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Several Candidates Could Be Trade Bait

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Several Candidates Could Be Trade Bait

Would you rather have something or nothing? That's an easy answer. Everybody would rather have something as opposed to nothing. And that's what the Green Bay Packers will be faced with over the next couple weeks as training camp winds down.

In fact, it's what the Milwaukee Brewers are doing right now with a couple of veteran players. They recently traded veteran outfielder Jim Edmonds to the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for Chris Dickerson, a developmental player who may or may not pan out. But with the Brewers essentially out of playoff contention, they traded away Edmonds and at least got something in return, knowing the likelihood Edmonds would be back with the Brewers next year and the team would get nothing in return if he left.

The Brewers are now considering doing the same thing with Craig Counsell, getting something in return for a player who may not be back with the club next year anyway.

The Packers made two trades where they at least got something instead of nothing last season. Just as NFL teams were being required to trim rosters down to 53 players, the Packers made a deal with the Baltimore Ravens trading offensive lineman Tony Moll for safety Derrick Martin. If not for the trade, the Packers would have likely cut Moll and gotten nothing in return. But instead they got Martin, not a great defensive player by any means but one of the more valuable special teams players on the team.

In addition, the Packers traded long snapper J.J. Jansen to the Carolina Panthers in April of '09 for a conditional seventh-round draft choice in 2011. It wasn't much, but again, something is better than nothing for a player who would have just been cut instead.

If Ted Thompson is able to move a long snapper, there's reason to believe he could make a couple moves before the end of training camp this year. The Packers have arguably the most trade bait in terms of player depth they've had in years for Thompson to play "Let's Make a Deal."

The following is a breakdown of the players with at least a possibility of being traded to another team.

  • Offensive lineman Daryn Colledge – Colledge provides probably the most potential value for any trading partner looking for a starting caliber offensive lineman. He's generally been a four-year starter ever since his rookie year in the league and was considered the Packers most consistent offensive lineman as recently as 2008. The Packers seem to be in good shape with current backups that include first-round draft choice Bryan Bulaga, T.J. Lang, Jason Spitz and rookie Marshall Newhouse, so they can afford to spare a lineman. Part of the reason the Packers might be reluctant to make the transition to Bulaga at left guard is to keep the trade value of Colledge as high as possible. His value only increases if there's another team that suffers an injury to a starter sometime before the end of the preseason.
  • Offensive lineman Jason Spitz – The Packers may part with Jason Spitz for the right price, but he seems a less likely trade candidate than Colledge because of Spitz's ability to play all three interior offensive line positions. Plus, teams might be scared away by his back injury last season. A lot of it depends on what the potential trading partner wants. If they want Spitz and not Colledge, the Packers might be forced to listen to their offer, especially if it's in return for an outside linebacker where the Packers are especially thin.
  • Defensive back Jarrett Bush – Some may wonder any team would be interested in the object of Packers fans' ridicule everywhere. Remember that during the 2009 offseason that the Tennessee Titans signed Bush to an offer sheet before the Packers decided to match it. The fact is, he's a pretty decent special teams player when he's not committing penalties. And he's a having himself a good training camp. Teams can watch tape of the Packers first preseason game against the Cleveland Browns and watch the isolated shot of Bush and Derrick Martin jamming a Browns gunner on punt coverage to a near standstill. And then they can watch him make two tackles on special teams and break up a pass on defense. Combine all that with the experience Bush brings as both a cornerback and safety and he could net a late round draft choice.
  • John Kuhn – Like Bush, Kuhn received interest from another NFL team when he made a visit to the Cincinnati Bengals as a restricted free agent during the '09 offseason. Kuhn didn't receive an offer, but it shows there's at least curiosity in his services. The Packers don't figure to keep three fullbacks this season, so they would almost certainly be willing to listen to teams interested in one of them.
  • Fullback Korey Hall – Once again, it depends on who the trading partner wants. If they want Hall and not Kuhn, the Packers would have to at least consider it. Hall brings to the table decent receiving skills and he's a pretty good special teams player. One of the fullbacks are likely to be cut otherwise, so even a late-round draft choice would be better than the nothing they'll get in return if they cut a player.
  • Fullback Quinn Johnson – Johnson's biggest asset is his ability to lead block. For teams that value a good lead blocker, Johnson may be more coveted than either Kuhn or Hall. And seeing as Johnson is behind both Kuhn and Hall on the depth chart on both offense and special teams, the Packers probably wouldn't mind trading him.
  • Donald Lee – With Jermichael Finley firmly entrenched as the starter at tight end, Donald Lee isn't nearly as valuable to the Packers as he was a season or two ago. Should another team suffer an injury at tight end, the Packers be willing to oblige for a player whose salary they might be willing to strike off their books. Lee has had a very solid training camp and showing better receiving skills than he did a year ago. To that extent, the Packers may not be willing to make such a move.
  • Spencer Havner – The only other tight end the Packers might be able to trade is Havner, but even that seems a remote possibility. They probably won't be willing to part with rookie Andrew Quarless and other teams would probably take their chances that they could get Tom Crabtree on waivers. So if teams want to take a chance on a tight end who scored four touchdowns a year ago, it might only take a seventh-round draft choice to get him.
  • Desmond Bishop – There's been talk about trading Bishop in the past, but any potential deal would probably have to blow the Packers away. With Brandon Chillar making the move to outside linebacker, the Packers don't have much depth on the inside and probably won't be willing to part with Bishop. Besides, there's a possibility he will be playing a much larger role this season in nickel packages.
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bigfog's picture

