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Site News: Ch-ch-ch-Changes...

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Site News: Ch-ch-ch-Changes...

I just wanted to drop a note to let all our readers know that there are some changes coming here at Cheesehead TV.

First of all, as of today I'll be blogging full-time for Bleacher Report, covering the NFL on The Go Route, their NFL blog. This will be a full-time gig covering the entire NFL. Needless to say, I am excited beyond measure - but a bit sad as well, as it means I won't be hanging around CHTV nearly as much. I'll still put up the odd post here and there, especially if there's some huge development with the Packers, but mostly I will be All-NFL-All-The-Time over at Bleacher Report.

To offset my inactivity here we are bringing on a new blogger here at Cheesehead TV. Be sure to welcome Zach Kruse to the CHTV family. You may have seen Zach's work over at Jersey Al's Packers site or over at Bleacher Report. He is, in my opinion, the best young Packers blogger around and Corey and I couldn't be happier to have him on board.

I can't thank all of you enough for making Cheesehead TV part of your daily Packers routine.

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denniseckersley's picture


Nagler, you dick.

Is this because I never told you how much I loved you? I was playing hard to get! Why would you write for the Bleacher Report??? Of all places! Those slideshows are the most ignorant hackjobs on the internet.


pkrNboro's picture

Like we have all-fucking-day.

Another BR favorite:

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Chazman's picture

Congratulations Aaron and Good Luck! Don't be a stranger.

Ken's picture

I'm Mad Bro!

Congrats Aaron.

kendra's picture

Great news for you but kind of sad for the site. Believe it or not I only discovered CHTV about a year ago and check it for your thoughts daily.

But you deserve this. You're one of the best, most fair bloggers in any topic I've come across. Guess I'll read the Bleacher Report now.

/ ass kicking

Alex's picture

not mad...just dissapointed

Michael Schottey's picture

Glad to see you guys picked up Zach Kruse and I agree he's the best young Packers blogger.

DirectingTitan's picture

Congrats, Aaron! We'll miss having you around as often, but I wish you the best of luck.

Brad's picture

As much as I love your work, I won't be going to BR to read you. That site is just awful. Scumbags who run it as well. I see a BR link to a story and just pass by.

Sorry you had to sell out. See ya, rube.

Big Chris's picture

Wow, BLEACHER REPORT..... Guess they want to become a relevant source of news for once....... Hopefully Nags takes it from JOKE to better. I will miss your writing as I have always looked forward to it for the better part of 2 years now. Disapointing.....

Good luck Aaron

Chicago Hooligan's picture

Bleacher Report seems to be making a serious effort to be, uh, serious. I know they snagged a couple other FootballGuys contributors recently.

Good luck Aaron. Glad you won't be totally gone from CHTV.

Kparis99's picture

The bleacher report has been nothing but inaccurate crap up to this point. I've blocked them from all my news gathering apps. Because every article I've seen turned out to be wrong or so over the top, it's unbelievable. Hopefully Aaron will write some truthfull articles for them now. Good luck Aaron.

johnny d's picture

good luck, you'll be missed...the show goes on...thanks for the reporting!!

Cole O's picture

You'll be hard pressed to make bleacher report as respectable as this place
But the best of luck to ya

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Son of a Bitch. Zach has large shoes to fill.

Aaron, while I didn't always agree with you, I think this is a prudent time to say.. you do mighty, mighty fine work, and you will be missed around here. Big. Time.

Are you still gonna have your old day job, or is this new endeavor going to be replacing that?


Stay golden Pony-Boy

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Zach isn't gonna come in here and try to take your place.. is he? Can we see you every other weekend or something. Who's gonna check our homework?

CSS's picture

Ha ha, Fitz is scared new dad isn't a hugger (or an inappropriate hugger).

Satori's picture

Congrats on the new opportunity...Paradox, Humor and Change are the only constants

Good Luck with the ch ch changes and remember David Bowie was really David Jones until he had to ch ch change his name so as not to compete with teen heart throb Davy Jones of the Monkees

As for the Bleacher Report- they are the 0-16 Lions of NFL websites. I'm sure you'll help them out immensely, but as noted by others, they purvey mostly crap that is a mile wide and an inch deep - the very antithesis of what you created here.

