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Packers' Tim Boyle hoping to 'get into a rhythm' with extensive playing time

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Packers' Tim Boyle hoping to 'get into a rhythm' with extensive playing time

-- Expect a healthy dosage of Tim Boyle Thursday night in Kansas City.

According to Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy, the undrafted rookie quarterback is expected to receive a majority of the reps under center in the preseason finale.

"It's important to get Tim probably more snaps than the other two because he didn't have an opportunity to play in Oakland," McCarthy said before Tuesday's practice.

The Packers threw the ball 37 times against the Oakland Raiders last week -- a 13-6 defeat -- and all came via the arms of Brett Hundley and DeShone Kizer. Both of which, were considered the two primary contenders for the backup quarterback job.

That was before Hundley was traded to the Seattle Seahawks on Wednesday for a sixth-round pick.

That leaves Boyle on the outside looking in, but with an extensive amount of playing time expected to come his way, it's a good opportunity for him to leave a lasting impression. Not just for the Packers with hopes of being stashed on their practice squad -- if he even clears waivers -- but for other teams who will undoubtedly be watching with a close pair of eyes.

"I think it’ll be nice being able to get into a rhythm," Boyle told after Tuesday's closed practice. "I had midway through the third, fourth quarters so you’re playing off the other two quarterbacks. But now, I don’t know exactly what I’ll get in the game, but I’ll be able to go out there and get comfortable, see the defense acclimate and go from there."

ESPN's Rob Demovsky said shortly after the Hundley trade that the Packers' plan is to keep Boyle on the 53-man roster "barring anything unforeseen" against the Chiefs.

Boyle played in the Packers' first two preseason games against the Tennesee Titans and Pittsburgh Steelers. After a hot start in the opener in which he was arguably the best quarterback on the field for either team, he cooled off a week later, hitting just four-of-seven passes for 37 yards and a 71.7 passer rating -- the lowest on the team.

That isn't to say Boyle hasn't significantly improved compared to when he first stepped on the field for rookie minicamp in May, not long after he was signed.

"I think I’ve progressed pretty fast. It’s a pretty hard offense," Boyle said. "I take pride in the fact that I’m learning every day; obviously, having No. 12 in front of you helps you out a lot.

"The biggest thing is when you’re playing a game, just take one play at a time and execute the play as well as you can and put the team in the best play possible."

The Packers may have to take the inevitable route of securing his roster spot, regardless of how well he plays Thursday night. There's a good chance another team will swoop in and sign him before he could even clear waivers a la Taysom Hill.

Wherever he goes, the amount of experience he'll carry with him is invaluable. Very few undrafted rookie signal-callers can say they've shared a quarterback room and picked up on the nuances of the position from Aaron Rodgers.

For a quarterback who threw a single touchdown to 13 interceptions at Connecticut before transferring to Eastern Kentucky for his senior year, any shred of success at the professional level isn't overlooked and any struggle isn't foreign.

"If I’m a member of a team, practice squad, 53, that’s a plus for me. I just want to play football, I don’t really care how it is. Obviously being a rookie—an undrafted guy—you have to work your way up and earn your stripes. If I’m on a practice squad or a 53, it’s a blessing."


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

From the start, Hundley has been the guy with one year left on his contract--and we still scored a 6th round pick for him. This couldn't have worked out better.

And it's largely due to Boyle. His fast improvement has been one of the more shocking stories out of Green Bay in years.

Nick Perry's picture

No disrespect ALP but I have to disagree with you at least partially. Your right, it couldn't have worked out better but I don't think Boyle had a thing to do with it. Don't get me wrong because I like Boyle and what he's done so far. But the Packers making a trade AND getting back damn near what they paid for Hundley is ALL Gutekunst and a his roots with Ron Wolf.

Gutekunst has made 3 moves this year that are a direct result of learning from Ron Wolf. I think I can say with some amount of confidence these same three moves would never have been made by Thompson.

1) Trade for Kizer... NO WAY would Ted have made that move. Gutekunst took his best CB from last season who was still standing at the end of the year and traded him for a QB who is somewhat of a project. But IMO the Packers got a pretty damn good QB out of that deal AND got rid of a major headache.

