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Packers Try Out Potential Kick Return Replacements

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Packers Try Out Potential Kick Return Replacements

From Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Packers tried out Indoor Football League player B.J. Hill of Green Bay Blizzard and former Georgia Tech running back Orwin Smith:

Listed by the Blizzard as 5 feet 9 inches and 180 pounds, the 27-year-old Hill scored touchdowns on 13 of his 166 returns from 2010-'13. He averaged 20.6 yards.

Hill was named the IFL's top kick returner in 2011 and '13, and was second team in '10. He also was a second-team defensive back in '10.

In his Blizzard career, Hill also caught 40 passes for 513 yards (12.8) and 12 touchdowns, rushed 11 times for 18 yards (1.6) and three TDs, and intercepted 20 passes (three TDs).

About Smith:

Playing four seasons, Smith was Tech's primary kickoff returner as a freshman in 2009. Then he started six of 13 games in 2010, 11 of 12 in '11 and 12 of 14 in '12.

The Packers also reportedly worked out rookie defensive back Darren Woodard and nose tackle Chigbo Anunoby.


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Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Show me what you got 'nobly, 'noby.

Not sure we need the NT, but with free agency looming you never know. Like to see TT keep working the phones. And saving money by trying out locals.

Joe's picture

Is Joe McKnight even on the radar

Evan's picture

Of the New York Police Department, yes.

packeraaron's picture

I heard very reliably that his workout was terrible.

hayward4president's picture

I think he's been out gettin hit in the head by champagne bottles w jacoby.

Evan's picture

ha...I'll say one thing, McKinnie sure knows how to throw a party.

UP-Packer's picture

Pass on both these dudes. They were just in for Tuesday tryouts anyway.

Derek in CO's picture

there's got to be someone else out there. Allen Rossum? Hell, according to Bus Cook, Brett is so fast and in such good shape, he could probably do it.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

I'd pay to see Brett returning punts.

al's picture

so now that packers signed hill will he get the start at kick returns ???

KC's picture

Typical Thompson, looking at bottom barrell players to fill a role. This penny pinching crap is how we got into trouble with Ross in the first place..

Now he's signing Arena league players!?!? Hey at least he saved a plane fare by choosing a guy from the Green Bay team. So pathetic. Don't we have like $11 mil in cap space? You mean to tell me this turd is better than Josh Cribbs?? No he's cheaper..

You get what you pay for, and I wouldn't be surprised if this Arena League guy costs us a game just like Ross did multiple times.

jake -from State Farm's picture

What help can cheap Teddy boy do? He gave the farm to two players: Rogers Mathews and he has a slew of guys due for new contracts next year or they are gone and we spend another two drafts trying to get 5th - 7th rounders to fill the bill.

Hey this is Ted's circus. He will not back load contracts so cheap ball is all you get.

jake -from State Farm's picture

What else can cheap Teddy boy do? He gave the farm to two players: Rogers Mathews and he has a slew of guys due for new contracts next year or they are gone and we spend another two drafts trying to get 5th - 7th rounders to fill the bill.

Hey this is Ted's circus. He will not back load contracts so cheap ball is all you get.

KC's picture

We are near the top of the league, if not tops, in cap space. A one year 700k deal for a veteran free agent returner may hurt his chances for his annual "lowest team salary" award (along with his coveted "youngest team" award), but it wouldn't have ANY effect on the re-signing of players next year.

Rodgers contract was FRONT-LOADED specifically designed for us to throw money at Shields and Finley next year. Rodgers gets paid LESS as the years go on.

Stroh's picture

Let us know when you find a veteran returner that's avail. Then you might have something, in the meantime, just STFU!

KC's picture

How about contributing something instead of trolling like a fucking clown Viking fan.. I already mentioned Josh Cribbs but apparently your rat brain cannot comprehend the english language.

Jamie's picture

Hey...hey...the guy knows the name of a re-tread unwanted by two of the worst teams in the league. Let's fire TT and hire this genius.


al's picture

next man up .......

KC's picture

re-tread huh? I bet you also use the term "kicking the tires"... fucking wannabe.

Jamie's picture

And I bet you also use the term "Dante Hall"...


The TKstinator's picture

I think TT does not care one iota about name recognition. Josh Cribbs, Joe McKnight, etc are names we fans recognize, but to TT (it seems) the names mean nothing. He is all business.

The idea that he is cheap bugs me. He is working with the salary cap. When Baltimore extended Flacco, how many players were cap casualties? GB extended 12 AND 52 AND 42 and had no cap casualties. (Overpriced injury prone diva receivers do not count.)

Clearly if a team devotes this kind of $ to its core players it still has to make the cap, and the way to do that is to draft.

GB has a lot of players in the last years of their contracts and a decent amount of cap space....does anyone think that is merely a coincidence?
TT will carefully decide which players to re-sign, and yes, we fans may disagree. But we've got hindsight on our side. TT gets no such luxury.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Excellent post.

Stroh's picture

Very well said. I don't have any concerns about signing our FA. Pickett will resign for a lower dollar amt and Raji will get some/most of that. Shields will cost, but you can unload Tramon since he's still not the same player he was and we have House and Hayward. Jolly will get resigned reasonably since the Packers showed such loyalty. James Jones could be tough but they can find a way if they chose to. If they have to Hawk can be let go to make something happen.

Nononsense's picture

From what I can see in his videos, he looks like a very good choice to replace Ross at KR. Small, elusive, fearless. Looks like he sets up his blocks well and has really good change of direction ability. I approve of this signing.

Not sure if he can return punts yet but im sure they will take a long look at him there in practice before trotting him out there on game day.

Jamie's picture

I actually liked what I saw from Hyde on PR in the preseason. He looked comfortable, and though he may not be a game breaker...he was sneaky good at picking up yards.

RC Packer Fan's picture

honestly, I would be happy for a sure handed guy back there...

From what I saw from Hyde in the preseason, he was very sure handed.

Yes he might not be a game breaker, but honestly, he doesn't have to be. He needs to protect the ball and if he can get 10 yards or so, that would be great.

As of right now, I think Hyde will be the PR and Franklin will be the KR.

Stroh's picture

Cobb will likely be the KR/PR for now. ST is still 1/3 of the game and you guys want to remove a playmaker from that part of the game? Sorry but that makes no F'in sense! Cobb on both returns for now and if you need to cut back on his offensive snaps by 1/2 dozen or so to compensate that's fine by me. I would however start getting Hyde and Franklin A LOT of practice receiving kicks and punts respectively, but for precautionary reasons and to try to see if they can take over those duties later in the season or at least next year.

RC Packer Fan's picture

The only reason why I don't want to see Cobb return is because he has been injured. He has/had that biceps injury. I don't know where its at today but that part still concerns me.

I think if Franklin can get comfortable catching kicks he could be very good. He is explosive and is shifty enough. He just needs to be more sure handed. I agree he needs a lot of practice.

Stroh's picture

Injuries happen on plays all the time. You can't play the game afraid an injury will happen! The biceps injury was a strained muscle (like a hamstring) and hasn't been an issue this season. I think Franklin could be good at it too, but he needs to be comfortable catching the ball or we'll just have another Ross. And that might ruin his confidence which could affect him on offense. That's why I said get Hyde and Franklin a lot of reps receiving kicks.

White92's picture

Is PJ Hill available?? :(

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