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Packers Question of the Day: Season Hopes

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Packers Question of the Day: Season Hopes

Many have given up on the season. Many are hoping the Packers tank for a high(er) draft pick rather than try to win their final six games.

Realistically, the Packers are more than likely to lose to the Steelers Sunday night, pitting them at 5-6. They have winnable games against the Buccaneers and Browns approaching, not exactly ruling out the possibility of being 7-6 by the time Aaron Rodgers is capable of returning, depending on where his collarbone is.

Are you ready to pack it in for the season, or are you still holding out hope that this seemingly snakebitten roster can rally for a late-season Rodgers return and sneak into the playoffs?


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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pacman's picture

No games are winnable for this team at the moment.
Too many injuries (QB, RB, CB, DL, OL) and not worth risking anybody with some extra tape to just maybe make the playoffs again.

Mark me as gave up on the season and gave up on management. Season is sad. Management is depressing.

egbertsouse's picture

My hope: Tank it, man. Then fire Ted and get a real GM, not a glorified Div. III scout.

RCPackerFan's picture

In the moment, I want to see the team win, and win out.
If Rodgers has a chance to come back, I want to see him come back and make a playoff run.

Now if I were to fast forward to about the time the draft is I know I will have wished the team would have lost more games then won so that they could have a higher draft pick in each round.

The truth is that if Rodgers doesn't get hurt, the team most likely would be 9-1 or 8-2. At worse 7-3. We would all be talking about this being a super bowl caliber team. So that being said, if this team could find a way to get a few wins, and be in position for a wild card spot with Rodgers coming back, I would take that. We talk every year that we are wasting Rodgers career. Well if he can come back and they have a chance at the playoffs, why wouldn't we want to go for it?

pacman's picture

It's nice to win. It feels much better than losing. But that's what has gotten this team to where it is. Lack of being all in to win the SB and not just make it to the playoffs and maybe AR could then get us the rest of the way. Until special teams messed up. Or D fell apart.

As much as I've been a TT/MM detractor, I really couldn't be sure that MM was as much at fault - until this year with BH. If Callahan is so bad they MM doesn't give him a chance, then they had no business keeping him over Hill - who looked the best of all of them during preseason.

I feel bad for BH whose career is probably over. If AR, stayed healthy, he might have gotten a reasonable contract. The problem is that it would have been undeserved. Same is true to TT/MM. Enough of riding AR coat tails. If you can't help him, get out of the way. Or someone should push you out.

HankScorpio's picture

"If Callahan is so bad they MM doesn't give him a chance, then they had no business keeping him over Hill - who looked the best of all of them during preseason."

They didn't. They cut both. Hill was claimed on waivers, Callahan was not. So Callahan was available to sign on the PS.

pacman's picture

My bad. Frustration talking.

But Hill still looked better than Hundley. Nobody can explain what MM still sees in him. And that includes a lot of people who know a lot more than me about the Packers.

Duke Divine's picture

The eye test is always over ruled by draft status with Tinkerin Ted and Mashed Potato Mike! ALWAYS!

RCPackerFan's picture

The all in part is directly a Thompson thing. He is in charge of who stays and goes. Also he is in charge of bringing players in.

The team itself has been a super contender each year. Most will say they weren't, but the truth is they were.

I don't know how much we can blame MM for Hundley. Watching the games, Hundley leaves so many plays on the field. There have been so many open WR's that Hundley either doesn't throw the ball, hesitates and throws late or takes his eyes off and gets sacked. They are now caught almost in a no win situation.
We have no idea how Callahan would do. Perhaps he would get into a game and simply would be a gamer. The problem is that in practice they have to devote most of the practices to get Hundley ready to play.

The problem with the Callahan/Hill conversation is that, the final decision is made by TT. Perhaps McCarthy wanted Hill to stay but was turned down. We don't know. And like i brought up the other day about Hill. Yeah, he looked great against 3-4th string players most of which aren't in the league anymore. To be fair Hundley looked pretty good against 1st -2nd string players in the preseason.

Hundley's problem has been his decision making and his hesitation to throw the ball. He doesn't trust what he doesn't see, and is slow in making quick decisions.

This play is a perfect example of that.

