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Rodgers Concussion, Finley Knee, Barnett Wrist, Matthews Hamstring Update And More

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Rodgers Concussion, Finley Knee, Barnett Wrist, Matthews Hamstring Update And More

Lots of injury news to keep up with, so I'll try to put them all in one post. Head coach Mike McCarthy gave an update during his press conference today:

  • Linebacker Nick Barnett is scheduled to have surgery on his wrist on Wednesday. As Jason Wilde of ESPNMilwaukee reports, Barnett could possibly come back in about eight weeks. It's a matter of if the Packers want to wait that long for him to return.
  • Tight end Jermichael Finley will have surgery on his right knee tomorrow to repair a torn meniscus. Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports he'll be out three to six weeks. The Packers will assuredly wait for his return.
  • Quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered a concussion on the final offensive play of the game. He will miss some practice time and will continue to be evaluated throughout the week. It's unknown whether he'll miss this upcoming Sunday's game vs. Miami, but there is that possibility.
  • Linebacker Clay Matthews has a hamstring strain, although McCarthy said it's not as severe as he originally was told. There remains the possibility that he could be held out as a precaution, however.
  • Tackle Mark Tauscher is still gathering information, and McCarthy said he doesn't know where he stands. Based upon information from last week, it's possible that Tauscher could still miss a couple weeks.
  • Defensive lineman Ryan Pickett has an ankle sprain, but McCarthy doesn't have a time frame. Based upon reports, Pickett indicated it's one of the worst he's suffered and it would seem to be a stretch he could be ready this week.
  • Tight end Donald Lee has a chest sprain and may miss a couple weeks.
  • Safety Derrick Martin has what's being called a "significant knee sprain" and will probably be out more than a couple weeks.
  • Linebacker Brandon Chillar will start trial practice this week, so there seems to be a chance he'll be available for Sunday.
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JerseyPackFan's picture

Anyone not hurt?

WoodyG's picture

Have to be happy it's Miami at HOME this Sunday ...... Could be 'bare-knuckle' time for the Pack ....... Going to be an interesting few weeks to say the least & actually abit exciting ..... Who steps up & will it be enough?

Tommyboy's picture

But Bush is okay, right?

PackerAaron's picture


Bad Knees's picture

And Hawk

packsmack25's picture

And Brady Poopginger.

Idiot Fan's picture

I will say, Brady drew about four holds on Sunday. Unfortunately, none of them were called by the refs.

jeremy's picture

Refs don't seam to call offensive holding or block in the back much unless it contributed to a significant gain. I'm not sure why, maybe because the NFL wants points on the board, not backed up offenses.

hyperRevue's picture

How about the Matthews hold in the end zone? Can't believe the refs missed that one.

Graffin's picture

Matthews hold had me screaming, couldn't get much more blatant.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

I just got home from this game.Almost a third of the stadium was filled with Packer fans.I have never been to a stadium with that much of a support for the visiting team.

PackersThad's picture

You could really hear it when they said "KUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNN!!!"

FITZCORE1252's picture

Been to a couple in Seattle, pretty much same deal. We travel well.

thepretzelhead's picture

it's the drive home that sometimes doesn't go so well

Andy's picture

2nd that. Also, many packer chants. Go Pack go.....all game.
and def....the kkkuuuuhhhnnn!!

CSS's picture

Pickett injury is a killer. The Dolphins basically line up two backs (wildcat is a glorified 'I' formation for them) and attempt to run it down your throat. Jenkins, Raji and Neal are going to have their stamina tested.

I'll say this: If you let Miami play it close like we have the last three games our only 3 legitimate down lineman will be dead on their feet by the beginning of the 4th quarter.

bomdad's picture

That was a dirty play he got injured on, the OL grabbed his ankle laying on the ground after Pick trashed him.

C.Duck's picture

yah that was a total chop block

DAWG's picture

yep, saw it too, and the hold on CM3, and more.
Why the ref's on us so hard?

PkrNboro's picture

I'm inclined to think that CJ Wilson is legitimate. He played well in the Buffalo game, and what is really telling is that Wynn was inactive for the Redskin game.

What they've got to do is close/contain the pocket -- and NOT go for the glory chestbeat of a sack.

Just contain. Too often the DL gets danced away from the center of the field and the QB can see/evaluate/run for max yards and first downs.

packsmack25's picture

Jesus, when it's in print, it's really a nightmare...

Idiot Fan's picture

And this is just the last seven-days-worth of injuries. Add in Grant, Harrell, and the other nagging injuries, it's even worse!

Cole's picture

I wonder if McCarthey will have them run more if Flynn is the QB?

thepretzelhead's picture

If Miami lined up with one lineman and 10 DB's we'd audible, clear the backfield and throw.

packsmack25's picture

Don't forget, Woodson banged his shoulder and still has a nagging toe, so he's playing in pain. And Jenkins broke his hand week 1 and is playing with it. And Underwood is still hurt, as is Shields. I know the NFL is always filled with injuries, but holy mother, this is ridiculous and unfair.

