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Packers Question of the Day: No. 1 Cornerback?

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Packers Question of the Day: No. 1 Cornerback?

Between Davon House, Kevin King and Damarious Randall, some of the Packers' top cornerbacks have put together their own respective, quality performances this season.

But amongst the three, who is the true lead dog? AKA, the No. 1 cornerback?


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV and a contributor/analyst for the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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mrtundra's picture

I think Kevin King is the better player of the three. King needs another year and a healed shoulder to show us what he can do on a more consistent basis. That being said, both House and Randall are having decent seasons.

Coldworld's picture

Correct in all respects in my opinion. King is exciting. Randall is, for me, not at his best on the edge, but a potential playmaker. House has improved recently after being banged up for a while.

Coldworld's picture

Correct in all respects in my opinion. King is exciting. Randall is, for me, not at his best on the edge, but a potential playmaker. House has improved recently after being banged up for a while.

RCPackerFan's picture

I would say that the biggest play maker of the 3 has been Randall. That is since he was benched.

Since he was benched in week 4 he has 4 interceptions, and 6 pass break ups.
In that same span House has 1 interception and 3 pass breakups while missing 1 game in that stretch.
King has 0 interceptions and 4 pass breakups while missing 3 games in that stretch.

I think the number one in the future will be King, but he needs to get healthy. But Randall has elevated his game a quite a bit especially after he was benched.

EdsLaces's picture

My thoughts exactly. King will be the guy it's quite obvious. He needs to heal for sure but the talent is there. If King was 1 House was 2 and Randall was in the slot all healthy we would be good. But I keep wondering if Randall isn't better outside he just keeps making plays there. I know people want a CB in the draft but I want pass rusher first. CB play will improve with a better pass rush. Maybe OLB, TE,WR, CB. Or something like that for top 4.

Razer's picture

We don't have a true number one. Shoulder injuries are a bugger and King has had his through college. If it is repaired and heals, he has a chance to get there but he is years away.

Randall is not tough enough, mentally or physically. I am glad that the kick in the ass helped him with motivation but it shouldn't have been needed.

Davon House is average - which is good for this team because we are average in the secondary.

We need a number one because this league requires that you shutdown one side of the field.

dobber's picture

Agree with you on pretty much all points. Nicely stated.

stockholder's picture

I THINK RANDALL AND KING WILL BE YOUR STARTERS FOR THE FUTURE. TT will not make the Hayward mistake again. Rollins comes back and has improved. Devon House is a very good tackler. I believe he should switch to safety. I'd like to say he should be the new Hyde.

Coldworld's picture

I think Hawkins may actually offer more than Rollins in future at corner. Rollins may be a safety or nitro candidate long term. The other guy that is intriguing got on IR or pup early on, converted receiver I think. Believe he is still on the books

Coldworld's picture

I think Hawkins may actually offer more than Rollins in future at corner. Rollins may be a safety or nitro candidate long term. The other guy that is intriguing got on IR or pup early on, converted receiver I think. Believe he is still on the books

Since '61's picture

To me King is the Packers #1 CB. He currently has a shoulder injury but I believe that he has plenty of upside left which we will see in the future. I like the way he closes on the ball and he is not afraid to come up and make tackles against the run game.

House has been a disappointment to me. When King is on the field opposing QBs consistently throw to House's side of the field and he is often beaten. Randall is still a work in progress but he is playing better since his week 4 tantrum or whatever.

IMO the Packers still need a shutdown corner. If there is still one available when they pick they should take him. Combined with King a true shutdown corner would be a formidable CB duo.

Thanks, Since '61

Colin_C's picture

On the field right now, I'm least concerned with Randall playing man coverage with no safety help. Doesn't mean he's their number 1 CB, but in my opinion he's playing the best football out of the 3. That said....

2018 Draft. Denzel Ward. Make It Happen.

WKUPackFan's picture

How about Jaire Alexander?

Colin_C's picture

Haven't watched any film yet on him. But from what I've seen on Ward, he's got a legit shot to be one of the best CB's in the game.

Handsback's picture

I think King will eventually be the Packer's top CB. That timeframe may be next year, or the year after. The time it takes for him to be their no. 1 guy may mean the difference between Green Bay grabbing another CB in the draft or a speedy pass rusher.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I would say
1 Kevin King .great height advantage 6'3. Solid athletic skills and man he can tackle. He will hit you hard!

2 Damarious Randall..Glad frustrated packer fans did not give up on Demaryius I'm learning more and more how even a slight injury just can make a huge difference but to fans we just don't see it. Some of these players like damarious Randall who were probably maybe 90% last year shows what he can do when he's a hundred percent healthy and returned to what he showed us when we drafted him. Reminds me of when Davante Adams was injured with an ankle injury and had lost his confidence when he was dropping a lot of balls and we're ready to give up on him but then boom look at him now.
3 Devon House he is a good solid veteran player. You just can't go wrong having a solid veteran on the field.
4. I still like Josh Hawkins I know he messes up a little bit but I like his skills I believe this is only his second year and I wouldn't give up on him yet I like him.

