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The Great Debate: Bears or Vikings?

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The Great Debate: Bears or Vikings?

Lot of angst and gnashing of teeth from Packer Fandom about who to root for this weekend in the big showdown between the Bears and the Vikings. (How perfect is it that the NFL scheduled this game for the Packers bye week?)

For me, its pretty simple. The Packers lost to the Bears and beat the Vikings. The Bears are closer to the Packers in the standings. I'll root for an atomic bomb to be dropped on Soldier Field the Vikings.

What say you Packer fans?

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Andyman's picture

I will root for an enjoyable game - which means both teams picked off 4 times and someone (probably the Vikes) winning on a fluke play at the end.

cheesehead76's picture

A tie

Oppy's picture

I was just saying that a tie is the perfect solution to the Bears-Vikings game when it got brought up at work today!

jack in jersey city's picture

yep, i'm hoping that both teams beat the living shit out of each other and it ends in a tie. bring on the injuries!!!!

Dayne Shuda's picture

I know you secretly root for the Vikings and your all time favorite football player Brett Favre anyway Nagler so this is no surprise. ;)

I cheer for two teams each week.

1. Packers
2. The team that plays the Vikings

The Packers control their own destiny at this point. I gotta stick to my guns.

DaveK's picture

I am leaning towards the Bears. One, I think their schedule is tougher the rest of the way then the Vikings and they are a more flawed team. Two, a loss for the Vikings might send them into a complete tail-spin before the Packer game. They would be 3-7 with almost no hope for the playoffs. They would probably be a team in turmoil that might have their head coach fired on Monday. Three, it would be extremely satisfyingly to see Favre’s last season turn into a total debacle.

Tim V's picture

I totally agree. We don't want a four win Viking team to mess with in two weeks, plus the rest of the Vikings schedule is pretty easy. I don't want them to have any confidence. Also, the bears aren't going to win any more games this season.

Lynn Dickey 12's picture

Team Schism needs another loss to send them into their death spiral. Lovie's bunch isn't on death's door....yet. Bears need the win to push the Vikings head under the water once and for all.

mark D's picture

I vote Vikes. Want to see Chilly make it another year

mel's picture

exactly.. Chilly gives us the best chance to win... best unknown packer

MarkinMadison's picture


ZeroTolerance's picture

It has to be the Vikings. That's what you need to root for - that and multiple long-term suspensions.

JohnRehor's picture

I'm still hoping for a 0-0 tie where they beat each other up and no one gains anything.

I do appreciate the scratching out of the atomic bomb being dropped on Soldier Field. Some of your Chicago bretheren might not appreciate it. Especially those who work and live in close proximity ;)

foundinidaho's picture

I'm with John. Although I must say that a well placed tornado through Soldier Field that completely misses anyone who loves the Packers might be welcome. I'm kidding. I think.

jay's picture

I'm rooting for the earth to open up and swallow all of the Vikes and Bears. The earth can even make a satisfying "Nom, Nom" sound while doing so.

Raymond Kordus's picture

I'm with'ya on the tie ...

RockinRodgers's picture

I was thinking about rooting for the Bears. If the Bears win that pretty much knocks one team out of it, the Vikings. The Vikings are still the more talented team and I would hate to see them beat the Bears and than be fired up for the Packers game. Knowing that if they win that, they are right back in it.

Also the Bears have it tought the rest of the way.

CSS's picture

CSS repost:

Gotta say Bears. The Bears have a brutal schedule and could very well lose 6 of their remaining games. The Vikings schedule really lightens up after the Packers. Even with a Bears win, I don’t see them going better than 9-7. Vikings schedule gets easier, but a 6th loss send (especially intra-divisional) really sends them reeling.

The Packers could deliver the death-blow the following weak and kill Favre’s title aspirations. Epic finish……

davyjones's picture

CSS for President!!!

ron's picture

I predict a 7-7 tie. That being 7 picks for both Favre and Cutler.

I understand your logic, Aaron, but I must root for the reverse to happen when I look at the upcoming schedules for both teams.

The Vikings have played the tough portion of their schedule, the Bears have a brutal road ahead. If the Bears can beat the Vikings, the Packers will go into Minnesota with an opportunity to bury the Vikings' season. That is what I really want to see.

