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Rodgers, Offense Operate At Peak Efficiency

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Rodgers, Offense Operate At Peak Efficiency

With Aaron Rodgers at the helm, the Green Bay Packers have towered above the competition both last night against the Seattle Seahawks and through the two exhibition games to date.

As far as last evening goes, the first-string offense came into the game expecting to play 20 plays. On two possessions, they scored two touchdowns, played 18 plays and gave way other players the remainder of the game.

"Two possessions, two scores. You've got to be happy with that," said Rodgers after the game. "Our biggest thing is getting into a rhythm. We did a good job with that. We converted third downs."

The No. 1 offense converted all four third down chances they saw as they built up a 14-7 lead before leaving the game. The No. 2 and No. 3 offenses wouldn't fare as well, but the tone had been set for the rest of the game. For the entire game, the Packers converted 9-of-15 third downs, good for 60%.

By comparison, the Seahawks only converted as many third downs the entire game as the Packers first-string offense did on two possessions when they went 4-of-12 for 33%.

"Play calling was good as far as getting us into manageable situations on third down, getting me into a rhythm passing the ball, and we're tough to stop when that's happening," said Rodgers.

Of the four third downs the No. 1 offense faced in their two possessions, only one would have been considered third-and-long, which occurred on their first possession.

Facing 3rd-and-8 from the Seattle 13, Rodgers hit tight end Jermichael Finley for a 12-yard gain down to the 1-yard line, which set up the short touchdown toss to John Kuhn to take a 7-0 lead.

On the more methodical 12-play, 76-yard drive that ate up nearly seven minutes on the clock, the Packers only faced third downs of two, five and six yards. The last of which was a 3rd-and-6 from the Seattle 12 where Rodgers found Finley in the endzone to re-take the lead.

"It's never easy," said Rodgers. "It's all about execution for us. It's all about moving the ball, converting on third downs, converting in the red zone."

The Packers ended up with a 75% red-zone efficiency, and the only time they didn't come away with a touchdown, they at least left with a Mason Crosby 34-yard field goal.

Over the course of the two preseason games, Rodgers couldn't be much be much better.

"I think he has been excellent," said head coach Mike McCarthy of Rodgers. "He has been sharp, and he’s doing all of the little things that are necessary to continue to spread the ball around and keep our offense in good looks, he’s doing an excellent job."

It would be nearly impossible to ask for much more out of Rodgers. Through the first two games, he's completing passes at an impossible over-80% clip, hitting 20-of-24 passes for 275 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions with a quarterback rating of 154.0.

To think that Rodgers can keep performing at the same rate over the course of the regular season would be unrealistic, but it's hard to believe that the Packers aren't going to have one of the most explosive offenses in the entire NFL.

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Andrew In Atlanta's picture

I can't imagine what defensive coordinators think when they see Finley on film. What a talent. A-Rod continues to impress but he really needs to lose the "championship belt" celebration. C'mon Aaron. It's preseason man

Mr. Bacon's picture

Aaron can keep the belt, its part of his swagga and from what I heard its inner locker room stuff that has helped made Aaron into a likable leader for his squad. There some stuff Aaron has got to work on, as he was still waiting for a play to develop sometimes. As long as Finley doesn't tear his ACL, Jennings wont get jammed as much.

PackersRS's picture

Exactly. It's an inside joke. Apparently, a lot of the players like WWE and such...

Oppy's picture

Just read an article in the Journal-Sentinel (Yeah, the actual paper edition, lol) which revealed that apparently Ric Flair has donated one of his championship belts to the GBPs this off-season, and they are using it as a trophy of sorts that goes back and forth on a daily basis between the LB corps and the TE corps, based on whichever group is deemed the "winners" of that day's one-on-one blocking/rushing drills.

I shit you not, Finley even quoted as saying 'it's all crusted with diamonds and stuff', and that right now it's in the TE's room, and they are planning on making a nice little display for it.

Ric Flair gives a belt to the Packers, who use it like some sort of Paul Bunyon's Axe?!

Stranger than fiction.

Nate's picture

Kevin Greene must have made a call.

thepretzelhead's picture

That is very cool on many levels.

Tony Wilson's picture


fhornplayer83's picture

The 12-play drive was what got me the most excited. That kind of clock-eating game management is something that they needed more of last season, so hopefully it continues.

It's great that we've got the players to score quick when needed, but time management is even more essential in the overall scope of the game.

nerdmann's picture

Arodge has the best third down efficiency in the league, yet people still wanna say he's not clutch. wtf.
Yeah, the defense has collapsed after he's brought us back numerous times, but the dude is money.

PackersThad's picture

WHAT! Get rid of the championship belt?? NEVER!!!

I love that celebration...and I also love how the offensive line is performing. I think it is good that Colledge is getting pushed at LG because it is forcing him to perform better. Bulaga and Colledge look absolutely the same at LG.

