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Packers Question of the Day: Takeaways From the Win

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Packers Question of the Day: Takeaways From the Win

Engineered on the late-game arm of Brett Hundley and the ground heroics from both Ty Montgomery and Jamaal Williams, the Packers were able to steal a seven-point victory in Chicago over the Bears.

It was the first time since 1989 that a quarterback not named Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers led his team to a win over the Bears.

What were your takeaways from the victory that improved the Packers to 5-4?


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV and a contributor/analyst for the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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dobber's picture

Takeaway #1: they can still beat bad teams, and on the road even.

Takeaway #2: I'm glad to say that those predictions of the Packers not winning another game this season were wrong.

Slim11's picture

Takeaway #3: McCarthy can plan effectively. The question is will he do so on a weekly basis? He's proven he can do it. I want to that effort sustained.

Takeaway #4: Is this game a flash-in-the-pan moment for Hundley or will he continue to improve? I hope it's the latter.

dobber's picture

"Takeaway #4: Is this game a flash-in-the-pan moment for Hundley or will he continue to improve? I hope it's the latter."

Those two long pass plays (one to Adams and one to Cobb) make his YPA a "gaudy" 8.5. Take those away and it's 5.7. Still, the plays happened and I aggree: I think Hundley has played better in each of his successive starts...which he'll have to continue to keep doing for them to win the next two weeks.

croatpackfan's picture

The most important takeaway for me is to see and understand that first 2 games Brett Hundley plays was so bad because he was adjusting to the speed of the game. I expect him to grow every week and I think Packers will have their chance to reach post season!

dobber's picture

Even if Hundley continues to improve, the post-season isn't shaping up well for the Packers with the Seahawks, Falcons, and Panthers all ahead of them but trailing in their divisions. The Packers get shots at the Panthers, Vikings and Lions, yet, and could make something happen in the division, but I'm just wanting to see them play better football each week (especially on defense) and let the chips fall.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

Thank you that post made my day, and everything you said, is all I want too.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

I agree! Hundley will continue to improve. Remember it's the NFC North. We could bring back Majkowski and still have a chance to win the division.

Rob_S's picture

Hundley does not seem capable to read #2 and #3 receivers. He is not anticipating his receivers route targets evident by his throwing behind (late) receivers, he got very lucky against the Bears with 3 or more late throws that should have been picked. His vision of the field seems very narrow and does not recognize the rush unless it is too late. I don't see him making sound "starting QB" decisions. He is what he is...... A Second Stringer.

4zone's picture

He is playing from rote memory instead of conceptual absorption. It takes longer for his brain to follow the pathway structure instead of having it come instinctively. He may reach a point where it does become instinctual for him, maybe not. But the last two drives he started to break out a bit and made some great plays. Time will tell, but it appears he is making a little progress each week. Who knows what effect those completions to DA will have on his game next week.

marpag1's picture

Takeaway: Randall Cobb is not a running back, has never been a running back, and except in the rarest of situations, should never be played as a running back. Yes, I understand that they had injury problems yesterday at that position. But I've never understood why people want to see Cobb in the backfield. If someone - anyone - needs to give Jamal Williams a breather, I'd much rather hand it to Ripkowski.

Colin_C's picture

Agreed! I would get pretty frustrated every time I saw him line up next to Hundley. It really just doesn't work 90% of the time.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Cobb does good things out of the backfield. Running the football is not one of them.

RCPackerFan's picture

My biggest take away from the game is that Hundley is starting to look more and more comfortable and confident as the starter.

He was making some really good throws, especially in the 4th Quarter. He was CLUTCH! Those 2 throws to Adams, the TD and the deep shot down the sideline were 2 great throws!

Other takeaways -
Williams finally showed why he was their 4th round pick. He really showed up big time. He only had 67 rushing yards but 55 of those 67 came after contact. He ran HARD.

This was a much needed win for the team. This was a win that they needed so they could learn how to win with the Hundley as the QB. While it wasn't always pretty, they made plays to win. This is a team that since losing Rodgers lost its identity. They are trying to find their identity, and I think they found some of it.