All he has to do in this play is throw it to Cobb or Kendricks. 3rd and 2, they need 2 yards. They have 2 players open for it. He hesitates, doesn't throw and then he does the next bad thing and runs backwards. If he runs forward or steps up he potentially could run for the 1st down. That won't happen when he runs 15 yards backwards.

Better QB play and the team would be much better.

dobber's picture

Your assessment of the QB situation is pretty much on: Hundley has shown well in spurts in the preseason (every bit as much as Callahan or Hill), but now that the bright lights are on, his lights have gone out. The Callahan/Hill thing is just a fantasy for people. The Packers had no intention of carrying a third QB on the 53 (and what reason would they have to do so when those decisions were made?) which means both would face being claimed.

I think this was the only way to really discover how overmatched Hundley really is. Plenty of people are saying that they should have seen this before now, but how? Some goofs are saying "well, they practice against a Capers defense so of course they look good" but practice defense and game defense--where you're specifically scheming against an offense and its tendencies--are not the same things. Every reason people give for wishing they still had Hill is a reason why Hundley was still #2 on the depth chart.

Your comment regarding how many plays Hundley leaves on the field is so ridiculously spot's like watching my 7-year-old daughter in her sports. You know she knows how to do the basic things she need to do on the field, but somehow she's doing something 180 degrees different that make absolutely no sense. It could very well be that Hundley looks the part in practice and drills, but it's just not there when the chips are down.

Hundley doesn't have it. He's not the answer. I don't think Callahan is the answer, either. The Packers are stuck, and they need to show that they're doing something or the locker room will go sour. Pittsburgh is a bad place for a desperate team to try to generate forward momentum, but that's what they have to do. Hundley's going to start and they've got to find a way to make him comfortable. My opinion has been that they need to spread the field with a single back (10 personnel), use motion to force the opponent into a mismatch (or stack receivers) or at least to reveal what they're going to do defensively. Quick throws: Packer WR do well early in the route, but usually don't run away from anyone. They need to make #7s throws all but automatic. As much as I hate read-option football (gimmicky college crap), they've got to try using it more.

RCPackerFan's picture

Great post Dobber!

To add to the 3rd QB spot on the 53. How many fans would be ripping apart MM and TT for keeping a 3rd QB, espeically if that meant getting rid of a RB or OL or whoever.

The problem with Hundley is he looks like a QB not wanting to make a mistake. He looks like he is indecisive which he hesitates. In the preseason you can do that. Against starters you can't. Hundley has all the tools to be really, really good. Its all in his head. You can only coach a player so far. Late in the game against the Bears he made a couple of incredible throws.

I completely agree with you about your 7 year old daughter. I have an 8 and 5 year old, and see the exact same things with them and other kids their age. For example this past summer I helped coach them in coach pitch softball. We tried teaching the kids to run through first base. And how to round the bases and all the basics. They would do it perfectly during practice but as soon as the game started, they would run to fist and slow down to stop on the base vs running as fast as they can through the base. You can teach and coach but when the game speeds up they still make mistakes. Very similar to Hundley.

Hundley has the tools. He can make most of the throws. He just simply looks uncomfortable, and hesitates. Its his decision making that needs to improve.
I don't know if MM can do anything more to make him more comfortable. Perhaps doing more to scheme players more open?

I agree with you that spreading the field more would help him. He seems to be most comfortable in shotgun also. One pass that Hundley seems to really do well with is the Slant.

I wish I knew what the answer was, but I hope they get it figured out.

If Hundley continues to struggle I think they will eventually look to see what Callahan can do. Perhaps Callahan would get the ball out faster and on time. That alone would make a huge difference.

Finwiz's picture

Kendricks wasn't really open on that play, I can understand the indecision.
What I can't understand is the lack of proper evaluation that this QB doesn't have the ability to get through his progressions and see the entire field. He never looked any direction but right, and that's why he missed Cobb. The ball should have gone to Cobb on the 3rd step, but he never even looked there. This is not an intellectually gifted QB.

RCPackerFan's picture

Kendricks is open if he throws it to the outside. That is considered open in the NFL. If Hundley throws it when he is supposed to (on his 3rd step), its an easy first down.

He actually looks towards Cobb late, but he starts to scramble. Cobb was wide open the entire time.

His indecisiveness is killing him right now. On that play he doesn't throw it when he should to Kendricks. Then he misses a wide open Cobb. Then the pass rush starts coming at him, and vs stepping up he runs backwards 15 yards. If he steps up he possibly would have a lane to run with it. He really needs to stop running backwards.

