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Sam Shields Still In Concussion Protocol

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Sam Shields Still In Concussion Protocol

Mike McCarthy met with reporters today as the Packers march toward their inevitable defeat this Sunday. (Ok, ok. They could win.) 

At said meeting of head coach and media members, McCarthy let it be known that cornerback Sam Shields is still in the concussion protocol. 

In other injury news, McCarthy said he thought David Bakhitari would do some work today. Wouldn't that be great?

My favorite part of the media availability was probably when McCarthy was asked about the move of Sitton to left tackle vs the Vikings and Sitton's statement that he's a guard and not a tackle. 

McCarthy responded that he agreed that Sitton is a guard and not a tackle - then proceeded to say they tried something and that it was effective "for the most part."

That's where we're at, ladies and gentlemen. 


It would appear that Bakhitari did NOT practice today. And neither did Josh Sitton. Joy. 

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ray nichkee's picture

Im thinking they can survive the redskins without shields but he is needed for the redbirds.

WinUSA's picture

Gee.... I don't understand I must have it wrong...If we beat the skins don't we play NC? I have seen on this site that it is the birds we will play but when I look at the playoff bracket I see it is NC...can someone explain where this old fart is getting it wrong..thanks guys!

packsmack's picture

It depends on who wins the Seattle @ Minnesota game. The Panthers earned the right to play the worst remaining seed. If Minnesota wins, they play Arizona because as the 3 seed they would automatically be the highest seed remaining, and if Seattle wins as the 6 seed, they play Carolina, as they would automatically be the lowest seed remaining.

WinUSA's picture

Thanks friends for clarifying that for me. I was totally thinking that the bracket was like college basketball. Obviously, it is more sophisticate than this old man's comprehension..... Appreciate the claification.... WinPACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WinUSA's picture

Thanks bud!

ray nichkee's picture

Seattle is the 6th seed because the packers beat them. If they beat the vikings they go to the #1 seed. That is my take on the aftermath. After the wild card round its pack vs cards, seahawks vs panthers.

After saying all that i won't guarantee anything these days.

TommyG's picture

Traditional brackets don't really work for the NFL playoffs. With the NFL, the highest seed plays the lowest remaining seed. If the Vikings win and the pack wins then we see the pack heading to play the panthers. Considering the unlikelihood of Minnesota beating the current version of the Seahawks, most of us have accepted what is likely to be another embarrassment at the hands of the cardinals.

WinUSA's picture

Appreciate the info.... but don't bury the Pack against the Cards just yet.... stranger things have happened..... :+)

EdsLaces's picture

The Skins are not the Vikes. They are gonna throw early and often to think we will be "ok" without Shields against Jackson and company is stupid.

steven10825's picture

Could the packers get calvin johnson if he is released?

Dan Stodola's picture

Released? That's funny. Never happen. If he retires his contract stays w lions and he can't go to another team to play. Has to be traded to play for any other team.

TommyG's picture

Just like Barry sanders.

steven10825's picture

He has over a 20 million dollar cap hit. Not so funny now hub?

Dan Stodola's picture

Doesnt mean they release him. If he retires his contract doesnt count against the cap, bbut he doesn't become a FA. He remains property of lions. No chance in hell the lions release him outright and get nothing for him. Trade is the only way he plays for another team.

He may not be worth the cap hit, but the lions won't let him get away w nothing in return. Guaranteed!

Bearmeat's picture

Without Shields and Bakh this team cannot beat the Skins. And to be honest, I don't think I'll be all that fussed if this team is bounced in the 1st round. I'd rather see them win, but they've given no indication that they can be competitive with the elite teams in the NFL during the past 3 months.

Making the pain stop ASAP would be just fine with me.

pooch's picture

Sounds like a clusterfuck to me

Ima fubar's picture

Hope dumbass Ted understands this is a serious concussion one that leads to more serious, more reoccuring as in better draft a replacement this year, he won't be around long and you can't rely on him next year.

Bearmeat's picture

Go away Viking Troll. Enjoy the last couple days of your season, cause you are gonna get trucked on Sunday

ray nichkee's picture

Your keyboard is messed up bearmeat. The f key is somehow a tr.

Rossonero's picture

I'm getting worried about Shields. In danger of missing his 4th game? This sounds like a very serious brain injury....not the typical concussion. I pray he's ok at least for next season.

I'd rather he not play in a season where the team is clearly banged up and not playing well. Packers have lost so many talented players to freak career-ending injuries already -- Nick Collins, Jermichael Finley, Jonathan Franklin, etc.

TommyG's picture

Dang. Remember when the only way to beat the packers was two play two deep safety and somehow get pressure rushing only four? Those seem like the good old days now as our offense is also totally susceptible to the single high, press coverage, allowing 8 defensive players to load up and stop the run. A team that plays somewhere in between those two schemes are the ones our packers can beat. I think the Redskins are just that very team. I think the packers, our packers, will win this week. MM will feel vindicated and correct, many will say "it's been fixed". The scoreboard at AZ will say loss. Dang.

CallingIt's picture

Wonder if we run with 4 wides all game with Starks or Lacy in the backfield.

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