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Packers Question of the day - Most Flawed Position

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Packers Question of the day - Most Flawed Position

The Packers roster right now has a variety of weaknesses, there's no secret about that. The only question is, which spot is the weakest?

By the offseason, there will be even more holes to fill on the 53-man roster with expiring contracts and players likely to be playing for another team next season.

Right now, what position do you see the Packers struggling at the most?


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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thebeast431's picture

I know its not what you are asking. But its the pressuring of the QB. Whether you believe that is the DL job, or the LB is up for debate. The lack of qb pressure is killing our young DB's, making them (DB's) look like the biggest need.

Horse's picture

The CB injury debacle clearly affected the capability of the D to bring pressure AND provide good coverage. LB injuries are also a factor. For a stretch Capers had to play checkers in a 3D live action chess match. It's a little better now.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Is there much debate about this? Dom Capers' 3-4 is clearly designed to have the OLBs get the stats. The DL's job is to get some penetration and prevent the QB from stepping up, and of course it's nice if they get a handful of sacks.

dobber's picture

I've always argued that this is s defense that's been used to playing coverage and allowing the rush to get to the QB in its own time. When you don't have anyone who can cover, and your pass rush takes forever to get home, that's a bad combination.

RobinsonDavis's picture

I will throw my two cents in here. The Pack is tied for 7th in sacks, 1 sack away from being tied for 4th in the league. However, I bet most of those sacks come with us having a lead, and of course, on passing downs. Thus, the offense plays a roll in this as well. Not that I disagree, but we also are constantly blitzing, which often places our DBs one-on-one in coverage. Currently, these are 2nd and 3rd string CBs we are talking about. I am on record for disagreeing with the loss of 3 starting caliber CBs over the last couple of years, but honestly, the young DBs last year were great. Opinion: Everything went south with Shields injury, compiled with Randalls on-going groin issues. We are small at this position, obviously hurt, and the scheme dictates we have CBs who can cover, one-on-one. The Pack will need to find a high caliber CB next year to replace/or fill for Shields and/or rethink their defensive schemes.

RobinsonDavis's picture


Nick Perry's picture

Wow this is tough. IMO they still need a WR who can beat man to man on a regular basis and also stretch the field. A big physical type WR with some speed would be nice. Hello Corey Davis.

Running Back and TE goes without saying. Thompson hasn't been able to fill the TE position since Finley was injured, though he did try this season. He almost had to since his HC put him on Front Street when speaking to the media at the end of last season almost begging for a TE presence in the middle of the field.
Trusting in Lacy coming back and having a good season wasn't necessarily a mistake. Lacy was averaging 5.1 YPC with limited carries every game. Counting on Starks and not addressing the position in the draft WAS a mistake, not to mention keeping just two. Many of us who post here on a regular basis thought Montgomery would be a great compliment to Lacy when given the chance has proved us right. Monty isn't a "Gimmick" type player or just a 3rd down back. Montgomery can be a match-up problem for most teams around the NFL on any given down. I hate to say it but Montgomery would be a "God" in New England because Belichick and McDaniels would take advantage of his skill set....A LOT.

I think CB and OLB may be the biggest needs come draft time for the Packers. Perhaps Randall and Rollins will take a 3rd year jump Thompson and McCarthy hoped would happen in year 2 but can you really count on it? The Packers have been burned more than once "Hoping" for 2nd and 3rd year jumps. Sam Shields shouldn't come back and hopefully won't.
Peppers is done, at least in GB. Perry may come back but he's injured AGAIN and playing with a club. He was earning himself a decent payday somewhere before the injury, I'll be curious what they do with him. CMIII is breaking down more and more each season. He can still be an effective part of the defense, maybe a stud again under someone other than Capers. But after Frackrell where's the depth or even starters.
Free Agency might help with one or two of these needs, even Thompson has to hear the clicks of the clock with each passing year. Rodgers just turned 33. How much longer can he literally carry the franchise on his back?

RCPackerFan's picture

As far as looking at positions of need for next year they do need a big fast WR, TE, RB, OLB, CB.

Debunking each position might help us in seeing who the Packers may look to draft high.

