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Seven Round Green Bay Packers Mock Draft

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Seven Round Green Bay Packers Mock Draft

First Round

Eric Reid, safety, LSU

With their first pick, the Packers address the biggest need at the safety position. By taking Reid, they get a player who will be a starter from Day 1 and will improve the tackling in the secondary two-fold. At 6-1, he'll also match up well with the tight ends he'll be asked to cover. There might be a few coverage headaches along the way, but Reid has the athleticism to become a long-time starter with Pro Bowl potential.

Second Round

Margus Hunt, defensive end, SMU

By giving up their natural picks in both the second and third rounds, the Packers move up in the second to take Hunt and get the length they desire out of a defensive lineman. Hunt might be a project, but if the Packers can just start by getting him comfortable playing the five-technique position, that will be a good enough start. The Packers have done their homework on Hunt by interviewing him at the Senior Bowl and attending his pro day workout. As former NFL executive Phil Savage pointed out in his interview with Bob McGinn, "There are 20 people on this earth that can do what he did at the combine." Hunt ran the 40 in 4.60 seconds, put up a Combine-high 38 reps on the bench press, had a vertical jump of 34.5 inches and a broad jump of 121 inches, all absolutely stunning numbers for a guy who's 6-8 and 277 lbs.

Fourth Round

Cobi Hamilton, wide receiver, Arkansas

For someone that carries 212 lbs. on his 6-2 frame, Hamilton's 4.56 speed in the 40 is good, and he's probably even faster than he tests. More than anything, Hamilton has big-play ability with yards per catch averages of 18.3 in 2009, 19.7 in 2010, 15.9 in 2011 and 14.8 in 2012. He had 21 career games with at least one catch that went for 30 yards or longer. His statistics may seem modest prior to his senior season, but consider that Arkansas had three wide receivers that were drafted in 2012 alone. As the top target in 2012, however, he had 90 receptions for 1,335 yards and five touchdowns.

Fifth Round A

Michael Buchanan, outside linebacker, Illinois

Not unlike former Illini defensive lineman Whitney Mercilus, Buchanan has the size and athleticism to play outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme. His statistics as a senior might have been underwhelming (57 tackles, seven for a loss, 4.5 sacks) but consider that A) Illinois was really bad and B) he was involved in an offseason altercation that caused him to have his jaw wired shut and lost 20 lbs. He was more impressive as a junior when he had 64 tackles, 13.5 for a loss and 7.5 sacks.

Fifth Round B

Vinston Painter, offensive lineman, Virginia Tech

Painter has less than ideal height for a tackle at fractions over 6-4 and 306 lbs., but he's incredibly athletic. His 40 time of 4.96 seconds and vertical jump of 30.5 inches were in the top five among offensive linemen at the Combine. Painter played right tackle as a senior, but also has played right guard, left tackle and even on the defensive line during his time at Virginia Tech. He didn't start until his senior season in college, which might raise some eyebrows about his dedication.

Sixth Round

Zac Stacy, running back, Vanderbilt

A bowling ball of a runner, Stacy is 5-8 and 216 lbs. He ranked among the top running backs at the Combine by bench pressing 225 lbs. 27 times and had a three-cone drill time of 6.70 seconds. Stacy had back-to-back seasons rushing for over 1,000 yards as a junior and senior and became the first player ever at Vanderbilt to rush for more than 3,000 over the course of his  college career. He's had several nagging injuries over the course of his career, but played in all 13 games in both 2011 and 2012.

Seventh Round

Lucas Reed, tight end, New Mexico

The brother of Houston Texans linebacker Brooks Reed, Lucas is flying under the radar after catching only five passes his senior season. The reasons for such little production are logical, however, after New Mexico became one of the top rushing teams in the nation under new head coach Bob Davie. In 2010 Reed caught 33 passes for 459 yards and five touchdowns. He blew up his pro day workout with a reported 27 reps on the bench press, 37 inch vertical jump, 4.08 seconds in the short shuttle, 6.97 seconds in the three-cone drill, a 40 time between 4.65 and 4.72 seconds and arms measuring over 35 inches long.

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ross's picture

There isn't a third round pick

IowaPackFan's picture

This scenario assumes we trade our second and third round picks (#55 and #88) to move up in the second to get Hunt. This assumes that Hunt is likely to go early in the 2nd. I actually think we'd have a shot at him by staying put at #55 and not trading up.

al's picture

we must have traded idk lol

Derek in CO's picture

I've heard of three of those guys.

ArodMoney's picture

Zac Stacy is the most underrated back in this draft. Theres only about 4 RB's that I'd be happy if the Packers picked and hes one of them.

