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Packers Question of the Day: Expectations for Sunday

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Packers Question of the Day: Expectations for Sunday

Aaron Rodgers is back.

That is all.

What are your expectations for Sunday in Carolina?


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV and a contributor/analyst for the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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jeremyjjbrown's picture

Still worried about the Packers secondary, and the Panthers running offense is hot. But, hopefully Rodgers comes back close to full speed and they can out score the inconsistent Panthers.

Bearmeat's picture

That's the only hope. From here on out actually.

TheVOR's picture

The problems with an away win in this case are obvious. 1.) our defense isn't a playoff caliber defense, it's a defense that gives up the game late every time in a big game, even if they've played well. This is not a good defense. 2.) To expect the offense to carry the load based upon the return of the HOF QB, after a 8 week recovery, is asking a lot. Timing, mental toughness/issues around protecting the injury, I just don't see it. 3.) it didn't really matter, lets say Rodgers played the whole year and we went 12 & 4. It doesn't matter folks. Until Green Bay Exits Dom Capers, this will never be a championship football team, it's defense simply is not good enough to win a championship. If Rodgers helped put up 42 points, we'd lose 45 to 42 on the final drive of the game. Does it really matter? We don't win this game! Not even Aaron Rodgers can help this defenseless football team.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I said the same thing a couple weeks ago about our defense giving up more points than our offense no matter how many points our offense puts up and all I got was a whole bunch of dislikes must be a whole lot of people out there like Dom Capers so he will not be gone next year but come up with a TNT rollerblade Dynamic defense that'll get everybody excited. Nothing's going to change just another wasted year after year with Aaron Rodgers Packer fans saying I'm just a negative person and we'll be fine everything will be alright my love and our dream world that one day we'll win another Superbowl haha.

Tarynfor12's picture

I expect the expected rise in offense but can only hope for a legit rise from the defense and not more of an opponents self induced missteps to give false acclaim from ours over bad offenses. : }

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Tarynfor12, GVR once again has the GB game along with 2 other lop sided games circled on the board, The Jags -11 1/2 on the Texans, & NO -15 1/2 on the Jets. Which way are they worried on these games. The GB game is Panthers -2 1/2. Obviously they are worried about getting too much money to 1 side. How would you read this. I can pretty much guess on the Jags & NO's games, but the GB game doesn't make sense??, at least I can't see it. What do you think??

al bundy's picture

I envision the Panthers putting a quick 14 in first two possessions and neutralizing our run game.
Personally I would rather see the pants and Vikes put up big numbers (if we're not making playoffs) and dumping capers.
Read on another packer site the team d is 32nd in red zone defense and almost as bad in allowing third down conversions.
Rogers and co can only do so much.
Mental Mike will run the ball a lot to keep the d off the field neutralizing Rogers.

JDK52's picture

Really amazing to me that you still don't know how to spell our QB's name, even when it's in the article you're commenting on.

Turophile's picture

Brett Farve redux

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Why does Al Bundy have two dislikes you Packers living in some kind of dream world he tells the truth of what can happen and you don't want to believe it you want to live in your fantasy cheesehead world people need to wake up need to start picketing get rid of Dom Capers need to get rid of Ted Thompson .. and all the other upper bums Like Mark Murphy and Harlan sitting in there expensive offices earning their High salaries

Bearmeat's picture


Harlan has been retired for years. He was also the guy who hired Ron Wolf and fired Sherman. He's a living legend.

I agree with you about Capers and Thompson though. It's past time for both to go.

Johnblood27's picture

Harlan hired Wolf - PLUS!

Wolf fired Infante - PLUS!

Wolf hired Holmgren - PLUS!

Wolf hired Rhodes - BAD!

Wolf fired Rhodes - PLUS!

Wolf hired Sherman - PLUS!

Wolf retired and left GM to Sherman - BAD!

Harlan fired GM Sherman - PLUS!
Harlan hired TT - Hmmm?????

TT fired Coach Sherman - Hmmm???

TT hired MM - Hmmm???

Harlan retired and MM (Howdy Doodie) hired

TT & MM & MM fired Favre - Hmmmm???

Bearmeat's picture

This is the game. They win this one, and it's super bowl or bust. They lose and all it's over except the crying.

And the problem is, once again, our secondary and lack of pass rush. Capers is going to go conservative. He's going to play soft zones. Hes going to rush 4. And it will not work. Our defense will look ugly. We know this.

Fortunately, Cam's game isn't reading 5 options and throwing one open. The Panthers have to run the ball to succeed. That said, I fully expect McCaffrey to go off and Cam to scramble with devastating effect, repeatedly.

