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Stephon Tuitt on Packers: "I Think I'd Fit in with Their Defense"

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Stephon Tuitt on Packers: "I Think I'd Fit in with Their Defense"

In an interview published Wednesday on, Notre Dame and NFL Draft prospect Stephon Tuitt talked about how he'd fit in the Packers' 3-4 defensive system:

I’m somebody who already has a good grasp on the scheme playing 3-4 at Notre Dame. Like I said earlier, I can two-gap and that’s what you need to do to be a 3-4 end. I feel like I’m pretty good at two-gapping. I think I’d fit in with their defense pretty well.

Tuitt is a potential first-round draft choice. He had more to say about the Packers, also saying they have a "great fanbase."


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RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, I think Tuitt would be a good fit. I still want to see more film on him, but I think he would be a good 5 technique for the Packers.
He definitely could be the Packers 1st draft pick in this draft.

lmills's picture

I'd be happy with that.

Evan's picture

Tuitt vs. Hagemen?

RC Packer Fan's picture

That's a good question. Its one I have been going back and forth with for a while now. I want to see more tape on both.
Right now Hageman is the higher rated prospect by most respected draft experts. But he really scares me. I see him as a major boom/bust prospect.

They both are very similar in size. I will be following both closely during the combine to see which stands out more.

Honestly both I feel would fit well in the Packers scheme and would add some great size to the position that no one on the current roster has.

As of right now I would say Hageman over Tuitt, but not by much.

lmills's picture

I hate boom/bust players in the 1st round. 1st round picks are for players who produced at a very high level in college. Not players who should've played better then their tape shows. We have too many of those on the team now already!!!! Tuitt is safer, but from what I've seen he looks pretty disruptive.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree with you. I don't like boom or bust prospects in the first. The big problem with that is if they are a boom and you don't take them you look bad for not taking them.

I think Tuitt is the safer choice as well.

John's picture

OK, what fan watches a ton of tape on potential darft choices?? Sheesh

Toy Budd's picture

Ahahaha...I know,right? I love reading the fan response, it's like..."there ARE guys out there whom are more 'ate up' than me". Watch tape? Come'on!!? Easy dude...

Stroh's picture

Right now I would guess Hageman is the higher rated prospect. However, Tuitt has played in a 34 D, so you have actual film of him playing the position and presumably the techniques. Tuitt and Hageman both fit as prototypical 34 LDE where you want the bigger run stuffing DE, as opposed to RDE where Datone fits better. Hageman probably is the better overall prospect, but he has a pretty good boom/bust quality. Tuitt may not be as good an overall prospect, but you have actual film of him playing the position.

I like both, and cant really say which I prefer right now for the reasons I mentioned. Tuitt would seem to be the safer pick. He rated a 1st/2nd at the moment by CBS, but I think he has 1st rd grade for 34 Defenses.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, I agree with what you said as well...

From everything I have seen Tuitt is a top 40 overall player and Hageman is a top 25 overall player. That is from the respected draft experts.

I honestly think either player could be a good fit for Green Bay. Both have perfect size to play DE in their scheme. Both would give Green Bay a player they currently don't have on their DL.

beardownpackup's picture

HAGEMAN=WORTHY. Worthy may have even been the better college player...

Jamie's picture

Here's my breakdown of Hageman vs Tuitt...

• They're both prototypical 34 DEs, in terms of size.
• They're both extremely strong.
• Hageman has the advantage in sheer athleticism...though Tuitt has nice quickness and explosion as well for his size.
• Tuitt appears to have more instincts/savvy, has a stronger repertoire of moves and uses his hands well, which is supported in that he made a lot more plays...while Hageman appears more raw and out if control at times.

Tuitt is the safer pick, and has a fairly high ceiling as well...IMO. But is the upside potential of Hageman, who could be an absolute beast for 7-10 years, too intriguing to pass up?

I'd probably go with Tuitt, as I see him as a sure fire damn good player in this league.

steven's picture

I agree, but nothing is a sure thing. But scrap both and give me pryor. And im happy. Plus i believe nt is a greater need than de.

RC Packer Fan's picture

What if Pryor is gone?

Also, NT might be a greater need, but you can't reach for a NT if there isn't one available. Nix is the top rated NT and he might be gone when the Packers pick.