Colin_C's picture

Agree with everything here. Hundley has gotten noticeably better each week. Only issue I consistently see every week is blitz pickup. Just doesn't recognize it often enough, which results in some drive killing sacks. But I will confidently say it now, the talent is there for him to be someone's franchise QB.

Williams looked so much better compared to the beginning of the season. He actually hit the holes at times, and boy did he run hard. If he can keep up that style of punishing running, he and Jones would be an excellent compliment to each another later in the year. Also, I'm excited to (presumably) see what Mays brings next week. It's a good thing we drafted three.

This win showed me that the team is still alive. They haven't thrown in the towel (unlike a certain former player). At this point, almost every week is a must win game. Don't count them out yet though. Go Pack!

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, a couple of things with Hundley, he doesn't recognize blitz like you said, but at the same time the OL had some issues picking up the blitz. The one time Evans basically let a guy go directly to Hundley.

But Hundley is looking downfield a lot more and you can just see that he is becoming more comfortable. A lot of his issues simply will get better with playing time. Stuff that can't be taught.

Williams looked really good i thought. He was hitting holes and ran with power. He definitely looked night and day different from the first of the year. It looked like the game slowed down for him and he was running with some energy.

I completely agree about them not throwing in the towel. To me this was a much needed win in that they had to figure out how to win without Rodgers. While it wasn't pretty it was a huge step in the right direction.

Honestly Just looking at their remaining schedule. Ravens, Steelers, Buccaneers, Browns, Panthers, Vikings, Lions. That's not an overly tough schedule. I'm not saying they will win all of them or any of them. But this win against the Bears was a step in the right direction. Lets see what they can do against the Ravens.

Tarynfor12's picture

This win was so well achieved that instead of feeling like it's over we can feel like it's almost over.

This is torture as we'll probably get enough to keep hope alive in the eyes of the please fool me kool-aid drinkers,but for those of us who see reality will suffer the weekly death by the 10,000 cuts of the usual on field product, which will not result in enough wins to justify the hope or the cuts.

dobber's picture

It's not being's being along for the ride. We're all invested in this team, or we wouldn't be here.

"...but for those of us who see reality..."

Everyone has their own version of what reality is. The sherpas of the Himalayas up 'til the mid 20th century commonly only lived in one valley and rarely traveled outside of it. As Europeans came more frequently and used them as guides, the Europeans discovered that if they left the valley the sherpas grew up in and were forced to see different sides of the mountains around them, they couldn't (or wouldn't) identify the mountains they saw as the same mountains they grew up near. This kind of reality is often the same kind of reality we live in as sports fans...

Tarynfor12's picture

" It's not being's being along for the ride."

Going along for the ride will most likely have one playing ignorant to its end.
This appears to be the status of the coaches and players of this team and the end will bring the usual blah,blah,blah from same.

The defense said it took ownership of last weeks failure. Was this what they called ownership and against the bottom feeding offense of the Bears.

dobber's picture

Tell me what I'm ignorant of? Stats don't lie. We know how this team has performed since #12 got hurt, and what it did before he got hurt. The bottom line is that I WANT this team to win on a weekly basis. I WANT this team to improve. I recognize that for this team to win, it's not likely to be pretty. Every season is its own builds from the last and sets the stage for the next.

I would argue that those who are so married to their opinions are more ignorant than those who roll with it...

Tarynfor12's picture

" I would argue that those who are so married to their opinions are more ignorant than those who roll with it..."

Ignorance is ignorance but to what degree is individual.

I admit to being ignorant in some matters but it's via demand for better. Going along for the ride is simply placating and acceptance of whatever under the guise of hope not want as you state.

Want is a demand for more/better unmasked from the weak who revel in hope as the cure.

dobber's picture

Then I must be guilty...

Spud Rapids's picture

I remember when I go my first thesaurus...

"you'd be punctilious in assuming that"

lou's picture

I haven't heard that word Spud since Howard Cosell passed.