Our defense will give up 30 or more. The question is whether or not our ARod led offense can score 35 or more in their first game together since September, on the road, against this thing called an actual NFL caliber defense.

I say no..would love to be wrong. But no.

CAR 31
GB 28


RCPackerFan's picture

'This is the game. They win this one, and it's super bowl or bust. They lose and all it's over except the crying.'

Why would there be crying after this game?

'Our defense will give up 30 or more.'

Our defense has given up 30 or more 4 times this year.

-Atlanta (Their home opener in their new stadium, we expected that)
-Dallas 10th ranked scoring offense in the league (who with Elliott is a tough offense, and probably would be rated higher if he was playing)
-Detroit #5 scoring offense in the league (that game the offense did nothing to help and kept the defense on the field all game long).
-Pittsburgh #8 scoring offense in the league.

They played the Saints who are the #3 highest scoring offense in the league and held them to 26 points. They played the Ravens who are the #9 highest scoring offense in the league and held them to 23. They held the Vikings who are the #13th scoring offense in the league to 23 points.

The Panthers are the #14th scoring offense in the league.

I'm not saying the Panthers won't score over 30, just saying that the Packers scoring defense maybe isn't as bad as everyone thinks. They are the 19th ranked scoring defense in the league. The way some people sound, it sounds like we are the 32nd ranked defense.

Getting Rodgers back, should provide fewer 3 and outs meaning the defense shouldn't be on the field as much. They should get more rest between series. Also, with the 3 and outs, they should sustain longer drives which changes field position.

Bearmeat's picture

"Crying" - Dude. It's a catch phrase. The point is that the season will be over, except for everyone in the Packer world being upset about it.

They also turned the Saints over several times and gave up almost 500 yards of offense. Ditto the Ravens. You want to call INTs and fumbles in the RZ "great defense" fine. I get it. But "Great defenses" don't rely on that routinely. That is our only answer. The defense HEMORRAGHES (sp?) yards. Routinely.

You make a fair point about Rodgers. He, and the running game, are our best defense. Which still says bupkus about our actual defense. It sucks, RC.

PS: There's a great article here:

Finwiz's picture

I get sick of explaining all this and expressing all my thoughts in writing, so lately I feel like just parroting/affirming other peoples comments.

My thoughts exactly.

Excellent article btw - now that I've read it.
Points per red zone trip.....PAA-THETIC!!
I wish I wouldn't have read that. It only confirms what I already know.
Awful defense, awful DC.

Bearmeat's picture

Yep. The article made me mad too. But only because it backed up what my eyes already knew.

We have a shitty defense. It's not going to get better until Dom is gone, or until we have world class talent. In which case, any DC is going to look like a genius.

Both TT and DC are responsible. Both must go. We need Lombardi #5.

cuervo's picture

That sums it up right there Bearmeat...especially the end, the defense has too much talent to be this bad.

RCPackerFan's picture

i didn't know what you were referring to with that. thats all...

yeah, they gave up a lot of yards, but only gave up 26 points. Had they had Rodgers they win that game.

To be clear. I never said we had a great defense. Most times not even good. But they can create turnovers. I thought it was interesting to learn that Green Bay actually has more sacks and interceptions then the Vikings and Seahawks. 2 defenses that are always thought to be tops in the league.

But if they can be good at one thing, and that is keeping offenses out of the endzone, I take that as a win.

In all honestly, Rodgers is the team. We saw that when he was gone. Next year we HAVE to upgrade the defense. They can't rely on Rodgers forever.

To be honest the way Rodgers was playing at the beginning of the year, if he didn't get hurt our record is probably something around 10-3, 11-2. Something like that and we are talking about number 1 seeding. That is with the same defense.

Finwiz's picture

Two points;

1.) The Packers are awful in red zone points allowed - read the article above. Don't get your hopes up regarding points allowed, especially with their awful statistical position in yards allowed. Just reference that article.

2.) We make comments about upgrading the defense every year and nothing changes despite throwing endless college and FA talent at the D. Why?
Nothing will change until they jettison the DC. A new message is required, because the players aren't getting this scheme.

RCPackerFan's picture

I didn't get a chance to read the article yet.

I'm just saying that in the games against some of the top offenses in the league they did better then a lot of people think. The way some people talk, we have given up 40+ points a game.

And yes, the way to upgrade the defense IMO is to get a new D coordinator. I seriously don't think he puts players in the right positions.

They obviously need more players, but Capers IMO needs to go. I think another Coordinator would get more out of the players they have.

