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Packers Question of the day - How Would you 'fix' the Packers' Offense?

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Packers Question of the day - How Would you 'fix' the Packers' Offense?

While the performance offensively has been atrocious, a lot of it can be connected to a lack of fundamentals from the starting quarterback. Overthrows, off-target passes, missing underneath routes he would normally complete in his sleep, etc. 

But from a systemic standpoint, the playbook doesn't exactly fall into the category of 'unpredictable', either. To Aaron Rodgers' credit, there isn't much to work with that defenses haven't already figured out in the team's gameplan yet. It's almost safe to assume even the common fan could decipher head coach Mike McCarthy's play-calling.

What would you do to the team's playbook to add another dimension - another layer of expertise and creativity to the Packers' offense?


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Handsback's picture

I wrote this on another story but it's more applicable here....

Everything that is being pointed out in these comments are opinions. We aren't coaches or players and don't know exactly what and why it is happening. We see that Rodgers isn't playing a very high level. We can compare with previous seasons when he played like he was the best QB ever. So we have to figure it's coaching, supporting players, or even rodgers himself.
I suspect it's a little bit of everything. The Oline wasn't pass protecting like they should, the WRs weren't running routes like the should, MM not attacking the middle of the field like he said they needed to during the off-season, and Rodger's mechanics weren't where they should be.
Why after 4 pre-season games weren't these issues ironed out? (Bradford had no trouble with a quick 2 weeks of practice.)
Here is what I think has happened....(didn't stay at a HI Express so these opinions may be very flawed.)
MM wanted to start fast last year and the team did. The problem was they were flat at the end of the season and that hurt them in the playoffs. So this year, MM knew the start wasn't as important as a great finish so he wanted to make sure injuries were at a minimum coming out of camp and the team could/would have a slow start, but with their schedule they could finish strong for the playoffs. That said, he's pointing to the playoffs and will gradually see the team obtain a better sense of perfection as the season rolls on. While it may not make a lot of sense, you can't take a team and expect them to play at a high level for 16 weeks and maintain that through the playoffs with the goal of winning the SB. I have played sports, but was never a coach. I did help my Dad train horses and you never rush them to their peak in june or July, you keep getting them better until they are at their peak in Aug/Sept when the championships are held. I know stupid analogy, but as a player we did the same thing in football and lacrosse.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Sure hope you're right HB. This means we should see steady improvement throughout the year culminating in peaking at the playoffs and the SB! I think I'll chose to believe this...we are playing crappy by design.

RCPackerFan's picture

One thing that you want to do as a coach is make sure your team is improving each and every week. You want to get better with each practice, each game.

I personally don't want to see this team peak right now, that is why I'm not panicking yet..
But there are still things that I don't like. And things I haven't liked since last year and seems to have carried over to this year. And that is McCarthy's unwillingness to change their game plan and in game management.

Running the same personnel groupings at as high of a rate as they are and not having the success over a long period of time shows that they need to change what they are doing. Defenses adjusted to their offense and they haven't adjusted since. I'm not saying making a complete overhaul to their offensive scheme. Just saying instead of running 70% of 11 personnel, run it at 50%...
The hurry up philosophy I think is what is really hampering the offense. As an example when they want to spread teams out while in the 11 personnel in order for them to get that 5th WR they put Lacy outside. What does that do? Nothing. He is not a threat for anything. So why not substitute to get someone who actually is a threat? Get the defense into another look, which may create mismatches.
I'm not the only one that thinks its hampering the offense. This morning on Mike and Mike, Brian Billick said as much. Both Wilde and Demovsky have written articles on it. Others as well.

