down. It's another part of Packers lore as its purchase by Curly Lambeau was very controversial among the Packers' board of directors. An in-depth article on the history of Rockwood Lodge is included in this year's edition of Maple Street Press Packers Annual, written by Mike Johnson. Great read.
  • 4. Fuzzy's - The sports bar located at 2511 W. Mason St. is one of my favorite Packers destinations, especially if Fuzzy is there. Of course, it's owned in part by Lombardi-era legend Fuzzy Thurston. The best part is, Fuzzy can be found there. Maybe it's best to visit on game days when it's more likely he'll be there. But if he is, it's a great experience. He's usually more than willing to chat and make himself available for photo opportunities, always trying to find a way to show off his big Super Bowl ring in every picture. If you're truly a Packers fan, you know you're in the company of a living legend. (Editor's note: I recently heard Fuzzy's was sold to a new owner. I don't know if that's changed anything.)
  • 3. Glory Years - This downtown sports bar located at 321 S. Washington St. was actually home to Packers headquarters from 1949 to 1963. Lombardi's office is preserved including his actual desk, lamp and phone. I found one article on the Internet saying that this place is closed. I knew it was open last I lived in Green Bay. Can anyone confirm this?
  • 2. The sports bars near Holmgren Way - You can't go wrong going to almost any of the sports bars near Holmgren Way. The trio of bars located on Holmgren Way proper are the Stadium View, Anduzzi's and The Bar. They're the biggest and throw some of the best gameday parties. The Stadium View is nice for it's big faux Lombardi Trophy located outside. Anduzzi's is usually a rocking place the night before a game. And The Bar is great too. Located just a stone's throw away is Brett Favre's Steakhouse, a great place for dinner. Also nearby is Champion's Sports Bar and Grill located on Tony Canadeo Run, a relative newcomer to the sports bar scene.
  • 1. Titletown Brewing Company - Located near downtown at 200 Dousman St., it's home to "The Receiver" 22-foot statue. Formerly located at the Packers Hall of Fame, it's one of the most famous photo-ops in Green Bay. The building itself was a former railroad depot where the Packers themselves used to depart for road games generations ago. And maybe best of all, Titletown Brewing Company is a restaurant that brews their own beer, a great dining option.

***Don't forget, Cheesehead TV will be hosting a tweet-up at Titletown Brewing Co. on Friday July 30 from 7 to 9 p.m. Hope to see you there!

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PWC's picture

Thanks for publishing this. I know all about the St. Norbert thing. My dad and his family used to go there to get autographs because my aunt, while she went to school there, worked a job taking care of the Pack and their rooms during camp. Can't remember the years exactly, but my dad got most of the starters' autographs during that time.

Go Pack Go!

JonBob's picture

Never been to camp. Definitely something missing from my childhood. Maybe I'll have another chance or two.

TXPackerFan's picture

With all the sightseeing, one is going to get hungry! Can't go to Green Bay without a trip to Curly's in the Atrium, or to Kroll's for the best chili around!!

PackerAaron's picture

And no trip to Kroll's is complete without cheese curds... mmm....

Brian Carriveau's picture

Chili John's might take exception to the best chili around.

Tony Wilson's picture

One thing I thought was kind of cool, if you're bringing kids, is that there's a little mini-golf setup right across Packer Dr. by the Resch Center.

Pack Morris's picture

I'm more of a townie than I'm proud to admit, but there, I admitted it, okay? Here's my take: Titletown Brewery does have some great beer, but the food's just average. Definitely some excellent eating in that area, though: steak, sushi, whatever. Hinterland's right across the street, but expensive. I like the White Dog Roadhouse at 201 S. Broadway (half biker-ish bar, half delicious cafe). The Republic Chophouse, on the other side of the river (218 N. Adams), is the favorite restaurant of a certain reigning Defensive Player of the Year, among others on the team.

Good list, though, Brian. Living in GB, it can be easy to take some of the Packer stuff for granted (after all, I went to Lombardi [freaking] Middle School), though I honestly can't help but gaze at Lambeau Field every time I go by.

Final, way-too-local thought: Kroll's West (the one by Lambeau) can eff off; the owners recently opened a "Kroll's South" in effing Wrigleyville.

Brian Carriveau's picture

I wouldn't hate them for that. If you owned a successful business, you'd look to expand as well.

Asshalo's picture

Glad you republished this! Still haven't done the Walk of Legends. Definitely on my training camp to-do list this year, as is Fuzzy's, Glory Years and City Stadium.

Juicelaw's picture

Glory Years has been closed for a while now. It was pretty cool. I'm not sure what happened to Vince's desk.

I'm angry about Kroll's South. First I've heard of it.

Juicelaw's picture

Also, there is a new giant sports bar that just opened last year called Tom, Dick & Harry's, which is on the South End of Nischke Field/Hutson Center. Spectacular food (although limited on game days). Large outdoor seating area/bar. Used to have the distinction of being the only non-smoking place. Not anymore I guess.

packersplanet's picture

Looks like 1 - 4 are all bars. Sounds great to me. One thing that is a must during training camp is the stadium tour. They take you into the sky boxes and onto the field as well.

Kyle's picture

Hey Brian--

Great article. A couple quick notes. Being a life-long Green Bay resident, I've thought of a couple things about your list. First and foremost one that I noticed right away...Glory Years is no longer in business. That closed down a few years back. Another one I would add (food-related) is either breakfast at Skips's on Holmgren Way (it was a favorite hangout of Ray Nitschke) or lunch at Al's Hamburger Shop on Washington St. (Vince Lombardi's favorite lunch spot).

And obviously I would added lunch at one of the the places around the stadium followed by a walk through the atrium, a stadium tour, and an afternoon at the Packer Hall of Fame. Since it's been relocated to Lambeau Field it has become a must see. And Vince Lombardi's office is now located there. It was moved there after Glory Years closed down.

Kyle's picture

Oh and one more thing...Fuzzy no longer owns Fuzzy's. He sold that a couple years back, but you can usually find him there on weekends of home games.

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