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Rookies To Speak

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Rookies To Speak

...and say nothing.

Both B.J. Raji and Clay Matthews are set to speak to the media in Green Bay at 6pm edt this afternoon. I look forward to a whole lot of "I'm just happy to be a Packer" etc etc. You know what would be great? I mean really, really great? If one of these kids said "Jay Cutler is a wanted man. I'm going to kill him on opening night. (looks into the camera) You hear my talkin' Jay? I'm coming for you! I'm goin' Bear huntin' baby! The Bears Still Suck!"

But no. (sigh)

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MC's picture

I don't mind the "happy to be a Packer" drivel. It's better than the 1980s when Chuck Cecil would say "I was laughing so hard at Shawn Patterson when Green Bay took him...and then I got a call from Green Bay too..."

WoodyG's picture

There's nothing worse than a 'rookie' who talks too much.

I'd rather see both Raji & Matthews demonstrate their abilities before providing any bulletin board material for the Bears.

This isn't college anymore. This is pro-football. The 'pro' stands for professional.

Geez, Aaron, you sound like you're in HS.

packeraaron's picture

Woody - you really seem to have a hard time telling when my posts are intended to be jokes...

WoodyG's picture

Aaron - you really seem to have a hard time telling when my posts are intended to be jokes…

I'll be more obvious next time.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

Uh earth to Brint, I'm not so sure you did cuz you were all 'well I'm sure he's heard of styling gel' like you didn’t know it was a joke!

Franklin Hillside's picture

I would be so happy if Matthews chugged a gallon of Muscle Milk and started screaming incoherent threats towards Cutler, Forte, Lovie, their families, and the entire Bears organization. Then ending the whole thing by headbutting Raji about 5 times and challenging Kevin Greene to a wrestling match. "Bring it old man!!!" Greene would love it.

buckslayernyc's picture

I think they both should say they hope Favre plays for the Vikings so they can kick his old tired ass back to his Mississippi farm permananently. Then Mathews should say something about Mike Mcarthy's wife's waistline and Ted Thompson's bulging eyes, finally Raji should mention that Kevin Green wants to wrestle him Naked, but that he is not sure if he will take him up on it. This would keep the draft talk going for a good while.

dustybricks6's picture

what the hell has this post become?

JoeBuck's picture

Hugely entertaining.

ctpack's picture

Yeh thats old school,When Butkus used to threated Dan Pastorini

buckslayernyc's picture

Raji didn't inhale....

Thats his story and we here are sticking to it!

so much so that's it on the new Tee shirt i am now selling with his likeness in a sea of special green leaves. Should look good when I dance to Reggae Music Mon'

Who wants one?

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Cripes. What the hell is everyone drinking today?

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

So I watched it and here's my take...CM3 looks very happy to be here, heard good things about GB from his NFL family, etc. BJ on the other hand looked like "where in the hell am I?" It seems to me GB is way further off the beaten trail than he perhaps expected. That's just my opinion of course, but watch the video at and see what you think. Hopefully he will adapt (and he did say he would adapt).
These two guys also seem to be friends and really like each other. That's kind of cool. I also liked that CM3 addressed the weight question.

MC's picture

Andrew, re Raji:

When I was younger, I used to feel sorry for these guys when they felt the impact of Green Bay culture shock. But once I realized the economics of the situation -- their pay is enormous, obviously, and their money goes a lot further in Green Bay than in San Fran, Miami or NYC -- I stopped caring. That rotund young man is getting paid millions. If he can't deal with the lack of nightlife in Howard-Suamico, Hobart or wherever he settles down, then let him suffer. I'm sure his 10-man hot tub and 35-foot plasma TV will chase away the pain.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

LOL. Fair point MC

Nick's picture

Where did you get the idea that Raji didn't like where he was? He sounded as happy to be on the team as Matthews did. Obviously he's a city kid though so it'll be a difference but it didn't sound like he didn't want to be there.

Ryeguy812's picture

You can tell that both these guys were just happy to have all the agent coaching and canned interview answers out of the way. I thought they both were very candid, offering some confidence in their ability but also some justifiable reservations about being in the small market.

grhombe's picture

You went to SC at 161 pounds?

CM: "No. That weight has been exaggerated tremendously. I want to set the record straight and say I was 228 coming into SC, after camp about 220. I just worked hard. I'd love for the writer of that article to come see how I train and live a day in my shoes and he can see how I put on this weight and whatnot. It's funny, just the other day I heard about how Aaron Curry was 195 pounds at Wake Forest when he first checked in. People can put on weight if they work hard. It's not that hard provided you have a workman's mentality....Fortunately and unfortunately Matthews are just late bloomers. Same with my dad and my uncle Bruce. We all, going into college, put on a tremendous amount of weight. Usually it's a little late in the recruiting process (was 166 as a high school junior) so you have to walk on here and there and make a name for yourselves. That's what I had to do. You can talk to anyone in that program and they'll tell you I'm one of the hardest workers. Not just in the weight room but on the practice field, watching film and they will tell you the type of character I possess....Was about 6 foot in high school. Probably the only college guy to actually grow in height, too, throughout college."

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

As I said, it was my opinion based on his answer to the question about his reaction to GB. Also, his body language. Maybe it's just me. I've hired a lot of people over the years and tend to focus a lot on non-verbal communication. Not saying he was unhappy or pissed, just that he didn't expect such a small town. I'm sure he'll be fine. Maybe he was tired as well because he did say he got in at 1:00 and went right to the stadium.

Nick's picture

I see what you're saying, but the non verbal communication that I picked up was a bit of nervousness and maybe fatigue like you said. At times he sounded very articulate (for a football player) other times he mumbled through his answers. Apparently he's an intelligent guy...he just seemed to be a bit nervous and he does seem to have somewhat of a reserved personality. Could be wrong though.
Either way I agree with you somewhat. I'm sure Green Bay isn't his first choice re: location due to being a city kid... but I don't think he'll be one of THOSE guys that complains about needing to go to clubs every single night. That's all I was trying to get across.

bomdad's picture

I listened to the podcast before seeing the video feed. It looked like he got some shirt off the rack at the pro shop that was irritating his neck. All 1-3/4" of it. Holy shit the pictures of this guy doing drill shows he is no fatty, and from the waist up he looks not that much different from Matthews.
I was just driving around Boston on Friday, and there is no doubt that he will miss living there. But there is opportunity to get into the Packer football culture of GB, becoming Packer people like the org promotes, and having great opportunities after playing even with moderate success (Gilbertburger anyone?).

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