I think and hope McCarthy will make changes. Hopefully starting this week. Just would like to see McCarthy adapt faster.

al bundy's picture

Last year I read a blog from a db back who just faced the packers. His comments were eye opening. Paraphrasing what he said last year ' the packers are the only team we face that the receivers do not run dedicated routes. They run to an assigned area on the field. We backs have seen it for so long now we know the plays and where each of they are going better thanthe receivers. This allows us time to get ready and cover tightly making passing much more harder on rogers'.
If what he said is true, it explains everything. Sure seems odd that they have no crossing routes, no outlet passes and very few quick slants? Other teams use all these routes but I see it clearly missing. So what are our receivers doing. Jordy we know.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I would tell Aaron he needs to start practicing and preapring like he did years ago. Footwork, arm drills, progressions, all of it. I would be shocked if he's been doing this.

Spud Rapids's picture

To quote Rodgers from

“I’m worried about how my teammates are responding to me, I’m worried about how the plan is getting together each week, and I’m worried about my preparation. It’s worked over the years. I’ve played at a high level for a long time, so I’m not going to change anything.”

He is preparing how he always has.

dobber's picture

He's not the same person he was 3, 5 or 10 years ago. Maybe this is the problem.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I understand that he said that.

Packer_Pete's picture

So what he is saying is "f you all, i just keep doing what i am doing and everybody else has to change their approach"? As the current approach offensively clearly is not working, and if he isn't changing anything then everyone else has to change something for it to work...
Maybe he could look into the mirror and realize this is about teamwork...

While I have to say that he is physically maybe the biggest talent who has ever played the position, he is turning into Cutler fast, and I have lost a lot of respect for the guy over the past 2 years...

Spud Rapids's picture

It's hard for me to have conversations when you say things like he is turning into Cutler fast... that is ridiculous. Those type of bold outlandish statements may resonate with shock value but they don't have a candle of truth to them

Scott Mummey's picture

The packers problem on offense is predictability and efficiency. When they were at their best, they would speed you out with driver, Jennings, Finley, Nelson, jones. You can't cover everyone and they can throw quick 5 to 10 yd slants. It seems that all Rodgers wants to do is throw the ball to jordy with a back shoulder throw or sideline bomb. No creativity. Abby, Monty, Davis or Janis when he's healthy can catch the ball as well or better than Adams. Line em up and get rid of it quick before the pass rush comes.
Also I want to throw something at the tv every time they throw a bomb or Hail Mary on 3rd and short. Move the damn chains. Unless he had a free play don't throw the bomb on 3rd down to rely on PIs it's not high percentage offense. Timing and rhythm passes are what makes them good.

Mumpack in Md

RCPackerFan's picture

I agree that there is way to much predictability with the offense. Running 3 WR sets 70%+ of the time isn't working. Nelson is working his way back into shape after missing a year. Cobb has found openings unfortunately Rodgers hasn't connected with him, and Adams while is playing better is far from dominate.
Teams have figured out how to play this offense. The creativity hasn't been there the last couple of years, and I think the biggest reason is because they have been trying to run the no huddle/up tempo offense to much. They are sacrificing creating new looks and using all their players to hurry and get up to the line and stand there till 1 second left on the clock.
McCarthy said that teams have to evolve and change to stay above everyone. If that is true, isn't it time to change from the hurry up to changing personnel more often?

What is Belichick great at? Its changing his schemes to fit his personnel. How does his teams seem to never miss a beat even when they lose their star players? He changes his schemes to fit his players...

McCarthy is a good coach and offensive mind. But he needs to start game planning more to fit the players he has. He has a lot of weapons and has to find ways to get them on the field and create new looks with them.

CJ Bauckham's picture

How many years did it take Capers to figure out how to do that? (Adapt his scheme to fit his personnel, I mean)

Perhaps we can project McCarthy along the same timetable. That's a scary thought, however

RCPackerFan's picture


zoellner25's picture

Want to get more WRs open? run them in motion, run bunch sets, run slants and seam routes, etc. Run anything besides one guy on the left, two on the right, with the same predictable patterns MM has ran for years. MM has been solved by this league.

dobber's picture

How many screen passes have the Packers thrown in the first two weeks? The RB have exactly 3 catches through 2 games...

And don't look now, but who leads the Packers in yd/catch? RRodgers at 15 (although it's a limited sample size).

