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Railbird Central Podcast: Packers Thoughts from Championship Weekend

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Railbird Central Podcast: Packers Thoughts from Championship Weekend

Episode 354

As the Seahawks and the Broncos advance to the Super Bowl, I share my thoughts to Championship Weekend as it relates to the Green Bay Packers. I compare the play of the Packers' B.J. Raji and Micah Hyde respectively to Terrance Knighton of Denver and Kam Chancellor of Seattle as one of many reasons the Packers aren't the same caliber of team.

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Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America" and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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RC Packer Fan's picture

Another great show today Brian. Keep up the great work.

Brian Carriveau's picture

Thanks for listening and reading, RC. Appreciate it.

Point Packer's picture

I thought the same thing on that Kam Chancellor INT.

Evan's picture

I think Walter Thurmond just nearly missed an INT on that same play a little later in the game. I think it's safe to say opposing teams have figured that play out.

Point Packer's picture

Interestingly enough (or not), the Niners jumped at least two (maybe three) outs in the 2nd half. On all attempts, Wilson threw high to avoid the pick.

Say what you want about his ceiling, dude is a smart player. A winner. And makes plays when he needs to (see 4th down play from the 36 - ish).

Derek in CO's picture

I dislike Richard Sherman a lot, but you can't say he's not awesome. He just makes plays everywhere. Stat of the day: 24 other CBs, including our own Davon House, were drafted ahead of him in 2011. Talk about a chip on your shoulder.....

Mojo's picture

Kaeperdick hung 130 yards rushing on the Seahawks vaunted number one ranked defense. At least the Packers aren't the only team he runs all over the field on.

As far as the SB itself, if the Pack aren't in it I usually root for the AFC. Call it spite or whatever, but I only want the Green and Gold to hoist the Lombardi from the NFC. Plus, I like Peyton and want to see him with a second ring.

Derek in CO's picture

another thing I noticed yesterday and couldn't agree more. Kaepernick can run on anyone, not just us. He's that good.

Stroh's picture

As a runner he's very good. Passing is another matter entirely. Those INT's were both bad decisions and bad passes. He cost his team a trip to the SB cuz he's at best decent passer. Not good enough passer to win SB's yet! Gonna have to improve his passing ability A LOT. QB MUST be great passers to win a SB! He's not... not yet!

Point Packer's picture

That at best "decent passer" torched an almost full strength GB Packer defense you so passionately defend for 412 yards and 3 TD's in week one. Without Crabtree! Made him look like the second coming of Joe Montana.

Remember that?

I couldn't help but wonder how in the hell we let that happen after watching him throw the ball last night. Awkward and slow passing motion. Mediocre to poor accuracy. A testament to how bad our defense was this year and how out-coached we were on such a consistent basis.

Go ahead and scream "troll" over and over again. You're real good at that. However, this team needs to make some major changes on the defensive side of the ball. Capers is going to be around for at least one more year, so we either need to find some impact players in the draft who will not need three years of grooming to figure out his system or find a couple impact FA's who will once again, put us in the upper echelon of the NFC. Both SF and SEA are going to be just as tough and motivated next year.

4thand1's picture

He threw 1 pick in the playoff game PP. He got lucky 2 more weren't picked. Yes we need a safety. Hyde And Burnett should both have had picks. Nobody will stop him from getting his running yards and he does make bad decisions when passing. As for the 1st game, the Packers game plan on D was dumb.

WKUPackFan's picture

Anyone notice how SEA played D on SF's final drive? I don't think they ever rushed more than three, keeping one back for a spy on CK. On Sherman's INT they only rushed ONE. People would be ready to ride MM and Dom out on a rail if GB did that, even if the game ended the same way.

4thand1's picture

They have the people to cover. What I thought was dumb was the play calling. Let the clock run, force a deep throw with 2 time outs remaining.