The question becomes: Do you really want to trade Colledge and harm your O-line depth? Or do you keep Bulaga as a backup for both spots? I would go with the latter option because you don't want Clifton to get hurt and then have to shift Bulaga over to tackle...what happens if Bulaga starts at LG and then Clifton gets hurt? Who takes over at LG?

PackersRS's picture

The first string OL, I agree.
But I've seen enough of Barbre and Giacomini. They just can't play in the NFL.

Tom's picture

Agreed. And now that Bulaga is in place to pick up the reigns at LT I think it's time to move Barbre and Giacomini out of the way and let Lang focus on taking over that RT spot.

CSS's picture

Rodgers deserves the praise, every last little morsel. His phenomenal play isn’t just a matter of talent. He’s the consummate professional. He engages in substantial film study, including the offseason. Physical conditioning doesn’t just ‘happen’ in season, he’s committed to it year round. He’s developed a report with his teammates, a byproduct of offseason relationship cultivation and the fact that they respect his commitment and work ethic.

See, Rodgers could be just another feel good story of continuity at the franchise position for a storied franchise program. Instead, he hasn’t rested on his laurels. He demands more and his teammates appear to respond, demanding more of themselves. Some national pundits recognize this, but he doesn’t get nearly enough praise for his year-round efforts to be ‘great’, not just ‘good.’

When Favre gets inducted into the Hall of Fame I will watch the induction and listen to all the hyperbole about greatness and love of the game on his behalf. And I will silently curse under my breath, ‘bullshit’. He had great physical tools, but his narrative will fail to mention his part time commitment to the game and his teammates during the other 36 weeks of the year over the course of 3 decades. It’s part of his legacy, and will forever piss me off.

I admire you Aaron, you deserve even more praise for what people 'don't' see you do.

NYPacker's picture

*Orchestra of claps*

PackersRS's picture

Aaron Rodgers: son, brother, friend, QB.

I really believe that description of himself on twitter is picture perfect.

Like I said, I feel confident with him at helm, and I feel proud that he sports our colors.

Oppy's picture

Saddest thing about Favre:

Imagine if Brett put in all the little extra efforts that Rodgers does right now.

Yeah, some could argue that Brett doesn't -need- to, but what if he would have?

What a dick.

Oppy's picture

BTW, random comment:
take a look at Brandon Jackson's 26 yard run on third down.

Most notably, these two great blocks:

1) EDS is the star of this play, he gives Jackson just enough room with his block (before pancaking his man!) to spring him for the cut back that makes this gain possible. EDS man handled his guys a few times while he played.

2) Ever since Alex's Quinn Johnson highlight reel last week, man, I find more and more to like about him. First off, it looks like Johnson has commanded the respect of this defense, because the entire D is keying on Quinn, sucking them all over the to right, which makes Jackson's cut back so darn effective. But more impressive? Watching FB Quinn Johnson absolutely throw around Seahawk rookie DE Rob Rose (6'4", 291 lbs.) like he's a rag doll.


I'm starting to feel we have to keep Quinn Johnson, and that Dietrich-Smith is our back-up C. With Lang capable of backing up either position on the Right, and College able to either win or backup the LG position, Get Spitz some exposure in the next two games to prove his back is fine and deal him. He's got two years starters' experience and can play all three interior spots. Teams have asked for him in the past. He's got value and if EDS keeps this up, we don't need SPitz for C depth. Cash in!!

Oppy's picture

Whoops, here's the link for the B. Jacks video!

BTW, on the TD run, Quinn does a good job assessing who he needs to scrape by and who he needs to take out. He's starting to look like the lights are switching on.

Oppy's picture

Quarless DEMOLISHES the OLB in that 26 yarder, too, as attested to by a later highlight film on that same page. Just a great blocking effort across the boards.

Great play.

I'm done now. :)

pat fermanich's picture

rodgers looks good. so far.

asshalo's picture

I'm expecting more legitimate pressure from opponents come regular season, but nothing like the disparity between preseason and the first 8 weeks of 2009.

I'm expecting the offense to utilize Finley to create match-up problems for all the receivers. If you get a chance, rewatch Finley's TD against Seattle. It was 3 and 5. Finely lines up in a three point and runs a route, while Jennings comes back to the ball and parks at the first down. The DB covering Finley bites on Jennings and absolutely no one was on Finley. Driver wasn't even in the game.

I am really liking what I am seeing from Bulaga. I would love to see him at LG. I can't see him taking as many plays off as Colledge and I already believe him to be a superior run-blocker.

Brooklyn's picture

Im so excited about this season

jethrow's picture

he just keeps on ticken go pack

darrel, darrel and his other bro darl.'s picture

rodgers 11 wonder of the world. the shrine of great QB. life is good

darrel, darrel and his other bro darl.'s picture

sir lancer pat. his w-outs are greats of the round table.

pat fermanich's picture

des rodgers hims gots goods arms .tos passes thems balls. yous cans takes its tos thes banks.

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