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Packers vs. Vikings: The Aftermath

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Packers vs. Vikings: The Aftermath

The Vikings handed the Packers their first defeat in NFC North play in almost two full seasons by beating Green Bay 37-34.

No Answer for Adrian

The only thing Adrian Peterson didn’t do on Sunday was break Erik Dickerson’s single season rushing record; he fell eight yards short.

The Packers couldn’t find a way to stop the dynamic back as he rumbled for 199 rushing yards, one rushing touchdown and one receiving touchdown.

Green Bay’s defenders looked meek as Peterson broke arm tackles and willed his way through the defense all afternoon.

Turnovers Tell the Tale

As is the case in most contests, the winner of the turnover battle won the game.

Aaron Rodgers coughed up the ball in the third quarter when Vikings’ defensive end Brian Robison stripped Rodgers as he attempted to throw while on the run.

The turnover marked a shift in momentum as Minnesota converted Rodgers’ turnover into a touchdown when, ten plays later, Christian Ponder found a wide-open Adrian Peterson in the end zone for the score.

Unlike the first meeting between these two clubs, where Ponder threw two interceptions, the Vikings did not record a turnover on Sunday.

The Packers' secondary had their chances, but the defensive unit could not come up with a big play as the Vikings’ offense racked up 444 total yards.

Third Downs

The Vikings converted six of their 12 third-downs as well as their only fourth-down attempt.

The Vikings controlled most of the first half, and the Packers’ defense was on their heels for much of the day. The Packers defense did not force the Vikings into a three-and-out until the 9:21 mark of the second quarter.

Despite the defense not being able to get off the field for most of the game, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers’ offense continually answered the Vikings’ scoring drives as the Packers converted six-of-13 third-downs as well as their only fourth-down.

The dagger was twisted by the Vikings' offense, however, when Christian Ponder connected with Michael Jenkins on a third-and-11 play from the Vikings' 27-yard line.

On the play, the Packers rushed three and were unable to pressure Ponder as he found Michael Jenkins along the sideline. Jenkins slipped between three Packers’ defenders and the 25-yard gain helped position the Vikings for a game-winning Blair Walsh field goal.

Injury Report

Jordy Nelson sat out part of the second half with a knee injury but was able to return to the game. Nelson appeared to injure his knee while blocking for Jermichael Finley on the penultimate play of the first half. Finley and Nelson got tangled up on the play as both had to be helped to their feet on the sidelines.

Clay Matthews fell hard to the Metrodome turf after attempting to tackle Adrian Peterson but also returned to the game. Matthews did not re-injure his hamstring but said he felt pain run through his entire body as he slammed down onto the turf.

While Matthews and Nelson were able to return, the fortunes of Jarrett Boykin and Jerel Worthy were not as bright.

Jarrett Boykin hurt his left ankle while recording his only catch of the game. Boykin’s leg bent backwards when Vikings' defensive back A.J. Jefferson wrestled him to the ground after hauling in a fourth-and-one pass from Aaron Rodgers. The rookie out of Virginia Tech was able to jog off the field but the cart was used to transport Boykin to the locker room shortly thereafter.

Defensive lineman Jerel Worthy also suffered a knee injury. The rookie lineman’s knee buckled under him late in the fourth quarter. Worthy’s injury occurred after slight contact from Vikings’ tackle Phil Loadholt, but the contact did not appear to force the injury. Worthy fell to the ground after planting his left leg in the turf and had to be carted off the field.

Up Next

The Vikings and Packers face off again next week. The rematch takes place in Green Bay and is set for next Saturday evening at 7:00 pm, central time.

If the Packers win, they move on to face the 49ers in San Francisco the following Saturday at 7:00 pm.


Max Ginsberg is a regular contributor at CheeseheadTV and was forced to watch Sunday's game surrounded by his in-laws who are fierce Vikings' fans. He is hoping for redemption next week, but has vowed to take the high road if the Packers come out victorious. You can send him questions, comments or concerns for his well being via Twitter @MaxGinsberg or by email at maxginsberg[at]

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MarkinMadison's picture

The path is set. If they beat the Vikings and 49ers in consecutive weeks then I have no doubt they will win the Super Bowl.