Finwiz's picture

Easy to say for "arm-chair QB's" like yourself that aren't faced with the possibility of that DB undercutting the route and taking it back for a pick 6 if it isn't thrown perfectly. That DB made a great reaction to the play and actually got right on Jordy's hip to slide under the coverage to follow the TE. I didn't see it live, but I know exactly what scared Hundley off that play, and I don't blame him one bit. Again, the mistake on that play was not seeing the whole field and going through progressions to find an open man. (Cobb) He hasn't learned the art of "looking off" defenders yet either. The guy is lost right now.

RCPackerFan's picture

Please do yourself a favor, and refrain from disrespecting me. I have not disrespected you, nor called you any names...

That "DB" that your referring to is actually a DE/LB. So you expect a DE/LB to undercut that throw, that would be thrown to the outside?

Its about matchups. They have an athletic TE lined up on a DE/OLB. And he has an easy throw to him. Hundley simply doesn't pull the trigger... He actually looks like he was late in deciding to throw it to Kendricks. When he does actually pull up to throw the LB does get under neath of the play. He needs to get the ball out much faster.

Watch the video and listen to what Ben Says... I trust Ben's opinion over anyone in this comment section.

You are right. He is slow on getting through his progressions.

dobber's picture

It's my opinion that Hundley decides where he's going with the ball before the play and can't adjust when that option isn't available or when he's forced to move off his spot.

Finwiz's picture

That's referred to as "the games too fast for him", in NFL terminology.

RCPackerFan's picture

Which I agree with you, but in this play he should have thrown it faster and on time. If he is on time he hits Kendricks and has an easy first down.
But he takes an extra step and by the time he goes to pull up to throw it the Defensive player is in position to stop the play.

rdent's picture

RC, looking back on 2013 and now this season it is obvious that Aaron Rodgers is a Super Bowl caliber QB however it appears without him the TEAM is not playoff caliber let alone Super Bowl caliber.

RCPackerFan's picture

The difference is the QB situation.

What stabilized the 2013 season was Matt Flynn. He was able to come in and play well enough to win games, for them.

It's honestly that simple. The Packers team is good enough to win games without Rodgers. But you have to have an average QB to do it. Hundley has not been average. He has been well below average. 2 TD's 7 Interceptions is really bad.
I'm not saying the team doesn't have flaws, cuz they do. But if they have better QB play they could have won the Saints and the Ravens games. The QB play was not good enough in either game.

The Packers team is built through Rodgers. He is the top Super Star in the league. He is the Lebron James of the NFL.

rdent's picture

That was 2013, different team ,imo the talent level has fallen off since then.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Or in other words, RC, AR is worth 4 to 6 wins above replacement level; problem is that Hundley isn't replacement level.

On the rub route, that has to be thrown on time and in rhythm. BH has to use a three step drop and set his feet immediately (which doesn't happen, dooming this option right away) and throw right away, which would allow Jordy to try to get a piece of Judon (who is real fast for a 275 pound man - 4.73 forty) and so the wide WR (Allison, IIRC) can start blocking instead of just clearing out. Even though Judon has good speed, Kendricks (4.57 forty) is still a mismatch for Judon, and BH needs to let his receivers help him.

I figured you got the dislikes above because despite your protestations to the contrary (blaming the immaturity of eight year olds indeed), the other commenters don't think you're a good baseball coach!

Three and Out's picture

I'm never in favor of tanking and I don't think most players are. But even with this team actually playing hard and trying to win I don't think they're capable of winning if/until Rodgers returns. If Rodgers does return, there is absolutely no way in hell he is going to participate in a tanking.

HankScorpio's picture

I will never call for the Packers to tank. Losing breeds losing, winning breeds winning.

Having said that, i am expecting a pretty ugly loss this weekend no matter how hard they try.