If they find a way to win this week with the B-team, then Harris, Bigby, and possibly Starks come in and are on the roster week 7 or 8, they could weather this storm yet. But one more major injury and it could be a lost season.

Josh's picture

This may be farfetched but i think this team has been cursed ever since the 49ers game in the 98 playoffs....all of our winning ways in the 1960s and 1990s have come back to bite us...and when are they guna start throwing flags when rodgers gets hit in the head i.e. arizona and washington

NoWayJose's picture

Yes, of couse, that's it. Some kind of gypsy curse. That must be it.

Finally, through years of applying deductive reasoning, we've identified the problem!

Josh's picture

its not a gypsy curse its the favre curse look at his postseason stats last decade

thepretzelhead's picture

I wrote after the Card game that the Packers are NFL's Mr. Nice Franchise. No ref fears retribution for screwin the Packers. Do this to East Coast teams and pity the ref.

We need to get back on the rules committee or have a vocal front office person that's not afraid of lashing out about this garbage.

davyjones's picture

Laugh all you want at Hawk and his extraordinary ability to have his ass taken on a 4 yd ride most plays. It is probably a good thing we still got him.
To me, Finley & Lee hurt as much as Pickett. Allows D's to scheme so much differently. Still think they got a god shot at being 6-3 going into bye week. Then just a tear like last year (let's just say 6-1) after the bye and its a waltz into the playoffs. Who in the NFC is lights out better than we are? Even with all the injuries? CHI? N.O.? MN? Atl? Dal? NYG's? Philly?

Maybe I need my Med's checked, but I feeling less despondent as the emotion wears off.

zub_a_dub's picture

DEFENSE did not lose the game, does not matter who went down to injury on defense, Capers did his part and held the Redskins to 13 points in 4 quarters of play.

If our Offense, lead by MM's play calling, can't score more than 13 points in 4 quarters, we lose.

Again the offensive INT gave up the field position in overtime to win the game, not the defense totally blowing it.

hoogus's picture

Giants. And say what you want about the Bears, but they have beaten the Packers.

PkrNboro's picture

be a sport -- share your meds, dude...

fish's picture

At least McCarthy will have valid reason for trotting out untested players for the following weeks game plan. Like a Preseason Game five.

CSS's picture

C.J. Wilson will be active and likely see a ton of playing time, yes? He has more potential as a gap-penatrator against a running team like Miami, doesn't he?

davyjones's picture

CJ & Neal both have a little game time under their belts. Loved what I saw of Neal. I hope CJ is active and can provide some fresh legs in the 4th Q.
Should be interesting also to see how Quarless & Crabtree get integrated into the system and if they grow up real fast.

PkrNboro's picture

absolutely, with CJ Wilson.

I sang his praises after the Buffalo game -- Wynn looked like a puss, and Wilson would have had a sack, if not for a holding call.

Very telling that Wynn was inactive, and Wilson got the nod -- I think Wilson is a keeper -- he gets great push, and moves the OL back.

And Neal looks like a beast -- the announcers were saying how the runner was untouched, but Neal forced the fumble by beating on the guy's arm.

Both are positives, in a big way !!!

Oppy's picture

What was even more telling about Jarius Wynn is that he was cut from the team and didn't make the final 53 man roster and was only brought back in because of the loss of Harrell.

He was the odd man out on the D-line to begin with, so I don't find it particularly insightful that he was the odd man out on a given game day.

There are so many positions that are precariously thin by the numbers at this point- that the Packers are going to have to go lighter at some positions than they normally do. Since our defense situationally plays 1-5-5 and often plays a 2-4-5 nickle front, that means the Packers can go a little thinner at d-line on the game day 45 man roster without wearing them out as much as if they played more base 3-4 or 4-3-5 nickle.

Dale Zawada's picture

Probably would have been easier to list the Healthy players instead.

Sweet mother of god. All teams get hit with injuries but not most of their key players, for significant amount of time. This is uuugggglllly.

RockinRodgers's picture

So pretty much worst case scenario. Awesome besides that everything is just great. Awesome. I'll be at the bar.

NoWayJose's picture

Sorry, the bar is closed. Bartender is injured.

Bad Knees's picture

When the injuries hit Sherman's team TT fired Sherman for losing. Will McCarthy survive a large losing streak?..only if we win the division.

Oppy's picture

Actually, Sherman 'lost' his job because he wasn't too keen of losing his GM status and didn't particularly work well with the guy who took his old post.

Bob Harlan has talked about this, that Sherman basically made his own choice in a way.

bomdad's picture

Haha, the google add is!

Chad's picture

Honest question...

I realize that some injuries are unavoidable given the circumstances they happened in. But are there certain types of injuries that could be prevented with better strength/conditioning? Just curious as to the extent to which it factors into the equation.

Jayme Snowden's picture

I think I got a nose bleed while reading this.