2) Trade for Morrison... THIS one has Ron Wolf all over it. Pipkins was getting cut no matter what. Gutekunst already knew this and worked a trade for a player at an area of need in exchange for a player he was cutting at the end of this week. Great job Gute! Thompson would have possibly cut Pipkins and scoured the UDFA still available at ILB.

3) Trade Hundley... What a break for the Packers! Guteunst gets a 6th rounder from a team who probably won't be in the playoffs for a QB we already know can't win enough to get the Packers in the playoffs if Rodgers was injured again. He also got a 6th rounder for a player the Packers would have either cut or possibly kept and used a roster spot that could have kept for someone else with more promise.

All 3 of these moves are moves we KNOW Thompson doesn't make in 2018. I'm really liking this new GM. Those of you who think he's not doing enough are dead wrong IMO. You'll also notice I didn't mention the FA signings like Graham, Wilkerson, and Lewis...3 more moves TT doesn't make.

RCPackerFan's picture

I agree that Gutekunst made 3 trades that I don't think Thompson would have made.

Getting anything for Hundley after last years debacle is crazy. It does go to show that Hundley did have a good preseason though. While a 6th round pick isn't necessarily great, its something. And its something when they would have got nothing for him after the season. This year they took Equanimeous St. Brown in the 6th round.

I have said it a lot and I continue to say it. But I love the job that Gutekunst has done so far.

Since '61's picture

Nick your post is spot on. TT probably doesn't make any of the moves that we have seen Gute make this offseason. These moves have sent a very positive message to the team and the fans. Basically, Gute will not stand pat and he will do whatever he can however he can to improve the team.

The fact that we got a 6th rounder for Hundley tells me that the Packers were probably going to release Hundley anyway and get nothing for him. What I don't know is who approached who. Did Schneider approach Gute or Gute approach Schneider? Schneider calls Gute and says "would you take a 6th round pick in 2019 for Hundley?" Gute says "Done!" Or Gute calls Schneider and says "what would be willing to give up for Brett Hundley our 3 time preseason MVP?" Schneider says "how about a 6th round pick in 2019?" Gute says "Done!" Gute hangs up the phone in either case and thinks, "Thank goodness, now I look like a genius."

Maybe Gute can pull off a trade for an OT or an OLB by giving up Yancey and/or Goodson. Go Gute Go! Thanks, Since '61

stockholder's picture

Everyone saw the improvement. But when you take a Qb in the system for years. (Plus Past failures) Add a new one that became equal. The job goes to the new one. Still Hundley was better than a 7th. Why? experience.

tincada's picture

Seriously? As Florio said BH's best attribute: Not a threat to R Wilson.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Hundley is probably a better fit in the Seahawks Offense where the reads are easier and running is a bigger part of the plan.

Mojo's picture

One thing I'm not sure about. How is it that everyone is certain Gute was going to cut Pipkins? If the Pack keeps at least six CB's then I see Tramon, Alexander, King and Jackson as locks and House as probable. That leaves Brown, Hawkins, Goodson and Rollins fighting for what would be the sixth spot.

So what is about those four that put them above Pipkins? It could be the case Gute likes them over Pipkins but what have they shown to give him that opinion.

Tundraboy's picture

How does one dislike this? Spot on NP.

White _tornado's picture

Agreed spot on NP Anytime someone criticizes TT they get downvotes.

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

true - and it is so obvious that TT was a joke and it is being highlighted every day with the moves that GUTE is making...

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Hey, I agree with all that, NP, but if Rodgers goes down, Gute wouldn't want just Kizer behind him.

Whether on the 53 or with the Practice Squad, I think Gute wants 2 guys developing behind Rodgers, and Boyle's surprising ascension made Hundley completely expendable.

I still can't believe we scored a 6th for a 1-year loaner. Pinch me, I'm dreaming!

Oppy's picture


Ron Wolf announce his retirement in January 2001before stepping down in June.

Brian Gutekunst spent the majority of 1998 with the Chiefs as a scouting assistant before being hired by the Packers as an East Coast scout.

That means there's only a two and a half year overlap between Ron Wolf and Gutekunst.