RCPackerFan's picture

If Hundley and the offense looks bad again, I think we will see Callahan getting a chance.

rdent's picture

Question is will stubborn Mike budge?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Callahan might be able to play worse than Hundley, but it would be difficult to do worse than zero points. I suppose some pick sixes might qualify as worse.

joelilli's picture

Here is how I see it. MM and TT and DC have all failed Rodgers. He deserves better than this trio of fools. If after this season they are still there without meaningful change then GB has seen the last of me (I live in NYC). Will still root for my favorite team, but from my man cave. Why pay all that $$ for a mediocre performance. So as far as this season goes i would be amazed if they win ANY games. Getting a great draft pick will not help the PACK, if the same management is in place, It will just be another player to ruin.

rdent's picture

I have to agree, a high draft pick and or good draft is not likely to yield immediate results. TT has failed in the last 6 drafts to upgrade the roster to help AR on either side of the ball. Take a look at the hated rival Vikings, they are on a 3rd string QB and are winning games and as much as I hate to admit, it is simply because their overall roster is better than GB's.TT and only TT is to blame.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

TT's top 100ish defensive picks versus Minnesota's. My, it sure is nice when a team hits on a few top 100 picks.

2017: Biegel, M. Adams, J. Jones, King/Jaleel Johnson
2016: Fackrell, Clark.....................Mackensie Alexander
2015: Rollins, Randall…………Waynes, Kendricks, Hunter
2014: Thornton, Dix..………….Barr, Crichton
2013: Datone Jones……………Shariff Floyd, Rhodes
2012: Hayward, Worthy, Perry…Harrison Smith, J Robinson
2011: None………………………….Christian Ballard
2010: Burnett, Neal…………….Chris Cook, Everson Griffen
2009: CM3, Raji………………… Asher Allen
2008: Pat Lee…………………….Tyrell Johnson
2007: Rouse, Harrel....Marcus McCauley, Brian Robison
2006: Hawk, Abdul Hodge…Chad Greenway, Chad Griffen
2005: Collins, M Underwood/Erasmus James, Dustin Fox

GB figures to have the 12th, 44th, 76th, 105th, and 120th picks, give or take a few spots. We need to hit on two or three of those. I just don't trust TT to make defensive picks.

Qoojo's picture

Even if they make it to the playoffs by beating non-playoff teams with Rodgers back, their defense still gets them an early exit from the playoffs.

tincada's picture

That and a few other things. No O-line, no running backs, lousy receiving corps and no game plan other than what AR makes up as he goes. Why risk the chance of getting AR injured further?

Tarynfor12's picture

The deficiencies/injuries of this team has to make one wonder if it was a SB caliber team even with Rodgers all season. We've seen it before, regular season Tarzan swinging easily from vine to vine and then vines.

RCPackerFan's picture

How many teams would you classify as true super bowl caliber each and every year?

Last year the Packers made it to the NFC Championship game. Was that a Super caliber team?

There are 6 NFC teams to make the playoffs each year. So are all 6 teams considered Super Caliber? Is it who makes it to the 2nd weekend of the playoffs or the top 4 teams? Is it who makes it to the championship game? Or is it just who makes it to the Super Bowl? Where do we put the line?

Tarynfor12's picture

The teams that execute when execution is must make it the SB. Too many people believe the talent/roster make them a true SB caliber team. The Packers always seem to boast the ' roster ' but the roster always seems to fail execution of some very basic things over and over. True SB teams always adjust,correct and are not likely to repeat mistakes....the Packers do not have that quality as seen season after season no matter the roster.
Each season you have your true contestant, NE, because you do the mentioned things weekly and why at times the least expected surprises because of doing same. The Packers are predictable not only in their weekly approach but are odds on favorites not to do the mentioned needs to be a true contestant yearly other than...Rodgers.

Tundraboy's picture

Perfectly said. All this ridiculous comparison to New England because they've made it to the playoffs in as many consecutive years is just nonsense. Can you really compare the two teams when it counts. No.

RCPackerFan's picture

Ok, fair enough. We won't compare the 2 teams.

Packers have 1 Super Bowl Ring in the last 8 years, while making the Playoffs each of those years.

Patriots won 2 Super Bowls and making the playoffs each of the last 8 years...

So if the Patriots are 1... Packers are 2...

Who's 3?

RCPackerFan's picture

So if I'm following you, there is only 1 true super bowl caliber team each year. New England. The other 31 teams in the league are not a super bowl caliber team?

Tarynfor12's picture

There appears to be one that understands what it takes to remain a true SB caliber team and another,Seattle by what they do also, and many teams that on paper do because of the QB and that brings in GB, Saints,Pitt and then others because you need to fill the 6 spots in each conference. Not to dismiss those because of the division teams they oppose which GB has taken advantage of not because of their play etc but the failings of their division teams make them a SB qualifier via Division winner status.

