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I've read and heard a lot of fan reaction to the loss yesterday. A lot of the usual mud-slinging by the anti-Thompson crowd of course, but also some measured reactions trying to affix blame for yesterday's tough loss.

The truth is - that was a great football game. It's just truly unfortunate the Packers had to lose.

People will blame McCarthy and Sanders for the failures of the offense and defense respectively. People will try to blame individuals for plays they think might have swayed the outcome. (Poppinga's horrific personal foul penalty or Jason Spitz' missed block on the screen play toward the end of regulation...) And of course, there's the old standby, blaming the refs, the worst offense being the blatant mugging of Greg Jennings on the deep ball against Finnegan. (And don't buy what Bedard is sellin' - that was classic pass interference, unlike Chillar's non-call in the end-zone - Finnegan wraps up Jennings' arm just BEFORE the ball gets there. Pass. Interference.)

But in truth, the Packers just didn't make the plays when they needed to make them and the Titans did. Sometimes, it's as simple as that. It's frustrating, not having something or someone to blame, but it's the truth. When the Packers give the ball away twice and don't take it away even once, more often than not they are going to lose. Even after that, all they had to do was get a first down on their last offensive drive and Crosby most likely kicks the game winner. You can go on and on. The Titans made the plays that needed to be made - the Packers didn't and now they sit at 4-4 halfway through the season.


The next two games? Huge. Enormous. The importance can not be overstated. The Packers must find a way to win these next two games or it is all over for the 2008 Green Bay Packers. That may sound melodramatic, but it's pretty much where they've put themselves. Facing the Vikings then the Bears, the Packers can't falter either time, especially against the Bears who McCarthy has yet to figure out. (His lone victory against our hated rival came in a meaningless New Years Eve game two years ago...)

So - don't focus on the sting of this Titans loss - it's unfortunate, but not catastrophic. Instead - get ready for all out wars against our two most hated rivals back-to-back. It's only the season on the line, after all.

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Alex Tallitsch's picture

Thanks you for illustrating the "must win "ness" of the situation. Division or bust.

Keith's picture

Unfortunately, I had a super busy weekend and couldn't watch the game, however I plan to catch the Directv Shortcut tonight.

Anyway, from what I've heard, this was the game of the day and the Pack held their own, which is very encouraging IMO. I listen to a football podcast with great analysts that I trust and they were impressed with the fight that this team showed. One actually stressed that the Pack showed that they are not just a finesse team. Again, I am going off second hand knowledge here, but losses like these can be rallying points for teams that go on to bigger and better things (see the Giants' loss to the Pats in week 17 last year.)

packeraaron's picture

PackOne - that's the Gospel right there. No way they get in as a Wild Card - not with losses to Atlanta, Dallas and Tampa under their belts...

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

In an earlier post I noted I spent 10 hours in the car on Friday listening to every sports pundit on Sirius radio. Jeff Fisher made an interesting comment. Asked about the fairness of his short week vs the Packers bye week, he said one could argue that byes are not necc desirable when a team is on a roll. So while the Packers needed to heal, I'm wondering how much the bye hurt the timing for us yesterday (e.g., between Jennings and Rodgers). We were feeling pretty good about ourselves after the win vs Indy. Just a thought

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Just saw McCarthy's Monday presser. Why does no one ever ask about Barnett's play?

packeraaron's picture

They did a couple weeks ago and he gave a soul-crushingly boring non-answer.

ctpack's picture

Packers are not a good enough team to make alot of mistakes unlike the Giants.Eli turned the ball over 3 times yesterday but the Giant defence will cover that up.

ctpack's picture

We were a pimp slap away (Poppinga personal foul) from winning the game.Would have been 4th and 10.They scored on that drive.

packeraaron's picture

Come on ctpack -that happened in the first quarter. Not to mention Poppinga got hit first, so he was hardly the one doing a 'pimp slap' - he responded when fired upon. Was it dumb? Sure - but it didn't cost them the game.

AZPackerFan's picture

Im, personally, getting tired of peoples pessimistic perspective on this season. Yes there is things, small fundementals, that are going wrong and that will translate to a mediocre season but the small fundamentals are coming from being a young transition team. A new qb still learning will equate to holding the ball a little longer which effects O-line maybe more hold calls. WR/QB relation is still patching itself together which equals more drops. The only problem i see where we have talent and its not working is the defense. Injuries to secondary will give way to over the top passing, however as we saw when they are at full strength they are near unbeatable. The linbacking core, with new added depth isnt doin it! Blitz disquise, terrible. Coverage by LBs, mediocre at best, too much zone and hesitation with these guys. DLine not playing to full potential effects everyone behind them. The dline is penatrating, but too deep allowing many qb runs and cut lanes for RBs. Ad these up and you have an offense still meshing together and a defense that isnt playing to full potential, blame the DCoordinater i can understand. The Titan game showed him blitz but man was it terrible. Too obvious, coverage not getting there(see 3rd and 6 play in OT). All in all this year shows the potential we have when were at full strength and comfort with one another. Yes its mediocraity but its better then having a whiny bitch in the backfield who thinks more of himself then the team (see interception leader)!

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