During that 2.5 years, Gutekunst would be on the road eating at truck stops and living out of hotel rooms up and down the eastern seaboard scratching notes into a file more than observing Ron Wolf.

Gutekunst has named Ted Thompson as his mentor numerous times. Ron taught Ted, Ted taught Brian.
Why do we feel the need to intentionally dismiss Ted Thompson from all things?

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

b/c TT and GUTE are nowhere close to the same GM....

Oppy's picture

How close are TT and Ron Wolf?

Coldworld's picture

Boyle is worth keeping. He has shown considerable upside and is the key to unlocking any value in Kizer if he progresses.

He makes not be as fun to watch as Hill, but I believe he has shown signs of enough upside to be potentially the best development project we have had in many years. Potential is not the same as certainty, but it is worth investing in at QB.

Whoever scouted him deserves significant kudos given his college career.

Oppy's picture

More INTS than TDs, below 50% completion rate.
Sounds like his college career.

He's got a NFL strong arm and he's composed, but decision making and pass placement needs work.

sheppercheeser's picture

Drafting Hundley as a 5th rounder, tutoring him by a future HOF-er and then getting a 6th rounder 3-years later is an utter failure by MM. Why did everyone (except MM) recognize this mistake so long ago, while Hundley wasted a roster spot for 3-seasons? Better late than never, but a real blunder by MM.

John30856's picture


stockholder's picture

MM knew. He was a TT draft pick. TT ran the show. MM only played the hand. Compare anyone to A-Rod and they know.

White _tornado's picture

I'm no MM fan. I don't see why you think this is a failure on MM. A 5th round pick generally doesn"t develop into a starting QB. My problem with MM and TT was the total lack of accountabiity for the disaster that was BH.

In 3 training camps and seasons someone should have noticed Hundley was not going to be what was needed. The fact that NOTHING was done in that period of time is maddening.

When Favre was QB Ron Wolfe kept the QB position fairly well stocked. Mark Brunell, Ty Detmer, Doug Pederson, Steve Bono, Matt Hasselback, Jim McMahon and Aaron Brookes. All serviceable backups and some had success as a starter.

Anyone of the above backups mentioned would have been an improvement than ANY AR has had since taking over as the starter

Chuck Farley's picture

I agree that 3 year experiment was a bad decision. Wish they would have done this last year. Even if they ended up with a bum, they had one already in hundley.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

We drafted him for a projected 4 years, and paid a 5th rounder for those 4 years.

We then traded him with only 1 year left, and got a 6th rounder for that 1 year.

By any formula, we came out way, way ahead on this.

White _tornado's picture

Except for when you needed Hundley to play.
Look what happened

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

True, but that was last year on a bad team. Ted didn't exactly build a juggernaut...

billybobton's picture

It was the same team minus the STARTING OTs that was 4-1 with Arod

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

And that team got A-Rod killed, while winning ugly.

It was a bad team. BB.

Oppy's picture

They weren't especially ugly wins (the defense wasn't great, that's true), and the team didn't "Get A-Rod killed."

It was a semi-late hit way outside of the pocket- somewhere Rodgers has always spent time at, regardless of his line.

PAPackerbacker's picture

If placed on the PS I doubt Boyle will clear waivers. He learns fast and has been impressive when he did play. If the Packers want to keep him they will more than likely have to put him on the 53. There is an excellent chance another team will grab Boyle before he clears waivers. Trading Hundley for a 6th round draft pick was an excellent move. After 3 years of learning under the best QB in the NFL he just wasn't the answer for the #2 spot. Time to move on and see if someone else can do better. Boyle learns quickly and reads defenses well. If he has a solid performance against KC the Packers need to keep him on the 53 or face losing him and starting the hunt for another QB that has the tools and skills Boyle already has.

Lare's picture

If Boyle was placed on waivers and signed by another team, with the Saints trade for Bridgewater there's a chance they could get Taysom Hill back.

Slim11's picture

Based upon what I read yesterday, acquiring Bridgewater was more of an indictment against QB Tom Savage than Taysom Hill. I think the Saints are still keeping Hill.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Yeah, I think Savage is doomed.

