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Preston To the Pack

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Preston To the Pack

I like this signing. Not only does Preston add some much needed bulk along the offensive line, but he can fit at any position, including tackle. Watching him with the Bills last year, I think it's obvious the Packers like how he can work in space. Preston is quite impressive when he's out in the open. Let's hope we see him on some power sweeps...

UPDATE: Gotta love this from Silverstein's piece this morning:

Preston, 26, did not begin the season as a starter. He took over for Melvin Fowler after Fowler injured his elbow, and started the last 11 games. He did not play particularly well, struggling against the likes of Cleveland's Shaun Rogers, the New York Jets' Kris Jenkins and New England's Vince Wilfork.

Would love to see Tom's list of centers that played well against Rogers, Jenkins or Wilfork because I must have missed it...

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JeromeHarrison's picture

Sounds like Preston may have a shot at starting RT...I have a feeling we've seen the last of baby face tausch -- hopefully we can find a few guys like tausch and clifton who can be anchors for 10 yrs...looks bleak now, i worry about the O-line

Shootz's picture

Hopefully at the very least this signing means that we gain a decent backup for the O-line so that, in the event one of our lineman catches the sniffles or blows out a disc, we won't be playing musical chairs to find out who's moving to what position.

PackerAaron's picture

Shootz - agree completely. If he doesn't start, it will be nice not to have to move guys around on the line and just stick someone in for a change (though to be fair, I still don't understand Barbre's inability to get on the field...)

Matthew's picture

Where do you think this leaves Tony Moll? As i see it, Duke will be the primary back-up with Tony Moll being utility lineman (b). They nice thing about this is that with Duke and Tony, you basically have two guys who can play all the positions if an emergancy occurs.

- Aaron excellent site...just wish i would have found about it before...but for the last month it has become daily reading for me and my father. keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!

PackerAaron's picture

Thanks very much for the kind words Matthew. I have to think this spells the end of Moll's tenure with the team. It's a shame, because he seemed like a decent guy when we saw him at Fan Fest - he just did not look like starting material when given the shot last year. Of course, a lot will depend on the draft, but if they get a tackle that can start out of the draft, Moll is gone.

bomdad's picture

How about this:
Spitz at center
Sitton and Preston at guards
Colledge and Smith/Monroe at tackles
Complete turnover on the OL, and bigger at each position.

PackerAaron's picture

I think Clifton has one more year in him, keeping Colledge at guard. Would not be surprised to see them draft a tackle to play RT this year and then transition over to LT, much like the Panthers did with Gross.

Ron La Canne's picture

Thank you TT. Finally someone with potential in the live. A signing like this is all that is needed in a FA pickup. Someone who is noticeably better than the guy he is displacing. Clifton had minor knee surgery on both knees this off-season. Both knees scoped for fragments of cartilge and 30+ this is not as routine as they want it to appear. Tauscher will not be available until October at the earliest, assuming he is signed. Moll and Babre have been around for awhile and never have been able to play when called on. Lossing both of them would be no big deal. College better step up this year or he's going to be a write-off too. He has never been able to establish himself as a dependable on-going stater. Witness the last game of the year against the Lions. He had his lunch handed to him. Spitiz, maybe center is his best position. Sitton still an unkown quality and Bruno ?????.

Good pickup with Preston. He can and, I think, will help stablize the line a bit. Is he an All-Pro, not likely. He is a definite immediate improvement to the line.

PackerAaron's picture

"Moll and Babre have been around for awhile and never have been able to play when called on" - I would quibble with this only in that Barbre hasn't BEEN called on to play, even after his good outing in preseason last year against the Bengals. Seriously, the guy had one good quarter of football with the starters and then was never heard from again. Why? To this day the staff won't say and it drives me crazy. The guy can play, they just won't play him...

Matthew's picture

Aaron, yeah thats a great point about Barbre and also what kills me about "official" packer reporting. They have access and the resources to investigate this if they want, but they are either unwilling or too lazy to do it. Like you said, there were high hopes for why didn't he play? Was he not hard working? Is he not intelligent enough? does he have a bad attitude? These are questions I think packer Nation would be interested in.
As for Tony Moll, after thinking about it, I am afraid you are right. He never seemed the same after that stinger injury.

Matthew's picture

Ok... one more question, just for fun. Lets's say BJ Raji is off the board when the Packers select. But for the sake of this exercise lets just assume the following are true

1) Andre Smith maturs and becomes a "dominant" right tackle for 12 + years(Erik Williams)

2) Packers have an option to trade down and pick up a late second round pick that never turns into a starter but provides quality depth at OLB or DT (ie colin cole)

3) with the late 1st round pick after the trade down, they get a left tackle (britton or beatty) who is never a star but is a solid starter for 10+ years

so to recap....