Bearmeat's picture

Read the article, RC.

Finwiz said it all. I'm not going to repeat him, nor am I going to get my hopes (too) high for this team. I'm a Packers fan, so I'm going to be cheering like a madman on Sunday. But I also know football. I know what a bad team is. And, outside of Rodgers, GB is a below average team and BAD on the defensive side of the ball.

And I'm effen sick of that.

RCPackerFan's picture

I will when i get a chance. Work is busy today...

Remember though. This team is different with Rodgers.

That basically what my whole point is. He makes everyone better. Offense, Defense, Special Teams, Coaches, Reporters, Fans... everyone...

Samson's picture

"In all honestly, Rodgers is the team. We saw that when he was gone. Next year we HAVE to UPGRADE the defense. They can't rely on Rodgers forever."

Ahhh... Guess what? -- Many have been saying this for 7 seasons now. -- Where have you been?

Since '61's picture

Bearmeat - the article you posted here just confirms what I and many of us have been saying about this defense for years. 1. They can't get off the field on third down to save their lives. 2. There is no on field leader for this defense to rally the defense to make stops and big plays when they count the most, e.g., in the red zone and late in the game holding a lead.

As for Capers I'm tired of seeing him smiling and laughing in his Monday pressers regardless of how miserably the defense has played the day before. He has the best job in the league, well paid, no accountability and no sense of urgency to change anything. Just depend on Aaron Rodgers to cover the defensive butts and carry the team to the playoffs until the defense is massacred by an offense that Rodgers is unable to outscore.

Rodgers has to play against his own defense as well as the opponent. He should get paid Capers salary in addition to his own. Thanks, Since '61

Tundraboy's picture

All true RC , but Panthers are on a roll, at home and our Secondary is a mash unit, That with Capers does not bode well.

Samson's picture

RC --- It's called "cherry picking". -- You are a master at it!!!!

RCPackerFan's picture

Samson -

Where have you been. Not that you have been missed.

I'm assuming that your still pissed that the Packers have won the last 2 weeks...
Funny how you disappear when the Packers win.

EdsLaces's picture

The problem is we used to be the bend but not break defense that could live off of turnovers, and now we just don't have the talent to get the turnovers:(

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

RC, glad to see you coming around to my view (JK probably). Of MM, Capers and Zook, Capers arguably is the best coach. The defense is 16th DVOA (per Football Oursiders) and 19th in points allowed.

If Capers is the best coach on your staff, you should fire ALL of them.

dobber's picture

I don't know about that...they had a dry spell early in the season (IIRC) but are still +7 on the season even with #7 chucking ducks.

The issue is that without #12 under center, the offense hasn't reliably made anything out of the TOs.

Donster's picture

I believe that the Panthers will run with reckless abandon, and screen pass the hell out of our defense. Our offense will have to run the ball effectively to sustain long drives, along with completing short passes, keeping the Carolina offense sitting on the sidelines. Our receivers have to step up. It cannot be just an Adams show, because I bet he gets double coverage and Carolina dares Jordy and Cobb to beat them. Kendricks and Geronimo will be non-factors. Carolina by 10 points. But I hope I am wrong!

Red Foreman's picture

Funny how a team would now put their number one corner on Davante and 'dare' Jordy to beat them. Might be true but I will take Rodgers to Jordy all day long on that.

JDK52's picture

Jordy can still make no. 2 CB's look foolish. He is that smart and skilled at his routes and knowing where AR wants him. The reason he hasn't done anything with Hundley is that Hundley doesn't see the field well.

Rodgers will make Jordy look good again. Just as he always has.

stockholder's picture

Let's look at that closer. A-Rod and Nelson chemistry. They know where they have to be. WE saw a lost A-Rod when Nelson went out. We now have ADams Leaping ability over Nelson. Adams is now glued in to A-ROD. He has taken over the sidelines. And his short ten yard passes are to get him going. WE know Nelson can run routes. Adams still has problems in the middle. Especially long! Cobb is still good at going up the middle. So the smart thing your seeing; Is Adams down the sideline to use his jumping ability. ( AIR TIME.) NELSON will still be used on post routes etc. Because Adams just has to be pertected yet in the middle. ADAMS can't read safeties or Hash marks long. He doesn't know where to go for the holes yet. Nelson and Cobb do. And that was Hundleys problem. He couldn't put it in there to them.

Handsback's picture

Not sure how Rodgers will stop Carolina from scoring so don't expect a win. If they do, it would be great, just not expecting it.