Tundraboy's picture

RC. I prefer Champion caliber. Aside from that, using the teams record in comparison in order to defend MMs success or to illustrate his mettle as a championship coach is hollow. The record, given all the big game failures is a poor consolation. It is Rodgers who is most responsible for the teams record as it is Belicheks for NE as a leader. Different roles, but Most important asset to their respective teams. Having Rodgers has put us in the position to succeed. Same with BB.

Finwiz's picture

I disagree with this in the sense that although Bellichick is a great coach, Brady is just about on par with Rodgers in reading a defense and executing the offense under pressure. That's two great people in NE, to ONE in GB (QB) - advantage NE.

Tundraboy's picture

True. But even if Brady =Rodgers, which I don't believe is the case. BB is greater than TT/MM. So 2-0.,if you throw in Capers 3-0.

Finwiz's picture

I'm not a homer to the extent that I can't be objective.
Brady is every bit as good as Rodgers, and a 1st ballot HOF'er.
I'm not sure I understand the rest of your point.
I thought it was all about teams having greatness within their organization, and measuring the differences.

Razer's picture

...The deficiencies/injuries of this team has to make one wonder if it was a SB caliber team even with Rodgers all season...

Without Rodgers these deficiencies are so much easier to see. There are not enough difference makers on this team and there are critical weaknesses that have not been addressed via draft or FA. We are average - made better because of Rodgers.

Tarynfor12's picture

I've called this team many times nothing more than C and C- players with not nearly enough B and higher's like a pot of stew with 2 pieces of meat for 10 people.

Samson's picture

It's the same reason why so many Packer high draftees have short NFL careers or can't get a second contract with GB. --- Just a few high draft picks who are long gone -- Pat Lee, B. Brohm, BJ Raji, M. Neal, A. Green, D. Sherrod, J. Worthy, E. Lacy, Datone Jones. -- Some had injuries -- none were quality draftees.-- (there are even more after round 3 to add to this list)

4thand10's picture

Pittsburgh has an even better defense than Baltimore. Fitzpatrick is playing well for the Bucs. This article makes it sound like a choice to throw games... you play to win. I don't believe in throwing games. At this stage of the season these "possible win" games are just not there.

Even with Rodgers in....the pass defense stinks, special teams stink. A really good QB or RB can overcome that situation sometimes....but hanging your hat on exceptional QB play is something this Packers staff has been doing for far too long.

RCPackerFan's picture

"Even with Rodgers in....the pass defense stinks, special teams stink. A really good QB or RB can overcome that situation sometimes....but hanging your hat on exceptional QB play is something this Packers staff has been doing for far too long."

QB1 is so good he changes everything. He changes the way defenses play them. He changes the way offenses play them. He changes coaches decisions. Look at the Cowboys game for example. The did everything they could to not give Rodgers the ball back and milked 8 minutes off the clock. In the end they left him with to much time.

Just look at the difference in the 5 games Rodgers played in (not including Vikings game). Rodgers was 126-189 (66%) for 1367 yards, 13 TD's, 3 Int's. In the 4 games that Hundley started he is 77-124 (62%), 783 yards, 1 TD, 4 Int's. I left off the Vikings game to be fair to Hundley mostly because that was a tough situation to come in to play.

Under Rodgers the offense averaged 27.4 points per game while the defense averaged giving up 22.4 points.
Under Hundley the offense is averaging 14.25 points per game while the defense is averaging giving up 23.75 points.

You call it hanging your hat on 1 player, I call it building the team around that 1 player.

rdent's picture

What AR did to win that game was phenomenal but the issue with that game was the fact Dallas was able to move at will and milk 8 minutes off the clock. That defense does stink,without Rodgers that game goes in the lost column,right along with that playoff game last year. Call it what you want but I agree with 4thand10, this staff has ridden AR for far too long.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, without Rodgers that game goes in the loss column. So do most other games.
What do you want me to say? Rodgers is great. He changes the entire team. Yeah, the defense didn't play great. But they won the game. In the end isn't that the most important thing?

Let me ask this. How many legit great defenses are there? How many legit great offenses are there? How many legit great QB's are there?

