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Sunday Is the Season

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Sunday Is the Season

A popular sentiment among coaches after a blowout loss, like the one the Packers experienced last night, is to "burn the tape" - meaning, don't even bother watching tape of the game because it won't teach you anything you don't already know.

McCarthy should burn the tape.

The Packers sailed into a perfect storm last night (That was for you Steve!) Every conceivable weakness they have was matched by every overwhelming strength the Saints have. It was obvious that Bob Sanders simply could not adjust even slightly to what Drew Brees and company were throwing at him. After Rodgers threw his first pick, it was pretty much over. No way were the Packers going to get one stop, much less the three they would need to get back in the game. McCarthy felt as much, which is why he called for an onside kick with over 12 minutes remaining.

This Packers team has now played the two dome games on their schedule, and it's readily apparent they are in no way built for playing indoors, especially on defense. The glaring lack of speed across the board was shocking last night, where even guys like Tramon Williams and Nick Collins looked like they were moving in mud when compared to the Saints receivers. Throw in the fact that they're isn't a competent pass rush outside of Aaron Kampman and you have a recipe for disaster. The hope for the Packers is that their five remaining games are all outdoors, where this team has looked much, much better. The problem is, even if they do make the playoffs, the probability of another playoff loss at Lambeau is quite high.

But I digress. Burn the tape. Forget the trip down to New Orleans ever happened. Tell Bob Sanders he is coaching for his job over the course of these final five games, starting with Sunday's showdown against the Panthers. This game is the season. Beat the Panthers (and it says here the Packers will) and the Packers continue their Bataan Death March to an 8-8 Divisional Championship. Lose, and it's time to start paying attention to college football to see if we can spot any future Packers.

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Alex Tallitsch's picture

Finally. Someone calling a must win a must win. Refreshing.

Ron La Canne's picture

Aaron, To me, last night was the season. That loss took them from a position were they controlled their own destiny, to a posiotion of relying on help from others. Depending on others to do your job is the battle cry of losers. Mathematically they still are contenders, realistically NOT.

This has been a very frustrating season.

packeraaron's picture

I hear you Ron. But you have to admit, they were way out of their element last night. The remaining games are all outdoors and Grant has looked much, much better the last few weeks. They certainly don't face another passing attack like they did last night. The Panther game is the toughest. If they lose that one, I'm done. But I still think they're the most complete team in the division and I still think the Monday nighter against the Bears will be for the Division.

All that said, you can tell I'm in basic agreement with your statement. This team is not winning a playoff game, let alone a championship.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

The Packers of 2008 are kind of like my golf game. When I have high expectations I don't play very well. When I just play and stop thinking then I usually do play well. I hope this is what happens the rest of the way - that they just stop reading the papers and play - but I agree with Aaron. The CHI game will decide who gets the right to lose in the 1st round.

The thing is, there is so much parody outside of the Giants. GB runs all over CHI after the Bears hold TN to minimal rushing yardage. The Jets destroy TN after losing weeks before to the Raiders. Then of course there is our performance last night after killing the Bears. I could seriously see us winning out AND I could seriously see us losing 3 of the final 5.
Ron is definitely right - "a very frustrating season" that started with high expectations and has been reduced to a hope and a prayer to back into the playoffs. I suspect we are in for a wild off-season on many fronts

packeraaron's picture

LOL - There is parity indeed. Right now the Packers are the parody - of a good football team.

Sorry, I couldn't resist ;)

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Yeah, note to self - check spelling (and good one Aaron!)

Cheezer's picture

They are definitely the best team in the division but they have the most glaring weakness I have seen. The inability to get the slightest amount of pressure by just rushing four has proven to be their undoing.

packeraaron's picture

Cheezer - The Bears have the same weakness. Yes they collected a few sacks against the Rams on Sunday.

The Rams.

Keith's picture

You are what your record says you are.

Here's the thing. I am extremely irritated about the way this season turned out because I truly believe this team is much better than this. HOWEVER, for whatever reason, there is a substantial disconnect between their ability and their play.

This team has one enormous fatal flaw: terrible line play. Both of our lines stink. I'm sorry, but they stink. On defense, we can't generate any kind of pass rush and our tackles can't even hold their ground, nevermind blow of their opponent. On offense, the line shows sparks of becoming a dominant line, however they're just too inconsistent.

Aaron Rogders's picture

One thing that is VERY VERY annoying I wanted to mention. It seems that most people are defending Rodgers. People are saying that Rodgers is playing "Very Good" and then talks about all the other issues that are going on with the packers. Now that is true, there are major problems with the team elsewhere. But Rodgers is as equally bad as the rest of the team. He was HUGELY off yesterday. He played like when Favre during his "off games", but worst then that. He had very few throws on target. Most balls thrown, the receivers had to adjust to it or was not able to get to it at all. He had a WIDE open Jennings and misses! He did the same crap when I was at the Falcon's game. Grossman could of hit him he was so wide. Ever since his shoulder injury, he has not played very well. And he probably has awhile, if not all Season, to fully recover from this.

Has anyone here played Tecmo Super Bowl? The greatest game of all time! Well let me put the yesterday's game into "Tecmo Terms". Everyone on the Saints team was in "Excellent Condition". Everyone on the Packers were in "Bad Condition" (except Grant, he was "Average"). By the way, if you would like to play Tecmo Super Bowl with the current roster, go to Rod Woodson is actually a huge supporter of this and is the moderator if not the owner. Just download a rom from the site and an SNES emulator, and you are ready! A usb controller works great too, but keyboard is fine. Here is a link to a good rom I am using now: <a href="" rel="nofollow">MrNFL 2008 ROM</a>. What is funny is Frost sucks in this game too. Although in Tecmo, even a sucky punter can kick it more then 30 yards....

packeraaron's picture

AR - I just decided we're adding a category to the Titletown Awards this year - Best Comment. And that bit about Tecmo Bowl is getting nominated. Brilliant.

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