We talked about it yesterday, but I'd go 2 TE 2 WR 1 RB, run the rock and feature Cook this week.

Packer_Pete's picture

Screens work if the D is rushing the passer with 5 or more, and you can throw the ball behind the rushers. Opposing D's are not doing that anymore, they have a controlled rush to keep #12 in the pocket and sit on WR routes. Works, so a screen in most cases would not work...

What has to happen is stacked WR formations, motions, and run no slants but sluggles. Mix in a good dose of Lacy - whatever happened to McCarthy's mindset of "those 1-2 yard gains in Q1 turn to 2-3 yards in Q2, and into 4-5 in Q3 and 4"... Have the LBs come closer to the LOS and then the passing game opens up...

NMPF's picture

I would tell my WR's if you are getting mugged you have to stretch the rules also. If you have to take a few O pass interference calls, so be it but constantly being held , pushed around and mugged is just as detrimental to the timing this offense needs to be successful. Also the fundamentals of the west coast offense that fueled the super bowl run and the record breaking 2011 season are all but forgotten.

zerotolerance's picture

Just not a blatantly obvious shove off as Adams demonstrated Sunday.

rdent's picture

I am tempted to give my 2 cents worth but I think it's too early and will wait until after the October 20 game (Chicago) if the offense is still broke by then I doubt it can be fixed until "next year"

al bundy's picture

Offense? Better fix the pass defense first. Dont matter how many points the O gets the pass D is giving them up faster. Teams are zeroing in on the short pass game against the packers not the run game. They will continue to do so until MM figures out how to stop it.

dobber's picture

17 points surrendered to Minnesota, Al. 17 their place...opening the new stadium. The Packers dared them to throw, they did, and they only scored 17 points mostly by throwing deep, not underneath. 23 points surrendered to pass-happy Jacksonville at their place on opening day.

The pass defense isn't the problem.

Packer_Pete's picture

If an O with the self proclaimed best QB in the NFL cannot score 2 TDs and 2 FGs in a game (and don't even need extra points to win if the D only gives up 17) then you're not going to win many games in the NFL...

The Broncos have the best D in the NFL and have given up 20 points twice now in the two games this season....

Since '61's picture

The first and most important factor in improving the Packers offense is having Aaron Rodgers Improve his level of play. The Packers offense is based on solid QB play and we have not seen that yet this season. If Rodgers doesn't play better he could have James Lofton, Sterling Sharpe, Jerry Rice, Ray Berry and Fred Biletnikoff as his receiving corps and it won't matter. Also play less no huddle and remove the focus from trying to move the ball via penalty. Get up to the LOS, read the defense, audible if necessary and snap the ball. The hard count will be more effective if it is used occasionally in a game rather than on every down. Also stop chucking the ball downfield in the hopes of getting a DPI call, especially at the expense of not throwing to open receivers on shorter patterns and gaining first downs. Next, the OL has been good but not consistent. Hopefully their execution will improve as they play more downs together and the season goes on. Third, less no huddle with more players like Abby, Ty Montgomery and Rip involved in the offense. Add some speed to this offense. More formations with a variety of plays. Do something to make the defense think versus react to what they expect. Fourth, get better field position. It seems that a third and maybe close to half the Packers drives this season have started inside their own 20. It's difficult to succeed consistently with poor field position, especially on the road, and our punter needs to be better and help out the offense and defense with more effective punting. Better ball security. The Packers have been very good during MMs tenure in this area but they need to clean it up after last week's game. Eliminate play calling miscommunication which is on MM IMO. All correctable and fundamental items with plenty of time to correct. Let's get started at home against the Lions. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

zerotolerance's picture

I agree with most of this.

Point Packer's picture

I'd start by firing Mike McCarthy.

Mags's picture

After that then Teddy T.