Ken's picture

I'll be rooting for Chicago to lose. I want our boys to pen the Vikings obituary on Nov. 21 and send to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Ken's picture

Because if Minnesota loses this week, they're done.

CSS's picture

As a resident of St. Paul, MN..^^^^^^this times infinity.

Ken's picture

Actually CSS, I meant that if Minnesota loses to the Bears, they're season is already done at 3-6 and essentially 3.5 games with the tiebreaker behind both teams.

I'd rather have the Bears lose to go to 5-4 and a likely 8-8 finish while Minnesota would be 4-5 but donezo after we lay wood in two weeks.

Your hatred of all-things purple is awe-inspiring!

CSS's picture

Its win win in my book, ken.

James Rarick's picture

I tweeted the same thing this morning to Wilde. Vikings win this weekend and then we beat them the following week. Then we are in really good shape.

Austin Auch's picture

I have been debating this all week. Logic has me cheering for the Vikings emotion has me cheering for the Bears. I kind of like the idea of an earthquake, how about Peppers taking out you know who late in the 4th and the Vikings still winning?

ShopeIV's picture

i dont root for either team hopefully they tie... i think a bears win would be preferable because i think the vikings are capable of going on a run and it would be better for my sleep if someone just killed that team now... the bears will collapse they just are not very good

davyjones's picture

I said on previous thread--the mere thought of rooting for the Vikings simply makes my teeth itch. It is very uncomfortable. I'm setting the over/under on total combined INT's at 7.

Either way, I hope Favre makes it thru the game. I really want our D to have another crack at him. Plus, I seriously believe at this point, the Vikings are a tougher oppenent for GB if they have Jackson at QB than with Favre.

Tommyboy's picture

"Plus, I seriously believe at this point, the Vikings are a tougher oppenent for GB if they have Jackson at QB than with Favre."

Totally agree. I also want Chilly to be around for the Viking game. I think the team would have reason to rally if he was fired. Oh yeah, plus he's an awful coach. So, replacing him can only make them better.

dougie smooth's picture

Viking hate > Bear hate. And the Vikings are more dangerous. We don't want them gaining momentum going into our game. Our record is the priority, tie-breakers are secondary. Sweep the Vikings is much easier if the Bears beat them down, and our second Bears game may not even matter by the end of the season.

CSS's picture

I wonder how other people feel about these rivalries. I enjoy the Bears rivalry, look forward to it. Maybe it’s because I live in Minnesota and can’t stand the bandwagon, brash nature of Vikings fans, but I would rather kiss the boil on the scrotum of a syphilitic donkey then root for Minnesota.

Not sure if I’m being clear, here……

jay's picture

wow...that was awesome...

Wiscokid's picture

Totally with you on this. I couldn't root for the Vikings with a gun pointed at my head.

I don't think that a tie is very likely so the best we can hope for is a lot of debilitating injuries on both sides.

Tommyboy's picture

The most intense rivalry for the Packers has, in my mind, definitely shifted from the Bears to the Vikings. Let's make this a two-man race and see the Vikings fail miserably. I am rooting for anyone who plays the Vikings. GO BEARS!!! Hooray....Cutler...I guess...

davyjones's picture


Tommyboy's picture

...yeah...maybe I should just stick with "boo vikings" instead of actively rooting for the Bears.

Wiscokid's picture

Good call.

Chris's picture

Not sure I agree with CSS and his boil, but it sums up my position pretty well. Plus as someone else mentioned earlier, I don't see the Bears going anywhere this year and we play them at Lambeau later on. So Go Bears!!! And knock the snot out of the old man!

al's picture

Personnally i will be rooting for the bears, because although they are closer to us in standing look at their schedule compared to the vikings, you have to think about the rest of the season and the vikings could win the majority of their remaining games. Plus i love watching Favre go down. I'm not gona say go bears though.

Patrick Duprey's picture

Although the Bears are closer in the standings, I think it's a no-brainer to root for them over the Vikings.