Bure9620's picture

My crow was delicious yesterday. Ya never thought the Gute would get more than a conditional pick for Hundley and grabbing a 6th for him was about as good a move he could make for Hundley. Yes NP, this is "Ron Wolfesque." Shrewd, I love it. I expect one more bold decision before week one. A Trade, a veteran acquisition possibly. I also think its not crazy to see Cobb or CMIII get exteded in the form of a restructure to make room for another move.

Packer Fan's picture

I believe that MM wanted to keep Boyle and that partly drove the hierarchy today that the Packers have. MM probably wanted Hill last year, but TT didn't. And then when Hundley bombed, couldn't get TT to do anything else but sit tight. This is also indicative that MM and BG are working well together. This bodes well for Packer backers.

Pauly's picture

What I saw last year with the Hill debacle was TT keeping the 7th UDA CB Pipkins instead of Hill.
That trade of Pipkins for Hill made it even worse for me at the time. Pipkins is talented but would have easily been put on the PS.

Tarynfor12's picture

There was no chance the Packers were going to extend Hundley and every move they made with the trade for Kizer, the preseason playing time, especially giving Hundley first half reps, was all to get him out for whatever they could get. Success is correcting a mistake in drafting him in the first place. The Packers are a pocket pass team first and foremost. Kizer will need to enhance that aspect to remain in GB. Boyle is not the future but his pocket play tonight may be used as a teaching moment for Kizer and pocket presence or what helps him earn a ticket out like Hundley next season.

White _tornado's picture

I'm actually looking forward to roster cutdown day. I know it was a different era, but cutdown day was another oportunity for Ron Wolfe to snag players.

Gilbert Brown was a 3rd round draft pick of that team to the west with silly uniform colors. He was cut on the final roster cut down in 94 I believe. Thank you very much Dennis Green.

Lets see if Gute can find a gem or 2.

White _tornado's picture

Ok this is funny. 2 thumbs down for hoping Gute can replicate some of the success RW had claiming players that were cut by other teams. Some people must be just plain MISERABLE!

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Wasn't me :)

White _tornado's picture

I know ALP, we're cool.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I listened to today's podcast, and the guy said we Packer fans jumped on the Boyle bandwagon...because he's white.


I don't know where Cheesehead finds its contributors. I really don't.

White _tornado's picture

Have you seen Adrian Petersons comments about Shannon Sharpe and Chris Carter when they commented AP should retire? AP was shocked a "black man" would say the things they said. Racism on full display!

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Jeez, will it ever end?

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I didn't know if I could cheer for Boyle, but I looked into his race and it checked out.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Nor me....I up voted you twice!

Lare's picture

Yeah, some people's only positive in life is to downvote someone else on an anonymous blog for expressing their opinions.

Oh well, whatever it takes to feel good about themselves.

WinUSA's picture

Trolls everywhere!

Jonathan Spader's picture

Giving Boyle extensive playing time could hurt the chances the Packers have of him making the PS. If Boyle plays like he did in his 1st showing instead of his 2nd we have another preseason MVP. Either way I'm excited to see Boyle in extended playing time after not seeing him at all last week. Maybe Boyle makes the 53 and then gets bumped back to PS after Jones comes back.

nostradanus's picture

Good moves by Herr Gute and topped off by getting Rodgers locked up until 2023! Sweet!
The only bittersweet thing is I believe Thompson not only burned a 5th rounder on Hundley but actually traded up in the 5th to get him. In my opinion they should have traded him away years sooner after he was hot in the pre-season and probably could have gotten a 3rd rounder perhaps and kept Taysom Hill. But that is water over the bridge. I really like Herr Gute's aggressive, no stone unturned attitude and his first draft class is looking like a Home Run! GO GUTE!

Chuck Farley's picture

My 2 cents, they keep three on the team no choice, can't afford to chance Boyle being picked off ps
Might mean Davis is toast ?
I also think hundley was shipped out without mm's approval. To me he was being groomed by Mike as the backup. If not why all the playing time. Would not be surprised if mm is pissed.

Oppy's picture

I don't know about all that.

Hundley was getting playing time because he was the best back up QB on the roster in 2018. His play confirms that.