Thompson does a good job of taking the top player on his board. He won't reach to fill a need. If he goes for need he will move in the draft to get the need pick.
Like he did last year with Lacy. He traded back and got the player he was wanting. By positioning himself to grab the need he was able to pick up extra picks.

steven's picture

Have you guys, by any chance read's artivle about the packers reportedly wanting to spend in free agency. With a reported 30 million in cap space

MarkinMadison's picture

I heard about it this morning and read it. I think it makes sense that if the Packers do not sign Raji they will have to bring in some FAs. There are too many holes to fill them all in the draft. I think if the Packers signed one or two starting-caliber and one or two role players though, that would be more than I would expect. Five players is crazy, as in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" time. And given TT's history it is hard to argue with anyone who says the Packers will only pick up bargain bin players in FA. Maybe Ian Rappaport has a source, but I would bet that he is just guessing.

John's picture

and,,,,, they have to sign a whole bunch of our own. That's done and how much is left?????

Nononsense's picture

Between Tuitt, Hageman, Clinton-Dix and Calvin Pryor GB is in pretty good position to land one of these guys. Of the 4 I like Tuitt and Pryor more at this point but I haven't looked at any of them close enough to make that determination now.

steven's picture

We should probably have a better idea after the combine. Remember the giants Demontre Moore. There third round pick. He was projected to be a top first rounder and than ran a horrible 40. and he plummeted.

RC Packer Fan's picture

You are correct. We have to wait till after the combine to get a good grasp of where these guys will go.

Right now we are basing everything off of their play on the field, which is ultimately the most important thing.

But like you said last year, Moore had a bad combine and dropped in the draft due to it.

The combine is where we can really start to separate these players and where they will go.

HUMP's picture

ian rappoport has just reported packers will be very active in free agency,with perhaps as many as 5 significant signings. who says ol ted isnt dialed into cheesehead tv!!! that said......if we really fill our most glaring needs via free agency, it will open up the whole draftboard for our 1st rd pick,including players like marquise lee,taylor lewan,dee ford,eric ebron or basically....THE ABSOLUTE BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE!!! when i here tuitt or hageman mentioned at #1 it makes me cringe! under achieving physical specimans in the mold of vernon gholston,or tyson jackson that will bring an organization down to chinatown baby,maybe take a flyer on tuitt in rd 2 but never in rd 1,and hageman will be pure bust,just not a football player period.

Jamie's picture

I'm not sure you have a clue who Stephon Tuitt is to call him underachieving. Don't lump him in with Hageman out of ignorance. Tuitt was very productive over his three year college career, switching from more of a rush DE as a SO to a 34 DE as a JR, as his body continued to develop, the guy maintained a high level of production.

John's picture

Free agency is for the right player only fo rth eright price and rarely

Horse's picture

Yeah, nobody can evaluate talent like fans, even after the draft. I must have read that Franklin would be a better RB in 2013 than Lacy a few hundred times. Please Ted, grab Michael Huff. Letting Scott Wells off the farm was going to be a disaster.

Memes aren't the best basis for decision-making.

Bert's picture

Yep. It is funny and we do think we know more than our GM or head coach. But, it is true that "if you listen to the fans, you'll soon be sitting with them." Kinda funny reading some of the know-it-alls who post. Nice to share an opinion but geez, I think we have a few guys who actually believe they know something because they read something on somebody's draft site. Or watched "film".

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree fans can get crazy. Its true...

That being said, I don't hear a lot of fans going out saying they know more then GM's or coaches. I don't say I know more then either. I know I don't. I just see stuff differently at times.

I love the draft. I get excited about the draft.
I post what I have seen and read about players as well as my personal opinion on them. To me that is simply doing research.
With the coverage of college football and the draft now, it gives fans a really good chance to do their own scouting.

Lars's picture

He'd be a great fit; of course Capers would have him covering RB's and WR's and generally misuse the youngster as he has first round picks Perry and Raji.

al's picture

get him would be nice and nasty just what they looking for :)

Tobey's picture

I love reading all of fans stuff; each adds a lot to my own "research and film study". Ahahahaha...and to my sense of humor. Thanks guys.

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