Good Luck and thanks for your great work at CHTV, you created something unique and worthy for Packer fans to enjoy

pizzadoc's picture

+1 on the Bleacher comments

Mojo's picture

Neal suspended, free agency, the draft, NCAA tournament, Zach from Jersey Al's, Aaron going to BR, parallel universes . Too much to comprehend in such a short period of time.

Good luck to all involved.

pkrNboro's picture

and I guess Kareem Copeland has left the GBPG?

Bearmeat's picture

We'll miss you Aaron. This has been the best Packer related site for years, and you were a very large part of that.

Good luck going forward.

BubbaOne's picture

Happy for you...disappointed for me/us.
You raised the bar of being a discerning Packer fan, speaking intelligently on a topic which allowed us fans to keep the moniker of being among the most knowledgeable fans in the NFL. For that I say THANK YOU!

I hope BR is paying you extra for giving them legitimacy and street cred.

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Congrats and good luck Aaron. You have done a great job at CHTV and you will be missed. It is a saad day for the faithful, but others will benefit from your great writing.

Can you take Pack66 with you?

cole's picture

Good luck Aaron!

Rich Beckman's picture

Well, this kind of sucks. You are the reason I read Cheesehead TV.

On the other hand, congratulations. I wish you every success, you certainly deserve it.

I will try to read your stuff at The Go Route, but I have little patience or time reading much about other teams. So I trust you will give the Packers their due (and then some!?) over there.

I'll still be following Cheesehead TV, too.

Norman's picture

Had to check if today was April 1, unfortunately it's not. Bleacher Report? I share the reactions of others who find that to be a, let's just say "less than stellar" football site. Kind of like reading Dr. Seuess with pop-up ads.

Click to view slide show of top 25 worst career moves!

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Lol, wow.

PackersRS's picture

donations + eventual ad VS. paid job to talk about NFL + spoils of being co-founder of CHTV

Yep. Terrible career move.

Bearmeat's picture

You sir, are a butthole.

Way to take a leak on someone else's happiness.

BubbaOne's picture

Who knew there was a FA signing period for bloggers. Will Rotoworld be posting Zack and your contract info, including workout bonuses? Who else is still on the market? Jersey Al may be interested once the hoopla has quieted down.

PackersRS's picture

Aaron, I'm not accustomed to checking out B/R, so this move means I'll probably see less of your work.

Regardless, you deserve to get paid regularly for the job you do, and this has been the case for a long time. Most of the current analysts in the major NFL sites can't hold a candle to you. Much like has been said already, I sometimes disagree with your take but I respect it every time.

The Packers' blogosphere is losing a key component.

As for Zach, I've already stated my appreciation for your work at Jersey Al's. I expect to see more from the same, at least.

I'm a demanding customer. With all the money invested, I have the right to complain ;)

Big shoes to fill, BTW. Just remember, don't take the eventual boos too seriously, keep your head up, work on your craft and soon enough you'll be regarded as one of the most valuable bloggers.

Addendum: cats breathe a sigh of relief everywhere

Mojo's picture

Actually this might not be so bad. Now when some bloggers go to Bleacher Report for the usual tits and ass features, they can claim they have a legitimate reason for being there.

Danimal's picture

End of an era.

Mojo's picture

So who's the head cheese at CHTV now?

PackerAaron's picture

Corey and I are still in charge - not that that means anything. Brian has our proxy. ;)

seekr's picture

A little piece of me just died.

Brooklyn81's picture

You were the best Aaron. Good Luck and Congratulations

Beep's picture

Congrats and thanks for all the insight over the past few years Aaron. Is there a way to retire Nagler's keyboard or something?

Ruppert's picture

Aaron, I can only send you off with Monty Python:

Bleacher Report: You are getting someone whom I've always personally admired, perhaps more deeply, more strongly, more abjectly than any other blogger.

