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The More Things Change...

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The More Things Change...

Say you're Dom Capers.

You've spent the last seven months reading about how your defense just wilted against experienced quarterbacks last year. You've spent the entire offseason hearing about how multiple receiver sets gave your secondary fits and that miscommunication was rampant throughout the playoff game against the Cardinals.

You no doubt have studied and broken down hours upon hours of tape, trying to crack the code of why your defense had these problems. You've spent countless hours preparing and teaching, starting with OTAs, through Mini-Camp and right on up to Thursday nights practice, honing the nuances of what you are sure are going to be the answers to this riddle.

And then, on the first play of the first preseason game, you see this:

I mean, it's got everything!

Lots of chatter and waving of arms before the snap of the ball. Guys moving around with what LOOKS like purpose. The quick release, easily negating Woodson's blitz. The uncovered receiver running the line without any apparent thought of covering him, save for poor Tramon Williams who gets caught in no-mans-land.

It was truly everything we saw in Arizona. Like we never left.

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Dale Zawada's picture

The first play of a preseason game gets its own post? That's interesting. Miscommunication early in preseason? WHAT!?!

packeraaron's picture

Thought it was funny that the miscommunication just never seemed to stop…

lebowski's picture

How much did the rookie Burnett have to do with that, do you think? I don't know, as I didn't see the game live at all.

PackersRS's picture

Reports were that the left/right communication was erased, and that Collins had adquired all communication duties.

some guy's picture

can you post all the plays from the browns first drive?

PackersRS's picture

"You no doubt have studied and broken down hours upon hours of tape, trying to crack the code of why your defense had these problems. You’ve spent countless hours preparing and teaching, starting with OTAs, through Mini-Camp and right on up to Thursday nights practice, honing the nuances of what you are sure are going to be the answers to this riddle."

Ah, yes. Studying:

PackersRS's picture

There is a positive/magical line of thinking, though.

We gave too much cushion and struggled mightly against spread and bunch formations last year. Teams know it. Let them think that we haven't adjusted it, at least till week 1...

Shootz's picture

This would be great, if this is the Packers' version of reverses and fake punts, making oppositions waste time preparing for our '09 defense. Unfortunately, there's basically no chance that it's the case.

Ruppert's picture

I'm all about Peyton Manning. I will be genuinely concerned if and when Peyton Manning walks up and down the field against us in the 3rd preseason game. I'm just not that concerned now, for some reason. Maybe I'm just getting old.

nerd's buddy's laptop's picture

1: The defense didn't cost us a game last year> Remember, the offense turned the ball over TWICE in our first two plays in that game. Against the #1 red zone team in the league. Not to mention Crosby's missed FG. The D played tough against an elite team. They got beat but they didn't make the mistakes that cost us the game. They forced the Cardinals to play at an extremely high level.
2: I'd take Capers over Bob Sanders ANY day. ANY ANY ANY mf'ing day. ANY day. Hell, I'd take Capers even over Jim Bates. And I liked Bates!
3: I think this is more on TT than on Capers. Capers can at least get it done to some extent with smoke and mirrors, which is something Sanders couldn't do to save his own life. (Or his job, as it were.) But at some point, you need players who can pressure the QB. Now I'm not saying I don't like TT. I'm his biggest supporter. But let's be real about the circumstances here.

PackersRS's picture

Is this for real? You're actually saying that the D allowed 45 points, but they didn't cost us the game?

nerd's buddy's laptop's picture

For reals.

Oppy's picture

There's not a coach in the NFL who would agree with you on this one, dude.

If you score 25 or more points in a professional football game, you should win the game. Period.

That's not a comment on offensive production. That's commentary on the expectations of a NFL level defense.

nerd's buddy's laptop's picture

Kurt Warner is a pretty good QB. He had some WRs who could really get it done. Our DBs were depleted by injury.
The defense played their hearts out and got beat by a HoF'er and some potential HoF'ers.
But it's the offense that lost the game. Two turnovers in the first three plays? Defense didn't even see the field in OT. Remember that part?
Add in the missed FG.
If we dont go down 14-0 right off the bat, it probably becomes a blowout.

packeraaron's picture

Dude - the team lost that game, not the offense or the defense. You can't turn the ball over. Period. And you can't put zero pressure on the QB and expect to win. Period.

CJ in Guatemala's picture

Week one preseason game, as far as i know you don't game plan for any of it and people is going overboard when they all know and said they wouldn't care that much anyway. I mean last year our O-line was awesome on those 4 first games only to completely stumble the first 8 games of regular season.

Enjoy the one on ones or whatever and the fact the season is about to start IMHO.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Ture dat Ceeeeeej.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Here's a Dom quote from the GBPG, the last sentence is dead on. -
“Part of our plan was let them go out there and play, and we didn’t do near as much (blitzing),” Capers said, “but that’s no excuse, you have to be able to execute sound, fundamental football with what you’re doing. That’s the biggest thing. There’s a lot of coaching to do off this tape. If you have to start relying on the blitz too much in the preseason, you have problems. You have to be able to line up and play football.”

