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Packers sign Matt LaFleur to four year deal with a fifth year option

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Packers sign Matt LaFleur to four year deal with a fifth year option

From Tom Pelissero:

The Packers clearly think LaFleur is the guy to get them where they want to go. For comparison sake, when Mike McCarthy was first hired, he was signed to a three year deal.

Mark Murphy clearly feels he's found his man. 

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jeremyjjbrown's picture

I really am impressed that BG and MM move quickly to get this done. Now LaFleur will have a lot of options available to build the staff.

I still remember McCarthy dragging his feet over firing Slocum and all of the good coordinators had been hired. All they where left with was Zook and it turned out horribly.

I also like that LaFleurs deals is as long as Rodgers.

4thand1's picture

The is absolutely nothing on official team site about Lafleur.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

That's typical, right? They won't announce until well afterwards.

It is on though.

HankScorpio's picture

Still waiting on the announcement that Charles Woodson signed a FA deal

Houndog's picture

Charles Woodson as a DB coach would be fine with me!

Skip greenBayless's picture

So you're saying there's still a chance for Rex Ryan? Fingers crossed.

mrtundra's picture

That figures! I'll bet no one told them yet!

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Their website is horrible. Terrible lack of content almost always.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I like this hire. This is an important moment for this franchise, here's hoping they nailed it.

old dog's picture

I think they hired him for the right reasons, but a lot more has to be done to firm up the franchise than an individual hiring no matter what the position.

Since '61's picture

Good news!!! The Packers got the deal done and Lafleur can get to work.

The one question/concern that I have is why Lafleur was not interviewed by any other team? Hopefully it is just because the Packers didn't any other team the chance.

Welcome to the Green Bay Packers Matt Lafleur. Best of luck. Thanks, Since '61

zoellner25's picture

In hindsight, firing MM when they did was perfect, allowed them extra time to start the search, and jump on guys faster than other teams.

And if they are really keeping Pettine, I love it

Packer Fan's picture

Here we go, the die has been cast. I like that Lafleur is from the creative offensive guys. But he is so young too. So stepping up with the all the responsibility will be a challenge. I don't want him to keep Philbin. How about the Rams AB coach, Taylor, then two creative minds to reset and challenge Rodgers. Pettine staying keeps some continuity. But for gosh sake, Zook just has to go.

Picking the new coaches will be very important to ensure the right attitudes are set for the players. McCarthy lost them. Moss was a problem too. Zook was probably the worst. Let's see what the next few weeks bring.

Since '61's picture

McVay was only 30 when the Rams hired him 2 years ago and he’s doing well.

No reason why LaFleur at 39 can’t handle it.
Thanks, Since ‘61

Skip greenBayless's picture

"No reason why LaFleur at 39 can’t handle it."

Oh, I can think of one very big reason. How about an unhappy, entitled, power hungry, controlling Aaron Rodgers. Taryn just mentioned it too as a warning. This isn't the end, this is just the beginning. The easy part was getting a head coach. The hard part is trying to convince Aaron Rodgers, who every intelligent person knows runs this team is suddenly going to bow to the new inexperienced guy who is only 2 years older than he is telling him what to do and what he needs to "change?" Yeah, good luck with that.

Since '61's picture

We could also look at it from the point of view that because they are close in age (btw they are 4 years apart not 2, Lafleur 39 and Rodgers 35 as of today) they will relate better to each other and get along fine. Why assume that the worst will happen? Especially when there is nothing to base it on yet. The fact is that we don't know how it will work out between Rodgers and Lafleur or Lafleur and any other player at this point.

For all we know Rodgers endorsed this hire with Gute and Murphy before they made an offer to him. Maybe Rodgers and Lafleur have already spoken to each other. Exactly how much older should the coach be that can handle Rodgers, 45, 50, 60 or 70?

I prefer to assume that they are two professionals who will learn how to work together to achieve a common goal. That is what professionals do. Now you can state that I don't what I'm talking or that I'm not intelligent by your definition above but I have worked with all types of people from all over the world and I have also seen people work well together that I never would have expected.

Let's give both Lafleur and Rodgers a chance before we look for reasons to tear them both down before they start, that's what an intelligent person will do. Thanks, Since '61

MytQ's picture

'61 I would like to give you a minimum of 100 thumbs up.

Skip greenBayless's picture

I already heard LaFever's speech. Talking about running the ball pretty much all the time. This is what many fans here wanted but this is the exact opposite of Aaron Rodgers' mindset. This is why I do believe this is not going to be a smooth transition. In fact I think it's going to be a disaster relationship between these two. You can talk about professionalism and working together but we all know Aaron Rodgers. He's the guy in control, he's the guy who's smarter than everyone else. If Boyle was the young qb than it would be fine but LaFever has to deal with Aaron Rodgers. This is Ty Lue telling LeBron James what to do all over again. Not going to work. I am just getting ahead of the game because I can see ahead where most others can't. Ask Leotis he'll tell you.


The TKstinator's picture

He also talked about protecting the QB as paramount. That is hardly kerfuffel to 12.

Paul Konieczny's picture

I believe you have figured it out Nostradamus.

Since '61's picture

I think that LaFleur will bring more balance to the Packers offense. That means improving the OL IMO. Rodgers is smart enough to realize that a balanced offense helps him and protects him which should mean a longer and healthier career for him. If he doesn’t realize this then maybe you are correct and he’sno longer “the man”, but let’s give it a chance first.

Remember keeping Pettine and a new ST coach should improve those phases of the Packers game. That plus a balanced offense takes a lot of pressure off of Rodgers. It may not happen next season but by 2020 this team should be ready for a deep playoff run again. Time will tell. Thanks, Since ‘61

jww061356's picture


4zone's picture

This was an aggressive move. Right or wrong is left to be seen. But it is another indication of GBs more proactive approach since TT. I expect by end of the week we should see some old staff being let go and have some idea who our coordinators will be.

Community Guy's picture

it seems like the Packers management and coaching staff are leaning white.. how about some POC hires?

dblbogey's picture

How about you just hire the best person for a job regardless of race or gender?

Community Guy's picture

and, maybe Campen?

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

Some people like Campen. I'm just not one of them.

dblbogey's picture

Pretty much everybody hated Campen a few years ago, then he got some talented players and suddenly he was a good coach. Funny how good players make for successful coaches.

Lare's picture

I'm not very impressed with Campen, he's got a lot more player misses than hits.

HankScorpio's picture


I want to join that club.

The TKstinator's picture

Chicken, meet Egg.
Egg, meet Chicken.

dobber's picture

Other dominoes starting to fall...
Bruce Arians to the Bucs.
Kliff Kingsbury to the Cards.

I'm glad the Packers didn't wait any longer.

Since '61's picture

Me too, Dobber. Thanks, Since '61

Wilment's picture

Lets go win a couple more superbowls. GO PACK GO!

Houndog's picture

I guess we'll see in a couple years how this pans out, but I'm happy with the choice they've made.
As a Packer fan living in 49er country I see the change in culture Kyle Shanahan has brought to that team.
If LaFleur can bring the same 'never quit' attitude to the Packers we'll see immediate improvement over what we saw too often in 2018

mcduff67's picture

glad to have a new coach, good to keep Pettine he kept
a damaged defense afloat, Philbin is another issue, will
take it or leave it.

PETER MAIZ's picture

We'll see what LaFleur brings to this team and who he surrounds himself with (as far as far as a coaching staff). Personally, I think he'll get along with Rodgers and vice versa. Change is coming and hopefully, player improvement can come along too.

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