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Report: Jennings Making Free Agent Visit to the Vikings

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Report: Jennings Making Free Agent Visit to the Vikings

While you were probably asleep, Adam Schefter of ESPN shared some news regarding free-agent wide receiver Greg Jennings.

It's been speculated that the Vikings would have interest in Jennings for quite some time, especially after dealing away Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks. There's a void at that position in Minnesota, and Jennings would appear to be an ideal candidate to fill it.

On the first day of free agency on Tuesday, however, Tom Pelissero of in the Twin Cities reported that the Vikings had cooled off on Jennings because his contract demands were too high.

Whether Jennings has softened to the idea of a contract worth less money of for a shorter period of time is unknown, but a visit is usually an indication of serious interest. Quite often, a free-agent will be offered a contract before leaving.

After Mike Wallace signed a lucrative contract with the Miami Dolphins as free agency opened (5 years, $60 millon), the rest of the deals signed by free agent wideouts have been more modest, to say the least.

On Wednesday Wes Welker joined the Denver Broncos on a two-year $12 million deal while Danny Amendola inked a five-year $31 million contract, both paying in the neighborhood of $6 million average per season.

Despite the free-agent market drying up, Jennings can probably still command a contract in excess of $6 million per year, but how much more is anyone's guess.

One decision the Packers have to make is whether they want to see Jennings go to a division rival. If Jennings is in the price range of the Vikings, perhaps he'll be in the price range of the Packers too.

And if the deals are similar, it makes sense that Jennings would want to return to the familiar environment where he's built a rapport with his quarterback, coaches and fellow receivers in an offense he knows inside and out.

Whereas in Minnesota, he'd be going to an offense with a quarterback who has yet to prove himself at a high level in Christian Ponder and an offense that revolves around running back Adrian Peterson.

While Jennings to the Vikings may not move the needle like Brett Favre playing for the division rival, it is notable how much interest the Vikings have had in former Packers over the years, also including Ryan Longwell, Darren Sharper and Robert Ferguson.

The Packers will also have to decide how much money they have to pursue Jennings while still maintaining an interest in free-agent running back Steven Jackson. Do they have enough money to sign one or both?

And will the Packers be forced to find money to pay one or both by asking tight end Jermichael Finley to play for lesser money or cut him entirely? Linebacker A.J. Hawk could very likely find himself in the same situation.

Whatever happens, things are likely to move very quickly now. The odds that Jennings signs a deal by the end of the day are looking pretty good, the only question is where?

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Hoops24's picture

We will see what jennings is about. He said he wanted to play for a contender in warm weather with a great qb. The vikings are none of those. Good luck sir

Tony's picture

Wasn't one of his requirements playing for a good quarterback? So now he's meeting with the worst one in the entire league?

devil doc's picture

I still think there is something that isn't being said on his part. Why even bother with the Vikings, to try and generate some more money from the Packers? Dude you were offered 10 mil, and you turned it down. If Minny offers him that or more and takes it, we know what won, money over rings.

Packgal's picture

I find it interesting that Greg and Jackson have the same agent. I know it is a coincidence but still intertwined just the same. Go with the great QB Greg, you will be happier.

Evan's picture

Man, what is it with Packers wide-receivers? They just can't get any love for the league.

Nick perry's picture

The 10 million offered to Jennings "A while ago" tells you all you need to know about Jennings. He obviously thinks more about himself than the rest of the NFL. He's not worth anywhere near 10 million and could care less about a good QB, warm weather, or another ring. If he goes to the Vikings for even a dollar more it was about the money. PERIOD! Is so good luck to you and your sister. Having lived in Minnesota it's no South Beach like baby sister tweeted about. Oh and if she questioned Rodgers, wait till she sees Ponders ball flying past 5 yards out of reach!

packeraaron's picture

Wait, it was about the money? The hell you say.

MarkinMadison's picture

Here's the real question - given how the market has shaken out, will he even GET $10M from either team? I seriously doubt it.

The Packers can't keep everyone they would like to. They got by without Jennings last year. Can they really afford to lock $8M a year into him now? If they got him for $6M that might be a bargain, but what do they need more, a WR, a RB, a DL or an OL? Because you can get a good to great player at any of those positions for $6M a year.

trvs's picture

This really doesn't surprise me one bit. This will allow Greg to spread his brand to larger city, wait for a new stadium to play in, and just maybe get above average stats.

I think he has some underlying beef with GB, but I am sure we will never know the story. Hopefully this means we are willing to sign Steven Jackson, have Hawk take less money ( I would rather keep Brad Jones), Draft a safety and D-lineman, and see Finley have a breakout year.

We shall see....

GBPDAN's picture

The Pack will probably not sign Jackson, Jennings or any other quality FA players because TT is squeezing a walnut with his ass checks. Come on Teddy, open up your coin purse just a little.

imfubared's picture

I kind of agree but think that the real deal is that Ted does not have the money and sure as heck can't come our and say it.

At my age I've seen and heard a lot of instances where a Corp. hires something to clean house and run the op on the cheap. Ted was hired to do that and is doing that.

MarkinMadison's picture

All due respect to your age and all that, but the Packers are an NFL franchise. They are bringing in tons of TV money every year. They consistently rank in the top half of the league in other forms of revenue generated by the club. They're in the middle of another expansion at Lambeau, and didn't ask the tax-payers for a nickel to do it. Instead they sold a piece of memorabilia (stock) for $200 to the willing to fund PART of it. What on earth makes you think that this is some kind of corporate cost-cutting thing instead of simply an NFL team living under the SALARY CAP?

