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Packers Question of the Day: Takeaways From the Win

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Packers Question of the Day: Takeaways From the Win

A 35-31 thriller that resulted in the Packers earning their fourth win of the season was probably the most impressive of 2017.

Rookie running back Aaron Jones lit the way to the win, averaging 6.6 yards per carry while Aaron Rodgers hit Davante Adams for two of his three passing touchdowns on the afternoon.

What were your takeaways from the victory?


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Johnblood27's picture

PAIN was achieved...

for Jerrah!

dobber's picture

This game reminded me an awful lot of the week 8 Atlanta game from a year ago, just flip the script. Both teams banged up, back and forth, offenses moving the ball. Early lead for the Packers, Atlanta takes control for a big chunk of the second half, gets the lead. Packers drive for a TD and a late lead but leave too much time on the clock for the Falcons who get a late TD to win.

Dallas came out swinging, but the Packers weathered the storm and found a way to win. This is a game they can build on. Still a walking M*A*S*H* unit, but this has to give them momentum going into Minnesota next week.

Duke Divine's picture

Very fun game to watch!! My takeaway is that draft position still matters more than the product on the field. I saw Randall and Rollins on the field more than Hawkins and I am not sure why..... Hawkins had another PD in one of the plays he was in... Yet Randall and Rollins got more snaps.. Not sure what the coaches see in these guys over Hawkins other than draft position...
Aaron Jones looked good. No pass rush to speak of and when it did get home DAk ran from it. Ha Ha remains overrated and when he and Randall are asked to pass off to one anther in zone all hell breaks loose every single time...

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Yes, either Randall is cutting guys loose to early or HaHa is late picking them up. Or, maybe both.

Spud Rapids's picture

Rollins and Randall have been in the system a year longer so it's unfair to discount experience when comparing them to Hawkins and only commenting about draft position. A lot of things we don't see like communication, reading plays right, etc... that we don't see that the coaches do when they make their playing time decisions. I'm not gonna cherry pick on what the coaching staff is doing negatively considering the shuffling at O-line they've had to do. McCarthy and staff are coaching a great season thus far.

I will agree on Dix. To me he just looks hesitant or unsure of himself like he is trying not to give up a big play and it's causing him to give up a big play. Look at King's first tackle of the game as a prime example of why you should attack on D. I like aggressive mistakes and Dix's to this point in the season are not aggressive mistakes. I just hope his play is a result from him trying not to get hurt in a contract year. The way things are going with Burnett, Jones, Brice and Evans we'll let him walk after this year.

Finwiz's picture

I agree on your 2nd paragraph comment regarding King as an example of how to be aggressive, and tackle. I'm becoming impressed with his play. That being said, this type of aggressive play gets you in the concussion protocol in this day's league. You have to be smart about throwing yourself around out there. (sadly)

Duke Divine's picture

Communication??? Like when Randall gets beat and throws his hand up and throws the blame on someone else?? Seems real great at communicating. Hawkins is better than both and needs more snaps than both. It will remain a mystery until it happens and from the outside looking in.... seems like draft positioning to me....

Spud Rapids's picture

You're making a lot of assumptions with limited information as an armchair quarterback. I trust the coaching staff... it was draft position why did Aaron Jones start instead of Jamaal Williams? Yes it took him longer to play but Devonte Mays was active week 1 instead of Jones. They all progress at different rates...

billybobton's picture

as TROY A said, randall was beaten like a dog and bailed out on a long pass that was badly underthrown

randall was beaten badly with 11 seconds left and watch beasley run right past him splitting the deep zones for another easy TD and bailed out by an overthrown ball

randall the sailor man, he plays great whenever the QB throws the ball away

there is no excuse for randall getting snaps over hawkins, none

Duke Divine's picture

Yes there is....He's a first round draft pick... ; ) There is no other logical reasoning for it and it's starting to piss me off! Ill take the win, a great win!!! But a top 10 QB would have made those throws you refer to and Randall would have been in the locker room again... Hawkins is better, period

Finwiz's picture

You don't know for a fact what coverage they were in on that play - likely some form of zone. The tip off is the fact Randall didn't turn and run to follow the receiver. Come on man - it isn't always 23's fault. They were playing some form of zone to not allow a receiver to get behind them. It would have been foolish to be in man coverage at that point. Hawkins isn't the 2nd coming of Chuck Woodsen. He's a contributor and a backup, nothing more.