Duke Divine's picture

Jamal Williams was the MVP. He ran better than we have seen at any point from preseason on. It's since to see someone step up.

The Packers tried many times to give this game to the bears. How do you NOT call a timeout on 3rd and 2 with 2 min left and play clock down to zero?? Those morons called timeouts like that all day long and as soon as it was completely appropriate to use the last timeout in a play clock situation they shit the bed and take a delay of game. That is unacceptable by Hundley and Mashed Potato Mike. Adams bailed them out with the one handed grab on a nice throw, but that's a time where Tater needs to get his huge head out of the damn applebee's menu and pay attention to the play-clock and use a timeout to save the 5 yards in a crucial late game situation... In the first half he'll use timeout on a hard count on 4th and 1 instead of taking the delay of game at the 40yard line and punting, he wastes a timeout then!! WTF?!?!?. My gosh Mashed Potato Mike is a knot head sometimes!!

Spud Rapids's picture

Nice to see Williams performing since everyone called him a bust.

Nick Perry was a beast.

Mashed potato has to be better in that situation and that is inexcusable. It just goes to show how great Rodgers is in being able to read defenses, know the down and distance and his overall understanding of situational football. I think we underestimate how much energy MM has to put into communicating these things to Hundley which detracts from his play calling and the other in game management he has on his plate. With Rodgers McCarthy didn't have to coach certain things which is the value of a veteran and I think something missed with having an unproven backup.

Tarynfor12's picture

Didn't Hundley turn and ask for the timeout with 5 seconds on the play clock when his {ahem} hard count failed to even make a defensive player twitch a finger.

dobber's picture

Chicago announcers said that Hundley only used one snap count against Detroit last week, and that he was using primarily that same count this week against the Bears. Made it easy to not jump...

Tarynfor12's picture

So to read him is to not read anything into him...bland is good...for defenses.

RCPackerFan's picture

*Game clock. There was 7 seconds on the play clock. There was absolutely no reason to call a timeout. They simply could have let the quarter run out.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

His game Management has been infuriating for years.

Chino's picture

Think we need Williams in the running back rotation

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I just dont see mike mcarthy opening the playbook. .still way way wa way too conservative with hundley. Run with the dang ball. I mean 1x 16 yards..thats it?

Hundley needs to stop rolling out to the right every single time ..dude every once in a while you have to do the spin move and go to the so predictable.. geez..

You have to throw the ball over 20+ yards more often to keep the def. gosh. ..

Hundley still holds onto the ball sometimes 1 second too long.

Come on mcarthy. aggressive with your play calling. .its like pulling teeth! !!!

Where was Vince biegel...cut fackerall will you...he sucks...

Duke Divine's picture

Running Hundley was out of the question after he tweaked his hammy in the first half. They talked about it a lot on the post game. Not sure when it happened but confirmed hundley hurt his hammy in the first half.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Oh. ..didnt know that. bad..

lou's picture

Doug, your comment on Hundley's moving backwards then rolling to the right I must have heard 5 times from friends either during the game or after the game, that has to be fixed easily if the team is doing any self scouting. I was thinking maybe they give Callahan a shot in the 2nd half but Hundley came back and made a big league back shoulder TD throw and then the sideline bomb to ice it later, give him credit for that. The 3 guys on the place kick unit have all day to practice inside the Hutson Center or outside, no excuses for what we have seen. You may have missed it, Biegel flat out pancaked a big lineman on a field goal attempt and the guy almost got a personal foul trying to go after Biegel, give him a chance, at UW he was a stud. Fackrell is this years Bradford, a guy you drafted and know you should cut him but just can't pull the trigger.

Since '61's picture

My takeaways are that Hundley is playing better and that it's time, actually overdue, that we let Hundley throw downfield consistently and move away from the dinks and dunks.

It's still too early to tell but Williams might be a solid cold weather RB.

While the defense was very stout against the Bears running game they were still poor against the pass and against a rookie QB. We had 5 sacks yesterday and we still gave up nearly 300 passing yards. That does not bode well for when we face a good OL with a real NFL QB, as we already know.