GBPDAN1's picture

Wish Rodgers has a creampuff D to go against, at home, for his first game action in 2 months. But, the reality is he's going against the #5 D on the road.

I expect our entire team to fight hard and rally around Arod. But, I too worry about our D keeping Carolina under 30. My heart says Packers, my brain says Panthers

Razer's picture

Well said.

pacman's picture

Even though I disagree with AR playing, I can sort of look forward to a Packer game again.

I expect a loss. I hope for the win. Packers will have more motivation. Maybe a few forced fumbles will help. Which CM, Perry and Randall will show up?

RCPackerFan's picture

Why do you disagree with Rodgers playing?

JDK52's picture

I'm just excited to watch the best player in the game take the field again. Win or lose, I expect an exciting game and a handful of Signature Aaron plays. What would make it really great, obviously, is if we get a couple other guys making vintage plays and giving Rodgers a chance to win it!

*cough cough* Defense *cough cough* Clay Matthews *cough cough*

RCPackerFan's picture

I honestly don't know what to expect.

These are the things based on previous experiences that I think we should probably expect to see.

I expect Rodgers to have some rust. I expect the Panthers to try and attack Rodgers hard early. I expect the defense to struggle defending McCaffrey in the screen game.

I also expect Nelson, Cobb, Kendricks and Allison will all have a lot more action this week. I expect a more uptempo offense, getting to the LOS no huddle. I expect Rodgers to get a free play with either 12 men on the field or getting a guy to jump offsides.

Honestly the offense will likely look 180 degrees different from previous weeks.

Finwiz's picture

One thing I noticed about Hundley, and this was particularly evident against Cleveland - he was getting them to the line and ready to snap, with plenty of time on the play clock. Even when not in the no-huddle offense. It seemed like the tempo was a bit quicker than with ARodg under center. ARodg seems to labor a bit between play - for whatever reason.

That's about the only thing I saw Hundley do better than Rodgers - clock management between plays.

JDK52's picture

Goodness, I do believe you're serious.

Rodgers actually does checks and calls at the line. He's working to win the snap before the ball even moves. Hundley didn't even try to do that, so you perceive him as being "better" at clock management due to the play clock not running out as far.

Finwiz's picture

I understand you argument, but simplicity may win the day in some scenario's and perhaps Rodgers "over-thinks" things from time to time.
Clock is always under 5 seconds with 12, which translates to fewer offensive plays, grinding clock, and a few burned TO's.
We don't know for a fact that Hundley had zero ability to call an audible, or change the play at the line. I heard several times against Cleveland the familiar "kill, kill, kill", which told me he was changing the play.
I was a bit impressed, but one has to factor in the level of competition of course.

Duke Divine's picture

I expect Funchess to torch the beat up secondary and get me into the Fantasy Football Championship.

I expect some Arodge magic . I expect the PAckers to run the ball. But we all know Mashed Potato Mike loves to abandon the run game at any sign of adversity especially when Arodge is healthy. Feed #30 and #33!!!

Finwiz's picture

Going to be tough to 'feed' them if they're averaging 2.8 YPC after 10 attempts. Not hard to imagine why they'd abandon the run, but I get your point. I have no doubt they will try, but I doubt they'll be successful.
Hope to be surprised.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I expect Funchess to drop 2 passes. But yeah, though he is a headcase, he is talented and might torch us.

EdsLaces's picture

I have had a rough year personally and many issues with the health of my family and my ex wife being ...well awful. Sunday is the start of my vacation that I very much need and deserve. Sunday is the first Sunday I haven't worked all year so I sit on my a$$ crack a beer (Sam Adams perhaps) and enjoy the absolute hell outta watching ARs return. Cheers.

Since '61's picture

I expect victory! What else is there to expect with Rodgers back. Without a victory we're pretty much done.

With Rodgers back at the helm I expect the Packers to return to their formula of building an early lead and then utilizing the run game to chew up the clock and keep our defense off the field as much as possible.

I hope that if the Packers win the toss they elect to receive rather than defer. I would rather allow Rodgers to try to gain the lead rather than kicking off to the Panthers and have Rodgers come in on his first series down 7-0 already.

I expect the Packers to play with intensity and a sense of urgency based on getting a lift from having Rodgers back.

I expect Capers to keep a spy on Cam to keep him from beating us with his legs which is essentially what he did to the Vikes late in their game last week. But then again this is Capers I'm talking about.

We can win this game if Rodgers and the offense can play with a lead and keep Cam off the field. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

Finwiz's picture

And who's going to be fast enough to "SPY" Cam?
Not only spy, but be able to tackle the monster when he gets the edge.

