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Packers Should Move Chillar Outside

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Packers Should Move Chillar Outside

Just watching old highlights here at my desk (LORD do I need help) and I came across this one - you remember it, I'm sure. It's the Week One sack of Jay Cutler by Brandon Chillar that got us all excited to watch Chillar all year.

As it turned out, it was just about the only play he made before getting hurt.

I remember during one of our training camp live blogs positing the theory that the Packers should look at moving Chillar outside. I brought it up to a couple of the beat guys, who in turn told me it had been discussed by the coaching staff but, for whatever reason, they didn't think it would be a good fit.

Look at it again - Chillar comes down from his inside backer position and actually lines up outside and Kampman, the actual outside backer, slides inside and then falls back into coverage while Chillar rushes from the edge, leaping over the pathetic blocking attempt by the back, bringing down Cutler from behind.

As the year went on, we kept waiting to see more plays like that one but instead we were treated to Chillar getting burned, twice, by no-name tight ends in St. Louis, getting mauled in the run game repeatedly and then to his getting hurt and then rewarded with a puzzling contract extension.

So here's where I throw something against the wall, Packer Update-style:

What if the Packers knew there was no way Kampman would be back and what if the Chillar extension was a preemptive move to lock up the guy who would get first crack at replacing him?

Say, you know what? This pulling-things-out-of-thin-air is kinda fun...

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RockinRodgers's picture

Man, was that an awesome play. Looks like if Woodson wasn't tackled he was gonna get a sack too. I'm down with Chillar on the outside.

CSS's picture

I new a guy, that new a guy, that knows a former scout and he 'opined', the Packers are likely going to lose Aaron Kampan in 10' free agency and it behoves them to pre-emptively sign Brandon Chiller to a 3-year extension.

I was aware of such back in September but didn't want to leak the story and risk exposing my source......

lmills's picture

I never thought of that scenario but I think/hope the packers seriously look at it. I always thought chillar was a little small to play inside. Maybe the three-headed monster is way ahead of us again. Is it OTA's yet??

Asshalo's picture

My first thought to the head-line was, "What the hell-- why not?"

But, the anecdote from week 1 is a little weak. But, I'm sure in the past the coaching staff has thought of him as a potential OLB provided there are injuries. Now that GB is a little weak on the depth side, I wouldn't be surprised to see this talked about more.

Brett Cristino's picture

I think he would get absolutely eaten alive at the POA if he played outside on a consistent basis. Situationally, i'm fine with it, but there's just no way they'd put a guy like Chillar outside on early downs. Chillar is an ELITE coverage LB, granted the St.Louis game wasn't his best performance but they were the only 2 TDs he allowed all season in coverage. His size/speed combo is as good as it gets at LB, he's 240 lbs but has extremely fluid hips and looks natural in coverage.

I'm very high on Brad Jones with a year in the weight room, and it's been said his goal is to add 10 lbs onto his frame this offseason. The guy was a very raw 7th Round rookie last year and played very well. With another year of growth, both physically and mentally, I think he can be great. We definately need depth though, and I think Jones may be better suited on the Right Side, a spot that Clay has locked up for the next 10 years, so I wouldn't be opposed to adding a guy early in the Draft.

andrew's picture

hahahahahahahhahaha hahahahaha im sorry but your entire post became garbage as soon as i read Chillar is an ELITE coverage lb.. really?? really????.. the man has done nothing to provide evidence of that.. nothing.. 1 season doesnt make anyone elite.. look at his stats for the rams.. he is not even close to an elite anything.. average linebacker in every way shape and form

wgbeethree's picture

I would volunteer to do some research into who Packer Update's confidential informant is but I learned my lesson while trying to do the same thing about Watergate a few years back. If you google "Deepthroat Videos" you get a supringly large amount of videos that have nothing to do with Watergate at all. Long story short I didn't figure out who it was until his deathbed confession just like the rest of the world but my forearms looked quite authentic when I dressed as Popeye for Halloween that year. BUH DUM CHING!

Brett Cristino's picture

Meant to say no way "I'd" put a guy like Chillar outside on early downs, not "they'd".

Definately an intruiging discussion though because the guy is ONE HELL of an athlete but I just can't see it. Being strong at the POA is Brad Jones weakness and I think Chillar would fare even worse.

packeraaron's picture

Brett - yeah, the run game is the problem. Like I said, just throwing it out there. And actually, I agree on Jones and think he did and will continue to do well. But never hurts to explore all options...
Wait, see, you just added that the POA is Jones' weakness? I totally disagree. I was actually shocked at how well he held up and was able to keep contain. His biggest weakness was a dearth of pass rushing moves...

andrew's picture

why are you so into chillar.. seriously.. i would like to know. he ran a 4.7 40.. when he came into the nfl which is average.. he isnt that great of an athlete hes average compared to every other linebacker in the nfl i dont understand why you are so siked on him..
its almost as bad as the bishop phase.. everyone thought bishop was going to be sooooo good.. but he really was never going to be anything just below average player that has a few highlight moments..

packeraaron's picture

um, andrew?why I am "so into Chillar"? - I'm not. I just noted a single play from last year and suggested the Packers look at him outside - where they have a wide open competition in light of Kampman's departure.

retiredgrampa's picture

Yeah, sometimes you've got to wonder if the coaches can't see the forest for the trees. I've always liked Chillar's athleticism and zest for the game. I hope they allow him to grow in other areas.