You are getting a man, well more than a man, a god (applause), a great god, whose personality is so totally and utterly wonderful my feeble words of praise sound wretchedly and pathetically inadequate. Someone whose boots I would gladly lick clean until holes wore through my tongue, a man who is so totally and utterly wonderful, that I would rather be sealed in a pit of my own filth, than dare blog on the same page with! Bleacher Report: the incomparably superior human being, Aaron Nagler!

Good luck, man!

Pack Morris's picture

You're the man, Aaron. Thanks for everything. Always loved reading your posts, and I'll be sure to check out your work with Bleacher Report. Light it up!

Wiscokid's picture

Wow, big news. Do you have a number or something that CHTV can retire? There should at least be a tribute, or maybe a statue (yeah, that's ticket).

All jokes aside, I wish you the very best in your new endeavor.

Chip Soup's picture

So we traded Nagler for Kruse? How many picks did we get?

Stanislaw's picture

Wait - didn't you own CHTV?

You mean someone owns it and they were paying you or they were not and now Bleacher Report is paying you?

Good luck I guess . . . didn't you rip BR about a year ago?

PackerAaron's picture

Um, I WROTE (a guest post) for BR a year ago - didn't rip them.

And yes - Corey and I still own CHTV. I'll still post whenever the spirit moves me.

Stanislaw's picture

I understand getting paid for writing - that's good, that's awesome . . . but I just went to the BR and wow!

I have no idea how I would follow you there - it's like those really bad sites that say 'Harry Potter's Girlfriend Nude!!!!" and then takes you to three million links and by the time you think you got there, you forgot what you were looking for.

Good luck man!

norman's picture

Where can I find pics of Harry Potter's girlfriend nude?

Mojo's picture

Or Potter's nude hairy girlfriend?

markinmadison's picture

Good luck Nagler!

Jim's picture

Congrats man

PresidentRaygun's picture

Aaron, please just don't give up Twitter.

Zach, been reading your stuff for awhile. You're definitely a great addition.

Grass Stain's picture

I faithfully read every post made to this site over the past two years and I have thoroughly enjoyed all your work. God speed!

tundravision's picture

Congrats to Nagler. I know that moving into a position to get paid for your writing was a dream, and many of us would salivate at the chance to actually see a paycheck to go along with our articles.

Whether you like BR or detest it, I will say this: this is not Nagler's last move. Keep an eye on the kid, as I predict this is just a first step onto something greater.

aussiepacker's picture

Well done Aaron and congrats man. This could be the move that leads to bigger things in the future. But my main Question is does this mean no more transplants?

packsmack25's picture

First ever B/R writer that can write! Congrats! If anyone can change the perception of that site, it's you.

Jack's picture

Best of luck, Aaron. You will be missed. Does this mean you are leaving Blackheart, er, Blackstone and NYC?

dgtalmn's picture

Hopefully better benefits too!

wgbeethree's picture

Short and simple. Thank you Aaron and good luck.

PackersRS's picture


I tried reading your articles at the Go Route. More specifically, I tried reading the comments section.

There were some rational ones.

But the majority of it, well, let's just say every fanbase has at least one Pack66, and they all managed to voice their "thoughts" in one place. Scary stuff.

Good luck, man. You'll need it. And lots, lots of patience. Occupational hazard indeed.

sparkyo's picture

Aaron, you'll be missed by CHTV's readership, but congrats for transitioning into a paid gig! Actually, I do check out BR for guys like Zach, etc. You just have to take the chaff along with the wheat!

Thanks for the memories and good luck in your new endeavour!

Rocky70's picture

All Nagler needs to remember is never write a piece calling the Bears a "desperate team". Oops. Too late. Tough crowd at the B/R. (Although one has to consider that most Bear fans that post on blogs either reside at 'Cook County' jail or have been drinking pretty much the entire day.)

PackerAaron's picture

<em>All Nagler needs to remember is never write a piece calling the Bears a “desperate team”. Oops. Too late. </em>


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