Each team is built its own way. Some teams are built with their defense meant to control games. Where as other teams are built around a balanced offense attack. And some teams are built around their QB's. But one thing in common is that every team has flaws. There isn't any team that is perfect.

That is where it feels like most people think the Packers should be perfect. Well its not going to happen. Do we want and need the defense to be better. Absolutely. But when Rodgers is on the team, we have a chance to win every game.
Isn't that the most important thing?That we have a chance to win every game?

Samson's picture

Come on, RC. -- You're embarrassing yourself. -- The "D" is a weakness on this team. -- The last time it wasn't a weakness was season 2010. (SB season) -- No matter what you cite or no matter how enthusiastic you are or no matter how you twist and turn the facts, the "D" has failed this team for the last 7 seasons (with or w/out AR). ----- This all falls on TT & MM and all of their cronies drawing a paycheck because of them.

RCPackerFan's picture

Samson. Please elaborate on the facts that I twisted. Since you seem to know everything, maybe you can be kind enough to explain to me why I'm wrong...

And no I'm not embarrassing myself...

Samson's picture

You're too emotionally involved. Your posts are long, biased and only deal with your "cherry picking" facts. -- Although you make some valid points, you continually fail to include all the views and facts that encompass any situation.

The Pack are all about AR. -- The rest of the players and coaches are riding his back. -- With him on the shelf, all the deficiencies of the Pack are clear.

I certainly don't know everything nor have I ever claimed to know everything. --- Most skip over your posts (as I do) because most already know your homeristic view of the Pack. -(Please, don't say it's because you're such a great fan). --Most Packer realists are great fans and have been longer than you've been alive.

No, I will not attempt to convince you of anything. I already know what your response will be.

Thanks, Since '60

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Nonsense. RC is perfectly correct. Almost all NFL teams are built around and rely on their starting QB. A team with a great defense might be able to win playoff games. Denver and Seattle a few years ago come to mind.

NE w/o Brady is going nowhere with that D.
PIT w/o Roethlisberger is going nowhere.
Rams w/o Goff probably go nowhere.
Seattle w Wilson can't score. W/O him?
Detroit w/o Stafford? No.
NO w/o Brees? No.
Altanta w/o Ryan? No.
Carolina w/o Newton? No.
KC w/o Smith? Unlikely, unless Mahonnes is a prodigy.
Philly w/o Wentz? Probably not, unless Foles has more than I think.
Dallas w/o Prescott? No.'s picture

I'm hoping for a season that gives a good draft spot for a new GM and potentially coaching staff. Drafting the best player available happened only once under the current Management, Aaron Rodgers. If you recall a certain coach in charge of the Qb room preferred Alex Smith.

m159267's picture

The moment I read that Rodgers broke his collarbone I looked at my wife and said "Packer's season is over...".

Finwiz's picture

You reached that conclusion ALL on your OWN?
Gosh, you are so smart!
That's a truly prophetic prediction.

Spud Rapids's picture

don't be a dick

Razer's picture

I am guessing that we might win 2 more games this year. I say this despite having little confidence that Brett Hundley is an NFL caliber QB. We will probably get to see Callahan before too long. The benefit might be that we can open up one or two more spots by year's end to actually develop a backup QB. Total fail by the organization.

Tundraboy's picture

After Rodgers went down we were all hoping we would catch lightning in a bottle with Hundley and ultimately the problem with Hundley is he needs more time to develop. He's only had several games experience in live NFL action. But that falls on McCarthy, because he had three years to develop him, 3 years for him to learn the play books, yet it means little if he doesn't get at least a sprinkling of game action. Team could have put him in mop of time early last year , and the year prior. Part of me feels it was all just a ruse anyway to draft him and then try to flip that draft pick, based entirely on potential. Hence not signing an experienced back up and gambling on Rodgers not getting injured. Except, it all blew up in TTs face. Add in the annual injuries and Capers defense, and we have what we have now. One big mess.

So at this point, just play the rookie draft picks and anyone who is healthy already. They need experience and the team needs to know what they can do.

I for one do not want to hear over the winter, spring and summer, MM or Silent Ted discuss how they expect 2nd year jumps, potential IFs, Packages, cleaning things up and all the pap they try to sell us.

In fact I don't want to hear from them ever again. High draft picks and new leadership is what is needed.

