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Ryan Grant Not Breaking Tackles

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Ryan Grant Not Breaking Tackles

Following up on the 'Broken Tackles' post, I see that Kevin Seifert has the individual numbers up. (Schatz indicated they had sent them to each ESPN divisional blogger) Seifert has the following regarding Ryan Grant:

Grant's number is lower than I would have guessed. Gaining 1,253 yards by breaking almost the same number of tackles as Kevin Smith? That speaks highly of the Packers' play calling and blocking...


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holly's picture

So, they're making the argument that Grant didn't break tackles because he didn't need to?

That makes a certain amount of sense, but I still say there's room for improvement.

CSS's picture

I had the impression Siefert and company are saying Grant's yardage came as a byproduct of play calling and execution (strategy); vs. individual effort. When I read between the lines it confirms what I watched with the Vikings that their line stunk and Adrian Peterson's yardage was a byproduct of individual effort, whereas the Packers offensive line is actually underrated vs. the general perception in their ability to run block. Yes, Grant falls forward and I still believe he has great stamina in the latter half of the season.

Splitting out Finley and/or a 2nd tight end can help his overall numbers this year.

PackersRS's picture

How many tackles did he break in the first 8 games, and how many in the last 8???

Here's a nice little stat:

Grant WITHOUT Clifton or Tauscher (8 games): 147 carries, 604 yards (4.1 YPC). 3 TDs.

Grant WITH Clifton and Tauscher (8 games): 135 carries, 649 yards (4.8 YPC). 7 TDs.

CSS's picture

I would be curious to see how much of that is associated with their ability to open up the run with the passing game. Honestly, there is no poorer run-blocking tackle tandem in the league that Tauscher and Clifton. They barely cast a shadow now, let alone beat guys off the line. I would love to see something that really dives into the point of attack numbers like KC Joyner's lab over at ESPN.

It would be interesting...

P.S. - Youve been at Walters football, hugh? :)

PackersRS's picture

Yeah, man. I've already said it, I like that site very much (though the guy kinda sounds like a douche).

And I don't think it's Clifton and Tauscher per se, but actually the line being cohesive and stable...

Oppy's picture

I don't know that its necessarily fair to call Tauscher and Clifton the worst run-blocking tackle tandem in the league. Or at least, I think we should be a little more specific about it.

Take two aging Vets who aren't known for outstanding athleticism even when they were young, add in the fact they both have knee issues, and then ask them to play in a zone blocking scheme where they are being asked to get real low real fast and cut backside pursuit? Not going to happen.

These guys wouldn't be so bad in a traditional power-blocking scheme, but yeah, you're right, they aren't very productive in our running scheme, that's very true.

CSS's picture

Tauscher may be one of my 3 favorite Packers of all time for my own reasons and I love Clifton. Even before the ZBS and in their prime they were middle of the road run blockers. As a tandem, they are no longer even adequate run blockers in any scheme. They're still so very technical against the pass and remain stout. I have to disagree with you, they are no longer even sub-par.

JerseyPackFan's picture

I`m actually shocked he broke 16 tackles.

Erdie's picture

Would be interesting as well to see how many broken tackles he had before/after the acquisition of Green. I am still rather surprised they have not tried to go after more of a receiving RB and pair them both in the backfield.

Side note: PERCY HARVIN broke more tackles than Grant.

JerseyPackFan's picture

I saw that too. I wonder if they included Harvins kick/punt returns as well? You would think so. Seeing the number was high.

nerdmann's picture

Grant can't make the first guy miss. Not that he can catch screens anyway. He's a no-nonsense, "one cut" inside runner. That's what he does. He's faster than Paul Ott Carruth, but slower than my grandma.
Enter, James Starks...

NOTE: Grant also never really shows up until around week 10. Not unlike the offensive line. Coincidence?

coloradopackerfan's picture

I hope James Starks can make an impact this year and that Brandon Jackson steps up even more than he did last year.

dilligaff's picture

IMO Grant's greatest problem is not breaking tackles, but reading blocks and knowing when to hesitate to allow the hole to open.

With that said his running style still broke 1000 yards, he is what he is.

Really Grant just needs a running back to complement him, like Taylor was to Peterson to give our running game elite status, as of now we are the middle of the road, something to plan for but not to be feared.

Leaga's picture

This article is exactly what I needed to see. All my Packer fan buddies never understand why I HATE Grant. They say, "He has consistently gotten 1000+ yards, what more do you want when we have a great passing game?" True, true... I mean he fills the role better than anyone else we have had in the last 5 years or so but everyone touts him as this great power back and yet he never breaks tackles! He only performs when the offensive line performs which to me isnt really performing. Getting every yard that the O-line gives you is like showing up to work every day but never showing initiative. Thats how I view it at least.

Leaga's picture

By the way, How interesting is it that in our division the top 12 broken tackles allowed by a defensive player has 0 packers on it and yet we were last in the league in breaking tackles? I mean with 3 Bears, 3 Vikings, and 6 Lions on there you would think that the Packer players who play them twice a year would be able to get some decent numbers. Especially when you look at the rankings of 16th, 25th, and 32nd in allowed broken tackles. Its kinda pittiful.

graham's picture

11-5 is that not the only stat that matters?

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