Can we trade Bush to the Vikings? Pretty please?

bogmon's picture

HA HA...That is one guy I wouldn't mind seeing in Purple...hilarious

CSS's picture

Good write-up, Brian. All the scenarios are plausible. The proof is in the pudding, let's see who get 'show-cased' during the last few pre-season games. Should be a possible indication of potential to be moved. (i.e. - who's getting an inordinate amount of playing time)

PackersRS's picture

What's this trade you speak off?

Is it like when you have a draft pick, and you exchange that draft pick for several lower draft picks?

michaelcainlaw's picture

I just don't think they will trade a legitimate starting lineman. Can't have too many and don't want rookies backing up key spots. I'll bet Colledge and Spitz stick around, unless the trade is a fantasy style blockbuster, which is unlikely.

Tarynfor12's picture

I'll stick by my earlier assessment and say again D.Lee,K.Hall or B Jackson.One for sure,two maybe but the first will be D.Lee.

PackerBacker's picture

B. Jackson? Who would step in if Ryan Grant got injured. Only idiots (like the Viqueens) trade their key backups.

Tarynfor12's picture

Only an idiot would trade their back-ups.Okay ,you may call me one if you wish.Sticks and stones.But at least I'm not dumb enough to believe B Jackson will save the run game.Which is why he is bait,to what level IDK,but I'd rather put 2 FB's in then his sorry (blocking only ) ass.Three years of nothing.

bogmon's picture

McCarthy likes B.Jackson too much (for some reason). I don't see this having any legs at all.

PackerBacker's picture

I really had meant the idiot comment to be geared more toward the Vikings, not you, sorry. I don't think you're an idiot.

andrew's picture

there is no way jackson gets traded unless he is traded for a diff runningback.. and MM likes jackson blockin in the backfield and he can catch passes i dont see him goin anywhere.. i could see lee bein traded but he is our best blockin TE which is an assest so i dunno the only reason i think we would see a trade is due to an injury

Globalpack's picture

Do you think someone would offer a conditional eighth round selection in exchange for barbre?

JimR_inDC's picture

Barbre + Bush = 6-pk of Keystone Light ;)

Jeremy's picture

Make it Schlitz and you have a deal!

pat fermanich's picture

is that ken and george.

WoodyG's picture

After TC-2009 the media put S. Wells up for trade because Spitz had supposedly won the center position ..... Luckily, TT/MM thought better ........

The only way GB trades anyone is if that player will ultimately be cut ..... D. Lee isn't going anywhere ...... Can't see Havner, Crabtree or Quarless as a starter at TE if Finley were to go down ..... Same with Spitz, Colledge & Bishop ...... Bush & Johnson are probably on the 53-man bubble so they could be traded instead of being released at the final cut-down.