For one, I am much more confident in us beating the Bears at Lambeau in Week 17 then us going into Mall of America Field and beating the Vikings in a week and a half. I do think both are winnable games.

Also, I think the Vikings' schedule is much easier down the stretch, and with the offensive talent they have, they will eventually make a run. The only thing in their way is Brad Childress. We'll see if it's too late then.

Here are the remaining schedules:

vs. Minnesota
at Miami (on Thurs. night turnaround)
vs. Philadelphia
at Detroit
vs. New England
at Minnesota
vs. New York (Jets)
at Green Bay


at Chicago
vs. Green Bay
at Washington
vs. Buffalo
vs. New York (Giants)
vs. Chicago
at Philadelphia
at Detroit

Minnesota's schedule is tough, as well, but I see them making a run much more likely than the Bears doing so. In fact, even if they win this week, I would be shocked if the Bears finished with nine wins on that schedule. They lost home games to Seattle and Washington, two mediocre teams, that really could have made them competitive in the division. With Jay Cutler, this team is simply not going to make a run. The schedule is much too difficult.

Minnesota, on the other hand, has the weapons to make a run, despite their difficult schedule. I could easily see them finishing 10-6 or 9-7, which the Packers should still beat, but it will be enough to be competitive.

That's my long explanation, I suppose. Had Minnesota lost to Arizona, I think it'd be a no-brainer to root for Chicago.

Patrick Duprey's picture

Had Minnesota lost to Arizona, I think it'd be a no-brainer to root for Minnesota*, I should say.

Ken's picture

Chicago will be lucky to get to 7-9

White92's picture

Completely agree..

I don't want the Viking gathering any kind of momentum, they are the better team.

I will be at the game..

Do I wear Packer stuff?

Erikgj's picture

Yes do it.

foundinidaho's picture

Hahaha. That's awesome. Of course you should.

AndrewInAtlanta's picture

I'm having a hard time understanding which side of the fence CSS is coming down on, but for me it has to be the Bears. I wouldn't root for the Vikings if they played a game vs the US Congress. Further, a Queens win gives them confidence going into a HOME game vs the Pack. I want a 'in crisis" Queens game that goes the same way the "in crisis" Cowboys game went. We have a chance to hold serve vs the Bears later at home. GO BEARS!!!

Chad's picture

Rooting for the Bears for all the reasons above. But to recap:

1) Packers will have the edge against the Bears in Wk 17.

2) Another loss by the Vikings furthers their implosion... on which the Packers can capitalize in two weeks.

3) The Bears still suck.

al's picture

oh shit i guess i just did

WoodyG's picture

My disdain for BF is greater than my disdain for Jay Cutler ......

Also, would love to see Chilly sent packing after consecutive losses to Chicago & GB ......

Therefore, da Bears in an OT win ......

WoodyG's picture

In OT, BF rolls right, throws across his body to the center of the field .... That pick-6 will doom the Vikes ..... Bank on it.

Graffin's picture

I can see the argument that the Vikes have a better shot to compete for the division, but either way this game goes I won't be disappointed.How about if the Vikes suffer some small injuries, nothing bad, doesn't even keep em out a season,let's say a key guy gets taken out for I dunno? A week? Let's just say. Wouldn't be to broken up over that.

Morli's picture

Don't know if I should admit this, but I like the Bears attitude. This Brian Urlacher or Charles Tillman kind of players, who bring everything they have. I really enjoy hating those guys, 'cause this is a tough bunch of fans and (defensive) players. And they bring everything they have no matter the circumstances.
Whereas the Vikings are for the most part just laughable a group of bandwaggoners. They are awkward. Plain and simple.
From a Packperspective, I'd go with the Bears too. They are really bad, but could deliver the death blow to the Vikings.

Philthy's picture

Totally agree. Love the Packers, hate the Queens, respect the Bears

Tarynfor 12's picture

You have to go for the Bears,with Minn having 4 home games in the 5 weeks after this Chi road game,they can get 3 wins for sure and dare I say it,a 4th which combined with Was and DET away,very possible wins=danger.
A Minn win puts unneeded pressure on the Packers.

dgtalmn's picture

Da' Bears. Never the Queens.

