Pack's What She Said: Episode 29

Your hosts take a look at the Vikings and celebrate the return of Packers football. 

This week, Maggie and Perri train their gaze on the Packers Week 1 opponnent, the Minnesota Vikings. 

Take a listen:

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Jaqu’eau's picture

September 12, 2020 at 07:19 pm

Love this podcast, it’s like two people waxing poetic about the packers in a bar/pub/cafe who draw your attention among the noise. Serious and knowledgeable, yet amusing. Their enthusiasm is contagious! They are all in on this packers team, which as a fan, so am I.

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September 13, 2020 at 04:18 am

Great comment. Could not have said it better.

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September 13, 2020 at 09:12 am

Like the podcast and the deliberative manner that you both think through your content/opinions beforehand.

One constructive criticism:
I think the podcast would be better if disagreements were expressed (in a congenial manner and when legitimate not just to create controversy). It is seems that too predominantly you congratulate each other on your interesting points of view without having almost any disagreements. I am all for being supportive most of the time, but when disagreeing expressing it makes for a more rich conversation. Most of the time you might agree with each other but when you have a different point of view you could nicely phrase in a question rather than a conflictual statement. Like “ that’s an interesting take on it but what do you think about this (contradictory info)?”

Ex) Tyler Ervin suggested as being an x-factor THIS game when utilized as a WR

If Maggie thinks “he definitely could be an x-factor down the road but he probably won’t be utilized much this game besides on ST, then say it (respectfully).
Back it up with evidence:
1) The 1st game of the season MLF is probably not going to show too much of his gadget plays
2) Besides the top 3 WRs, Jones and J Williams will probably get much of the other passing targets out of RPO sets
3) If everything is going well the packers will rely heavily on the run game with their 3 headed monster to wear down the Vikings and close it out late

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