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Randall Cobb Out Four to Eight Weeks, According to Reports

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Randall Cobb Out Four to Eight Weeks, According to Reports

If you've been following social media on Monday, the estimates on Randall Cobb's timetable for return from a fractured fibula have fluctuated quite a bit, from as little as two weeks to as much as eight.

Adam Schefter of ESPN originally said Cobb would be out two weeks on Twitter on Monday afternoon, but later acknowledged a later timeframe after Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel released a report citing a scource that said Cobb would be out six to eight weeks.

It didn't stop there, with Chris Mortenson of ESPN saying that the best-case scenario for return is four weeks and the worst-case scenario is eight weeks.

It would seem that the consensus is anywhere between four to eight weeks, but once again, it seems that the Packers have avoided a season-ending injury.

While there's a chance James Jones could return from his knee injury as early as this week, there's no guarantees being made.

There seems to be no avoiding the Packers needing to make a roster move this week, at least for a short-term replacement.

Rumors surfaced that the Packers could sign Tavarres King off the Denver Broncos practice squad, but that possibility appeared to be nixed by Rob Demovsky of

Dunne reported the Packers have made contact with Tyrone Walker, who was in training camp in Green Bay this summer but later released and spending a few weeks on the practice squad of the Seattle Seahawks. Nothing appears to be imminent, however.

Myles White, who's currently on the Packers' own practice squad, would seem to be in the running as well.

Wide receiver Reggie Dunn was re-signed the Green Bay practice squad earlier on Monday.

Whoever the Packers end up signing, they would need to make room by either cutting someone or placing a player on injured reserve.

The Packers still haven't used their short-term injured reserve designation, and that could be an option for either Cobb or linebacker Nick Perry, but neither player would be eligible to practice for six weeks and could play for eight, so the Packers would want to make sure the timetable for return definitely wouldn't be shorter than the necessary eight weeks.

If the Packers were to cut a player, running back Michael Hill seems like a logical candidate, especially if James Starks will soon return from a knee injury suffered in the game before the Packers bye.

With Starks, Eddie Lacy, Johnathan Franklin and John Kuhn, the Packers would appear to have enough depth at running back to get by at least temporarily.

Re-signing Hill to practice squad would be a possibility.

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Longshanks's picture

I'll take it!! Better to get Cobb at the end of the season than nothing at all.

I bleed Green More's picture

Oh joy and joy again, I would cut Bush and or IR him. We have done pretty well without him. They will have to have two more receivers and pronto so they can practice.

Idiot Fan's picture

While there may be more talented WRs on other teams' practice squads, it seems like what we need is someone who can step in and play right now, especially if Jones is out this week. Given that, it seems like someone on our own PS who knows the playbook would be the best option, IMO.

MarkinMadison's picture


Nerd's picture


He knows the WCO!

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Apparently they have contacted Tyrone Walker, led the team in pre-season receptions and garnished the praises of Arodge and Mashed Potato Mike! I'd take that even if it's just to occupy the recent vacancy left by Charles Johnson on the PS. TW knows the playbook and got good separation in PS while showing solid hands. His knock was his size (5-10 198lbs)that's the hypocrisy of the NFL scouting departments as Cobb measures in at 5-10 200lbs. There are so many guys that are "toooo small" and get then get scooped up because they can play football! (Welker, Sproles, Cobb dropping to 2nd round) Scoop him up Tinkering Ted, the kid showed he can play!

Evan's picture

"I’d take that even if it’s just to occupy the recent vacancy left by Charles Johnson on the PS."

Already filled by Reggie Dunn.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Thanks for that news fact. Facts always crush my hopes. I suppose they could cut Dunn and sign Walker. I have a feeling that Walker or White will be on the Packers 53 within 24 hours now that Tinkerin Ted forced Denver to sign King to their 53.

RC Packer Fan's picture

At this point, I am just happy that none of the injury's are season ending. I thought for sure yesterday that Cobb's was going to be season ending. And honestly, I thought for sure Jones' was.

Nerd's picture

Cobb's explosiveness is a huge part of what makes him special. Glad it wasn't his knee.

Packgal's picture

Jones said on TV tonight he really hopes to play on Sunday. Hoping he can but I wasn't 100% convinced watching him walk on the TV set.

