#PackersDaily: Gratuitous Aaron Rodgers Mention

Aaron chats with Packers fans worldwide as Matt LaFleur continues his search for his new defensive coordinator.

Earlier today, I held my Packers chat over on our YouTube channel talking all things Green and Gold. 

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February 03, 2021 at 03:01 pm

Nags, with you on so many of your takes but couple things today....

1) Weak sauce on no DC of your own. Its not a prediction but who you want. Choose from interviewed or others - passing was weak, saying its weak is a nice touch but at least give a name or two. Its what people are paying you for. Literally (superchat)
2) Weak sauce - Agree with your take on key areas for packers draft but once the seasons over its offseason, Personnel - Coaches, Players, Admin. Quit punting on all things draft. Its the #1 packer topic until after draft day. What else of real value is there? National Media sucks on Packers draft. Hey, I gave you props on the great segment with Renner so I know, you know (lol) enough to speak on it in generalities already and specifics at a higher level than 90% of your audience..
3) attitude is the Biggest need on D.... It wasn't attitude that had king and sullivan stinking up the field. Those were by far the biggest reasons the defense gave up points. The rest had to do with Tampa being talented and the turnover. Attitude is subjective - sure I'd like to see attitude on the field, its fun, infective and does have a tangible impact...
That said it had zero to do with any loses let alone the NFC Championship (as you did state for 2019/2020 result). Lets face it the change has more to do with something other than strictly performance, hopefully someone can find out exactly what. Then again if the Org. and Pettine have class they won't make it public. Keep up the good work. Most often Critique/feedback is negative but overall I really do like what you guys are doing at Cheeseheadtv....Grossi has that entertainment and likability thing going but for more in depth Packer focused fandome your the best bet in town. even with you being stuck in NY, my condolences.

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