IowaPackFan's picture

Not real familiar with Stacy, but looking at his size he's not much bigger than Harris, maybe an inch taller and 10 lbs heavier. How's his running style vs. Harris?

ArodMoney's picture

Poor mans MJD imo. Bigger and not as fast as Harris but a little smoother in his cuts

jmac3444's picture

No center?

lebowski's picture

And another undersized tackle/guard hybrid? Ugh.

Evan's picture

I'm seriously torn on the idea trading up in the 2nd for Hunt. It seems like a big risk pick compounded by even more risk of trading up for him. Mostly, I just don't like giving up the 3rd round pick.

Can Painter play center?

jeremy's picture

Hunt is 25 years old. Almost as old as Clay Matthews. Considering he is raw, that;s not a lot of time for him to get polished before he's thirty.

Tarynfor12's picture

We trade away our 2nd and 3rd for Hunt in the 2nd?Why did we not trade away our 1st for another 2nd and 3rd and grab hunt with our 1st 2nd?Even if we couldn't trade our 1st rd pick,why didn't we grab Hunt at 26 and can we please get off the Safety is a MUST with the first pick.


Evan's picture

I think the logic is that a safety (Reid or Cyprien) is better value at 26 than a guy like Hunt. Either Elam or Cyprien would start from day 1. Hunt is more of a project.

jmac3444's picture

not a huge fan of elam.I feel he is an injury waiting to happen

Evan's picture

I meant "Reid or Cyprien." I don't know why I keep mixing up Elam and Reid.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Meh. I'd be ok with Reid and Hunt, but it seems like we're giving up quite a bit to land Margus. Idk if we need another mediocre mid-to-late round offensive lineman... Rather see them grab another body for the D line there.

Denver's picture

Would love to see Buchanan in the 5th, though I'm thinking someone will take him sooner.
And I see where you're coming from with Hunt, but I just don't think he's worth that much.
Stacy works for me as well, although I would like to see Knile Davis instead (hell would need to freeze over for TT to pick him, though, I'm afraid).

Derek in CO's picture

Peter King has Star Lotulelei slipping all the way to us at 26. I'd take that.

Evan's picture

I just read through that. Interesting mock. He has Jones and Reid still available to the Packers too.

What also stuck out to be is he has the Bears grabbing Eifert. Would the Bears really use a 1st round pick on a TE after signing Bennett to a big contract? Who knows.

Derek in CO's picture

sure they would. look at all the other crazy stuff they have done. I think they are gonna regret firing Lovie.

Evan's picture

Ha. True. I guess the Bears will always be the Bears...

fipp's picture

Ugh i don't like to trade up for Hunt. Risky pick as it is if we stay put at #55, but to trade up to get a 25(turning 26) y/o project guy? Meh. Really like Hamilton and especially Stacy though. Underrated players.

Tarynfor12's picture

He's 24 and turns 25 in July

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

He'll be 26 July 14. Too old.

Ma Linger's picture

Not sold on any of these guys. Cyprien will be there at 26 along with some top linemen and DE's. Everything hinges on that first pick. If its a Safety, then DE is next, O line next, running back next, wide receiver or linebacker next.

Ma Linger's picture

PS should have said your dead on based on the fiasco of TT's draft last year. Perry? He wasn't high on too many lists and could easily been a second rounder. We got him and until he shows me something he may be a bust.
James Worthy was not a good second round pick. Reports said he was lazy and took a lot of plays off and that's kind of what his play ended up like last year.

PS, our nemesis the Vikes drafted three players who made the Pro bowl last year.
Our top two were busts, yes injured, but did nothing before the injuries.

FourEyesBrewing's picture

Don't label someone we drafted last year as a bust, that's just silly.

jmac3444's picture

how convenient that casey hayward was left out of this rant

packeraaron's picture

"He wasn’t high on too many lists"

You mean all the worthless ones in the media leading up to the draft that have nothing to do with how actual NFL teams value prospects?


Stroh's picture

Your so full of Shit! Perry was rated a solid 1st, at about 25 overall. Same with Sherrod!

Denver's picture

"James Worthy was not a good second round pick."
I agree, old basketball players don't make for good 2nd Rd. NFL draft picks. :)

lebowski's picture

damn, you beat me to it

jeremy's picture

hehe, I think he was actually the number one pick. Too lazy to look it up.

bryce's picture

running back?

Cole's picture

I like this draft. Good work. Just curious, where is Josh Boyce scheduled to fall, round wise? I really like him, or Swope.