In the offseason RB might be the position that is fixed the easiest. I think its a good possibility that they resign Lacy. A good chance Michael could return and they have Montgomery who has proven to be a good player at the position. They could find another RB in the mid rounds (this is a very good draft class). If they go into next year with Lacy, Michael and Montgomery as our 1-3 RBs, I think that will be the best group we have had in a long time.

I don't think they will use a 1st round pick on a WR. 2nd-3rd round probably. They have Nelson, Adams, Cobb as the 1,2,3. No matter what we think about them, the Packers like those players. They won't use a 1st round pick on a 4th WR.

TE is a position I could see them looking to draft high. Cook may not return. I think he has made an impact on the team. At the very least he has shown us what our offense has missed. At TE with speed and playmaking ability. A guy like OJ Howard could be a terrific fit in our offense. If they resigned Cook and drafted a guy like Howard, we would have the most athletic 2 TE's that we have ever had. The TE position is strong at the top of the draft.

The CB was looking really strong in the offseason, until Shields went down in week 1. Then Randall and Rollins got hurt and the position has been a mess since. Since Randall and Rollins have returned the pass defense has improved. Gunter has played much better as well. They will need to draft a CB high.

Pass Rusher/OLB. Perry is a free agent. He has played really well overall this year. But is a free agent. Peppers may retire. Jones hasn't been the pass rusher they have hoped. Mathews has been injured most of the year. They have to find another pass rusher. I believe they will make finding another pass rusher high a priority.

Nick Perry's picture

You think they'll bring back Lacy RC? Obviously it would be a contract loaded with incentives but still. From what I've read this will be a good year to draft a RB, lots of talented backs will be available. It wouldn't surprise me to see them start from scratch at the position. That draft choice they could have got for Sitton could have been really useful had they not cut him.

dobber's picture

I think they'll try to bring back Lacy on a one-year deal. I don't expect that there will be a tremendous market for him in the off-season given his injury and weight issues. Runners of his type have a hard time staying healthy.

As I look at it, there are positions you improve through the draft (because open market players at those positions are too expensive) and positions you can afford to improve via free agency. I think they'll need to draft edge-rushers and a CB. RB and TE are a deep positions, but RB has been devalued and there are several very good players succeeding at the position who even went undrafted. TEs are available via FA and won't break the bank.

All of this hinges on whether or not the Packers go get talent prior to the draft. This team will continue to decline if they don't start filling holes.

Nick Perry's picture

"All of this hinges on whether or not the Packers go get talent prior to the draft. This team will continue to decline if they don't start filling holes."

Isn't that the truth. The simple facts are the Packers have more holes than they can fill with only the draft and UDFA's.

RCPackerFan's picture

I think they will bring him back. Probably on a 1 year deal. I don't think he will cost much money.
I maybe wrong and will admit it if I am, but I think he will be back.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Signing Lacy and drafting a back can both happen, and I'd prefer Lacy back over Starks.

That said they need a big fast man beating WR. Especially since Mike McCarthy won't scheme consistently to beat man, and Rodgers doesn't like throwing those routes. then there is the fact that TT will only draft and not sign one. So realiztically it's probably 2018 before we know if this is actually fixed.

L's picture

Yeah, I like the thought of our RB group next year with resigning Lacy and Michael to value contracts and continuing to use Montgomery as a change-of-pace running back. Lacy, Michael, Montgomery, and Ripkowski makes for a nice group in my opinion.

I think our WR group is alright. I'd like to see some more offensive schemes run to help create space and separation for our existing receivers, but I've been optimistic with the progression of our offense and D.Adams throughout this year.

TE is certainly an area that should be addressed in the draft and hopefully they weigh the possibility of adding a difference maker with an early draft pick while also resigning J.Cook to a short term value contract. Like you mentioned having two athletic seem stretching pass catchers who can run block too is an awesome offensive tool to employ.

I think they'll add an OL or two through the draft, but how it's prioritized will be dependent on what the team decides to do with TJ.Lang and JC.Tretter on top of their projections for J.Spriggs and K.Murphy after this season.

I think they like their core guys on the DL, but their willingness to look at adding another body early in the draft may be dependent on whether they feel C.Ringo has stepped forward with his development and on how tired they are of M.Pennel's illegal substance suspensions. Both of those individuals will be types of free agents after this year and I suppose the team will weigh in D.Jones and J.Peppers into this consideration too since they tend to move inside (playing on the line) on passing downs.