Why trade your depth away for what probably would be just future low-round draft picks? ........ Having said that ....... Spitz or Colledge for some OLB help would be nice.

Morli's picture

I read it somewhere, if my memory serves correctly, it was at the JS-blog that Q. Johnson might be the biggest trade bait of all the FB as he plain and simple is a monster of a lead blocker, especially in the I-Formation, and therefore does not really fit well in the Packers' system. Something, analysts have said since he was drafted back a year ago.
But, and that's the flipside, he is a lights-out in ya face FB, who could very well be used elsewhere.
Makes at least tons of sense in my eyes.

bogmon's picture

Why not keep Q.Johnson. He brings something new to the table. Hall and Kuhn are like the same guy....keep Hall...develop Johnson into the next Lorenzo Neal and restore a real running game to Green Bay.

WoodyG's picture

As long as AR is healthy, the running game will always take a back seat ...... Why run the ball when you have the perfect QB for the pass-happy NFL? .... The only fear I have in 2010 is that the offense will score too quickly & put the defense back on the field ......

cow42's picture

damn, this team is deep.

RedHawk's picture

Maybe TT could trade an offensive lineman to the chiefs. They just made a defensive lineman an offensive lineman for a day.

pat fermanich's picture

will see if any inprvement on pass rush and covrage db. and safety seattle game. game three play a half of four,prepare for season, game five,53 man roster? is shields still here.

lebowski's picture

There seem to be a lot of offensive linemen going down in training camp around the league this year. Dallas is hurting, San Diego is still missing their tackle, Buffalo, St. Louis,... the list goes on. You'd think Colledge would have enough appeal. But if (when) Clifton goes down, and Bulaga needs to slide out, are we comfortable with a rookie left tackle, a sore-back fill in (Spitz) at guard, and a small center when we have to go up against the likes of the Williams Wall and now Suh in Detroit? Colledge may be best sticking.

Tony Wilson's picture

I could definitely see one of the TEs going... Maybe to the Ravens again (Todd Heap is ancient), so we can get one of their OLBs? I wouldn't hate it.

CSS's picture

Ravens are extremely deep at ILB. They don't have the same good fortune at OLB.

DaveK's picture

Dallas just had their LG tweak a MCL. Expected to miss 4-6 weeks. They are also starting a new LT, their ancient RT is nicked up, and they have no true back-up C on the roster. Spitz would be a good fit for them as he can play LG until Koiser gets healthy and gives them an option at C. They are also extremely deep at OLB. Two premier starters in Ware and Spencer and four quality guys fighting over two back-up spots.

pat fermanich's picture

said its only preseason as said serval times in post.lets trade col,shields,bush,jackson,nelson,lee,raja,chilar,barbie,bigby,harris,one of the three full backs,both punters,hawk,jenkins. every team got the same problem . for now i say keep what we have and season starts,weed them out then. as said on post ho can you judge preseason to season a numbers game whos a practice player and a game player there pros and hope its our year.

pat fermanich's picture

im going to relax and watch my freinds son play pop warner today

JimR_inDC's picture

Please scout the OLB's, Pat. Just in case. ;)

c.d. angeli's picture

It's all great discussion, except for one pressing fact: TT doesn't trade away players. He MIGHT trade away a draft pick (Grant), but until I see it (like the massive trade-up for Matthews), I am not going to be counting on it anytime soon.

Oppy's picture

trading players is steaily becoming a rarity across the league.

And TT did trade Moll just last year.

Cocoman's picture


Am I missing something? Didn't the article mention two instances of Thompson trading away players (Moll & Jansen) at the end of camp? Also, he did trade Favre (Sorry to bring up that name).

Michael (Pat/s Twin)'s picture

I can't believe people here are talking trades and we have not had the second preseason game played. I mean having good depth is not a bad thing is it? Likewise how can we be the judges of how good our depth is early in the season. I would think dealing is an advantage before first regular season game not preseason games. TRADE BAIT is logical when need is reality, right?

pat fermanich's picture

the martions have landed.there first game.

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