Cole's picture

On second thought, just take Hunt in the first, keep your picks, and I bet a safety almost on par with Reid will be available in the second or third. Then you have a chance to draft one more big DL or a Center.

Brian's picture

Didn't Hunt have issues with leverage at the Senior Bowl? I recall him being upright too much and being pushed off the line? I hope we don't get enamored with his combine numbers and end up with a "stiff"

Stroh's picture

Hunt has major issues w/ leverage. He gets blown off the LOS to easily. He plays too high and never had to learn to use good pad level. It will be something he'll struggle with his entire career. Its something you have to learn early and he learned to get low then power up or out, not stay low in his track career. Its why he's got an explosive 1st step, but cant maintain leverage.

Evan's picture

Via Jason Wilde, Scouts Inc's 7-round mock.

Round 1: Matt Elam, S, Florida
Round 2: Montee Ball, RB, Wisconsin
Round 3: David Bakhtiari, OT, Colorado
Round 4: Barrett Jones, OL, Alabama
Round 5: Lavar Edwards, DE, LSU
Round 5: Cobi Hamilton, WR, Arkansas (compensatory pick)
Round 6: Alan Bonner, WR, Jacksonville State
Round 7: Caleb Sturgis, K, Florida

packeraaron's picture

If the Packers draft Montee Ball, I may throw up.

alex's picture

I wouldn't that be a great pick

ArodMoney's picture

Its like everyone forgot that James Starks is a quality starter when healthy.

packsmack25's picture

"When healthy" has been less than half the time thus far though. You have to be on the field to even be serviceable.

ArodMoney's picture

Thats the running back position in the NFL though. Past injury history doesn't equal future injuries.

packsmack25's picture

It's his running style that gets him hurt, though.

Stroh's picture

Packsmack... Starks running style didn't get him hit directly on his knee last year. That was a DB hitting him any way he could to get him down.

I'll admit I'm about ready to give up on him, but lets see when he shows up in training camp.

Green will be completely recovered from ACL too, so I'm not even 100% convinced Thompson drafts a RB. Especially if Benson might be an option.

ArodMoney's picture


James Tweedle's picture

I don't know if I like the Hunt pick. As people have said, I'm not sure if I want to give up that much on a project who turns 26 next year.

alex's picture

What about montae ball in first round

SHODAN's picture

Since we're throwing out ways to get 0 value out of a first round pick, consider this option: Packers trade their first rounder to Minnesota for most of a pack of cards and a bag of Swedish Fish.

Greg's picture

1 Datone Jones, DE, UCLA
2 John Jenkins, DT, GA
3.David Quessenberry, OL, San Jose St.
4.Duke Williams, SS, Nevada
5 Michael Ford, RB, LSU
5 Comp. Corey Fuller, WR, Va. Tech
6.Troy Davis, OLB, Cent. FL
7.Ryan Otten, TE, San Jose St.

Stroh's picture

I'LL Puke if the Packers take Datone Jones or Hunt! Both make us smaller when we need to get bigger and more physical. Hunt is an edge rusher, can't rush inside. He's been training like an elite athlete his whole life and is maxed out. No doubt in my mind about it. He can't put more good weight on and is a project at 26 when the season starts. Let a 43 team draft him to be a DE and edge rusher so he might be successful!

QOTSA1's picture

I'm not a big fan of trading up for Hunt. The Packers have too many needs and there is will be too much talent available in the 2nd and 3rd rounds to trade up for a guy who has huge bust potential.

I like the Hamilton, Stacy and Buchanan picks.

My picks

1. Sylvester Williams DE
2. Phillip Thomas S
3. David Quessenberry OL
4. Aaron Dobson WR
5. Mike Gillislee RB
5. Michael Buchanan OLB
6. Micah Hyde CB
7. Joseph Fauria TE

hump's picture

ok one for fun; green bay selects................ 1) te zach ertz 2)c brian schwenke 3)rb marcus lattimore 4)s earl wolfe 5a)wr conner vernon 5b)s zeke motta 6)k dustin hopkins 7)qb jordan rodgers there it is BOOK IT!!!!!!! YOUR 2013 packer draft class 10 year starters at te center and kicker and 6 years of training with his big brother should have jordan ready to take the reigns in 2020 now lets have a few beers and see what the hell really happens!!!!!!

FinnishCheese's picture

Green Bay has now a change to pick our own Terrell Davis in this draft. Take him! His name is Montee Ball.

ADPFM66's picture

First two picks that make sense to me.
Round 1: Matt Elam, S, Florida
Round 2: Montee Ball, RB, Wisconsin

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