For now play hard, that's all I expect.

dobber's picture

"... just play the rookie draft picks and anyone who is healthy already. They need experience and the team needs to know what they can do."

With the exception of Montravious Adams, isn't this what they've been doing?

rdent's picture

And now that Clark is injured Adams will more than likely see more PT.

Tundraboy's picture

Yes slowly but surely. Just never know when they stop. Mays is in the doghouse for the rest of the year most likely. And Janis is in witness protection except for the occasional sighting. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Spud Rapids's picture

Everyone is speaking out of both sides of their mouth. They keep saying management failed to bring in a better back up Quarterback. They make claims like you did above that saying "ultimately that falls on McCarthy because he had three years to develop him" Yet everyone wants them to go all out because Rodgers career is beginning to wind down. Guess what? McCarthy spends all his time with Rodgers, he doesn't spend much time developing Hundley. He may say I've invested 3 years but let's be honest he is working on game plans with Rodgers. Backup QB? TT invested it on the defensive side of the ball and elsewhere. You want a better backup because it is suddenly needed but prior to this you want TT to signing pass rushers and cb's. Well guess what you can't have both... the NFL is capped league and only so many draft picks are available.

snowdog's picture

" feels it was all just a ruse to draft him and then try to trade that draft pick based on potential " Hence the hype for the last 2 years . IMO , the lack of potential was recognized from day 2 and has been shopped ever since .

4zone's picture

We can complain all day but it won't change a thing. It is what it is. I'm just watching games now with no expectation at all. Takes the pressure off. Will see how we perform against Pitt before I guess about the Browns game. We could be their first win this year, who knows.

For people who would even suggest tanking, they aren't fans to begin with. No time for any of their nonsense

NWPackersfan's picture

I think if we loose to Tampa they should put Callahan in as QB. The season will be lost anyway and he can go up against the Browns. It would be a good test for what we might have in a back-up because Hundley will be toast at that point.
I can't see GB winning more than 2 games by the end of the season. My biggest concern now is will AR sign a new contract if something huge doesn't change by next season....there are a lot of teams that can cross over and be great with a QB of his caliber at the helm.

RCPackerFan's picture

To be honest. If they lose to the Steelers and Buc's, I think they should make a few other roster changes. Bring up Clark from the PS and see what he can do. Maybe bring up Reggie Gilbert and see what he can do too.

It would be nice to see what some young guys could do with extended playing time.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

If they lose? Seriously?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

100%, RC. If/when we get to 7 losses, IR and/or cut some deadwood to make roster spots for Gilbert and Michael Clark. Maybe Amichia as well.

If this coaching staff can't tell if a player has "it" until that player gets snaps in some real NFL regular season games, so be it. Play Callahan some, and bring up these guys and give them some real snaps so things can get properly evaluated.

TommyG's picture

There will not be any “tanking” this season. A good number of guys are looking at free agency and they want their money. However, with the current level of production in offense their is zero need to intentionally tank. The best bet at this point is to game plan for hundley at QB and see what works and what does not. After this Steelers game he will have seen three pretty darn good defenses in a row, so I’m a bit curious as to what he can do against an average defense like bucs and browns. If he stinks it up against either of those two teams there will be zero reason for him to ever take the field again.

Lphill's picture

You have to know how bad it feels to lose so that you will appreciate how good it feels to win , this team needs to pull together and keep grinding , Hundley is it weather we like it or not.

Bret Iverson's picture

I know I may be opening an NFL can of worms but if your team is done. Why not put every player that is hurt on the IR and sign the best players off practice squads. Give them a chance to perform especially on Defense.

TommyG's picture

A lot of these guys are playing for a contract and/or performance bonuses. IR healthy starters and the team would get sued by the NFLPA.

Curry Rambeau's picture

McCarthy will decide whether this team tanks or not. It looks like the consensus here is that the team management trifecta of Thompson, McCarthy and Capers has failed to live up to fan expectations. They will hold the course and we can beat the dead horse all we want. They’re not listening. Even if Hundley improves enough to win a couple of games, what will that do for this Packers in the future? There’s plenty of time for more injuries and bad personnel decisions. Knock knock...Housekeeping! Time to clean house.