However, when Cleveland took Randall for Kizer, Mike McCarthy looked like a kid in a candy store. The Packers were high on Kizer coming out of the 2017 draft, and MM gushed that if Kizer were a draftee in 2018's draft he would have been considered a 1st round prospect.

I think Hundley gave the Packers the best chance to win in 2018 if needed (that's not an endorsement of hundley, but an indictment of the state of QB room), but when Seattle offered something for a guy we were going to part ways with after the season, the decision was made to take it because realistically, the Packers are screwed if Rodgers goes down no matter which of the three QB's in camp would take his place.

We can afford to lose Boyle to waivers, because he's not the future of the franchise. People are getting way crazy about this kid. He's a developmental project. Not a Franchise QB.

porupack's picture

If they DON'T play Boyle tonight, he would likely survive waivers on PS.

Gute already made his decision to keep Boyle in GreenBay, so what value to play him tonight?

Let Kiser play the game, and get more comfortable. That is where the value is for tonight's game. Not playing Boyle.

Put Boyle on PS. No one will claim him based on 30 minutes of preseason against bubble players late in those games (taking into account his poor record in College). This won't be a Taysom Hill snatch 2.0.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I think Gute is hearing too many whispers about interest in Boyle to risk losing him. Hey, the kid fixed his college mechanics and has NFL arm, legs, and moxie. It's rare, but it happens.

I think Gute has heard enough, and will keep Boyle on the 53. Sucks to eat up a roster spot, but sometimes you just luck into a surprising talent.

Dash Riprock's picture

You and I see Boyle the same way. He' s a special special player and the Packers got extremely lucky just like they did with Aaron Rodgers. I really feel lightning has struck three times for the Packers. Favre, Rodgers and now Boyle. Boyle I can see already is the heir apparent to Aaron Rodgers. This Boyle is amazing with this throws. Best talent of all rookie qb's drafted in my opinion.

White _tornado's picture

Thats pretty elite company for a UDFA to be grouped with. Tony Romo is the only undrafted QB I remember that was worth a hill of beans. I wouldn't put him with Favre and Rodgers.

Boyle has some tools to work with, not unlike Hill last year. Lets leave it at that shall we?

Dash Riprock's picture

"Thats pretty elite company for a UDFA to be grouped with"

It is. That's why I have never been more excited about a player since Green Bay took Aaron Rodgers in 2005. I am almost at the Boyleing point with excitement. If you read up on Tim Boyle, you can see how he could slip thru the cracks. When you watch him play with actual players (unlike what he had in college), all I can say is whoever the scout was who recommended him to Green Bay should be promoted ASAP. That scout is also special to pluck this guy out of thin air. Could be one of the greatest finds in Packers history when it's all said and done. That's how convinced I am that Boyle is a future superstar. Watch the throws, the arm, the confidence and how he attacks the defense. Aggressive as hell. I think we hit the jackpot. If you disagree that's fine.

Oppy's picture

White _tornado is actually the voice of reason, here.

Boyle has a strong arm and throws a tight spiral, but he doesn't have great accuracy. He spent three years at UConn with completion percentages of 44, 52.4, 51.7, for a total of 1 TD and 13 interceptions, before he went to Eastern Kentucky where he threw 11 TDs, 13 INTs with a 61% completion rating.

For his entire college career, it's 100.46 ( converts to 60.3 passer rating in the NFL.)

Even if you only look at his BEST year (when he went to Eastern Kentucky), his college passer efficiency rating is 119.44 (that's 75.2 by NFL's standards).

He has some nice attributes. This is not a franchise QB. This is a guy you probably hope to develop into a viable backup. I don't want to spend an extra roster spot for a 2nd non-starter QB because he might shape up to be a viable back up some day. This is literally a player who will offer nothing to the team in 2018, and you are hoping he MIGHT be of some use in 2019. That's what Practice squad is for.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Why are people down voting. Amazing!

Very positive and upbeat! Hope you are correct!

Dash Riprock's picture

I have no idea why people are upset that we have found our future starter in Boyle once Rodgers retires (My opinion). Boyle will be what 27? Perfect age to take over. Maybe some people are sick and tired of winning. Maybe they want to go back to Mike Tomczak and Randy Wright. I don't and we won't with Boyle. Can't wait to see our future superstar qb perform tonight. Lots of crow on people's plates after tonights game.