OLB is probably an area where the team needs to prioritize an early draft pick given C.Matthews' declining performances and injury history, the free agency of several of their primary guys (N.Perry, D.Jones, and J.Peppers - who might retire), plus you got J.Elliot who will be a RFA, and then there's still question marks regarding K.Fackerall's ability to perform in a starter role. If they resign most of their guys here (hoping Perry and Jones can be retained) I suppose it would limit the need to prioritize an early round pick, but I still feel it's important to build and maintain quality young depth at this critical position.

I feel ILB is in a pretty good place with the young guys we have, but if they find themselves in a position to draft a guy like R.Shazier I think they have to jump at that opportunity. On a side note I've liked seeing M.Burnett used more throughout this season in that hybrid monkeybacker role and hope to see it used more in future seasons.

CB is most definitely a major concern with S.Shields' career in jeopardy. I still like the young talent we have, but I'm not sure any of them have shown the ability to be a #1 CB for our team so ensuring we add a type of premier talent makes a lot of sense (even if it means we have to trade up in the first round). This is a passing league and we need to have the talent in our secondary to cover the league's best receivers.

I like our two young UDFA safeties, but the team is in a better place to judge their progression in development. If they are not seeing the progress they expect to see then using the draft to add another competitive body makes sense.

Lphill's picture

I thought tight end was addressed with Cook coming in , so far he had 1 decent game , I don't know what's holding him back.

RCPackerFan's picture

Considering he has missed most of the year to injury has been a big reason.

I thought in the last couple of games his presence has been felt. He made 2 huge 3rd down catches against the Texans. And when he has been in there, the Safety's have had to pay more attention to him. Maybe he hasn't had the numbers from a receiving standpoint, but I do think his presence has been felt.

zoellner25's picture

Cook on a 1-year contract, so who knows

Tundraboy's picture

NP, lots of great points. This one jumps out the most.

"I hate to say it but Montgomery would be a "God" in New England because Belichick and McDaniels would take advantage of his skill set....A LOT."

He needs to be unleashed , starting this week. Cook too. That is a key to beating Seattle this week.

Nick Perry's picture

Thanks TB... I keep thinking of the way the Patriots used Vereen in the SB against Seattle and how effective he was. The Patriots always seem to be able to plug just about anyone in that spot and be successful. Just look since the SB win over Seattle, Vereen leaves in Free Agency and they plug in Lewis. Lewis gets hurt and they have James White. Montgomery is as big or bigger, as fast or faster than any of those backs.

Contrary to what some think (DPF) this is just an opinion, not because I think I'm a coach or know better, just my opinion.

dobber's picture

To build on what you and TB are saying, the Packers need to stress skilled players in a way that they haven't put on film very much to get out to an early lead against Seattle. The Seahawks always are good at making adjustments on defense, so getting a jump is key.

As for who to feature this week, keep in mind that the Seahawks are athletic and quick up the middle: Bobby Wagner and Kam Chancellor are really good in the middle of the field, and while Thomas was the better coverage safety, both are physical, can cover and tackle TE and RB out of the backfield. How much will they miss Thomas? Maybe there's your opportunity. Who are your third and fourth receivers? Cobb/Adams/Cook split wide? Those are the players I'd feature this week against Seattle to help loosen up the defense and open up the playbook for the offense.

The OL needs to be top-shelf in protecting #12 this week.

Nick Perry's picture

Good points dobber. Wagner, Kam, and K.J. Wright are all excellent in coverage and are really fast sideline to sideline. Playing on grass will slow them down a little, but they're all equally good against the run and pass. Sherman doesn't normally follow the opposing teams #1 WR, he usually stays to the left side of the Defense. Those 3rd, 4th, and even 5th options for Rodgers will go a long way in deciding this game.
Be nice if Michael was to have a nice game to go with montgomery. The Packers will have to have some kind of running game to be successful IMO, especially with Rodgers having an injury.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture


I'd play Adams wide, and rotate Nelson and Cook wide. I'd play Nelson about 50% in the slot - that is Nelson in the slot when he not lined up wide. When Cook isn't lined up outside, he can play TE. Yeah, I'd reduce Cobb's snaps by half.

I'd suggest that the outside WR production will be average to above average, and 50% of Nelson in the slot will produce far more than 100% of Cobb in the slot would. I also have no problem with matching Cook on Sherman because I trust that Cook can handle Sherman's physicality.

