#PackersDaily: Tough decisions waiting for Gutekunst

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Dragon5's picture

January 27, 2021 at 12:01 pm

Good news nuggets:

Aaron Donald & Khalil Mack, both GOATs likely to have down years in their enemy OX year for 2021. Rams will visit Lambeau and of course we NFC North auto play Chicago twice a year.

If special teams is going to be addressed, AVOID all pro returner Cordarrelle Patterson, also another GOAT.

All pro G Brandon Scherff is also a UFA--not that we would pony up for a guard anyway, but also a GOAT--avoid!

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stockholder's picture

January 27, 2021 at 01:30 pm

Gutes decisions are not that hard. He can't match contracts unless it's for the minimum. Rodgers is alone. And Gute won't have it any other way. This team lacks speed. The packers cannot match it. His DL was dead last a year ago. SF burned us. Tampa Bay out muscled us. And if Rodgers goes down he's done as a packer. And so are the packers. The choice is simple. Draft the Trench/// Dump the salary. And hopefully Jones or Williams give the packers a discount. A word to the Wise. Don't count on Gutes draft.

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KenEllis's picture

January 27, 2021 at 03:16 pm

There are ZERO TOUGH decisions for Gute in 2021.

Gute put his own future/legacy on the line when he drafted Jordan Love. What happens to the team next season, with Rodgers still at QB rather than Love, is just not that big of a deal from Gute's personal perspective.

Gute is obviously trying to make sure that the Packers remain COMPETITIVE in the future rather than trying to do everything to win a Super Bowl next season, just like his much-celebrated mentor Ted Thompson did between 2011-2017.

For Packer fans who get a special thrill out of just making the playoffs or winning NFC North Titles the future remains bright under Gute.

For those Packer fans who believe getting to and winning Super Bowls is what it is all about, here's hoping that GB catches lightning in a bottle for 1 season and makes it to the big game with Jordan Love at QB to match the 1 SB appearance they made with Aaron Rodgers.

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BBlake's picture

January 27, 2021 at 02:19 pm

Gutekunst will do whatever is necessary to win the NFC North. No more, no less.

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KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

January 27, 2021 at 02:58 pm

Great forum where everyone can express their thoughts and views, Having said that....WOW! Pretty amazing comments!

Most all of you (some of you I know were) are almost certainly on record the past couple of years crying how depleted the Packers were regarding talent, and it would take 3+ years to have a competitive team let alone making the playoffs and being a force. Now each of you are blasting Gutey after significantly beating most anyone's expectations and predictions! About 28-30 other NFL teams would love to have the success the Packers have had on the field these past two seasons.

Don't understand the mentality! Yes, it is always frustrating not winning the SB every year but unless your name is Tom Brady it likely isn't happening. The past two years the Packers have been stocking talent building towards a team competitive enough they have a very good shot at winning the SB. There is always addition and subtraction each year but look at the past two years of talent they have drafted and brought on board. Some of those young draftees haven't even been able to make their mark yet due to injuries, and for other reasons.

I am always interested in the draft each year and always curious not only who they end up with thru the 7-rounds, but how they maneuvered in the draft to obtain their players of choice. I will support whomever they draft as they know more than I, but I have said many times the Pack need the 'hogs' on both sides of the line in the first three rounds. Look at how the Packers have been beaten in the NFC Championship games the past two years? They need big athletic dominant men on the OL and DL. Give me a stud OL (preferably OT), and give me a athletic big body producing DT to stop the run and collapse the pocket. Yes, would like seeing a quality ILB and WR but only after the big guys. Hard to address so many positions with quality starting players in one draft. With our two rookie ILB's and what they have shown this year we are in a much better spot than in recent memory and they should continue to improve. Is the ILB position still a high priority? We certainly do not have a Devon White but our ILB's will continue to improve. Our WR position too isn't as shaky as it was in years past. MVS really is improving significantly and excited to see what another year looks like before his contract year (would like to see him signed early). I am disappointed with ESB and where he is currently but he really has been held back with injuries the past couple of years. There is untapped talent there with ESB. I am definitely looking at both these WR's improving next year in the last year of their contract. Love Lazard but I do believe they could use a quick twitch slot WR to go with what they have.

It is my hope they let King, PSmith, Funchess, and A. Jones go next year. Would be nice to see Linsley stay at center but okay letting him go too saving money. I would very much like to see Williams stay at RB to partner with Dillon as that would be a pretty formidable combination at the right price.

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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

January 28, 2021 at 04:44 am

Nice post overall. Now to nitpick -- naturally as that is part of the purpose of a comment section!

Dillon and Williams would be redundant. You're not wrong, though, so finding a scat back would be nice. Dexter Williams ain't it.

I've deleted the rest of my nitpicking because I went off on a tangent and have decided to write a whole article instead! [LOL, that doesn't mean I hated your comment, just a couple of quibbles were in there that were part of the tangent.]

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dblbogey's picture

January 27, 2021 at 04:47 pm

Tough crowd today. Linsley, Jones are gone simply because we can't afford them. There are 21 UFA's on the Packers and IMHO, 10 of them are key players and we'll lose a lot of them. We're going to have a very different looking team next year. I wonder if some free agent offers around the league won't drop dramatically with the lower Cap. It will be an interesting off season.

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