Nerd's picture


hayward4president's picture

Nerd do u seriously not remember Randy Moss doin the pants drop in our endzone? I mean I figure you are joking but Randy Moss is one of the WRs a packers fan should hate the most. I hate him and he's from a town an hour n a half from me.

Nerd's picture

Favre would EAT HIS LIVER.

Andre Rison 2.0 baby! DO IT TED!

larry valdes's picture

Ir bush sign rodes and brandon lloyd and lb t abates,

larry valdes's picture

Ir bush and sign s rodes wr brandon lloyd and lb tavares fron the um.and we'll go to sb

larry valdes's picture

Ir bush and sign s rodes wr brandon lloyd and lb tavares from the um .thanks ted .

Evan's picture

55 man roster?

Bearmeat's picture

I know I speak for everyone, but I'm beyond sick of these injuries. It's maddening. How good could MM's teams be with a healthy team?

We'll never know. Now let me go cry in my beer.

KC's picture

Every team gets injuries. Stop crying. Take a look at other teams injury reports. The Patriots lost Vince Wilfork for the year and just had Aqib Talib suffer an ugly hip injury. The two best players on their defense. And their top WR Amendola got hurt for the third time this season yesterday.. Oh yeah and Gronkowski has been out all year.

We will survive these injuries. I just want the DLine and secondary to stay healthy.. none of these injuries are season ending and we are hitting the soft portion of the schedule. We'll get back to near 100% in a month or so. I'm not too worried.

Oh yeah Randy Moss is a terrible idea. We need a quick slot receiver.. Pick up Travares King from Denver, throw him in there with Boykin and we'll be okay.

KC's picture

And Brandon Lloyd is a bipolar nut who is doing movies. He doesn't want to play football he has turned down offers.

jh9's picture

All I wanted to do today was enjoy my team's win yesterday and all I hear today is bad news on the injury front. It's difficult being a Packers fan!

Longshanks's picture

Let's never underestimate the greatness of Ted Thompson. Every time this team has suffered an injury, Teddy Tee has somehow some way been able to find a replacement to fill the shoes adequately. Cobb is a special player yes but let's see Ted work his magic.

Now maybe that guy is Reggie Dunn, who can maybe ignite a kickoff return unit that is dead last in the league and even help at receiver until Cobb gets back. Last year it was little DuJuan Harris who helped us having a legit run game for the first time in years. Years before it was Dr. Samkon Gado.

All I know is if there's anyone that can find a diamond in the rough when everyone else has given up, it's the legendary Ted Thompson. I am putting my trust in Ted Thompson and I ask you all to do the same. We'll get thru these injuries eventually and I have no doubt we'll be back in the super bowl this year.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Samkon Gado was a Mike Sherman GM move not Tinkerin Ted. One of the very few FAs in his time that produced anything at all... And Thanks a lot for making me remember that 4-12 nightmare!

Longshanks's picture

Nope, Gado was a Thompson pickup. Pretty sure Sherman was stripped of his powers that last year and was a coach only as Ted basically did player evaluations quietly in the background that first year.
Ted actually made Sherman look really bad by picking up Gado and Gado became a fan sensation. Sherman was jealous of the fact Teddy Tee was able to pluck a guy off the street from Liberty College that he would unnecessarily punish Gado by not playing him for long periods of time when he would have an occassional fumble. It would tick me off and you could see the tension between the two. Sherman had a hard time dealing with the fact he sucked at being a G.M. and as soon as that 2005 season was over, Teddy Tee fired his ass. Sherman had very few players that panned out. Gado was a Teddy Tee guy!!

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Nice recall!

fish and crane's picture

Get a receiver that can also block as the 27 Express is earning its own considerations.

Bert's picture

I doubt if we'll find a guy from the street or another teams PS or even through a trade that will make much of an impact. We do need depth for the next 6-8 weeks until Cobb returns for sure. Make some adjustments, maximize Lacey and the running game and hope that Finley, Nelson and Jones can stay on the field. Boykin or someone can play the slot and maybe contribute once in awhile...maybe.

RC Packer Fan's picture

That is exactly what they will do. The biggest questions will be answered with who is on their roster right now. They will fill holes with other players but they won't be key contributors.

They will find ways to use Franklin more in the passing game. Possibly putting him into some of Cobb's roles. They will starting using more TE's. Bostick is a pass catcher, so they will probably try to find ways to use him.