Packer_Pete's picture

and hire who?

egbertsouse's picture

Anybody from Belichick's staff, preferably an offensive coach.

rdent's picture

That may happen but no way until after the season if they flame out early in the playoffs

actorjim's picture

Got a top notch receiver. Ours are all average, no matter how deep. Look what Diggs did to us. One guy. We need that kind of guy.

fastmoving's picture

we have at least 3 better receivers than diggs on our team. its mostly on mm not using guys the right way and on rodgers getting some kind of pass to someone other than jordy, cobb or adams. face it 12 is playing like brian brohm since 12 month..............

zoellner25's picture

Yeah, but we don't have a single WR who has Diggs' speed on our team.

dobber's picture

Diggs is fast, but if you go by combine/pro day numbers, Davis and Janis are faster and Cobb is comparable.

fastmoving's picture

40 yard

diggs 4.46 s
janis 4.42 s
davis 4.42 s
cobb 4.46s

WinUSA's picture

Play one#
Start with two backs in the backfield next to Rodgers.
3 receivers on one side of the ball.
1 TE on the opposite side.
Flood a zone, leave the backs to protect Rodgers.
Cook across the middle.

Play two#
Same formation as one....screen to a back on the side with the receivers blocking.

Paly three#
Goal line with 2 yards to go.
Naked boot leg.

Fire Shrum! Bring back the homeboy from U of Minn.

Obviously by the above...I don't know diddly shit....

But at least it is different from the crap they have been running.

Since '61's picture

Win - 2RBs, 3WRs, 1 TE, plus the QB and 5OLs means that you have 12 men on the field and will be penalized accordingly. Nice try, however. I completely agree with chucking Shrum. Maybe during the bye week TT can find someone who can actually punt. Thanks, Since '61

Pack204's picture

We need that decisive AR from 2010. My favorite throw of his entire career was that pass he made to Jennings in the Super Bowl on third down in the 4th quarter he stepped up ripped an absolute dart right on the money where only Jennings could catch it in stride to keep the chains moving in a high pressure situation. I almost never see that type of throw anymore from him, always hopping around or using all arm or torso (no leg drive). He is good enough to get away with it a lot of the time but I think some bad habits may have crept into his game and as you get older you can't get away with it as often. Here is to hoping for a solid game plan with lots of different formations and personnel!

Colin_C's picture

Nothing crazy. First, gives Rodgers a little refresher in pocket mechanics. Second, get Lacy 20+ touches a game. Third, use ALL of the receivers at our disposal.

stockholder's picture

I think A-rod just has to throw better and make better decisions. We all heard the rumors of HGH. And yes he does not look as confident as in the past. But this is Mr. Rodger's neighborhood, and he has to play like it still is. Start hitting the West Coast short stuff!!! WE should be hearing air raid sirens. Not Bitching about are coach, or the playbook. Thats the only way Rodgers can stop any Fires.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

HGH please provide a link

stockholder's picture

Try This : .....‎ PIOP jul. 30/ 16 Micheal Atwood.

RCPackerFan's picture

First thing, once Rodgers plays better the offense will be better.

But things that McCarthy has control over is to change his game plan and game management. Running the exact same offense and personnel (which has struggled), for 70% of the time obviously isn't working. I'm not saying they have to abandon it, just to not run it as much as they have been.

Mixing and matching personnel more often at the expense of the hurry up would fit this offense better. Brian Billick said the exact same thing this morning on Mike and Mike.
They kept 7 WR's for a reason and have only used 3 regularly. Time to start using the talent they have. Get Abbrederis, Davis and Montgomery on the field more. Force defenses to get into different personnel and find the mismatches that way.

Its not only about the WR's though. Its also about the other positions that they haven't used a lot. They haven't used the FB as much and 2 TE sets as much.

One of Rodgers best attributes has been spreading the ball around. The offense runs better when the ball is going everywhere and attacking the entire field.

McCarthy used to throw a lot of different looks at defenses, and the last few years he has abandoned that to run a more hurry up type of offense. However that hasn't been working so I think its time to makes subtle changes.

Spud Rapids's picture

Slow the tempo, no huddle is great but only when you 100% in rhythm

RCPackerFan's picture

I say, change the personnel more vs running the hurry up.