Stroh's picture

The Packers have ALOT of money. They can spend whatever it takes to get the Players they want. The only constraint is the salary cap. Having Rodgers and Matthews in their situations needing contracts is the only thing preventing signing anyone. Thompson has his philosophy and is sticking to it. He won't overpay a 30 yr old WR. He's probably going to get Jackson for relatively cheap. We need a RB alot more than a WR.

Chad Toporski's picture

Do you not understand how the NFL salary cap works?

Lou's picture

When Ted has spent he is one of the few GM's to actually get more production than the money spent, Woodson and Pickett far exceeded their expectations and contract numbers. Just look back 2 years ago, Asomuhwa was the "big free agent target" in the NFL and got the biggest contract to be a part of the "Dream Team", the Eagles parked him on the street this week but he still has the huge bonus money in the bank, and if you watched him last year he made Tranmon Williams look like a tackling machine. Mike Sherman is another example, he signed the "top free agent defensive lineman", Joe Johnson to what at that time was a huge contract, he was paid $11M to the point he was released (end of second season - like Asomuwha) and played in just 11 games, thats $1M a game. CAREFULL FOR WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

imfubared's picture

When I read that a player put his house up for sale before the season ends, that say's it all. He wants green and gold all right but not the packers.
This guy is not even on the radar for us. I thought all along he would bolt to the Vikings if he didn't get a lot of interest on day one of free agency.

Now a days a lot of players leave teams angry with the thought of getting the money and getting even. Jenkins was never coming back and he shopped himself to teams he knew played against the Packers.

Our man Jennings is doing the same. He wants to shove our faces in it.

Stroh's picture

HOw'd that work for ol #4? He got squat and we get a SB!! Whatever Jennings thinks is immaterial. I don't see Thompson spending on Jennings w/ our WR and the RB situation, not too mention a hole or 2 on D.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

I could swear I read that Jenkins was open to coming back... Both times.

Evan's picture

Don't let actual facts get in the way of people just making shit up.

Cole's picture

No matter what Jennings does I'd demand Finley take a paycut. There's no way he gets 8 million on the open market. Ask him to go down to 5mil. Only problem is if he calls our bluff and we cut him and don't get Jennings. Our offense would take a serious hit.

redlights's picture

The tweet says 10:29, is that GMT? I don't tweeter, so educate me.

If Jared Cook can get $10M (I think); JerMike will too. I still see him getting an extension that softens his cap number, and a voidable 3rd year.

I have no idea why GB would be interested in spending that kind of cap $$ on Jennings, other than to drive up the price for Minny. BTW, anyone know why Jax isn't pursueing GJ?

Silly season at its finest!

Evan's picture

I'm a little surprised someone like Cleveland or Indy or St. Louis isn't kicking the tires on Jennings. I guess his original asking price did scare a lot of teams off.

Cook got 5 years/$35 mil ($19 guaranteed).

I agree, extending Finley a couple years and getting that cap number down is the best option.

packsmack25's picture
PackerPete's picture

"And if the deals are similar, it makes sense that Jennings would want to return to the familiar environment where he’s built a rapport with his quarterback" - according to Jenning's sister, that's not the case...
The move makes sense, though. He'd be the clear no 1 WR for the Vikings, they are searching for one, and will pay him at least as much as the Packers. With the Packers he'll get a few balls thrown his way in games, with the Vikings at least double, as they only have a TE but no other WR to speak of. The Packers have at least 4 other receivers to throw the ball to, and that could be an even higher number after the draft.
I wish him good luck (I always do to former Packer players), but doubt he would be happy there.

Tarynfor12's picture

How many teams are simply sensing Jennings is closer to the by-product of Favre and Rodgers then of his own manufacturing.
What does it say to that effect when Philbin didn't even sniff at Jennings for Miami?
Bringing Jennings back IMO,is taking an unnecessary step backwards just as hoping for the Cullen Jenkins return was in the thinking.

packgal's picture

Good point in that James Jones found that out, too, not much interest. Of course, he was trying after his drop issues might be different now leading in TDs. It does matter when you have a QB that can put a ball right where it needs to be as so many can't. I don't care if he's #1, working with Ponder is no nowhere near AR.

Philbin wasn't interested in Flynn or Greg. Hmmm, wonder what the reason is there. Could be he doesn't want to be seen as favoring his former teams players?

Evan's picture

I don't think anything like that would stop a coach from acquiring a player he thought could help his team. Hell, they drafted Tannehill way earlier than anyone thought he would go and you can be sure Mike Sherman had a lot to do with that.

Lou's picture

Tannehill has a chance but remember when Sherman ran the offense for the Texans he pushed to sign Flanagan and Green for big bucks, neither one produced. His track record is abysmal, Joe Johnson, Cledidus Hunt, Hannibal Naives, Mark Roman, Nick Luchey, Bret Conway, Donnell Thompson, Tim Coach. If you look at his drafts, he got 2 starters only, Nick Barnett, and Scott Wells. He was a decent coach but the worst GM in NFL history, I need to qualify that, Jerry Jones is not OFFICIALLY listed as the Cowboys GM

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