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Packers signing free agent safety Adrian Amos

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Packers signing free agent safety Adrian Amos

The Packers continue to fortify their defense.

After reeling in Ravens edge rusher Za'Darius Smith, general manager Brian Gutekunst is reportedly signing former Chicago Bears safety Adrian Amos. 

Amos registered 73 tackles, nine pass breakups, two interceptions, two tackles for losses and one fumble recovery in 2018.  

Drafted in the fifth round of the 2015 draft, Amos has missed just four games over his four-year career.

The veteran adds needed versatility and athleticism to a position that desperately needed upgrading. An added bonus? Weakening a division rival. 

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Guam's picture

So much for all the naysayers who said Gute was a TT clone. Adding an OLB and Safety to our defense is huge.

Old School's picture

I'm happy too. But it's highly unlikely all four of these acquisitions will work out. If Gute goes 4 for 4 then he looks like a freaking genius.

Expectations are rising. If we miss the playoffs again Gute will be in a hot seat.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Old School I disagree!

Everyone see's Gute is working it. Last year's draft, FA signings, etc. Gute is everything TT wasn't. I think Gute is very secure and Murphy needs/wants Gute to succeed as it will be a reflection on him.

I am very optimistic barring key injuries the Pack will be in the hunt for Division title and playoffs in 2019.

GB Jacker's picture

Pleased with this signing, still young, good injury record, versatile player who is solid in coverage and tackles hard. Would imagine Bears would have kept him but not wanting to spend big on both safeties. Have to see the figures but suspect along with Z. Smith this will be a large chunk of the FA money gone. If there was anyway to bring in Earl as well I'd love it but probably off to Houston.

Wouldn't mind another DL signing.

Excited for the draft!

GB Jacker's picture

Always helps when you've seen a guy play against you twice a year for four years. Would hope that packers brass have seen his development up close and should be in a good position to assess his ability. FA money flying around is pretty crazy though. Hope it's not even in the same ball park as Collins.

Bert's picture

Bingo!! Two young vets with good talent and upside for the defense. Nice job Gute!!

Tundraboy's picture


Bearmeat's picture

Yeah, Gute is NOT a TT clone. haha....

The question is, can Amos play? Or was he a product of all the talent in front of him? His measurables are ok. The contract is going to be the important part. How much guaranteed money?

At least it's not as expensive as Thomas would have been.

The TKstinator's picture

I’m (fearlessly) ASSuming he’s more of a single-high, centerfield safety than a box safety.

Nick Perry's picture

From what I've read the guy CAN play. He didn't allow a TD all season long last year. The guy is a sure tackler and will go for the pass break-up or sure tackle over the big hit or risking a completion for a flashy interception. I think you'll really like this guy quickly BM.

Dragon5's picture

My top 2 (realistic) guys now in the fold! Flowers would have been a coup but it's hard to fight familiarity with three amigos in the NE coaching tree that pave a proven successful roadmap.

Last week's post on Mock Draft Monday 8.0...
"If I'm Gute, I target 11s & 1s...
Adrian Amos S
Trey Flowers DL
Za-Darius Smith OLB
Bruce Irvin OLB
CJ Mosley ILB"

Last night's update on yesterday's legal tampering thread...

"Only Trey Flowers has signed from my list of FA targets. Getting Amos & ZSmith priority. Mosley likely too pricey. Irvin would be great passing down addition. While usually foolish to throw $$$ at OG position, getting Saffold for $7m per solves half of the right-side. Though he's not on the original list, (1) Darius Philon DT of the Chargers would shore up NT depth and allow GB to avoid Ed Oliver [email protected] and favor Sweat or White if available.
(1) Adrian Amos SS
(11) Za'Darius Smith EDGE
(1) CJ Mosley ILB
(1) Bruce Irvin DE
(11) Rodger Saffold OG"

The TKstinator's picture

Clearly you’ve got Gute’s ear. ;)

holmesmd's picture

I wonder where this leaves Breeland & CMIII? Out the door I guess? I really thought they should re-sign Breeland and have no idea why they didn’t?!:( Bummer

Dragon5's picture

7 life path=injury prone

Odds favor we're better off without him.

jannes bjornson's picture

Thank you, master. I agree get a guy in the draft.

sam1's picture

Maybe sign Breeland and and let Williams go and/or hopefully Brice!

Dragon5's picture

They could certainly draft Sweat & move CM3 back to least he stayed healthy during that stint.

RCPackerFan's picture

According to Amos was the 36th rated player in FA. This is what it had to say about Amos.

"A Pro Football Focus darling ranked second among all safeties in 2017 and seventh in 2018, Amos completes his assignments with aplomb. His old coordinator, Vic Fangio, could try to bring him to Denver. "

While we don't all like to use PFF as a measuring tool of how good a player really is, it does at least tell us that he was a good player.

He is 26 entering his prime. The last 2 years his PFF rating at safety was 3rd and 8th. Pretty good!

BartySmith76's picture

Have to wait and see on Amos - most safety's would look pretty good with the pressure the Bears front line creates. Like the pickup, but I'm not convinced this solves the talent gap at safety yet.

