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The "Door Is Open" For Rodgers

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The "Door Is Open" For Rodgers

Head coach Mike McCarthy wouldn't confirm one way or another who the starting quarterback will be for the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, and won't decide until Saturday, but he didn't rule Aaron Rodgers out on Friday either.

"As far as an update on Aaron Rodgers, he’s progressing through the medical process," said McCarthy. "He was able to attend probably three-quarters of the practice today, and he’ll continue to work through that process today and tomorrow. I’m hopeful to make a decision by tomorrow, but the door is open for Aaron Rodgers to play in the game.

"It really comes down to two things. No. 1, he has to be cleared medically, and Dr. John Gray will have the final say on that. And if he does make it to that point, then myself will make a decision on whether he plays or not. Right now he’s still working through the medical part."

McCarthy said that Rodgers began to participate in meetings today, proving that he's making progress. While there's still more hurdles to clear, this is the most encouraging news on the Rodgers front all week. That said, his official status is "doubtful" for Sunday.

The head coach also confirmed that Rodgers would be wearing a new helmet from this time forward.

In the meantime, Matt Flynn continues to take the bulk of the practice reps.

"I’m not going to confirm the starting quarterback at this point. Just as I’ve stated all week, we’re prepared to play the game with Matt Flynn as our starter," said McCarthy. "We’ve started that process since Monday."

In other potentially troubling injury news, outside linebacker Diyral Briggs was added to the injury report with an ankle injury and is "questionable" for Sunday.

While losing a player the caliber of Briggs wouldn't normally be such a blow, the team is already thin at the position.

Frank Zombo hasn't practiced all week and is listed as doubtful against the Patriots. Erik Walden, previously a street free agent, will start in his place.

The Packers have already lost the services of outside linebackers Brad Jones and Brady Poppinga who are on season-ending injured reserve. Furthermore, Clay Matthews has been battling shin issues most of the season that limit his availability during practice.

If Briggs can't go, the top backup figures to be Robert Francois.

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Nikko's picture

This is great news, the Pack needs Rodgers more than ever right now and my fantasy team, Brett Favre Must Die, needs him too!

redlights's picture

IF ARodg can't play Sun, who is #2? If its G. Harrell, who gets cut?

alfredomartinez's picture

wth are u talking about, its flynn yo!

Jeremie's picture

I think he meant #2 behind Flynn

Brian Carriveau's picture

It's possible nobody gets cut, and a guy like Frank Zombo or Cullen Jenkins goes on injured reserve. Perhaps not likely, but possible.

TPacker's picture

I think he means who will be backing up Flynn if he ends up starting. Good question.

redlights's picture

Yes, I thought it was obvious; but...

IF ARodg is inactive = MFlynn to start = who is #2, the guy to be on the bench, who will come in if MFlynn can't take a snap at some point?

No word anywhere on how well Harrell is doing on the scout team, as I assume he'd be #2, but if that's the case, then someone of the 53 needs to be moved; ie: Jenkins to IR (gasp!).

Starting Flynn but using ARodg as #2 would avoid that situation, plus allow ARodg to "rest" unless needed. Hard to think that this situation would play out.

"professional AND citizen media" not covering this topic is incredible!

Ruppert's picture

"The door is open?" We're going to look back on the McCarthy era as the "Era of Cliches."

I think redlights meant, "Who is our backup Sunday if Flynn starts and Rodgers is not playing?" or something to that effect.

ZeroTolerance's picture

Rodgers may play. Smoke for BB.

jeremy's picture

I don't think BB staying awake at night over Rodgers. Unlike the Packers they beat good non-concussed QB's regularly. Rodgers QB rating for the Redskins game and three games after plus the Lions game is 67. For all the other games this season it's 113. We might be better off with Flynn.

Glorious80s's picture

If AR's not practicing and is still not cleared, how effective could he be against the complexities of BB's defenses? They have to go with Flynn. If they bring in GH, that will be an indicator.
Smoke for BB that AR will play.

Oppy's picture

I think this is the correct take- keep BB and the Pats honest by making them honor the possibility that Rodgers may play, don't let them put 100% focus on game planning against the inexperienced Flynn.

However, if Rodgers is physically ready to go, it would be very hard to keep him benched in any game from here on out.

A week of practice or not, the Packers are still better off with Rodgers than Flynn.

Chad Toporski's picture

If Rodger's is cleared medically but not practice-wise, why not use him as the back-up to Flynn?

