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The Tiniest Nit I Have Ever Picked

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The Tiniest Nit I Have Ever Picked

As the title of this post indicates, this is REALLY not a big deal, but heck, it's been a slow Packer News day...

This past Tuesday, the Green Bay Press Gazette's Tom Pelissero held a live chat where he answered a question from Packer Ranter's own (and friend of CHTV) Franklin Hillside and one part of his answer completely blew my mind. The exchange went as follows (emphasis added):

FH: Who do you see winning the #3 receiver spot next year, J Jones or J Nelson? I'm looking forward to this battle.

TP: I think it's a bit of a moot point, Franklin. McCarthy runs a multiple scheme and uses different players in different situations. Jones has better hands, I think. Nelson is a far better blocker. If I had to guess now, I'd say Nelson earns more opportunities, but if Jones is healthy, he showed as a rookie that he can be a playmaker.

Pelissero must be hanging out with Rob Demovsky too much because he is so completely and thouroughly wrong here, it defies description.

Jordy Nelson caught 33 passes this year. Do you know how many he dropped? One. That's right. ONE. Say what you want about Jones and his athletic ability. I agree, he has the physical makeup to become a Sterling Sharpe-type reciever, if he can exhibit a little more toughness. But he in no way shape or form has better hands than Nelson. And it's not even close.

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Franklin Hillside's picture


His whole answer pissed me off. Moot point? What, compared to all the other clowns bashing Thompson and McCarthy, daydreaming about Haynesworth and Peppers? Mine was a moot point? Sure.

Eff off, Pelissero.

It matters 1) because Jones never wanted him there in the first place and was overheard saying 'Why did they draft that guy?' 2) One of these guys is going to have to step up and be the number two after Driver is done in couple years, this will begin with next year's output.

Not a big picture guy, that Pelissero.

MC's picture

I assume Tom meant "more natural" hands or something to that effect; that James can catch the ball at its highest point better than Nelson can or make the more impossible catches look easy. Nelson is sure-handed and more consistent and reliable than Jones, but I don't see him making the circus-type catch look "easy," necessarily. Which is what people sometimes mean when they say "good hands."

Keith's picture

Aaron, where did you get the drop stat? I was trying to find out how many drops Jones had his rookie year, because I remember thinking Jones had great hands as a rookie. He had a rough season in '08 and I'm willing to give him a mulligan.

Ron La Canne's picture

Jordy Nelson = Ball Control West Coast Offense

Jones = Big Play Threat

Different players that don't matchup well with a one on one comparison. Personally, I like the concept of using the pass offense to control the ball. There are times you need to spread the field too. So, in my view each has a role to play. A very different role.

packeraaron's picture

Keith - the drop stat was from McGinns year end wrap up. (I remember thinking during the season that he almost never seemed to drop anything thrown to him...)
To everyone - I agree they are completely different types. But Jordy's hands are gold...

jerseypackfan's picture

James Jones meet Robert Ferguson.

dustybricks6's picture

Woah, I love James Jones. Remember, he was nagged by injury all year. Our depth at receiver next year is going to be great. And I agree the that the choice between Jones and Nelson will be negated by Driver's retirement which will align with both of their contracts up for renewal a few years down the line.

IPBprez's picture

Ditto on what Dusty just posted..... How about James Jones and that Pre-season collision where his helmet flies off and he just keeps running into the EndZone? I haven't seen Jordy pull that off yet. Nelson did okay as a Rookie, bearing in mind that MAC left half the playbook in his Office for just about every game in 2008. (And, yes, he did drop some passes, people) James Jones was hurt pretty much all season with a more serious knee injury than was first thought. NO WAY do I give Jordy Nelson the edge after the way James Jones played in 2007. If anything James Jones has the moxey to actually TAKE Donald Driver's slot when he finally sits down. Greg Jennings is good and I like him out there, too --- but Jones has that intangible, and he's the only one that does besides DD. There were a few times where Jennings just didn't run fast enough to be where the ball ended up on the long pass.

Bottom Line? Hillside & Dusty are both right in that Donald Driver is getting close to the end of his career ... he could end up being next Jerry Rice, or Marvin Harrison (tenure, that is). Just the same, there are two things to watch for - 1)will DD last another five seasons? And, 2)Will Free Agency steal what we have from us somewhere in the middle of all this?

JMHO, folks ....

ReadyforSomeFB's picture

Whatever, DD imo will last more than the next year. He has that Iron Man thing going on.

And look at it this way, GJ has been taking toothy smile lessons from DD - so obviously football related lessons, too.

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