Ruppert's picture

Aside from rooting for the injury cart to run out of gas due to carting so many players off the field, I don't know who to root for. I want the Vikings to fire Childress after we stomp them on 11/21. But I don't know if that would be more likely if the Queens lose 2 straight, or just the game against us. Maybe 2 straight...okay, I'll go ahead and root for the Queens to lose.

Patrick Duprey's picture


Although I share your enthusiasm, I would much rather see Brad Childress serve out the remaining years of his current contract. Why not perpetuate the implosion? Granted, if Childress finishes his contract, that probably means the Vikings are much more competitive.

Ruppert's picture

This is true. However, it will look soooo much better in our "America's Game" 2010 Championship video if we can highlight how two prime time thrashings of two teams led to two coaches being fired the following day.

Erikgj's picture

Agree that would be great maybe favor could start coaching in week 11

MexPack's picture

The Vikings have supplanted the Bears on my NFCN hate index. Plus, moving forward I feel the Vikings are a better, more dangerous team than CHI will be, especially if they get some momentum going. I do not see the Bears sweeping GB, & don't see why the Packers shouldn't win in MN after the bye. I am going for the Bears. Viva Los Packers

Your Mom's picture

I'm not worried about the Bears. If it's between us and them, then we will win out in the end.

The Vikes on the other hand have the talent to make a run. I don't want to face a 4-5 Vikings team coming off back to back wins in the Metrodome.

thepretzelhead's picture

Bears are old school like us so definite Bear rooting!

RickyBobby's picture

I grew up in Wisco which means I love the Packers.

If I would have been raised in IL I probably would have ended up a bares fan (ouch - painful to type).

If I would have been raised in MN there is no way in hell I would have ended up a 'queens fan.

For the life of me I can not understand how ANYONE could possibly root for that team.

turf (not grass)
pumped in noise
stupid plastic 'queens hats in the crowd
spectators wearing short sleeved shirts to a game IN DECEMBER
rodeo celebration
love boat
joey browner
jack del rio

did they really sport purple jerseys & purple pants last week? what the hell is that?

plus i'm scared of them and their week second 1/2 schedule.
i wanna be able to stick a fork in 'em NOW.

NoWayJose's picture

The best philosophy with Favre is treat him like a zombie.

Just when you think he's dead, he sputters back to life and ruins your day. You don't take your chances with a zombie. You empty the shotgun into its head even when it looks dead.

Until the Vikes get that 8th loss, they are not dead.

Cutler, on the other hand, sucks.

Go Bears.

dullgeek's picture

Rule #2: The Double Tap

RW Charlotte's picture

Which team would be a more acceptable NFC North winner if the Packers don't finish first? I think most people prefer the Bears. If you agree and believe the Bears will lose more of their remaining games (than MN), you need to cheer for Chicago.

InFact's picture


As someone wrote that will be one of the Bears last wins of the season -- while a loss for MN will potentially make them 3-7 after the Green Bay game.

GB doesn't need to worry about Chicago.

It's MN that has talent, BUT no coach (Chilligan).

Ben Duronio's picture

I would rather the Bears win. Over the remainder of the season, they have a better shot to lose more games than the Vikings do.

In the end, it shouldn't matter because the Packers should have a good enough record to make the playoffs regardless of the performance of the Vikes or Bears, but the Vikings would have a better chance at going further into the playoffs than the bears. This, to me, makes them a bit more dangerous of a team.

abiderman's picture

I would root for the Bears. Mostly because I don't want the Vikings to start gaining momentum before our game with them and the game we play against Vikings is in Minny. The Bears schedule is really hard with games against the pats, dolphins, jets, etc. The Bears simply aren't as good and I'm more scared of the Vikings catching us than the Bears.

Jack's picture

I'm holding my nose and voting Bears. I don't want Favre to be in a position to make a late-season comeback; I want him to be beaten, battered, humiliated and thoroughly defeated by Thanksgiving.

Jack's picture

That way I can enjoy my turkey.