It could alleviate some risk to Rodgers getting reinjured, and it provides some reassurance that if something happens to Flynn, then Jordy Nelson isn't the one under center.

Ruppert's picture

If he's cleared medically, his butt should be starting. Period. End of story.

Chad Toporski's picture

I disagree, Ruppert. He hasn't been able to study film practically at all this week. No matter how good he is, that poses a problem against a team like the Patriots.

Plus, I'd rather him have more time to heal and get ready for the games that actually matter.

Don't forget how sub-par Rodgers performed against the Dolphins following his first concussion.

ZeroTolerance's picture

He's been studying, at the facility or not. What's he been doing - sleeping?

Glorious80s's picture

My thought too, Chad. It would give AR a chance to watch the flow of the game. And if Flynn goes well, AR can sit out, heal further. AR could help Flynn on the sideline, too.
I think they would bring up HG if AR can't go.

dgtalmn's picture

Well I know this will not be popular, but I think they should put Rodgers on IR and save his brain for next year. With all of the help the Packers would need to make the play-offs I am not sure if putting Rodgers out there is a good thing. 2 concussion in less than 2 months is not a good thing. I want Rodgers long term and not waste him on a season that is already not looking good. I was in SF when Young went through his string of concussions. Not good.

But I am wearing my lucky shirt today so I still predict a win for GB. Hey we beat the Jets who everyone said would be us. Keep the positive vibs a going folks! BTW Brian, another get show. Thanks!

packsmack25's picture

All what help? They need the Bears to lose ONCE (with the Jets looming), and to win out. It's not as complicated as everyone is making it.

Clay Toporski's picture

That is incorrect. The Bears need to lose to the Vikings, not the Jets, and the Packers need to win out. With the Packers loss to the Lions, the Bears hold the tie breaker with the Packers. It is as complicated as you think it is. Also, let's keep in mind that there is a much greater chance that the Packers go 2-1 and not 3-0...

packsmack25's picture

No, if they lose to the Jets and the Packers win out, the Bears would be 10-6 and the Pack would be 11-5.

packsmack25's picture

McCarthy knows Rodgers will be wearing a new helmet because it came in this week and he's going to wear it Sunday night. I am NOT in the "season is over" group that you all have joined. The Packers, led by Rodgers, will win Sunday. And win out. And possibly get the #2 seed and a bye.

Ken's picture

Love it!

ZeroTolerance's picture

Let's hope so.

rickybobby's picture

they CAN'T beat the pats. rodgers or no rodgers.

NE is WAY better than this version of the Packers.

Brady's gonna have all the time in the world.
There's no way they keep that offense under 30.


packsmack25's picture

You're letting the Bristol hype machine cloud your vision. The Pats are beatable. Just because they run up the score for a few weeks doesn't mean they're now suddenly unstoppable.

rickybobby's picture

brady hasn't thrown a pick in 9 games.
benjarvis green-ellis hasn't fumbled in over 190 carries.
brady's passer rating the last 5 games is over 130.
they average almost 32 points a game.
they put up 39 on the steelers, 45 on the jets, and 36 on chicago (33 in first half).

walden IS STARTING for the Packers. francois IS THE ONLY BACKUP LINEBACKER THIS WEEK. mathews has been a shell for the last 5 weeks. no jenkins.

the pats are gonna get theirs (30+ for sure).

the question is - can flynn put up 30?


do you think the Pack will blow them out?

the answer is "NO".

so how's mccarthy in close games (4 points or less). answer = 5-15.



packsmack25's picture

Patriots lost to the BROWNS. THE BROWNS! You stop it. The only thing those numbers prove is that they're due for a bad game. And the #1 scoring defense is just the right catalyst for a bad game by a ridiculously over-hyped team.

rickybobby's picture

i don't think the Packers could beat the browns right now.

but fine -let's say the D holds 'em to 17.

I don't think there's any way in hell that a team with zero running game and matt flynn at qb can score 17.

packsmack25's picture

Rodgers is going to start.

rickybobby's picture

no way in hell will the Packers (who are overly cautious with all injuries) start their franchise player in a game that means nothing.

the playoffs are gone.

the disappeared when they could only put 3 on the board against the lions.


3 points.

the lions.

3 points.

that's it.

djbonney138's picture

Are you a Packers fan or a Patriots fan?

Chad Toporski's picture

And who would have thought the Lions would beat the Packers?