I actually think it would be better if they would change personnel more to create more looks, and once they find something they like, then go into the up tempo. It will not only give the offense what they want for looks, but will also throw the defenses timing off. Becoming less predictable would really solve some of the issues of the offense.

Tundraboy's picture

Agree. Fail to see how anyone would dislike that.

RCPackerFan's picture

Get used to the dislikes around here. It would be kind of nice to see who likes and dislikes stuff though.

Tundraboy's picture

Oh I'm used to them, just never cease to amaze me.

EdsLaces's picture

Stop with all the school yard running around sh#t. Run the ball early and often. Quick passes get Aaron into some sort of rhythm. Quick short passes to Cobb Cook and Abby. Lean on 27 not 12....

Finwiz's picture

Running the ball, "early and often" only works if you don't have 3 straight, 3 & outs. It's easy to say run the ball, but it has to be effective, as in gaining yards, for it to continue to be called repeatedly. Defense dictates a great amount of what the offense does, and when they put 8 in the box, they are just daring Rodgers to beat them deep or outside the hashes. Until we get some speed on the outside, teams will continue to defend us this way.

Big Jim's picture

My coaches always told us to practice like were playing, guess who was running the scout team this preseason AR, nuff said

idgafkurt's picture

It seems their offense is missing the timing and tempo of the 2009-2014 era. Rodgers completion % has dropped nearly 10 points since his peak and it's impacting the rhythm and consistency of their offense.

To solve this I would:

A) Run LESS Iso routes and double-moves.
- Rodgers clearly wants to leave the pocket and make the difficult, big-play over the easy, effective-play. The only way to force/encourage him to do the opposite is to run routes that don't require 5-7 step drops and 2.5+ seconds to develop.

B) Run MORE Stacked, Trips, Bunch Formations, etc.
- If the WR are struggling to get open (which I do think is slightly overblown) then run more cross, pick, misdirection, motion routes to create WR separation.

C) Use Cook more in a Y-Iso TE alignment.
- What's the point of TT actually signing a FA if they only target him 3-4 times a game? Cook is a unique weapon/mismatch. Use him like G. Olsen or Gronk and put him outside on smaller DB's and let him go to work.

D) Run early and often.
- Run the big man, let him and the line eat. Don't understand why MM gets away from the ground attack so often. Keeping defenses honest, wearing down their pass-rushers, and winning the T.O.P battle will always help a stagnate offense.

guzzi2000's picture

Fire MM. That fix should have come after last season.

Packer_Pete's picture

An average NFL QB hits Davis in full stride and this is a TD with Davis's speed. At the very least a 20+ yards gain. And, as eloquently explained the play was a great design and executed by 10 players on O beautifully, but #12 just didn't trust the protection, or didn't trust Davis, or wanted to go to Jordy all along...
Prime example of the "nobody is getting open" BS. Nobody in the NFL will ever be more open than Davis was on this particular play...

RCPackerFan's picture

This is a play that I would like to hear from Rodgers on what happened.

Did the coverage fool him?
Did he feel pressure that wasn't there?
Did he not see that Davis was that wide open?

I would like to see what he has to say.

RCPackerFan's picture

That could be too. That part we don't know about.

Regardless it would be nice to hear from Rodgers.

I get our point about the possibility of him running the wrong route and whatnot. But if Rodgers sees him wide open. He has to hit him, regardless if it was the wrong route or not. I remember Cobb's first TD, he ran the wrong route and Rodgers hit him in stride which turned into a TD.

My guess is, he didn't see him running open.

Finwiz's picture

Was Davis open for a second on this play...yes, Rodgers looked away when he truly broke open, and clearly the play was never designed to go that direction. When Rodgers did his spin move to avoid pressure was when 11 was really open. Clearly he is influencing the middle linebacker with his eyes, so he needs to be aware of this and use it to his advantage. Where Davis ended up, there were 3 people in the zone, and this play was FAR from a sure TD, but could have been a 1st down, IF he was the primary receiver which he wasn't. People exaggerate so much at times.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

You have to be kidding me.