Duke Divine's picture

You must have missed it. You are correct that it isn't all his fault as I stated early when referring to zone; "Ha Ha remains overrated and when he and Randall are asked to pass off to one anther in zone all hell breaks loose every single time..."

Finwiz's picture

If you are talking about the play at the end of the game when Dallas got the ball with 11 seconds left, no I didn't miss anything. Perhaps you missed the fact that teams play a zone with minimal time left, with deep safeties, to prevent against a player getting behind them? Rip on Randall if you want, but that play isn't one of them. There's like 4-5 other receivers on the field at that point, and you only know Beasley was the target because the play was over. At the time Randall was standing in the middle of the field, he didn't know where the ball was going.

Even if Beasley catches the ball, he isn't going anywhere but down. Why don't you talk about the play Randall saved on the sidelines, where if it was Gunter it would have been a TD? Only thing that saved him there was speed because Dez had a step.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Dix isn't in a contract year, precisely. His 5th year option has been exercised. He should get around $6M under the option, roughly Hyde money, which he is easily worth. Dix is playing for an extension. I don't think he'll see an extension until August or September of 2018, and only then if he plays better than he has.

croatpackfan's picture

This team can beat any other team in this league any day any place. That is my takeaway from this game!

dobber's picture

...any team that doesn't play in Georgia, anyway.

HankScorpio's picture

A short time ago, Packer fans were using Seattle or San Fran as the geography in that kind of statement. Now, both seem like distant memories. SF is one of the worst teams in football. Seattle is still very good but their "ownership" of the Packers has been put to rest.

What makes you think the Falcons are different?

dobber's picture

Very well stated. Every team has its kryptonite...right now, it seems to be Atlanta. I'd love for you to be right!

HankScorpio's picture

Losing 3 times in 1.25 seasons certainly suggests that Atlanta has their number right now. Losing fairly ugly in all 3 serves to make the streak stand out more.

But those streaks continue until they end. And they always end. Whether that end is the next game or somewhere farther down the road, it will end.

I'm happy to take my chances with #12 taking the snaps.

pacman's picture

It's not just losing to Atlanta. It's how badly they lost. Let's see what happens in the playoffs (hopefully, in GB) and if most of the teams is healthy.

Finwiz's picture

Where's the BLOCK feature when you need it.

HankScorpio's picture

The Packers defense forced one punt and got one turnover--albeit a Pick 6. That's all #12 needed yesterday. If Rodgers is on his game, they always have a chance.

Spud Rapids's picture

I'll take that with a grain of salt because they did force Dallas to convert on 4th down 3 separate times, in a game of inches if those are 4th and 2 does Dallas even go for them?

Bearmeat's picture

My takeaways:

1. That was a LOT of fun. Any win over the Cowboys, is a good win.

2. The pass defense is very, very, concerning. 440 yards given up and 30 plus points is not going to do it. The margin for victory against a good QB is going to continue to be very, very thin.

3. I'd like to see King and House outside and Burnett in the slot. J Jones at ILB and Brice at SS. HHCD needs to play better.

4. Even against a very good OL, the pressure and run D was pretty good - until the last drive.


Nick Perry's picture

HHCD has been terrible this year. I don't know what the hell happened to the HHCD from previous years but he's definitely taken a HUGE step back this season

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I'd like to see Marwin Evans at SS some more.

mrtundra's picture

A grittier performance from any team you will not easily find! Fix the LS issues now, please! The first two PAT attempts were awful. "Mr. Jones (and the Pack) they got a thing going on! Mr. Mr. Mr. Jones!"

RCPackerFan's picture

Great win!

Rodgers is from another world.

Aaron Jones finally got to show what myself and many others knew he could do. Jones has great vision, shiftiness/quickness/speed, and power. His ability to make defenders miss is very impressive. When Montgomery comes back, the 1-2 punch will be very impressive. Both guys will be fresh and both guys will affect defenses.

Adams coming back from that nasty hit and to put up 2 TD's including the game winning throw was amazing to see.