The TKstinator's picture

Chi had 50 sacks, GB had 44.

CAG123's picture

Not all sacks are equal though Chicago got a ton of pressure on QBs plus top flight DBs like Fuller and Eddie Jackson back there.

Coldworld's picture

Well no one player would. One player can only be part of a solution. That said, he is surely intended to be our starting FS, and from what I’ve seen of him he is a lot better in coverage than any true safety on our roster at season end. That’s an improvement.

I would expect additional infusion in that area. Williams is a one year back up option. Greene may progress, the rest are currently CBs untried at safety or will be rookies. Rookies typically don’t do well at Safety.

More to do here I think but a very significant step towards a decent safety corps.

Old School's picture

Pass defense starts with guys who can cover. If you can cover, eventually the pressure reaches home.

I think we're going to see more additions to our safety unit. We keep 5 and activate 4. Amos and Jones makes 2.

The TKstinator's picture



Old School's picture

We've also got Greene, Jamerson, and some other guys who haven't been able to beat out Brice...who is an unsigned ERFA right now.

So yeah......math says we need more.

scullyitsme's picture

That’s more like it. Now I can be happy about kumerow signing also:).

Bill Atkinson's picture

Get someone to play RG and the Pack has pretty much filled it's three worst holes and they can draft the best player and not worry that much about need.

Swisch's picture

I like getting Amos and Smith as two young guys in their mid-20s who have already proven themselves to a notable degree in the NFL, and yet are likely to be entering their best seasons right now.
It may be somewhat like the Brewers last year signing Christian Yelich -- who was already very good, but a little under the radar and thus more affordable.
Here's hoping the contracts are reasonable, while also recognizing that this year in free agency the prices seem a good measure higher.
The art of free agency seems to be to recognize that it doesn't replace draft-and-develop, but can enhance it.
Especially after a couple of down seasons, carefully selecting two or three free agents can help the Packers get back into the upper echelon of the NFL a good deal faster.
Even if Amos and Smith aren't pro-bowlers, they can really help the cause if they are upper-level players at their positions.
Also, both guys give added hope to our upcoming draft -- in that Amos was a fifth-rounder and Smith a fourth-rounder. At this point, they may be comparable in quality to first or second round picks from ther draft classes.
If the Packers trade neither up nor down in this draft, it seems likely they'll have lot of exciting possibilities from which to select their future.
Hopeful days in Green Bay!

stockholder's picture

Amos 4/37mil. reported

Since '61's picture

Gute is aggressively moving on from the TT era. Keep brining in guys who can play. Go Gute Go!
Thanks, Since '61

Coldworld's picture

Why does this get a negative? It is pretty much impossible to argue that Gute is doing things differently.

None of us know if these moves will work out but we do know that the status quo was not cutting it. Simply can’t claim Gute isn’t trying to turn the team round.

Since '61's picture

Coldworld - I appreciate your comment/question. All of my posts receive negatives because some of the posters here hold a grudge against me for something I posted either a week, or a month or even a year or more ago.

I don’t mind if they disagree but I would prefer they disagree with a comment that contributes to the discussion. However they prefer to hide behind their devices with their negatives because they have nothing else to contribute but their negatives.

For myself, I realize that their negatives are the insignificant mutterings of people of no consequence. Thanks, Since ‘61

Bedrock's picture

Well spoken.

Anybody who has been on CheeseheadTV or the JerseyAls site of the past knows you to be insightful and knowledgeable.
Those days have seemed to have gone by the wayside.
As I say, “you cannot argue with logic like that.” I mean that to say people without logic are not able to have a valid argument.

Thank you for your contributions ‘61!

Since '61's picture

Bedrock - I appreciate your very generous comments. Stay positive and keep the faith. Thanks, Since '61

Since '61's picture

double Deleted.

CAG123's picture

Damn Gute was playing NO games this offseason!

SterlingSharpe's picture

Amos graded out well this past year, and graded out even better the year before, when Khalil Mack wasn't there.
So he's not just a product of the Bears new & improved pass rush.

I'm very happy with Guty's 4 additions today, but I'd still like to add another Ravens 2015 Draft pick: TE Maxx Williams.
The Ravens have let Weddle go, Terrell Suggs go, Za'Darius go, Joe Flacco go, now let's grab Williams who's also still young. He was rumored back in that draft to be a possible Packers 1st rd pick (remember we were coming off the 2014 NFCCG choke and picked late in that 2015 draft).

Ravens took him Rd 2, and didn't hit with him. But he was and is talented. Not quite like Eric Ebron who failed in Detroit but then added to Andrew Luck last year blossomed into a TD machine.

Coldworld's picture

I wonder where our cap position will prove to be after these deals,

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Even if no one else is signed this is what most of us wanted to see. Shore up weak positions with likely starters, and/or good back-ups. Now the draft is all the more exciting as it looks like Gutey might have options to pick some pretty exciting players that normally he would not have had an opportunity. Luxury players! Guarantee he will draft at 'least one' exciting player in first 3 selections on offense now. Whether a WR or a RB or TE.

Excited about possibilities for sure!

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