Point Packer's picture

I thought the clock mgmt by SF at the end of that game was dumb too. Started with that idiot Crabtree not running out of bounds on that long pass on the sideline. Classic.

As 4th and I says, SEA has the defenders to sit back in a situation like that (see the result). Kaepernick's feet were more of a threat than his arm last night. They banked on him failing in the air and he did. Great coaching. Top tier talent across the board in the secondary. Neither of which can be attributed to the 2013 GB Packers.

I've never been a fan of Pete Carrol, but lately I've admired how he coaches this team. What they do with mediocre at best receiving talent in a "passing league" is simply astonishing. Granted, he has one of the better defenses in the last decade, that certainly helps. His ability to pick his spots in the passing game, see deep ball to Baldwin and 4th down TD to Kearse is incredible. And he's been doing that all year.

KennyPayne's picture

Brian, I could not agree more that Knighton was a difference maker yesterday in a way that we could only dream that Raji had been.

How does Denver signing Knighton as a free agent this past offseason (along with Shaun Phillips, Dominique Rodger-Cromartie, Wes Welker, and Louis Vazquez -- all big contributors this season) square with the point you make in the podcast that TT can not sign any free agents because of Aaron Rodgers' contract.

Doesn't Peyton Manning have a hefty contract as well?

Brian Carriveau's picture

Good point. I guess what also went unsaid was that the Packers have the highest paid linebacker in the NFL as well, which makes it a little harder.

But no doubt about it, the Broncos got decent deals on guys like Knighton and Vasquez that didn't break the bank. Kudos to them.

I think the Packers might make a play for a decent free agent this year at a position that won't be too costly (like safety), but I wouldn't expect them to sign a bunch of free agents.

4thand1's picture

Jack Del Rio called 1 minute into free agency to aquire Knighton. He coached him in Jacksonville. Why wasn't he tearing up the league there? Funny how players fly under the radar. The packers have to make cap room.

larry valdes's picture

Brian very good article forgot to mention free agents lb benette and the linebacker from the lions.

Bert's picture

I didn't see the Denver-NE game. But did watch the SF-Seattle contest. My lord. The disparity in talent between these two defenses and the Packers D is downright shameful! Outside of CM3 (only when healthy) there is not 1 guy who could start on either team and we have guys starting who wouldn't even be on the these teams 53. For crap sakes TT. Get with it!! Depending totally on #12 to beat a real 53-man roster isn't gonna cut it.

Point Packer's picture

It sad, but true.

With the exception of CM3, the only other defensive player who would have a solid chance of starting on the Seahawks (and probably the Niners) is Tramon Williams and maybe Shields - and that's debatable on the Seahawks. Not a single D-lineman, safety or LB minus Mathews is of starting caliber on the Seahawks or Niners this year. Hell, even the Seahawk backups on the D-line talent-wise are better than GB's starters- Avril, Bennett, McDonald.

Just awful.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Without trying to start an argument, I'm going to disagree with some of what you & others are saying. 1st, I hope CM3 comes back from that thumb injury. His injury could be a lifetime concern. I've said before, with a healthy Jolly, BJ in the right spot, & everyone else healthy, I think our D-Line is decent. The problem is what's behind the D-Line. IMO, it needs to be completely changed. Williams & Shields both played pretty well at the end of the year, but I think both are too small. We can't change anything there, but they are not the answer.
I'm going to go out on a limb here, & say Brian Bulaga will actually play 16 + games next year. Offensively, I think we will be ok. I don't want to break the bank, to keep JJ & Finley if healthy, but both are worth keeping IMO. We need linebackers, & defensive ends. It would be nice to have 1 solid safety as well.
once again, I hope CM3 comes back at 100%, but I'm afraid that thumb is going to haunt him. I'll be relieved when he gets through next season without any problem. JMO

Point Packer's picture

Finley aint going to be healthy and Shields/Williams are, if anything, the strength of our defense.

Did you watch the Green Bay Packers play this year?

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