Martinez has really improved! He is constantly around the ball. That penalty on him on the first drive was completely BS.

Randall I thought had a good game. Outside of flipping the ball at Dak, he was much improved.

I can't wait to get Bakhtiari back. As well as Ty. Having the 1-2 punch of Jones and Montgomery is going to really keep our offense rolling.

The stat that simply was amazing to me from this game. In the 4th Quarter the Cowboys had the ball for 12:44, the Packers had it for 2:16. The Cowboys scored 10 points, the Packers scored 20. Simply amazing.

Just a great game! I'm going to enjoy this Packers victory for as long as I can!

stockholder's picture

Aaron Jones was awesome. Ahmad Green was the last RB to run outside like that. I 'm hoping they keep his legs fresh and he keeps building on this game. Still love monty, but Jones is another key.

RCPackerFan's picture

I would say Franklin provided it, but unfortunately his career was cut way to short.
I agree too that I still love Montgomery. But the combination of the 2 now gives us a lot of options. Whether they are on the field at the same time or rotating in and out we will now have a great 1-2 punch.

fthisJack's picture

i'm kind of waiting to see what Mays can do. i thought in preseason he was better than Williams. you know what Williams has given now give Mays some snaps to see what you have in him.

RCPackerFan's picture

I do want to see Mays as well.
I thought we may have seen him yesterday, but with the game the way it was and with Jones having a great game, I'm not surprised he didn't get any time.

Duke Divine's picture

Williams has no vision at all. If it wasn't for DRAFT POSITION (seems like a common factor) he would already be behind Mayes and Jones on the depth chart.

Steve Cheez's picture

Great stat, RCP!

JohnnyLogan's picture

This team winning with so many major injuries is simply amazing, and as great as Rodgers is credit has to go to the Lane Taylors, and Jahri Evans and yes, Mathews and someone no one talks about Clark, who I've watched closely and is power and tenacity, and Blake Martinez for damn sakes who looks like a young Kuechly, and Dean Lowry, and Ryan when he's in always seems to make a play and how about the big three receivers, Jordy, Cobb and Adams, does anyone have a better three? Get the injured healthy and this has the potential to be one of the best most athletic teams the Packers have fielded in a long time. Rodgers is the GOAT but let's not sell the rest of this team short.

JohnnyLogan's picture

I'm so sorry, but while Julio is otherworld Sanu and Gabriel are Jags. I would never take them over Adams and Cobb and I don't think any GM would either. I don't even think you would.

Dez is talented but I'd take Jordy and I think Rodgers would too. Beasly over Adams?... really?... or Williams over Cobb?... Come on.

OBJ is a transcendent athlete, but Marshall was over the hill years ago and Shepard still has a ways to go to be as good as Cobb.

Cooks, Hogan, Amendola... You'd really trade our trio for them? I don't believe you would and I think Brady would make the trade for our group in a heartbeat.

Jordy is borderline Hall of Fame, Adams is easily one of the top young receivers in the league right now and will demand a huge salary if he isn't re signed by us, and Cobb has proven his value over the years as a clutch performer and one of the league's better slot receivers. Yes Rodgers makes our receivers look good and would make all those other receiver groups better, but that doesn't diminish the skills of Jordy, Adams and Cobb.

dobber's picture

Nelson only really needs 2-3 more productive seasons after this one to eclipse DD as franchise yardage leader (needs 2500 yds) and Hutson for career TDs (needs 30-something more TDs). With #12 throwing the ball, it's possible. It will have more to do with his contract status than anything else.

He's already a Packer HOF guy, but passing those other two players could land him in the NFL HOF.

dobber's picture

Abbrederis finally got a couple catches against Carolina yesterday. He looked good. The question is: can he stay healthy? We know what the answer to that question was in GB.

cpabandit's picture

My only concern with Aaron Jones is he's small and I am concerned how much beating his body can take week after week. If he does become the starting RB, I wonder if next year they replace Cobb with Ty Montgomery.