Packers either get

1) Dominat right tackle for 12+ years
2) solid left tackle and a role player on defense

which would you choose (with the far fetching assumption that everything works out :)))))))

PackerAaron's picture

Matthew - fun game. I take option 2 and don't look back. Also, in regards to your 'reporting' post, as someone who works in a press office, I can tell you most of the reporters know but are unable to print it for fear of losing access. That's what keeps lots of stuff out of the papers and it's how clubs keep reporters, especially younger ones, 'in line' so to speak.

Andrew n Atlanta's picture

I like the pickup of Preston a lot. BTW, I take option #1 in Matthew's game. It's Andre Smith fellas. I see it coming.

jerseypackfan's picture

Did anyone see the picture of Andre Smith running with his shirt off? Wow, someone get him a bra!
There is no way that fat head case is coming to Green Bay!

Ron La Canne's picture

Smith is worth a chance only if the Packers can get his attitude turned around. At Alabama's Pro Day he was out of shape, overweight and an attitude jerk. Correct that and maybe. If not treat him like the Plague.

jerseypackfan's picture

If Monroe is there at #9 then they should take him, if he is gone at that point they should take Maybin.
Seriously if the Pack takes Andre Smith. I will be standing in front of 1265 Lombardi Ave with a pitchfork!

PackerAaron's picture

jersey - What on Earth do you think Clifton or Tauscher would look like running without a shirt on?

PackerAaron's picture

Wow - you guys have been played by the media with all this anti-Smith dribble... Tell me just how many times you had heard of this kid before January of this year?

Matthew's picture

If I am in the front office of Green bay, I place extra emphasis on a background check with Andre Smith, but I don't take him off my board. I interview his roomate, his ex teammates, ex coaches, everyone who knows him. Here is what would be important to me

1) Does the kid LOVE football.
- a passion for it?

2) How well did he respond to coaching?
- did he pick up on things
- did coaches have to repeat things
- does he study the game
- how well is he to implementing the game plan for each opponant he faces.

if he passes these questions, i say take him and i'll be happy. I am willing to give him a pass so far on his offseason

Andrew n Atlanta's picture

Very well said Matthew. As has been noted by several posts on this site - Smith does everything poorly except pass block and run block. Listen to Kirwin & Ryan talk about him on NFL Radio. I agree we need to do some recon on this one but, assuming he passes the recon, how in the world do you not take this kid??? He might be the #1 pick if not for the combine episode. And Aaron is dead on - what do you think Tausher, Pickett and many others look like with no shirt. He's a backwards kid from the South and he needs to go to a place like GB rather than a big city.

Andrew n Atlanta's picture

And just in case you don't believe me about some folks in the South being a little "backward", consider this story from today's Atlanta Journal Consitution...

"An arrest warrant has been issued for a Cobb County mother for allegedly cheering on her daughter during a fight with another student."

IPBprez's picture

I would offer that if Raji isn't there (Seattle?) at the #9 pick, options are open, and use a pick on Ron Brace if possible. I like Alex Mack, as he is a two position player, as well (center & guard).
I don't see an immediate need for Cornerback - certainly, Pat Lee will get his big chance, this season. That leaves focus on OLB, DE and NT if not going for O-Line personnel.
I also agree with the Allen Barbre comments. Is his lack of chances political? I'm still not sold on Campen as an OLC. MAC could have gone shopping there, as well. I was always pro Beightol.

jerseypackfan's picture

My issues with Smith are as follows He was suspended from a BCS bowl game. Now you have to screw up pretty good to do that one.

Showing up for a combine out of shape then leaving and not telling anyone about it. Real smart seeing this is you chance to show the NFL you have the skills to get paid. Mayock was right for calling him out on that one.
Then he says he will show everyone in his pro day workout a month later. Well did he? No! He screwed it up even more.

What else do I need to know about this future headcase?

Dont blame the media Aaron he did this himself.

Ron La Canne's picture

Actually, for most of the season Andre Smith was the consensus #1 pick. He isn't now!

PackerAaron's picture

jersey and ron - so you completely throw away the last three years where he dominated, and I mean dominated, anyone and everyone he faced because of the last month? So he left the Combine - who cares? The Combine is so overblown and the NFL Network has only made it worse in the quest to make it an 'event' a la the Draft.

As for his 'not being a consensus #1 pick' I will be shocked, SHOCKED if he doesn't go in the Top Ten.

jerseypackfan's picture
PackerAaron's picture

Wow - it's almost like it's a month before the draft or something... ;)

buckslayernyc's picture

Barbre is my darkhorse to put Clifton out of a job.
Clifton saves us big cash if cut before the season. I just don't see him beating out the likes of Barbre this year....He was a good Left Tackle, one of our best ever, but he can't zone run block or block a screen pass for squat. he needs to go

PackerAaron's picture

I love Barbre as much as the next guy, but if he's the Packers' starting left tackle in 2009, they are in big, big trouble...

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