Let it go. Anything can happen on Sunday. No team is unbeatable, despite how high the odds are in their favor.

Jmac34's picture

I think Green Bay gets the wild card after they lose to the Patriots, but beat New York and Chicago. Tampa will lose to New Orleans and hopefully one other game

Charles's picture

Root for the Lions.

cole's picture

I think if Rodgers is cleared you let him play. Pats don't have that good of a pass rush so it should minimize hits he takes. If we can somehow get to the playoffs there's no telling how far we can get.

rickybobby's picture






djbonney138's picture

O.K. rickybobby, you convinced me to give up too. Your fancy pants stats and your all caps rants have talked me in to brushing aside the fact that I am a 3rd generation Packer fan and giving up on the team that I love because the Patriots are "better" than us. You know why we are at it, why even bother to watch sports at all if our team is the underdog? If the Pack win maybe you could promise to never show up here again?

PkrNboro's picture

If we don't shut down Rodgers, we run the risk of turning him into Young or Aikman. Is it worth it, jeopardizing the rest of his career?

Considering the decimating injuries we've had this year, and the for-shit offensive line we have, any playoff appearance will likely be a one-and-done scenario, just like last year.

I'm not being a nay-sayer -- this is simply a logical conclusion...

SpartaChris's picture

I think all this talk about Belichick having to game plan differently is way over-blown. It's not like there's a whole different set of plays designed for Matt Flynn specifically. The system is still the same, and the plays he runs will be the same plays Rodgers ran at some point. Not sure what there is to game plan for.

ZeroTolerance's picture

Complacency. Let up on the gas.

thepretzelhead's picture

I'm listed as doutful as well for Sunday. Pitchers and catchers in 55 days

Andrew's picture

All I can say is this...if somehow the planets align, ARodg plays, and we beat New England, that would be a ton of momentum moving forward and I think we would win out.

That being said 31-13 Pats.

zub's picture

If Rodgers can play, he plays. No question in my mind, no mater how little practice he has had.

FITZCORE1252's picture

If he's medically cleared he starts no hesitation. But I find it hard to believe he gets the nod, just everything I've heard/read does not sound good. He's been in the system for years, not worried about him missing a few practices.

I hope this isn't something that becomes a problem. #12 strikes me as an intelligent man with future plans after football. Wouldn't surprise me if he gets a few more of these in the coming years and he was one of those guys to get out of the league before he does irreparable damage to his dome-piece. I hope he's around for years.

GBP - 38
pats - 35 (that's if Flynn plays)

GBP - 48
pats - 27 (you know what time it are)


thepretzelhead's picture

judging from that avatar and the predictions...i'd say fitz's little dome piece is running his engine

FITZCORE1252's picture


Nononsense's picture

If Rodgers gets cleared medically I still wouldn't start him. Give Flynn the reins and lets see what he can do with a full week of practice. Rodgers would be active but only as the Emergency #3 and thats only if the game is still winable at that point, otherwise bring on Jordy Nelson.

I don't think you could have a worse opponent for a guys first NFL start then the 11-2 New England Patriots but that is the reality. This is definitely a David vs Golaith matchup if I have ever seen one.

Let he who has not started an NFL game, throw the first stone...


Damn why is everyone so negative with this coming game against the Pats the Packers have a good chance to win especially if Aaron plays. Wow the Pats beat the over rated jets and the over rated bears which the Packers can also beat and have beaten. So quit crying and see what happens on Sunday night.

Cuphound's picture

Even if we don't win, we have an excellent chance of watching our defense sack Tom Brady at home. Sports fans, that's worth tuning in for!

Not that I hate Brady or anything. But we rock on D. And one of my closest buddies is a Pats fan. He reminds me a lot of Mr. Carriveau, which may be why I like Brian's coverage so much. Kirk would never gloat. That's exactly why with every fiber of my being I hope we win. Because listening to him not gloat about his Monday night victory over my beloved Packers is absolutely unbearable.

The only thing that's worse is having That Bears Fan at Work tell me, "The Bears didn't win that game. The Packers lost it," especially when you know with every fiber of your being that it's true and that there's no way Mike McCarthy should have let Brian Urlacher and Jay Cutler beat us. The still sucked. Unbearable to suck worse, if you'll pardon the pun.

At least it wasn't Rex Grossman. But I digress.

The point is, there's always that "Any Given Sunday Effect" that might kick in, even on a Monday night! It would be just like McCarthy to win this game after losing to the Lions just to give us the illusion of improvement, so he could disappoint us again by racking up obscene numbers of penalties against some total loser team.

