#PackersDaily: Get your popcorn ready for Pettine vs Rivers

Aaron chats with Packers fans worldwide as the team continues to prepare for the matchup with the Colts.

Earlier this morning, I held my Packers chat over on our YouTube channel talking all things Green and Gold. 

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November 19, 2020 at 02:14 pm

Pettine vs. the terminator is more like it. Rivers certainly has the career numbers to be considered as a HOF member. There are a handful of guys that if you let them stick around, they'll beat you. I always think about Rivers, Brady, Brees, Manning, Montana, Marino, Favre as having been the examples of the NFL's Terminators. They're not dead until the final gun sounds.

This version of Rivers is different than the younger version, but he seems to have embraced his decline by actually becoming a more controlled QB. He'll peck your flipping eyes out if "you give it to him". If it's there, he's going to take it, he's not going to make a bunch of bad reads, in fact, this years version is happy to take exactly what you give him, and he's winning doing it. He's capable of still having big games, and still laying the occasional egg, but overall, he's a HOF candidate for sure, a very prolific career.

Finally, I view Rivers as having the far easier task of defeating a bad Packers defense, than Rodgers defeating a very strong Colts defense. I don't view anything about Pettines defense as being anything more than a mediocre opposition to Rivers. I'd expect the Colts to ring up the points on this Packers defense. Hope they prove me wrong, doubt they will. I'm thinking this will be Colts 31, Packers 20, something like that. Rodgers really struggles facing top 5 defenses, and Rivers won't have to.

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November 19, 2020 at 06:36 pm

Rivers will out master Pettine , oh and the Colts can run the ball too . Can't wait to see those 3 man fronts .

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