Finwiz's picture

5' 9", 215 - he's compact, and runs with low "pad level", so he absorbs the hits better than taller RB's like Ty. Ty's not really a RB in stature, so he's going to me more prone to injury.

dobber's picture

Some guys never seem to get hit hard. Barry Sanders (no I'm not really comparing Aaron Jones to Barry Sanders) and Randy Moss never ever seemed to get their cage rattled (as much as I wished someone would just bury Moss). You never know: maybe Jones is one of those guys. He certainly hasn't taken a hit these first two games....

CJ Bauckham's picture


-Aaron Jones is a blur once he breaks through the line

-Hawkins has Shields-esque recovery speed

-Davante's jukes out of the snap are ankle breaking

-Randall is like the Christine Michael of cb's

-I love watching people go backwards when Bennett lowers his shoulder

-Speaking of lowering shoulders, I saw Elliot make Mike Daniels fly backwards. That's insane

-Haha's third down tackle was maybe his best play I've seen this year

-Aaron owns Jerry's World (Skip said it!!)

Ferrari Driver's picture

The defense was exposed, but the offense came through.

I saw Jordy Nelson standing on the sidelines and haven't found an injury report on the internet.

Anyone got some insight?

Dave in Texas's picture

Loved the game. CM3 seems to be more effective than last year. Dix seems less effective. I would even go as far to suggest Brice is playing better than Dix.

CBs: losing King really hurt early on. Capers seemed to have a great deal of trouble trying to adjust his game plan w/o him. Hawkins seems to be playing much better than Rollins. One would think he would have had more snaps than he did, especially with King down. I think teams will continue to challenge Randall over the top. He doesn’t turn and find the ball and swings his hands blindly all over the receiver. King and Hawkins are altready better CBs, IMO.

OL. Not much said about McCray. I think he will eventually replace Evans and become a fixture on the OL. Lane Taylor sure has been an improvement over Murphy, but things will be much better when Baktari returns. That should send McCray to the bench, but he is gonna be back. I think he will stay ahead of Spriggs and/or Barclay if they return from IR next month.

Jones needs to be the starting RB from here on. Montgomery would be best used, IMO, as the passing down RB. There is something about Monty that reminds me of Levens. Williams has shown nothing special. He could clear waivers to the PS. I’d do that before he has a breakout game and shows something.

Tedlyflyfisher's picture

Don't forget Vogel. It's such a joy to have a punter who can turn the game of field position around in a single play.

Jones and Monty will be a powerful backfield duo. And I think Devante Mays will turn out to be a weapon in the future, as well. Trevor Davis hasn't done anything. I'd love to see him become the 2017 version of Desmond Howard.

Flow49's picture

I feel like they call holding on punts too often now to get a Desmond Howard or Devin Hester like player anymore. Seems like 2 out of every 3 punts has a hold or a block in the back.

dobber's picture

Snap counts for yesterday's game...

I needed to check to see if Kyler Fackrell played at all.

Damarious Randall leads the CBs in snaps. If you'd bet anyone here that this would be the case after the Bears game, people would've said you were crazy.

The snaps clearly show that the Packers are locked into their 11 personnel package. Two TE sets? What are those?

Lphill's picture

Maybe we will have a game where The defense actually stops someone and Rodgers can have a easy game .

pacman's picture

Everyone together - AMEN!

Since '61's picture

My takeaways are:

Aaron Rodgers is having another MVP season so far.
Now that we have found Aaron Jones there is no need to rush Monty Back until he is fully healthy.
I'm happy for Randall and his pick-6 but he still should not be playing ahead of Hawkins and he needs someone to set him straight about taking unnecessary penalties.
The defense did a solid job limiting Zeke for most of the game but that familiar inability to get off the field on 3rd downs reappeared yesterday both early and late in the game.
TT fix the LS situation NOW. That could cost us a playoff spot, a playoff game and an SB.
Overall, a good, gritty game by the Packers. great comeback again by Rodgers. Get healthy. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

Flow49's picture

In all fairness a good chunk of them were on 4th down. Against a non superhero QB Dallas probably kicks a FG or punts. Still got to make the stops though.

Lphill's picture

Hey guys and girls how great would it be if Vince Biegel shows up and is a playmaker !

dobber's picture

Still 4+ weeks away...

Grandfathered's picture

Kendricks can run block the edge.

febnyc's picture

Just purchased a king size blanket for Randall the spoiled
child. Hopefully he can use it to cover something - anything!

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