The ST problems are beyond frustrating already. First Trevor Davis with the punt return out of the end zone and then Vogel botching the FG snap. In one way or another this stuff has been going for years. These are issues of coaching and practice and there is no excuse for them to happen season after season after season. Thanks, Since '61

Duke Divine's picture

Slocum culture and the Jon Ryan curse lives on!

Bearmeat's picture

My takeaways from the win:

1. A W is a W. Especially over the hated Bears. Season series lead secured for the forseeable future.

2. Hundley improved in this game, and this was the best D he'd faced since Minny.

3. Our secondary is a flat out mess. 300 passing yards given up to a rookie QB who hasn't lit it up and the worst group of pass catchers in the NFL. There were wide open WRs all game and Mitch just didn't see them or missed the throw. This is going to make it REALLY hard to make any sort of a run down the stretch - unless Hundley improves to ARod levels (HA!).

4. We still miss the playoffs.

Michael Valentino's picture

For me, the #1 Takeaway is that Hundley has taken a positive step to trade bait. He is not the successor to Aaron Rodgers. Neither is Callahan for that matter. I don't think that Hundley has the game finesse "bandwidth" to be GB's quarterback for the future, while he does posses intrigue for other NFL teams that are in need of a future QB.

I questioned GB putting Taysom Hill on waivers pre-season, and thought that he had sufficient skills and better game awareness than Hundley. We'll see of New Orleans does anything with him, whether they trade or release him, or remains a 2nd or 3rd string QB his entire career. He does have about 4 -5 yrs in age over most rookie QB's., but also seems to play the position with more awareness and finesse.

I agre with other commentors that Hundley does have probelm with reads, discipline, and other fundamentals. He certainly showed improvement today, albeit against a poor Bears defense. While I don't think he's going anywhere on this team with AR coming back next year, Hudley needs to increase his worth to the market. I think he did some of that today, and hope that he finishes out the 2017 season strong. We desparately need better players in other key positions, such as defensive lineman and tight ends.

Oppy's picture

Bears have a decent defense, not a poor one.

Why downplay what little success that this offense has mustered since Rodgers went down?

Bears D is right around the 10-13 spot across the league in both total D and pass D.

egbertsouse's picture

My takeaway is I've finally seen a coach who makes dumber challenges than MM. All hail John Fox, the new king of dumbass.

Johnblood27's picture

Someone needs to pick up the slack with Cutler being gone...

Johnblood27's picture

Does the turnover get credited to the Coach on that?

Donster's picture

Happy for the win over the Bears. But, while the Packer defense shut down the Bears run offense, they continue to be pummeled through the air. 300 yds to a rookie QB with crap for receivers. It shows that our secondary players are poor, or the defensive system is poor. I suggest the system, and then a few of the players are just not very good. But TT isn't going to dump them because he drafted them. And that would mean admitting he made a mistake. And WTF happened to Clinton-Dix? All-Pro to Joe Schmo?

At best the Pack can win three of the remaining games. And that is if the offense (Hundley) and the play caller (MM) continue to improve, because the defense show no signs that they are going to get any better. I really thought they would be able to pull together after Rodgers went out and play much better than they have. But perhaps they just can't play any better than they are. If so that is just further evidence of the changes that are needed.

I want them to win out. I'd like to see Rodgers get back and take the team all the way and win another Lombardi trophy. But I have to be realistic and admit to myself that there is no way that this will happen. And it won't happen next year either. Not without massive change will things improve in the next two to three years. And that change needs to happen at the end of this season, from TT all the way through the players. Another year of TT means another year that it will take to get back to the top of the NFL.

4thand1's picture

My take away is just how hard it is to be a QB in the NFL. Hundley has to step in for a HOF QB and be expected to play really good because he's been here for 3 years. Remember how so many fans reacted to AR when he replaced BF? He has never had to adjust to real NFL game speed, read defenses at the line,and change plays at the line. He is improving with each game, how high is his ceiling, who knows? Also I see some of the so called experts saying GB out coached Chi. That doesn't bode well for Fox.

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