RCPackerFan's picture

Completely agree.

Montgomery isn't just a gimmick. He is being used in the same way that the other RB's have been used. He just has been much better.

Here are some vine attachments that prove that.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

(RC's 3rd Vine) Do you think Taylor should have blocked the unblocked DE instead of falling on top of the DL who was already on the ground?

RCPackerFan's picture

Great call TGR. If he blocks that DE there is a chance that Montgomery breaks through for a huge run.

The point of the video's basically was to show how they were using Montgomery. Its not like they are strictly using him on draws and pitches outside.

dschwalm's picture

You are absolutely right, Tundra, but unfortunately, it ain't gonna happen.

RCPackerFan's picture

'Packers Question of the day - Most Flawed Position'
The easiest answer is RB.

Just think about the position and the players it has had playing there this year.

Before Lacy got hurt, the position was flawed. Once the season started they started out with 3 RB's on the 53. Lacy, Starks and Burks. 1 day later they cut Burks after they claimed Pressley. He lasted 1 week and was cut.

Since Lacy has been hurt they have had Starks, Mongomery, Jackson, Knile Davis, Michael and Ripkowski all trying to fill the void left by Lacy's injury.

The best RB for the Packers out of that group has been Montgomery, a former WR. Starks has been downright awful. Jackson showed some flashes in his minimal amount of appearances. Davis was only with the team for 2 weeks. Michael is the most complete true RB they have, but is still learning the offense. Ripkowski has given them a physical presence but is a FB.

Plain and simple this position has been flawed all year.
Thompson did a horrible job of managing the position, and it didn't just start during this season.

He hasn't drafted a RB since Jonathan Franklin in 2013. While Starks has been a good number 2 the last few years, you can't go into a season with 2 RB's. And you can't rely on the 3rd RB to be an undrafted free agent every year. Once and a while you have to restock the position with talented players.

When Lacy got hurt, Thompson did not bring another RB onto the roster. They went into the next game with Lacy being the only RB they had. Lacy tried to gut it out the next game and ended up being lost for the season. The mess at RB is squarely on the shoulders of Thompson.

zoellner25's picture

Good thing this draft appears to be loaded with pretty good RBs. Not Zeke Elliott good, but pretty good. We need a guy with speed back there, thats for sure

RCPackerFan's picture

Zeke is special. Really is. He is aided by running behind arguably the best OL in the NFL. But he is a great talent regardless.

There are a lot of really good RB's in this draft. Fournette is as talented as anyone that has came out. Cook, McCaffery will also likely be first round picks.

dobber's picture

I have a hunch that a team will have to be creative in how they use McCaffrey. Any team that plays him in a fairly traditional RB role is asking for him to get beat up.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, i would view him as a Sproles type of RB.

He'd be a great Lightning to someones Thunder at RB.

Since '61's picture

RC - I agree completely. You basically wrote my post but beat me to it.
In any case RB has been flawed from the beginning of the season. Maybe with proper use of Monty and a hoped for emergence by Michael we can have a respectable running game for the remainder of the season. DL and CB have run a close second to RB for the most flawed positions. CB recovering bait the last 2 games and Lowry looking good against the Texans so we may get some improvement there as well. Thanks, Since '61

RCPackerFan's picture

Great minds think a like right?

yeah, i would say CB is the 2nd choice. I mean playing a lot of the season without your top 3 CB's really hurt.

The defense has played much better the last 2 weeks and a big reason is because Rollins is finally healthy again, and Randall has come back from injury.

Tundraboy's picture

" Once and a while you have to restock the position with talented players."

Other than Lacy and Franklin, the Packers have not drafted a quality RB in decades. Sick of all the has been, never beens and UDFAs this great franchise tries to repeatedly get by with.

Colin_C's picture

Here's a few guys that would fill our multitude of holes rather well.
DE- Jonathan Allen
CB- Desmond King, Adoree Jackson, Jourdan Lewis, Tre'davious White
RB- Dalvin Cook, Jamaal Williams, Nick Chubb, and a ton more.
WR- Dede Westbrook, Mike Williams, John Ross
TE- OJ Howard, Jake Butt, Jeremy Sprinkle, George Kittle
ILB- Reuben Foster
EDGE and O-LINE- Haven't watched much film for either position, but Ryan Anderson and Dan Feeney are both solid.

mrtundra's picture

The first round in the draft is where you find your talented, big linemen. I think TT goes with Feeny (OG-Indiana), if available, to address the TJ Lang situation. We need help at all the positions you have named.