Wiscokid's picture

That "turkey" being Favre?

dullgeek's picture

I'm pulling for the Bears. In the games that the Packers played against these teams:

a) The Bears got totally lucky that they ran into a Packers team that did everything to give them the win
b) The Packers got and won a 4 point game while getting 7 on a TD that shouldn't have counted (Quarless) and not giving up 7 on a TD that should have (Shiancoe). That's a 14 point turnaround, and I consider the Pack to have been lucky to win that one.

Additionally, the comeback from last week could become a real motivator for the Vikes. And the Bears barely beat the winless Bills.

I am not scared of the Bears. I still have a healthy fear of the Vikings.

Mark's picture

We're ramping up for 'Harry Potter be almost gone' weekend. in our version, Harry (played by Aaron Rodgers) will in one game (not a two part ripp-off movie) out duel and bury he who should not be named - the Forest Gump of Kiln, MS - Farvedumort at the HumpHouse The Minnipopolus School of Blizzards and Lizardry. May Favredumort freeze his exposed parts off from a cold wind off the Lake this weekend.

dennis eckersley's picture

I don't really give a shit about the events of the past 2 years. Or how insufferably deplorable that purple franchise is, from every single perspective. If you don't hate the f*cking BEARS more than you hate the vikings, then you have lost your way.

wgbeethree's picture

I have to respectfully disagree. The Bears are by FAR the bigger rival to me but for me at least I have a begrudging respect for my favorite teams biggest rivals' organization and history so the hate just isn't there. As a Packers, Duke basketball, and Cubs fan I have some respect for the Bears, UNC, and the Cardinals. It's the second tier "rivalries" with the classless/fairweather fans that I "hate"/have no respect for like the Vikings, Maryland, and the Brewers(sorry I'm sure that won't be popular on here but it's the truth) that TRY to have a rivalry with a team that already has actual rivals.

PackersRS's picture

Anyone say lightning yet?

Lightning. I'll be rooting for lightning.

Of course, if not, then it's a question whether you believe the Packers are for real, that the Packers can go on to the Humpty Dump and take down a team coming from a 2 win streak.

If you don't, if you're scared of the Vikings, cheer for the Bears.

If you believe in this team, root for the Vikings. They take down the Bears, giving us one game lead, we kill them at their home, then we finish the deal against the Bears at home in week 17.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

I'd rather see the Bears win just to get rid of the Vikings along with the Lions who are going no where.I have no fear of either team at this point.The Vikings are to old to make a run no matter who they play.They needed a dramatic come back to beat a 3 win Cardinal team.Julius Peppers may end tired 4's career this Sunday like he almost did last season playing for the Panthers.How long will Cultler last taking all those sacks.The division is there for the taking.

redlights's picture

Why not ask Todd from MN?

Doug in Sandpoint's picture

I'm with Dennnis Eckersley. While my brain says I should root for Da Bears it is just not possible. In just a few years the Queens will be in LA and out of the NFC North, but we'll always have Chicago to hate. You just can't put 47 years of hatred aside for anything.

And also, wouldn't you love to see the Vikes as a wild card come to Lambeau in January. I'd give anything to see the old man in the cold one more time. He wouldn't be able to move at all. CM3 would hit him and he will shatter like antique glass.

TheRealJosh's picture

I'm rooting for food poisoning for both of those teams. It's about time for that stuff to start impacting teams.

Raymond Kordus's picture

Hope the game ends in a tie ...

nc packer backer's picture

Gotta luv da Bears on this one. Hope for a physical game in poor weather conditions.

Erikgj's picture

I hope the bears win.
1. I want to see lovey smith just just glow with pride after the game and talk about how strong his team is.
2. As much as I dislike the bears I hate the vikes
3. Anything that makes the vikes desperate in their make or break season is better than any reality tv show
4. A packers win (after a bears win) would then destroy the vikes chances for the post season. I want to play a desperate favre and break the single game interception record.
5. Seeing favre play 6 meaningless games to close out the season should drive the overhyping media to distraction.
6. When the pack play the vikes, I don't want just the dagger for the game I want for their season.

Urban's picture

Waste of energy trying to choose!

If this game was being played in my backyard, I'd close the curtains.

Tony Wilson's picture

I'd likely get hammered in my living room and heckle both teams, then pass out before the end of the game.