Here's a TT qoute from JSO. I guess Ted and I have been watching a different Delhomme the last couple years. -
"Delhomme is one of the smartest quarterbacks in the league. They caught the ball. They made first downs. Then we turned it over and Seneca does what he does. He ran around and made a nice throw in the end zone."

Dom on Morgan. Semi surprised he came out with the last sentence, not that it's false, just he's a young player who's going to have to start (kinda thought he'd 'pump' him up a bit, positive reinforcement type deal) -
"I would say some good and some things we need to correct," Capers said, referring to Burnett's play. "A couple of the run fits we're going to have to take a look at. There's two or three plays he'll really learn from. He didn't play that well."


Shootz's picture

Delhomme was a pretty good QB before he started throwing thirty interceptions a game. I can't quite figure out why they didn't think more series with the 1's wouldn't be a big benefit for him, but he looked pretty sharp in his opening drive. I think our defense definitely warmed up as the game went on, but I don't think by any means that they were wholly responsible for making Delhomme look good.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"Delhomme was a pretty good QB before he started throwing thirty interceptions a game."

And? When I was 21 I had a 6-pack and slayed bombshells. This is now. It's been a grip since Delhomme has been known as anything but a guy that coughs the ball up. Last time I considered him to be 'good' was around '05-'06. He is no Kurt Warner. ZERO excuse for the 1st string D to give up a methodical, pick-you-apart drive of 80 yards to the Browns, let-alone Jake Friggin' Delhomme. Vanilla D or not. EMBARASSING.

Dom said it best postgame - "You have to be able to line up and play football.” Que Nagler... PERIOD.


Bogmon's picture

No Clay Matthews and the fact that they don't really have the OLB situation completely sorted ended up completely handicapping the pass rush.
Can't expect 3 down linemen to get that much pressure on the first series of a season.

Jayme's picture

QB's do stupid things from time to time when they can't get their head right. Favre was terrible for a couple years under Sherman, then he found his groove again. Warner was the same way after he got injured with the Rams. He just couldn't get his head straight. Then he got to the Cardinals and all was well again.

Packerbacker's picture

Nobody thought Cedric Benson was worth a damn either, until he started playing with the Bengals and beat our ass ( and others) last year. Sometimes a change to a different system is just what a player needs to excel.

Oppy's picture


Kurt Warner was no Kurt Warner for a number of years between the Greatest Show on Turf and his run with the Cards.

It's not uncommon for pro athletes to go through slumps in their career and come out the other side at the same level, or sometimes at a higher level, than they were before.

Delhomme has proven in the past he has the stuff. I understand he's been a flub for a few years now, but none the less, that doesn't mean he can't recapture what he once had.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Why does he have to recapture it against our starting D?

Shootz's picture

As Martin goes down for the ball and picks it, check out Kevin Greene's awesome reaction.

Thank God football is (sort of) back.

Jersey Al's picture

What i don't get is how the Browns have a receiver and tight end ready to run their patterns, while the Packers have only one player there (tramon) and nobody says anything, does anything, to address it. Do we blame Barnett? He's seen staring into the backfield and never notices the situation. Do we blame the safety, who is nowhere in sight? Do we blame tramon, for not letting someone know he has two guys to cover? Sure it's only one play, but it's a hell of a way to start your anointed "Super Bowl" season.

MNPackerFan's picture

Great Video. I blame it on Woodson. Things look okay (guys lined up on recievers). Then woodson does some signal (which appears to cause the safety to move out of the coverage and go deep so that woodson can blitz. However Woodson is not somewhere where he can see the whole defence/offense.

pat fermanich's picture

nagler you hit it you comments were right on.

pat fermanich's picture

no pass rush, whats up ?

Asshalo's picture

Not really worried b/c (1) not all the starters were in (2) it wasn't regular season preparation or speed.

pat fermanich's picture

how we do on injuries ? besides grant.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

The first few drives were pretty bad for our defense for sure. Still, I liked that Justin Harrell had some good snaps in the game and finished up healthy as far as I know.
The offense looked much better than the D which I guess one would expect in preseason game #1. Rodgers and Finley looked amazing.
KO coverage wasn't very good (neither covering KO or returning them). Slocum didn't look too happy on the sidelines a few times
Just observations. It's week one of the preseason. No worries

joelkleinium's picture

All they needed was for Barnett to move over to the right. Otherwise I don't see the big deal

bigfog's picture

Doesn't the defense practice against Rodgers? If he can pick them apart, you'd think they'd learn from this.

pat fermanich's picture

big fog i agree but its only preseason. time will tell. ask that ques. during the season.its a long season any thing can happen. and will happen.

Michael (Pat/s Twin)'s picture

I think Caper is teasing his critics to fake all of us wanna be armchair QB'S. Yes he is playing with our expert observations and sending messages ESP because my defense will come to play someday this year. I shall be sitting in my tall backed chair with pup in lap laughing at critical acclaim by posters like watching "Nerds" in action. Hey Brother Pat you sell your Packer Stock yet?

pat fermanich's picture

went to the store last night and two older ladies were bicthing about something. I walk by and they look at me and say what do you think i say what! redness in her face did you watch the game last night. packers the brewers pack defence sucks !they played like last yrs play off game there defence you no what I mean .ladyes relax its only could have heart attack she says wheres vince when you need him. by ladies

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