First I am happy that the injuries are not season ending, and 2nd I think this could potentially help the offense in the long run. It will force McCarthy to open up the play book, and go with various personnel packages and spread the ball around more. That is what has made the offense so great in the past.

Bert's picture

I agree 100% with RC. The injuries are not season ending and we'll just have to adjust the offense for awhile. About every team has to work through injuries each year and how much most injuries impact a team are a function of the teams ability to adjust. Good teams adjust. I think we'll be just fine. The Packers have been through this before and won a SB in the process.

C's picture

There's never a 'good' time to deal with injuries. That being said, you couldn't have a more favorable stretch for key players to rehab, recover and get back on the field. Browns, Vikings, Bears, Eagles, Giants, Vikings. 4 of the 6 are at home.

- Browns have a good defense but I struggle to see how that offense puts up more than 13 points in Lambeau.

- Vikings have no balance or depth. They're on the verge of quitting on Frazier.

- Anybody that's seen this depleted Bear's team knows they really lack talent on the defensive side. Cutler will need to be great to beat the Packers on either game, I don't think they can beat the Packers at home.

- Eagles are an aweful defensive team.

- Giants are a hot mess with little talent (that are healthy).

- Vikings again, bad team.

Then you finally have the Lions on the road after 6 weeks where you can get some key players back and healthy.

Evan's picture

Hell yea.

I love how this very tough schedule at the beginning of the year is looking less and less so every week. And it happens every year. But that won't stop people from losing their minds in August and making idiotic 4-win predictions.

RC Packer Fan's picture

lol, i'm not mentioning any names, but I remember a certain someone's prediction that the Packers would be 6-10 this year. And then after they lost Bulaga, he said it would cost the team 2 wins and their record would be 6-10...

One of my favorite comments of him.

Ma Linger's picture

Wow hate to be a bummer but I don't see a fractured bone healing in 8 weeks. Maybe but then he would need three weeks rehab to get back in shape, so basically season over.

Evan's picture

Okay, doctor.

Morgan Mundane's picture

There was a sports doctor on this am saying that he would be shocked if Cobb only had fracture damage and would suspect its a little worse then they are saying. In his opinion, 8 weeks is optimistic.

Evan's picture

An opinion of someone who had never met Cobb, let alone examined him or his MRI? Cool story.

L's picture

A temporary welcome to the 53 for Myles White and/or Tyrone Walker could be signed off of Seattle's PS to the 53.

I believe the Packers will tryout Bostick and Franklin within the slot receiver positions along with playing Finley there more too.

Terrell Manning might be a candidate for adding depth to the linebacker position since he has experience with the Packer's defensive scheme and he's on the Charger's PS. If signed though I think he'll remain an inactive player at first given that they have S.Barrington to provide depth at the ILB position and J.Lattimore and perhaps a returning Brad Jones can float between being ILBs and back-up OLBs.

Other defensive possibilities are that they use a bit of a hybrid 4-3 look or play more of 3-3-5 w/ Micah Hyde or Jerron McMillian playing down in the box more - sort of like a hybrid ILB.

I imagine that in order to make a move such as signing a player off of a practice squad RB Michael Hill or CB James Nixon will probably get cut from the 53 and resigned to the practice squad or if Jarrett Bush's injury looks to be pretty significant then perhaps he simply gets put onto the IR. The last possibility is that someone like DE CJ.Wilson gets traded - I believe the Patriots could have some interest.

To be honest, I don't think the Packers sign either of those former Packer players to their 53 off other team practice squads and instead elect to strategize their gameplan around the existing available players while also moving someone like Myles White onto the active 53 which will also require a roster move in return (someone onto IR or someone gets cut and hopefully resigned to the PS or maybe someone is traded - CJ.Wilson?). This also will mean the Packers look to continue trying out additional players for their PS.

Evan's picture

Packers promoted Stoneburner...

L's picture

Interesting. Guess that means they trust that J.Boykins can man the other wide-out position across from Nelson and that they're planning to run the ball even more while using an inline blocking TE like Quarless paired with a stretch TE or multiple stretch TEs (Finley, Bostick, and Stoneburner) who I imagine will be playing a lot from the slot positions as well as two TE formations. Also, wonder if J.Franklin will get opportunities to be paired in the backfield w/ E.Lacy in wishbone, T, wing-T and splitback (or veer or pro formations); I mean it would be nice to see both on the field at the same time.

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