KurtMc's picture

Yes, AP got his yards. Most times he does anyway. The D secondary let this one slip away. Poor, communication, even poorer tackling and a just awful penalty cost us the game.

Let AP have his 100 yards, DON'T let Ponder look like an MVP.

Let's take that Viking horn and shove it up $!&@.

Go Pack

PacMan's picture

I was going to write all the things that bothered me about the Packers play yesterday but all that's been covered. So just one thing:

How do we go about starting a rally in GB where everyone can carry placards that say "TACKLE HIS LEGS!!!"

Take a look at the NFL replay film. The first 2 clips are AP runs that he breaks through but the one who tackles him is Jennings by wrapping his ankles and down he went.


FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

That's great. Every fan in the bleachers should hold up a sign saying just that... Start a tweeter movement or something!

BrianD's picture

The Packers lost by 3, on a last minute field goal, on the road, against a team fighting to get into the playoffs, led by the NFL MVP.

mike's picture

learn to tackle by next week and no stupid penalties.

markinmontana's picture

I assume that Worthy is done for the year, just by the way he went down. Bad timing, as another D-line body would be great for the playoffs.

razor's picture

I liked that AR was fired up in this game. If he does that in the next game Packers win. However he is holding the ball too long - not good in the playoffs.

Defense is not good enough for the playoffs and in spite of 2010 I'm not sure that McCarthy is good enough.

Tarynfor12's picture

At least we don't have this feeling every game.

Brian's picture

Lovie for d-coordinator

Fish . Crane's picture

the will to continue to play was stronger than the will to not play

Lars's picture

I'll second that. Capers defense was awful yesterday. Fans blame the secondary, but everybody in the stadium knew Dom would rush only three in most situations. No pass rush. no victory. This one's on the DC. And, Tramon Williams was as bad as it gets.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Switch to a 4-3, or have lovie adapt?

Brian's picture

Let Lovie do his thing (4-3). Perry & Neal as DE, Picket, Raji tackles. Maybe Lovie could teach Shields not to peek in the backfield and Tramon how to tackle. Bishop MLB and Clay as OLB and ?? as WLB.

Chances would be slim for Lovie to be a DC next year in GB.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

"Chances would be slim for Lovie to be a DC next year in GB."

They sure would. The man knows defense. That said... So does Dom. Some of the predictable shit just gets so old, I'm sure bare fans say the same thing when Rodgers consistently beats them and their cover two. The grass isn't always greener, all in all, I think Dom has done well this year, given the youth and injuries.

Brian's picture

" Some of the predictable shit just gets so old, "

I read where the Vikings were banking on 3 man rush and zone on the 3rd &11 play in the 4th quarter. They knew Dom's tendencies. However, the DB's didn't execute.

"The grass isn’t always greener, all in all, I think Dom has done well this year, given the youth and injuries." +1

Chad Toporski's picture

You realize the key to a Lovie-style defense (Tampa 2) is the MLB? Let me know when you find the right one for Green Bay...

Brian's picture

Kinda like in a 3-4 where you need 2 good OLBs and we still only have 1?

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Even if we end up in Atlanta, we won't find ourselves in as nasty of an environment as yesterday. Sooo... That's good.

Steven's picture

Start harris!

Nononsense's picture

I 100% agree with Steven, start DuJuan Harris and get him at least 25 touches. Let him play in place of Kuhn on 3rd downs too, Kuhn is only there to block and everyone knows it. Keep Harris in there to give the offense some balance, hes a much bigger threat to run in those situations and hes an explosive option for the HB screen or a simple checkdown, much more than Kuhn is anyway. As for the blocking part of the job on 3rd downs, well just go back and watch him pick up the blitz against the Vikes, hes looks more than capable to me.

With Jenninngs Cobb and Harris on the field together there is no reason why this team can't score 50 points against these Vikings even in frigid Lambeau.

Steven's picture

Is it me or does he seem like a starting back, he seemed strong and quick. Might be our fastest back. He can break tackles and make people miss, he was really close to breaking off a few runs

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