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Rodgers Addresses Winning Division

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Rodgers Addresses Winning Division

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was interviewed on a local sports talk radio show in San Diego on Wednesday July 21 where he discussed the team's goal of winning the NFC North, and eventually the Super Bowl.

Rodgers told 1090 AM XX Radio:

There’s always expectations in Green Bay. I don’t care if people pick us to win or not. Our fans expect us to win a Super Bowl every year. We’ve fallen short in my two years as a starter. We need to get back to winning division titles and having home games in the winter time in Green Bay because that’s where it starts. People say, ‘Oh, your goal is the Super Bowl?’ Every year that is the ultimate goal. But, first and foremost, our goal is to win the division, because we if we have a home game in the playoffs in Green Bay, it’s going to be tough for our opponent.

Any team's goal is obviously to earn home-field advantage, but the confines of Lambeau Field haven't exactly been overly intimidating for opponents over the past several seasons. The Packers have lost three of their last five home playoff games dating back to the 2002 season.

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PackersRS's picture

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we practice indoors during that period? And don't we now have the Nitschke field to practice outdoors?

DAWG's picture

Your right, and the reason was MM gave into #4 rants, I'm sure that won't ever happen again.

ZaphodBeeblebrox's picture

The only team we've beaten in the playoffs at home is the Seahawks, twice (in January 2004 and 2008). Lost at home to the Falcons (2003), Vikings (2005), and Giants (2008).

Of course all of those games were QB'd by you-know-who and DC'd by Donatell, Slowik and Sanders...

Asshalo's picture

1-3 in the last four home playoff games at Lambeau. It's nice to hear the leader of the team say he believes home field to be the road to the super bowl. That Seattle game in 01/2008 was a glimmer of what could be. Home games are always an advantage though, especially if you're playing a dome team like MN or NO.

bleedsgreen's picture

#12 is being a fantastic leader here. He brings the focus of expectations down from lofty heights and gets attentive to the true matters at hand - the North and home field advantage. As for that "advantage", note that he spoke distinctly in the future tense. He knows that the power of the Green Machine flows from Lambeau. But if they even want to think about Super Bowl, they need the home field advantage back and the only way to do that is to get some pride, some precision, some swagger.

Most excellently, the other subtext here is #4. AR is saying - "The glory of the franchise goes hand in hand with the power developed playing in Lambeau Field. Recently, that power has been sapped, the legacy has been tarnished. I'm capable and ready to get it back."

PWC's picture

Agree completely. One goal at a time is the way to take this. Aaron is showing great leadership here.

Go Pack Go!

DAWG's picture

Agree, one goal at a time, and bring back the pride and swagger, this is our house-Lambeau Field !
You can see the leadership in Rodgers,
and Packer pride, think I'm gonna buy a jersey.

Pauline's picture

I agree with you completely bleedsgreen.. We have an excellent leader in Aaron Rodgers! If anyone can lead the Pack to the superbowl it will be him.. He has style and swagger and it is starting to rub off on the rest of the team. The confidence he brings and shows to the team will spread like wildfire to the rest of the players. He will certainly influence the young players in a very good way. Go Pack Go!!

Morli's picture

and oh by the way, there's nothing, and I mean nothing, that gets me more excited footballwise than games in winter at lambeau. it's just the real thing.
I really could not care less about their recent history.

Oppy's picture

The visual of that snow-globe playoff game vs. Seattle in 2007 is permanently etched into my mind forever. That will be a classic Packers highlight reel game for the ages. It will be featured in many NFL films in general, I'd wager- it just felt so timeless with the limited visibility (and the ass-whoopin', too)

seekr's picture

It's already included in a DVD set named Green Bay Packer's Greatest Games.

SpiderPack's picture

Youguys've been tunin me in to Pack-Philosophy & a clear "Pack-Perception" for 6mos now. How is it that I can be in saggy SC & feel/rival the gestalt of all of Packerland? Thank you. This season will be much much more rewarding. Everyone's comments lead me. ARodge (& I call him that bc naming him after a phenomenal baseball player seems quite the understatement), is the (Packer) Messiah (but don't tell my Southern Baptist workmates that ha ha!). You can just tell. Hope he doesn't get injured. I'll be at Packer Family Night.

Oppy's picture

SpiderPack, you have to tune in to cheesehead TV for the LiveBlogs during training camp sessions. Nothing but twitter reports from journalists and us fans who attend thepractices, with a whole bunch of us chatting and commenting on the practically play by play details and notes aboutthe goings on.

It's what got me hooked. I've been looking forward to training camp liveblogs all off season.

davyjones's picture

Do you think he gets coached on this stuff?? Or is it possible that he is simply that good at saying the right things, in the right way, at the right time. You really have to love this guy's leadership ability on top of the talent.

longtymefan's picture

I would assume he does get coached up on what to say..

But sometimes I guess the reporter throws a curve ball and he has to re-act fast on his feet..

PackersRS's picture

Read the article about him on ESPN The Magazine. It portraits his reactions to questions. That stuff can't be coached. Not by a football coach, and not to a grown up man.

Oppy's picture

He doesn't always say the right things, as has been documented a few times already.

ACDC84's picture

IMO, the NFC is a four horse race, with MIN, GB, DAL, and NO. Though we are not at all a rough, run them into the ground type team, the other three teams are all pass-heavy teams with good QBs that play in warm weather. That should be a HUGE advantage. You can throw out out home playoff record since 2002. New team, new QB, new attitude.

Cuphound's picture

Geez, I hope we go back to dominating in the cold. It wounds me to the heart every time we don't. The Kid does my heart good just talking that way.

dgtalmn's picture

Yeah I agree, lets win the division and have everyone come to Lambeau!

glorious80s's picture

And they can start by taking back Lambeau from the Vikings and a certain former QB.

marcopo's picture

What is not to love? This guy walks in behind a 'legend' and does everything right. On the field and off. I may even splurge for a #12 jersey.

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