RCPackerFan's picture

If Thompson is our GM for the draft. I would say look at the schools he has drafted from in the past. He typically goes to the same schools.

I would say in the 1st round it would be a good possibility that he looks to draft King (Iowa), Jackson (USC), Howard (Alabama)

zoellner25's picture

I could see Ted taking another DL, because Ted's gonna Ted. Pennel will probably be gone b/c he's never available

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, I agree. i could see that.

Colin_C's picture

I'd love to see Jackson or King in the green and gold. Both are fantastic players at their positions. Jackson has the athletic ability to shut down WRs, whereas King uses good technique and instincts.

dobber's picture

I think you're right: if TT makes the pick he likely goes CB in round 1. If not, then edge rusher.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, Both players would be really good for the Packers. Jackson is closer to Shields IMO. If they want more of a Shields replacement.

King just feels like he is a Thompson type of player.

stockholder's picture

If TT by chance does not resign. And by chance MM is not shown the door. I believe the best thing to do is take a Rb. This team needs a fresh batch of game breakers. For me I would take Cook or the kid from LSU. Take the best RB. They addressed the line last year. Plenty of depth regardless who leaves. The Te position belongs to Cook. and Rodgers. No TE will be taken in the top 2 rds. (Until A-rod leaves. ) That leaves Defense next. The packers will not get ahead unless they sign Perry and Jones. This is Peppers last year. The defense has the players and I fault the defensive coaches. Some how we need a shake -up here. Goodbye Moss! Forget the quality type players. They've been BUSTS. 1/ RD 1 - RB, 2/ Rd.2 TRADE UP, #2,5, = CB/WR 3/ Rd. 2 TRADE-UP #3 & Comp. CB/ELEPHANT.

Nick Perry's picture

After watching Elliott dod what he's done this season it wouldn't surprise me a bit to see Fournette and Cook gone in the first 20 picks. I'd say it's extremely doubtful Thompson would draft a RB in the 1st round. I'll say this, with Rodgers only 33 and Fournette sitting there for the taking, I'd imagine it's tempting. The Packers will have a chance to take a actual Blue Chip Player this upcoming draft IMO, it's up to Thompson to make the pick. I'd like to see him stay out of the Pac 12 this year in round one.

Savage57's picture

I'd submit that maybe a more accurate question might be 'what's the Packers most depleted position?'.

So many position groups were hit with injuries to key players - RB, TE, ILB, OLB, and lest we forget, CB.

If you look at the roster, OL and DL have remained relatively healthy, but only the OL has performed above par. The early #1 run defense was an aberration, the result of playing weak rushing teams.

The Packers, if anything need one monster DL as priority #1 in the draft. The disruption that ensues from caving the opponents OL is what this defense will have to depend upon to limit pocket time for QB's and lane integrity for opposing RB's.

I see the Packers needing to go after a DL, RB, CB, OLB, and OL in the draft, order dependent on who's where, when.

pacman's picture

Biggest need has to be on defense - almost anywhere. This assumes Shields is gone and Lacy comes back. A full time Lacy and full time Monty in backfield sounds great. Michael is unproven and another teams reject. If they play the offense they have, they can score. If MM/AR can't properly use what they have, it's hopeless anyways.

The defense is falling apart. Even if everyone comes back, the pieces are breaking down in front of our eyes. The biggest need there will depend on what personnel changes happen. Meanwhile, I hope they have enough tape in GB to hold them together.

mrtundra's picture

I'd say RB. Lacy may be done in GB. Starks refuses to run through a hole. Michael hasn't played enough yet to show us what he can do. Montgomery may be our best RB but he gets the nod only a little more than Michael does. I do not know how well Michael can catch the ball out of the backfield. I'd like to see him play an entire game as our lead RB so we can see the impact he has there. I'd also like to see Montgomery play more as he very well may be the best receiving back we've had in a long time.

RCPackerFan's picture

This was supposed to be a reply to Savage57 comment:

(I'd submit that maybe a more accurate question might be 'what's the Packers most depleted position?'.)