Mike McSchottenheimer's picture

So I'm new to this site. A buddy of mine told me about it and he's been viewing this site for about 4 years. He doesn't post anything. Just likes to read up on the team. The one thing he mentioned was a poster name Paul Ott Carruth. Said he was a coach or something. I haven't seen anything he's posted recently so I did a google search on this site and all I can say is WOW! This dude sounds pretty intelligent. I can't even begin to comprehend all of the things he's talking about. The one thing I did notice is that it appears, aside from the Capers stuff he writes about, he's pretty critical of McCarthy's philosophy on offense. Have to say that it looks like he's been saying that for quite a long time and it's only now that the media and others are really starting to question McCarthy's stale offensive approach. Fix the offense you say? Find this Paul guy and maybe ask him. Seems legit.

EdsLaces's picture're saying your Alias used to be Paul?

Mike McSchottenheimer's picture

Hey, if you want to give me credit for knowing that stuff he talks about then I'll take it. I'm certainly not him but, like him, I think McCarthy is the problem. That dude seems like he's knowledgeable. Does he post anything here anymore? Can't say I understand 3/4 of what he's saying but it looks interesting.

Mojo's picture

Yeah Mike, POC has been a very knowledgeable commentator on this site. He used to give detailed analysis on what he felt were deficiencies in the GB scheme.

I believe he felt the Pack had strayed way to far from their West Coast offense roots. But as time went on he was attacked by numerous "expert" commentators on this site and maybe felt it wasn't worth it anymore. Or maybe he just got bored. Anyway, it appears much of what he said has come to fruition. The offense run as it is is dysfunctional.

Which brings me to a question I have about who's really running the show. How many MM plays is Arod audibling out of? Are the Packers actually running MM's schemes or Arods?. And when Arod does run a MM play does he stray from the intent? Until I know that, I don't know at who's feet the majority of the blame goes to.

yooperman's picture

Its obvious that AR and MM don't get along, and until that's fixed this offence won't get better. AR has no faith in MM game plan or his offence in general. Its the same offense that's been run in GB for years now and every defensive coach in the league no's how to defend it. Its the same plays that haven't worked for a year now. AR is hesitant to throw when the defence backs no what's coming and are beating our receivers to their spots. Until MM gets some imagination we can get expect the same all year.

L's picture

The Packers have been running a second-phase isolation system as the fundamental backbone for their offense for some time now which is intended to take advantage of Rodgers’ unique ability to create big-play opportunities well after most systems demand the ball be released. Rodgers’ ability to extend plays with his feet is virtually unlike any other quarterback in pro football history. Building an offense around that ability is smart and is why the team runs more double-moves than any other NFL team; plus, they use pre-determined scramble routes rather than running a traditional scramble drill. Nevertheless, the real question that needs to be answered is can the Packers rely on so-called “sandlot plays” without any rhythm or timing to systematically break down defenses even when there are certain pre-determined elements built into the broken aspects of the play's design? The recent evidence suggests “no" as it demands too much of the offensive line, too much of the receivers, and too much from A.Rodgers.

The McCarthy - Rodgers relationship is a curious schematic one. McCarthy has long been a staunch West Coast timing guy throughout most of his career who's demanded rhythm, tempo, and precision for his offenses; however, throughout the evolution of Rodger's career McCarthy seems to have adapted his offense to allow for Rodgers' intellect and play-extending strengths to take precedence by including more and more second-phase opportunities through isolation plays on top of granting Rodgers the freedom to alter the play at the line of scrimmage. The biggest challenges with an isolation system is that it places a huge emphasis on the receivers consistently winning their one-on-one battles, the pass protection needs to be there for extended lengths of time, and it limits the use of schematic concepts designed to specifically attack certain coverages; in fact, Green Bay runs an alarming low amount of designed concepts such as stacked formations, multiple crossing routes, pick plays, pre-snap movements, and triangle play designs.