Point Packer's picture

I place a great deal of blame on the homer Packer news media. All this Mike McCarthy is an outstanding coach garbage over the years is plain irresponsible. I've always thought MM was a less than mediocre coach, the only reason #12 doesn't have at least two SB rings. This disaster is proving me right, yet all the MM supporters are silent. Like Aaron Nagler, the number one Mike McCarthy ass kisser.

Samson's picture

Aw, come on PP!!
Nagler would never back off his MM ass kissing just like some of the homers that hang out on CHTV (you know who they are). -- They all (one way or another) will justify and explain the 2017 being an aberration in the history of the Pack. (even though many realists have exposed GB long before now)

Here's a nightmare scenario for anyone who is a true Packer fan. -- Somehow, the Pack pull out an 8-8 (7-9 might even work) record this season. -- The hierarchy blames the season on injuries and they ALL return for season 2018. --- I shudder thinking that this just might happen (2013 all over again).

Point Packer's picture

Pretty remarkable how much the so called experts don't have a damned clue what they are talking about. Aaron Nagler is but one of those individuals. There are so many. Its just kinda funny at this point. MM is really not that good. We know that now. The Packers sports media will never admit their folly. Even the ones who get paid real money to apologize for mediocrity.

Since '61's picture

I would never support the Packers tanking the season for any reason. Not playing 100% will just get more players injured. If they don't win another game they will probably get the #6 - 8 pick in the draft. Even with 6 wins they are still probably in the top 10.

I would prefer that the Packers give their young players more snaps and see what they can do and be smart with their injured players. Don't rush Clark or Burnett or Monty back. Don't bring Rodgers back unless by some miracle we still have a legitimate shot at the playoffs.

Our playoff hopes are pretty slim now and will likely be even slimmer after the Steelers game. Whether we play Hundley or give Callahan a shot really doesn't matter. We should chuck both of them after the season, take a QB in the draft and sign an FA veteran backup.

Also Capers and his entire staff should be fired and TT should be encouraged into retirement. Send the message to the team and the fans that the Packers are serious about getting to the SB when Rodgers returns healthy for 2018.

Thanks, Since '61

Samson's picture

Great post. -- You've cited the problems and also possible solutions.

"We should chuck both of them after the season, take a QB in the draft and sign an FA veteran backup." -- I hope whoever the GM is will read this advice.

The same 'ol, same 'ol needs to finally end.

Thanks, Since '60

Tundraboy's picture

Works for me.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Why in the world would you want the packers to win any more games. ....1st of all they are not 2nd nobody cares 3rd the i

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Incompetences of this organization is horrible. I feel like we are back in the 1970s. Disgusting.4th we are all sitting around wsuting for this organization to start making changes which there should have already been some talk or movement in the organization but I have not heard one thing which tells me i will be rooting for the Houston Texans next year. Nothing is ogoing to change. This crap where the team is owned by the fans is a joke. You don't own anything! And other teams are doing OUR Lambeau Leap on Every Team! The Packer org. Even lets this happen basically SPITTING in our FACE and NO ONE. Gives a Crud. There is no pride within this org. it all has,gone down the crapper. Absolutely ashamed.

Jamie Freier's picture

Arden Key Arden Key Arden Key

4thand10's picture

I guess I needed to clarify "hanging your hat on one guy"... We lose Lacy and starks.. They get replaced with unknowns for Rodgers and staff to spend God Knows How long figuring out what they have.We have a HOF QB.....get him a RB!!! Any other team in the NFL gets a team with potential a RB. Safe to say Monty was /is not an every down back.
He is good, but injury prone and not an every down Back.. They knew this. What was the solution...oh, let's sign 3 rookies...what could possibly go wrong there!?!?

Case in point... Minnisota, they lost AP, they draft a RB AND sign Latavious Murray. They helped whomever would be playing QB for them automatically.

We have had a lack of a big, down the field get open receivers. Aside from Nelson at that point we had a roster full of slot guys. Nelson is good, but aging and we have Aaron Freaking Rodgers. Adams is a number 2. I know he has had a good year but he is a number 2 IMHO. Aside from Nelson...not much has changed...we still have a bunch of slot guys.

And then let's not mention Capers....his departure is long overdue. These are the types of things I'm referring to as ways the could have helped Rodgers instead of him carrying the team.

Look at Big Ben. Look at what the steelers do to help out their QB.

And then look at what our Packers staff have done to help out AR. It's no question in my mind. It's the current staff that's the issue.

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