TXCHEESE's picture

The previous post theorizing Boyle may stay on the 53 till AJ returns is a pretty solid guess. By then most teams will have their 53 set and not be looking for a 3rd team QB. My guess they want to play Boyle a significant amount to help him develop. You have to give him a fair shot to compete for the backup job at some point. Kizer has played 15 NFL games so he doesn't necessarily need to get acclimated to the speed of the game as much as Boyle does, plus you don't want to risk injury to AR's backup in a meaningless game immediately prior to the real games coming.

Jonathan Spader's picture

It's a great problem to have TXCHEESE.

Oppy's picture

Who posted that, I can't find it.

That's a great take, and it might be the only scenario where I don't have to take kittens hostage at gunpoint if the Packers use two roster spots on back up QBs this saturday.

But if there's still two back up QBs on the active roster come week 3.. the kitten's gonna get it.

PatrickGB's picture

Dass ist Gute!

tinyIvan's picture

I am glad to see the team move on from Hundley. Hundley never became a QB who went through his progressions and ran as a last option and his accuracy was always in question. This being said, I am not sure Kizer will stay in the pocket as long as he should either. Kizer's arm is why he will get a lot of 2nd chances. I hope the time watching AR will help him improve.

What you can see with Boyle is that he is comfortable in the pocket. What we haven't seen is more of Boyle's decision making which was the question mark coming out of college. I hope his stays in GB and grows quickly.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Took some digging but found Boyle's measurables.

6 ft 4" 233 pounds.

Boyle impressed NFL scouts at EKU's Pro Day on March 23.  His 35 one-half-inch vertical jump was better than all the quarterbacks at the NFL scouting combine.  He also posted a 40-yard dash time of 4.75 seconds, which would have been second-best among QBs at the combine, and a broad jump of 9-9.

Pauly's picture

Compared to Hill, 6'2", 230, 40- 4.4. What a loss to GB...........

Oppy's picture

The big question, can he play QB at the NFL level?
He was marginal at the College level.

Some people are late bloomers, there's always that potential. I just think people need to take a step back and temper some of the enthusiasm about Tim Boyle.

He's a project with some upside.

Dash Riprock's picture

"The big question, can he play QB at the NFL level?"

Yes, absolutely!! He's been lighting it up all OTA's and this preseason. His ceiling is thru the roof. He's progressing faster and plays better than Aaron Rodgers did as a rookie. That tells me a lot.

Samson's picture

Has he even played yet in the preseason?
"Lighting it up" in practice means little.
Although I do wish him luck, one injury to #1 or #2 puts him very close to playing a real NFL game. Starting in a week.

Oppy's picture

15 of 31 (48.4%), 1 TD, 2 INTs

I counted about 12 passes where accuracy was an issue or he made ill-advised throws. Even James Lofton commented throughout the night that Boyle has accuracy issues.

I like Boyle- I actually like him more than Kizer- but he's a project with upside, not NFL ready at this point.

Dash Riprock's picture

Oppy, was Aaron Rodgers "NFL ready".when he was a rookie? He sucked and nobody had a clue he would be the Aaron Rodgers we know until that Dallas game in year three. Boyle played 3 quarters. Looked great and looked average when playing with some inferior talent around him. Of course he struggled but we (and you) all saw that talent on those first two drives. Nobody here is expecting him to take us to the super bowl this year but if you work with this guy he clearly has all the talent in the world to succeed. He's on this roster period. No way you lose this talented kid.

Oppy's picture

I'm just some guy in the stands, just like you are, Dash.

The Packers, however, have roughly ten people on payroll who work in Player Personnel who are dedicated college scouts.

I would assume most NFL teams are about the same.

I'm not saying it's impossible- but I would comfortably say it is HIGHLY unlikely, that the NFL's 300 or so professional college scouts all somehow completely overlooked a QB who was a starter in two different NCAA Division 1 schools who has NFL starter-level ability at the QB position. We aren't talking about a position like WR or RB. But QB. The most coveted position on the field.

I like Boyle. He has some nice attributes. I hope he develops and can make a career for himself in the NFL. I don't think it will be as a starter.

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