Pack's What She Said Live from Green Bay!

Maggie and Perri talk Packers training camp and take your questions about what they saw at today's practice.

Earlier tonight, Maggie and Perri were live on our YouTube channel chatting with Packers fans worldwide. 

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Harold Drake's picture

August 11, 2021 at 02:22 am

Excellent show. Keep up the good work. With respect to the Packers' WR corps, however, it would make little sense to limit the group to five when you have Funchess and especially Winfree playing at such a high level in training camp. It would be better to keep fewer TEs and more WRs if that is the zero sum equation that defines the roster choices.

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LambeauPlain's picture

August 11, 2021 at 01:10 pm

Maggi and Perri, good show!

Given how balanced the Pack is between run & how the on field 12 & 22 personnel seems to be increasing, I can see the final 53 keeping more run assets.

10 OL, 4 or 5 TEs, 4 RBs, and just 5WRs makes sense to me.

MM used 3 WRs a lot. Some 4 and even 5 at times. Matt rarely does use 3-5 WRs...and mixing in TEs with the WRs in 12 & 22 for match up opportunities.

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