PackerAaron's picture

That's my plan as well.

longtimefan's picture

Want Bears to win...I dont want the Viks and Brett to be close to the Pack...

I think Pack handles the Bears easily and they have a tougher schedule..

Vikings we know will give the Pack fits in 2 weeks, so any loss for them is good

nunobow's picture

Quite simple. IMHO the Vikings will be more dangerous down the stretch (Rice returning!) than the Bears.

Actually I would hope for a tie, but the chances, I guess, are borderline non-existing for that.

Therefore I hope the Vikings will lose.


bomdad's picture

I'd like the game to result in the ability of the Packers to crush both teams playoff hopes. So I guess that means a Vikings win.

ryan's picture


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Asshalo's picture

Right now, the division is Green Bay's too loose.

Put it this way, who would you rather face in the playoffs? Vikings are a bigger threat, especially if Rice gets healthy. Chicago is a bad team, with a horrendous OL. Chicago can keep getting lucky but have no faith in that team in January. If they're in a position to take the division from Green Bay, then Green Bay doesn't deserve it. I'm rooting for Chicago, because Minnesota is the bigger to Green Bay's playoffs hopes. They're a very talented roster that matches up well with anyone when they're playing well.

Can you do me a Favre?'s picture

Let's not forget the train wreck that is MN. It seems like people are forgetting that because MN is on a 1 game winning streak. The bears could easily win the division even as a bad team. If that's the case well the packers could miss the playoffs even at 10-6. Bottom line-I'm rooting for the queens, and I hope to see an ugly, poorly played game by both teams. I'm not afraid of seeing Brett return to Lambeau in the playoffs.

FruitPacker's picture to dislike the Bears; love to hate the Vikings...

nunobow's picture

@Asshalo: Well said.

I don't care who is the bigger rival "by tradition" or "who do we hate more" or whatever reason may be given.

All I care about is what gives our boys the best chances in the near future, and in that sense you hit it spot on imo.


Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

Another Vikings loss would probaly take the heart right out of them and make them lay down agaist the Pack the next week.Da Bears!

JerseyCheese's picture
Chad's picture

This game has the potential to be a sack-fest... let's hope it doesn't disappoint!

DAWG's picture

My second favorite team is anyone playing the queens, even if it's the Bears.

Overkill's picture

Natural disaster to destroy stadium during game.

Vikes, to put more distance between GB and the Bears. Bearce.

Jimmy the G's picture

For starters I want Favre blowing out a da bears knee with crack back block. Then the da bear teamate doin a Charles Martin on Favre later in the game. Game goes to OT and ends in a tie! The two fans who dissed our Nick Collins, disses Jared "Subway" Allen while he walks off the field. Allen retaliates by going into the stands and takes a crap down both their throats, pulls out an acoustic guitar and cowboy hat and sings.."da bears still suck"

Cuphound's picture

This is hard for me. Normally, I hate the Bears more. They've been around longer, we've got the whole polka thing going, the Vikings are an expansion franchise....

But the Vikings acquired a quarterback and I really, really hate this guy. Maybe it's that boyish enthusiasm with which he plays the game. I dunno. Or maybe it's the boyish enthusiasm with which he photographs his penis. Hard to say what vexes me so.

Of that's right. I wore his shirt for over a decade and he betrayed us to play for the Vikings, hoping he could walk all over us geeky little fans to get to Ted Thompson. I knew there was a reason.

Last year, I actually yelled "GO BEARS!" at my TV set for the first time in my life and felt ritually unclean. Unclean, because this was the first time I hadn't taken Aaron's nuclear bomb option and had a preference in this unholy match.

I will probably root for the Bears again. Or perhaps I'll have healed enough not to care again.


Cheddarhead's picture

Vikes. Because I believe we can beat the queens in the dome.

DAWG's picture

Favre looks like a FAG in purple-HA
I just look at that guy and shake my head!
What an idiot.

graham's picture

he is so dumb he is getting $20m to play football this year... wait maybe its zigy who is stupid!

JimR_in_DC's picture

Both lose. :D If that's not possible (unfortunately, it's not), then I'd like to see them play to a draw and really beat each other up in the process.

JimR_in_DC's picture

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