The evolution of becoming primarily a second-phase isolation-based offensive system has not been good for the Packers recently given that most defenses are figuring out how best to combat it. The recent offensive numbers for the Packers reflect that truth: Rodgers was ranked 17th in DYAR in 2015. He has now gone 15 games without a passer rating over 100 and has averaged under 7-yards per pass attempt in 12 of his last 14 games. The Green Bay offense as a whole has been equally inept; it currently ranks 21st in explosive plays, 29th in yards per game, and 30th in yards per play. All of this comes after a season (2015) in which they finished 21st in weighted offensive DVOA, 21st in seconds-per-play, and 28th in yards per play.

This brings us to A.Rodgers and whether he really wants to run an all-magic, all-the-time offense? Is he willing to trust a system that asks him to make more three-step faith-based timing throws? When the Packers have actually ran plays with timing elements during their 14-game slump, Rodgers has looked uneasy and inaccurate, unsure of his receiver’s ability to gain separation prior to seeing it and perhaps even second guessing the structure of a timing based offense by audibling out of them. In a timing-based offense receivers run routes that are set to a specifically timed window of opportunity that are also designed to work in conjunction with one another; these plays often involve scheming players open and trusting that that player will become open at a specific spot on the field verses simply waiting for a player to demonstrate he's open. These plays often involve greater risks for turnovers, but allow an offense to truly build a rhythm and set a tempo.

The McCarthy - Rodgers pairing should deliver one of the most exciting and devastating hybrid offenses in the league. It should employ a rhythm-to-second-phase system, not primarily an isolation oriented one. Using an offensive system that's mostly based on short West Coast timing routes that also includes plenty of concepts designed to attack specific defensive coverages while also factoring for transitions into pre-determined scramble drills would no doubt be complex and difficult; especially, given the years already put into developing the existing offense, but that’s the price you pay for having a historically great quarterback with a unique skill set and not getting the offensive production you should be.

Personally, I think it would behoove the Packers to bring in a young up-and-coming offensive mind from outside the organization to be the assistant offensive coordinator tasked with evolving the offense into a new frontier of offensive football because this current edition feels outdated. Also, I think better management of the personnel would go a long way towards improving the offense's success. E.Lacy should be on the field for closer to 65% of the offense's snaps instead of 53%. J.Starks should be considered a true handcuff to E.Lacy; meaning, he should only see the field when Eddie needs a breather or gets banged up verses rotating back and forth for entire offensive series. R.Cobb shouldn't be the only receiver to play out of the back field when you got a guy like T.Montgomery. D.Adams' snap count should be around 65% instead of 84% in order to allow the Packers to rotate in some of their other young receivers within the "11 personnel" package. J.Cook shouldn't receive any less than 65% of the snap count given he's a good blocker, he's got the ability to stretch the seam, and he's a huge mismatch for any defender.

Tundraboy's picture

Well done especially the last paragraph.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

The all22 article is excellent. Read it yesterday.

L's picture

It's a longer read and I wanted to tie some of my thoughts into the overall viewpoint that I agreed with.

croatpackfan's picture

Well I can recognize that something is wrong (broken), even I can pin point what it is, but I do not have knowledge how to fix it... First I have not possess enough knowledge on the matter and second we do not know a lot of small things that causes problems we spotted. If I would know how to correct what is wrong with football team, I would not, probably, writing all those comments and discussing with you, but discussing with my colleagues coaches what to do with the team I'm in charge of...
So, do not expect solution from me...

4thand1's picture

Right now, i would punt. (with a new punter)

Nick Perry's picture

I would break out film of Offenses like the Steelers, Patriots, Broncos, Bengals, Cardinals or even the Seahawks teams that use a lot of creativity in their offense. As a group the Packers have as good or better WR's as most of those teams, especially across the board. MM runs the same ole, same ole each and every week. Right now it feels like we could have Julio Jones, AJ Green, and Jordy Nelson and still struggle.