Brett Cristino's picture

Situationally I think it's a GREAT idea, it's kind of what we did with the "Psycho" package. What makes me giddy is imagining what kind of packages Dom and his staff can come up with now that they KNOW what they have to work with and I think Chillar is going to play a large role for us next year, just like he did this past year.

packeraaron's picture

I hear you Brett, but a lot of guys played poorly in that game. Go back and watch the Dallas or Ravens games (which I watched parts of last night) and I think you'll be surprised just how well he did against the run. Totally agree with you on his needing to hit the weight room, but who's to say Chillar can't do the same thing in regards to putting on 5 to 10 pounds? I just don't think it's that far fetched to cast Chillar as a Mike Vrabel-type in this defense. Again, yes, he'd need to bulk up a bit, just don't think it's that crazy.

Brett Cristino's picture

Aaron: Agree to disagree I guess, just rewatched the Cardinals playoff game and he got stonewalled on about 5 or 6 different occassions. At times he was OK there but if he wants to lock down that LOLB spot for the next 5-8, he's going to need to get much more consistent in that area. Like I said though, his goal this offseason is to put on 10 lbs of muscle mass so that should only help. I agree with you about his lack of pass rush moves though, it was pretty clear that he was living and dying with his speed rush, and for the most part, it worked, but you can bet opposing coordinators are going to do their best to limit that.

FITZCORE1252's picture

That play was BAD F'ING ASS. Thank god for DVR, I watched it like 50 times that night, awesome.

"What if the Packers knew there was no way Kampman would be back", then Ted has ZERO excuse not to have traded him. Plain and simple.


Brett Cristino's picture

You're right, everybody on Defense played extremely poor that game. I'll rewatch those games and get back to ya. I just think putting Chillar at OLB is handcuffing his strengths and ability as an athlete. Asking him to take on momouth OTs on a consistent basis is a scary proposition for me. Maybe I was a little strong because I don't want to say he CAN'T do it, because like I said he's a great athlete so I would never say he couldn't do it, I personally just wouldn't put him there long term. It's far from a crazy idea, and I guess I wouldn't opposed to giving him a chance at it during the offseason but I just can't see it working out.

Tony Hartzheim's picture

Interesting post. As long as were doing the thin air thing,I submit these two.
The prototypical 3-4 DE is 6'4" 310, quick, strong, and nasty. We have such a guy, most recently miscast as a right tackle, yes I am referring to Alan Barbre. My second thin air reach is to move Will Blackmon to safety. We know he is extremely athletic with mad ball skills. He is not a shut down corner, but might really shine at safety. Draft McCluster to be our Pussy Harvin, and let Blackmon work with Collins.

FITZCORE1252's picture


I like the way you think. Barbre's supposed to be mad atheletic, try him @ DE, why not, he can't play tackle... worth a shot.
I don't know if Will has the size/BOOM to play safety, but, let him try it out @ camp, he's not a great corner... why not.
I was on the McCluster train for a minute, 'till he ran a 4.55 in Indy. If you're gonna weigh 172 lbs in the NFL you'd better be FAST, he's not. He's no Percy Harvin.

While we're throwing ideas out there: Joey Porter anyone? I know he plays ROLB, could he move? Might not be a bad signing for a year or two,just a thought.


hyperRevue's picture

I was ringing the Joey Porter bell in a previous thread. I'd like that move a lot.

nerdmann's picture

I'd like to see what Bishop could do at OLB. Think he'd get after the QB?

dilligaff's picture

I am not sure on the merits of playing Chillar at the OLB position, if that was a possibility he would have started the Dallas game at OLB instead of a 7th round rookie in the most important game of the season (MM's job was on the line) IMO Chillar got paid because of Hawk's ineffectiveness as a complete ILB. IMO if given the chance, Chillar will take over the ILB position from Hawk.

Jayson's picture

It would only be "Packer Update-style" if it was well-written, intelligent and likely to happen. This is purely your style, and unfortunately, it's almost never any of those three things.

packeraaron's picture

"Likely to happen" - like Alfred Malone becoming a part of the defensive line rotation. Whoops!

packeraaron's picture

Jayson - also fun is Packer Update writing three weeks ago how the Packers SHOULDN'T pay Collins. Today, it's "NOW they should pay Collins" - because of Tramon Williams' tender. Give me a freakin' break. At least when I change course I acknowledge I'm full of shit (see: I Suck) instead of pulling bullshit reasons out of the air to try and cover myself...

packeraaron's picture

Another one from Packer Update - "If Mike Holmgren winds up in Cleveland, he could take a member or two from Green Bay’s front office with him (again). Directors of Football Operations Reggie McKenzie and John Schneider and Assistant Director of Pro Personnel Tim Terry would all be on the Big Show’s radar…"
You're right, if Packer Update writes it - it's "likely to happen" (rollseyes)

CSS's picture

Jayson - Link me to the Packer Update article that's of such high journalistic integrity and I will post links where it were clearly 'borrowed' from, shall we say. Funny how half their postings are common sense for anybody beyond the casual fan level to pen and hardly require an 'in' such as a former scout or staffer.

Funny that......

CSS's picture

Nagler - Read the final comment from Packer Update Admin and tell me they aren't a bit sensitive:

By the way, they only re-posted those comments several days later after being called out. Absolute, complete liars.

I will stop stirring the pot and adhere to their wishes of not reading/posting there. What a joke......

packeraaron's picture

CSS - oh I know. I've responded. My comment is "awaiting moderation" Will it ever get 'approved'? Not holding my breath. ;)

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