Just some side notes hopefully fackrell isn't a bust he's been showing some signs that he can play which absolutely shocks me and Dean Lowery has been showing me a little bit too so hopefully these guys pan out for us.

stockholder's picture

Lowery plays better over the RT.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Regarding Hundley I mean I do like his athleticism he does a few things like Aaron Rodgers but the two or three bad things still about him is his accuracy is nowhere near and Rogers and though but he still holds the ball too long he is so late on his throws I mean the receivers are wide open but by time he throws it the wr are covered and when he has in his mind the one person he's going to throw to which is usually Davante Adams he throws to him or if he's going to throw to Jordy he throws to Jordy but it should be if he's wants to pass to Devante he see ms something on the field and then passes to Jordy or if he's going to pass to Jordy he see something on the field where I can go check down to Devante but wait there's the tight end boom hit him but you don't see any of that creativity you just see him hiking the ball and just throw it to the guy he has predetermined in his mind with what plays is designed for but there may be somebody open better based on how the defense plays our offense because maybe they saw that same play on Game film.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I mean Hundley missed Geronimo Allison on easy touchdown in the endzone . He had Devante wide open and he waited too long to throw the ball to the sidelines made an incompletion. In 3rd and 1 to play with just over two minutes to go where Hundley passes over to Nelson was just an absolutely stupid play call by Mike McCarthy. Especially When the Packers were running the ball so good either Williams could have got it or Hundley roll out and got the first down that was just ridiculous horrible call by Mike McCarthy especially after they did that same play two times during the game. The tampa defense is stupid but they're not that stupid. I don't know if Brett Hundley just needs a lot more playing time I don't know they need to work harder with him in practice. He has got to get quicker and his decision-making he's got to if he wants to stay in the Packers or any NFL team.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

And I kept hearing Greg Jennings saying that Mike McCarthy does not want to be aggressive with brett Hundley as he would be with Aaron Rodgers I don't understand that at all that doesn't make any sense you're here to win freaking games you cant play Pitsy Patsy with the ball you got to be aggressive and throw it. Freaking conservative crap when it comes for Hundley to throw the ball I mean I know we did good in the Run game but at some point you got to get aggressive and we are into the 5th games and he still jacking around with him. I I mean worth fighting to stay alive and McCarthy's fighting against us being so freaking conservative what the heck we need to be going for an all for Downs everything goes this is ridiculous unbelievable that we won the game with this conservative crap. I mean I don't need 3 years of training I can go in there and do little dick passes and hand off the ball.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I think it was hilarious how that Jamal William played great in the running the ball and running hard churning those legs to fight for the extra yards all game long and then aaron Jones comes in for just one play for a 20 yard touchdown and he gets all the accolades for a few moments. Anyways great job Jamal Williams who when we drafted him just reminded me of Dorsey Levens that one cut type slasher Runner runs hard he can catch the ball and that's who reminded me of . And obviously Aaron Jones can read the field pretty good as well and he's very fast so hopefully he pans out to I hopefully these guys can secure the ball. Also does anyone know if buy some miraculous reason the Packers make the playoffs is it possible for Ty Montgomery to come back off injured reserve list after the regular season and or Brian Bulaga?

rdent's picture

Montgomery had surgery on his wrist so I doubt he will be back this year.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I hate making so many posts but I would love to see a Hundley throw like a 20-yard Bullet Pass in between Defenders he just seems to either throw little dinky passes or he tries to throw them down the field but you never see those like 20 yard passes and when he does try to throw towards the sidelines for 10_20 yards he's late on the throw. He's just got to speed up his game and maybe that just takes a lot of actual game playing or more film watching I don't know go Packers hopefully we can beat the Cleveland Browns and even though they haven't won a game it's a very dangerous team especially a team that hasn't won a game yet and looking for their first win their at least playing with pride and there players are fighting for a spot on the club for next season and they are out to injure players not intentionally but out of their frustration, because nobody likes to lose. so we've just got to play put them away and get off the field and then hope Aaron Rodgers comes back for the last three games and we need some help from a couple other teams out there to beat the Falcons and Carolina

jeremyjjbrown's picture

You hate it? I'm dubious...

WKUPackFan's picture

While I respectfully disagree with your comment I'd love to know if your avatar picture was taken at the U Make The Call bar in Sheboygan. That was the launching point of my only and cherished trip to Lambeau Field!

GVPacker's picture

A shortcut to a better secondary= A Really Good Pass Rush!

croatpackfan's picture

At the moment the best CB Packers have is Damarious Randall. King is injured and Davon is limited on press coverage. Rest of the available CB are JAGs. Maybe one of them pleasently surprises us, but who know...

Ferrari Driveer's picture

All three are looking pretty good and Randal has been coming on strong of late. Not sure who is the best, but I think in the long run both King and Randal will be the starters.

billybobton's picture

anyone who thinks randall has been playing well is simply not paying attention

watch the games, watch what happens

as Bob McGinn writes, ACCURATELY, this week randall was again beaten repeatedly but was bailed out when passes were not attempted,

the repeated crap from people who won't watch is why we are still stuck with guys like randall

If you can't be bothered to watch at least pay for a non homer to give an accurate report

Finwiz's picture

All CB's get beat.
I actually think Randall is playing as good as any CB we have right now.
He's around the ball and active, and had good coverage when they throw his direction. I really think he's improved this year.

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