I've been rough on the Pack this week but it doesn't seem McCarthy is "Willing" to even try anything different. How about Monty in the backfield? People have said he has an issue with Drops which I haven't really saw but okay, then let him run, at least those snaps you keep pounding Cobb into the line.

Rodgers has GOT to start looking at his mechanics, the way he's throwing the ball. I mean he's not even CLOSE on most passes.

Start using everybody, especially Abby and Monty. Cobbs done really nothing, Adams has had a few drops, get someone out there who's hungry.

With all Detroit's injuries the Packers should actually hang 40 on them. Maybe 40 against a wounded team will give them some confidence. Something this team is really lacking offensively. Just my 2 cents worth...

EDIT.... If nothing else get a good punter!!!!!!

RCPackerFan's picture

Nick. You and I have been on the same page a lot. Same here.

All preseason we have seen Abbrederis playing really well. And heard Todgers be very excited about him. Yet through 2 games he has played 20 snaps. Montgomery has played 11 in game 1 and 0 in game 2. Davis had 5 in the last game. 36 snaps for those 3 players in 2 games... not enough.

McCarthy needs to start getting more players involved. They have value. They have talent. Time to start using it!

Nick Perry's picture

Exactly RC, Thompson and McCarthy keep 7 WR's yet stick to the same 3 throughout the game. It just doesn't make any sense.

I'd also say given the size of each player my odds gaining MORE yards, the play being MORE successful would go up by using Montgomery in the backfield. He was MADE for those plays, at least compared to Cobb.

jgando12's picture

There is a lot of worthy, considered opinion here that has been great to read. Many are validating what many of the rest of us are SEEING, not necessary feeling. Which is more accurate to a true systemic problem. My three cents is that the big 3, Ted, MMc and #12 have all gotten so comfortable in believing their own approach is so hallowed, that they have spurned any creativity risk-taking that was so essential to their rise to begin with.
Ted...there is a difference with being conservative and ignorant. We have needed SPEED for 2+ seasons now....GO and GET IT. Coach....where is any creative sets, formation and sub packages? 4th and 2 and Starks over LACY? WHO DOES THAT? The league has caught up with you..ADMIT IT and get coaching. The definition of INSANITY is doing the same ineffective or faulty stuff again and again and expect it to work. Jordy was a fall guy. #12...NO all. You are so much better than your receivers that you trust NO ONE? Would you even throw the pass to Jennings that won you a SB? Not today. It's always their fault, they're not open. Comfort breeds complacency. Any other excuses about field position and match-ups and tendencies is rhetoric for losers. We've laughed at the Lions, Bears and whoever spurt that garbage and smirked for years. Now, we're the ones SAYING IT. That is exactly where we are headed if the organization..(hellooo Murphy are ya there??? ) doesn't start believing what they are SEEING.

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

I think Aaron got a bit hacked off, if you listened to his replies to questions he was doing all he could to hold it back. He better play up to his skill level or its only going to get much worse.

Tundraboy's picture

Tell Rodgers to wake the hell up, stop pouting and spread the ball around.
Tell MM to stop insisting on running the hurry up 90% of the time.
Use all the WRs, RBs.
Run more plays for Cook and Ty.

lecko's picture

Anybody watched full interviews with all coaches on As you can expect they are very diplomatic. But answer of the day belongs to QB coach van Pelt. When asked that tape ishows that sometimes protection seemed to be good and he bailed early , he answered. "Not at all. You confused his ability to extend plays for flushing early".

egbertsouse's picture

They won't change anything on offense as long as MM is coach.

They won't get any more offensive talent as long as Tightwad Ted controls the wallet.

Be prepared to watch more of the same for the rest of the season. They'll scratch out 9-10 wins given their schedule.

And, next year the Packers will announce record profits for the 2016 season and MM and TT will each get a big raise.

oldfart's picture


Gforcetrivers's picture

There was a day not that long ago that Aaron Rodgers had the quickest release in the League. Not anymore.

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