Oh, that's right. We've run out of those in regular season, haven't we?

The downside is that our offense may never be the dominant powerhouse it was meant to be under McCarthy. But that doesn't mean we can't have a delicious freak upset against Belichick and hordes. And you know, I could live on that until next September.

Anyway, GO PACK GO! I can't wait until Monday night, because <I>we're running out of football</I> and the unbearable hell of the offseason lies ahead, in which Sunday becomes just another day. Even if we lose, it's better than a world without Packers Sundays.

rickybobby's picture

they play sunday night.

packerwest's picture

This is the unpredictable NFL. Browns beat Patriots,Cards beat Saints,Cowboys beat Giants,Packers beat Jets,Raiders destroy Chargers and on and on. The Pats right now are way overconfident and hopefully will show up this week like the Packers showed up last week in Detroit! I like our chances this week even if Rogers is out.MM will need to use short passing game like he called against the Bears to beat Pats defense which will help Flynn. Our defense will definitely need to play the game of the season to keep us in it. Special teams cannot make mistakes. Looking forward to the Packers coming out with a fire in their belly and beating a complacent, overconfident Patriots team.

Tarynfor 12's picture

Brady hasn't thrown an INT in...
Some law firm hasn't fumbled in...
they scored at least 30 in...
If there is one constant in the NFL...
all these stats come to their end at some time and usally in a game where least expected.
Three turnovers for the Packers Sunday,1 fumble recovery,2 INTs-1 for TD by Woodson.
Packers 20 Patriots 16.
With or without...Rodgers.
Starks rushes for 120 and BJ gets 85 off screens

WoodyG's picture

If G. Harrell is promoted to the 53 today then all speculation about AR playing is over ...... If AR suits up, he starts .....

A loss to NE followed by wins versus the Giants &amp; Bears puts the Pack at 10-6 ..... If there is a 3-way tie with the Giants &amp; TB for the last wildcard slot (6th seed), GB wins the tie-breakers .....

Clay Toporski's picture

Personally, as much as I want Rodgers to play, I don't think he should. We need him to be the Packer's QB for a long time. One more big hit and concussion and he may be done for good. Give him time to rest. The Patriots game is going to be difficult to win as it is, but there is still plenty of opportunity to get to the playoffs going 2-1. Rodgers doesn't need to risk his life for one game. Not worth it.

WoodyG's picture

It is true that winning versus the Pats would greatly help the Pack's playoff chances but it's also true that winning the last two at home may accomplish the same .....

It might simply be the smartest move to allow AR another week to get healthier for the final two against the Giants &amp; Bears ......

Clay Toporski's picture

If it was any other injury - let him play. But, a concussion could keep him off the field forever if he gets another one. Do any of us really want that? Best way in to the playoffs: Giants lose the the Eagles and we get a chance to beat them at home.

Ruppert's picture

Are any of us doctors? No. Let's leave medical decisions up to the people who are. What basis does anyone here have for thinking an extra week for Rodgers would accomplish anything, medically? Just a feeling? I can't believe so many people here advocate sitting the guy down if he's cleared.

Let's let the doctors do their jobs. These doctors don't work for the Packers. They are independent. They are not going to clear anybody unless they are ready.

If he is cleared medically, he should start and play every single down. If not, he shouldn't even be suited up. It's cut and dried as far as I'm concerned.

Clay Toporski's picture

Ruppert, do yourself a favor and go check out how serious concussions are. Would you rather have Rodgers for a possible playoff run this year and run the risk of him never playing again - or have him for a few more years to try and make this team great?

Keep in mind, Steve Young retired after he received 4 concussions in 3 years. Do the math and tell me how much longer Rodgers plays if he gets more.

I don't need to be a doctor to read the same research and understand the effects concussions have on the brain.

I would rather have Rodgers sit the rest of the season if it ensured he would be healthy for a few more years.

Ruppert's picture

I have probably read just as much on concussions as anybody else posting here. But I don't know as much as the doctors do. I'm guessing that none of us do. It's their job to give the "yay" or "nay."

I would rather he sit, too, for a game, 3 games or six months if the doctors say it's the right move.

But if the doctors say he's good to go, he's good to go. And the playoffs don't enter into it, frankly. If we were 3-10 right now, and the doctors clear him, he should play. If we were 13-0, same story.

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