Bogmon's picture

I seem to have sustained sever wrist injuries from excessive typing on the live chat...
I may have to miss extensive online time in the coming weeks if this keeps up.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"I seem to have sustained sever wrist injuries from excessive typing on the live chat…"

Typing! Yeah, go with that. 8-)

redlights's picture

Do you have voice recognition software?

CSS's picture

Serious question: Does 9-7 win the NFC North? The Bears are candidates to collapse, they've won on smoke and mirrors. Vikings have their own issues, especially on the O-line.

Hell, considering how beat-up and inconsistant the entire conference is does 8-8 get you a wild card?

I"m not trying to set the bar low for the Packers, just saying it's a distinct possibility that any team in the conference hitting their stride in December with healthy core players makes a serious run.

JerseyPackFan's picture

I agree, the way this bizarre season is going 8-8 gets you in.

hyperRevue's picture

There is really some ugly football being played across the league this year.

NoWayJose's picture

I would be very surprised if 8-8 gets anyone in - except maybe the NFC West Champ.

There's a lot of unevern starts so far, but good teams will get it together eventually.

That said, this could be one of those years where 9 wins might punch a few tickets.

Wiscokid's picture

9-7 wins the division 8-8 will get somebody in but it will come down to tie breakers. The Bears loss could be big if that's the case. Honestly, if you go to the playoffs with an 8-8 record it will be an early exit.

CSS's picture

Well, the 10-6 Super Bowl Champion Giants, in addition to the 9-7 Super Bowl losing Cardinals beg to differ. It's all about getting into the playoffs, getting hot at the right time and having core players healthy during that time.

In today's NFL, QB's take you deep into the playoffs.

Wiscokid's picture

Keep the faith baby!

FITZCORE1252's picture

I was pondering that myself. If we are around 9-7 I doubt we get in (unless that mark wins the division). Both of our losses are in Conference, when your around .500 tiebreaks really become a factor. I still think this is a 10 win team though and 10 gets you in.


davros72's picture

Wow, that's a cheerful update. Yikes! What's doing these days?

No, I couldn't narrow it down to one name, there are too many injuries...

davros72's picture

Hmmm, should've had "" stuck in that sentence up there. Oh well.

davros72's picture

Arggh! Never mind! Delete, delete!

tony's picture

Is this serious? An injury post of this magnitude should be posted on the goddamn Onion.

NoWayJose's picture

So... Does Graham Harrel get promoted this week?

If Rodgers is ruled out, I don't think we have any other choice. We need a back-up. If Barnett gets put on IR, as expected, he might get the slot.

If you think Flynn playing sounds crazy, imagine that we are just one play away from that!

FITZCORE1252's picture

I doubt Barnett goes on IR any time soon.

keeley2's picture

And yes, that play occurred yesterday afternoon.

Wiscokid's picture

Hey, look at it this way, by the end of the season we'll have a whole new team to root for. So we got that going for us, which is nice.

PkrNboro's picture

you crack me up !!!

BLACK HAWK's picture

The only good thing coming out of all these injuries is that we'll find out in our younger talent can play. Bishop looked good yesterday, Simpkins is hungry and might as well throw Quarless in there to learn on the job.

PkrNboro's picture

The only good thing coming out of all these injuries is that we’ll find out in our younger talent can play.
I'm all in favor of that. It's a tough league, and a long season. All this crap about a deep team needs to come to the surface in something that's utilitarian.

Also, I'd be much more forgiving of mistakes by newcomers -- as opposed to veterans, that should be performing better (witness: Hawk, Clifton, Tauscher, Woodson, Colledge.)

Quarless has been in there -- and he's looked lost. Poor play on the Hester touchdown; weak effort to catch pass for 1yd TD. He's like Finley his first year -- less mouth, but equally poor play.

But Bishop looked serviceable -- and should allow the Packers to IR Barnett. C'mon! what is Barnett going to give you in week 12 or 13? Let him heal. Evaluate Zombo and others -- because Hawk won't be back at 10mil in 2011.

WoodyG's picture

If you IR Barnett, all you're doing is keeping another player on the 53 whose only likely to be inactive most game days ..... If Barnettt ends up out for about 8 weeks after surgery, he'll miss 7 games ....... He'd be back for the final 4 games of the season & playoffs ...... It's more likely that another player (Martin) would be IR'ed to keep Barnett on the 53 .... Of course, more could happen that could alter this again ..... That's a big part of the real problem ..... Just because a team has a rash of injuries after 5 games doesn't mean the injury bug is over .... As bad as it is now, it could get even worse ..... Many games to go.

Les Packer4life's picture

Losing Finley for the season is a result of not having a running game. Who else. We need to run the ball. TT and MM can't get it right.

PackerAaron's picture

"Losing Finley for the season is a result of not having a running game" - this may be the silliest comment ever posted on this site. Which is an impressive feat if you go back and read some of Pack66's stuff.

davyjones's picture

Not to mention RickyBobby's--holy crap.

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