I think in the 2nd paragraph you're missing the word "LEAD", after How much have the Packers played with an early lead this year? Usually they've been a slow starting team, with or without ARod.

Since '61's picture

Fin - first thanks for picking up my missing "lead", I have made the correction.

I think Martinez and/or Jones could function as the spy. They could switch depending on down and distance maybe Burnett as well with Jones back at safety. It will be enough to stop the Panthers ground game we certainly don't need Cam to beat us with our legs. Better tackling and an effective pass rush coupled with Rodgers return may be enough to win the game.

As for slow starting, IIRC the Packers have scored on their first drive in 7 or 8 out of 13 games this year so that is not bad. They might even lead or be tied for the league lead in that statistic. I'll need to check but even Hundley scored on the first drive in a few games. Thanks, Since '61

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Packer defense can't contain a good quarterback that can throw let alone a good quarterback that can throw and run the ball 60 yards I don't doubt it's going to be a nightmare I hope I'm wrong but yeah all I know is our offense is going to have to score a huge amount of points to even have a chance at this game thanks Dom Capers for having another crappy year thanks for not stepping aside and telling Mike McCarthy to get someone else's better nope I'll just take the money and run thank you Mike McCarthy and I hope to be back next year too and the year after and the year after.. and hopefully I'll retire when Aaron Rodgers does and we can both go to the Hall of Fame together.

AK Cheese's picture

From Shutdown Corner:

Rodgers will make things interesting, because he always does. But when it’s all said and done, his brilliance won’t be enough to offset a litany of other factors out of his control.

Green Bay will watch the playoffs from home for the first time since the Bush administration.

croatpackfan's picture

Just win, baby

fastmoving's picture

if all the "experts" here are that negativ and call a D distaster thats good news.
If everyone predict the same it will be canceled all the time.
other than that, Im looking forward to see AR unexpectedly play and hopefully getting some fun out of the game.
I wondering if some of the doom smarties here had ever a fun day in here life.
We all know our shortcomings, but thats football. And if someday everyone is fired, I dont think that crying and drama stops...maybe for a day...till they realised.........the next guy has his flaws too..............

Finwiz's picture

I don't care if "the next guy" has flaws, as long as he gets the Packer defense into the top five in points and yards allowed. He can beat his dog or cat and miss church on Sunday for all I care, all I want is a top 5 defense for Christmas!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

deja vu.

Fordham Ram's picture

Newton is susceptible to the turnover. We may have Josh Hawkins playing corner in place of House. If so, they may pick on him. How he plays may make the difference. I know i'm rootin' for this guy, I always root for the little guy, Jones too, but at 5'9 playing against giants how can you not.

Last week was like a playoff game and we won. Better to be lucky than good as far as that game was concerned. With the momentum we have maybe the light bulb turns on for the defense, especially in the screen game. If we can clean that up we have a really good shot. I hope Jake Ryan can elevate his play in this regard, he didn't seem to be making the proper gap reads in the run game. That would make a big difference. Go Pack Go

Lphill's picture

The Packers defense has made some plays although far and few but let's remember that during the Hundley era how much time they have spent on the field due to a lack of sustained drives .Rodgers gives them more of a chance to rest up a bit plus I think they will be psyched up having him back . Martinez or a safety will keep an eye on Cam .

Tundraboy's picture

Nobody's underdog.

4thand1's picture

This is the first playoff game. Lose and season is over. 2010 all over, win and get lots of help. You never know.

Dave in Texas's picture

With Spriggs hurting, maybe M3 starts McCray and runs the damn ball. If they can move the chains on the ground, AR will capitalize through the air. I have a feeling we might see Allison a lot to spread the defense to establish a ground game. Having our receivers healthy is a huge plus.

On defense. I like having Burnett playing the slot. And we have Randall playing well outside. As was pointed out earlier, that puts Hawkins in the crosshairs. And we all know how Capers will try to protect him with our pathetic zones. Jones and Dix are at their worst playing over the top. The defense really misses Brice in that role. Especially now playing w/o King and House. I would love to see Popkins playing some meaningful snaps and doing well. But, Capers will probably play Whitehead more.

I feel confident the Packers will win. Because, I expect the offense to win the TOP and the defense win the turnover differential.

Qoojo's picture

I think it will be a competitive game. I really do not know what to expect. I think Rodgers will be sharp coming back from injury. Will the defense continue to get the turnovers, or will the second just get torched? Don't know.

cheesycowboy's picture

Ha Ha needs his A game with this secondary.

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