That's why with my answer I went with RB. Because the question is which is the most flawed position.

Based on your question of 'whats the most depleted position', the take off question i have is which position of injuries has affected the team the most?

IMO, the 2 positions that have affected the team the most has been RB and CB. Both have significantly changed each sides of the ball.
If I had to pick 1, I would lean towards CB. We have seen what happens when Gunter is our number 1 CB (who should be our number 4), Hyde is our number 2 (who should be 5 or 6), Goodson is our 3 (who should be 6 or 7).

NMPF's picture

RB-The organization has never recovered from the J. Franklin career ending injury. He provided such a sharp contrast to the SLOW and PLODDING Lacy/Starks combo. The wound is self-inflicted though. TT has never tried to get another change of pace back either through the draft or FA.

Handsback's picture

Wow, this is a very loaded question. There are so many needs, but the obvious shortage comes at RB and CB where the Packers had their top players on IR for most of the season. Does that mean it's their weakest position?
I would say that OLB/ILB positions are the weakest positions. The Packers can't stop the run and have to commit their DBs to the box leaving too many one-on-ones on their 4,5, and 6th CBs. The results of that are well documented.
I don't know if the Dline is weak or doing their job, but an improvement at Dline wouldn't hurt.
Now what will TT do is a whole different question.

zoellner25's picture

My Answer = GM

EdsLaces's picture

Hmmm....RB is the obvious choice, but I believe it's on the other side of the ball. And I'm gonna target more an area than a position. Middle of the field whether that be slot CB or MLB. We could use a speedster MLB of I had to pick one. The middle of the field is wide open consistently....

jfajas's picture

Defense: we need a DL that can generate pressure, DE, OLB, a safety that can tackle (can't get over the fact that Weddle went to baltimore...) and more speed at corner.
We also need to rework contracts: namely 52 and shields (if, big if, he doesn't retire). They are not worth the cap money they represent (in fact I would agree that they are eroding/breaking down before our eyes)

zoellner25's picture

+1. couldn't agree more

PETER MAIZ's picture

I say inside linebacker. I know Martinez and Ryan are a good combo but you don't have a reliable backup. When they're using Carl Bradford who, in my opinion, was a draft bust, you know things aren't ok. Fackrell I think will be a bust (hopefully not) but the Claymaker is generally injured during the year. Starks and Lacy will be gone so a good drafted running back. Also, an impact WR as Jordy is getting on in years. Filling your team with UDFA'S, ain't going to do it.
I really think Ted Thompson should move on and retire.

stockholder's picture

Reliable back-up. I think your Claymaker is the key. He has to move to the middle. TT gave Moss some pretty good players to develop. Mathews might be to slow for the outside now. But he still is and was, an OLB when drafted. He is the only LB feared. While the 2010 team didn't need elephants. It's still what has to be followed. Elliott, Thomas, Bradford, just need to be replaced. Speed is what we need. Everywhere! And it might as well start at RB rd.1. Because thats just the way this draft will fall when the packers pick.

egbertsouse's picture

Clearly, the Packers' most flawed position is General Manager.

Allan Murphy's picture

If we can get this win Packers will be in great shape we need to get a good pass rush to do this Jayrone,Peppers,Mike D ,Clay if healthy ,Gion ,Clark all need to step up only chance to win.

Point Packer's picture

Whatever position Don Barclay is playing when on the field.

Tundraboy's picture


Dzehren's picture

In the draft & free agency we need:

2 CB
2 LB
1 OL
1 DL
1 WR

TT better dip his toes in free agency this year. I like draft & develop but his distain for FA must end. We need a few mid level veteran leadership FA aquisitions at 2 of the 7 big needs to win next year

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

For the next 4 games: RB is most flawed.

For 2017: OLB is a hot mess.

RobinsonDavis's picture

If you are looking at a timeline that includes next year, you have a very large loss of players at OLB, but I would not consider this a "flawed" player group, but maybe a flawed strategy to have so many F/A elgible. To me, the ILB depth needs to be addressed and IS the flawed issue "Right Now." The ILB position is woefully lacking in depth, health and skillset breadth. We are asking an injured OLB and an undersized safety to fill-in at ILB for a large number of plays.

Once Shields and Ryan went down with injuries, different holes have been evident in this defense.

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