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Packers Put Benson on New IR, Updates for Jennings, Raji, Finley

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Packers Put Benson on New IR, Updates for Jennings, Raji, Finley

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy was able to update the status for four of his hobbling players Wednesday afternoon.

The news was positive for some, quite the opposite for at least one other.

Bad news first.

The Packers placed running back Cedric Benson (Lisfranc injury) on the Injured Reserve/Designated to Return list, a new provision teams have that allows players to practice after six weeks and return after eight. McCarthy remained optimistic that Benson could return still this season, especially the final four weeks.

Benson, an August free-agent pick up, leads the Packers in rushing this season with 71 carries and 248 yards rushing in 2012. ESPN's Adam Schefter first reported Monday night that Benson would miss at least eight weeks with the injury, and the entire season if surgery was required.

The Packers have yet to announce a player taking Benson's roster spot.

The injury news was decidedly better for receiver Greg Jennings (groin), tight end Jermichael Finley (shoulder) and nose tackle B.J. Raji (ankle).

According to McCarthy, all three will miss practice until at least Friday. It's possible that none of the three will practice this week, but each is likely be a game-time decision for Green Bay's Sunday night matchup with the 5-0 Houston Texans.

Jennings, who re-aggravated a groin injury against the New Orleans Saints, has missed two games this season and the better part of a third. The Packers are taking a cautious approach with his recovery the second time around.

Both Finley and Raji were hurt in Indianapolis; Finley (slightly dislocated AC joint) on a diving catch attempt in the second half, and Raji (left ankle sprain) in the first half when he got his ankle twisted up. Expect both to be at least questionable for Sunday.

Finally, Packers rookie linebacker Nick Perry was fined $15,000 for his hit on Colts quarterback Andrew Luck during the first half Sunday. He was given a 15-yard penalty on the play, which wiped out a fumble recovered by the Packers. Perry will appeal the fine.

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Tony's picture

Perry got FINED!?!? Jesus Christ.

Idiot Fan's picture

With the sheer violence of the hit, I can see why the refs mistook it for an illegal hit live, but to get fined after review? Ridiculous.

pooch's picture

Fuck the NFL

D B H's picture


murphy's picture

Somewhere in Arizona, Kevin Kolb is wincing and spitting out blood as he chuckles.

Denver's picture

Sure wouldn't mind seeing what DJ Williams could do with the same amount of targets as #88 has been getting.
Can't hurt IMO.

June's picture

Same here. After Finley went out of the game last week, I actually caught myself relieved that Williams was in and actually catching the ball on a consistent basis..

Jake's picture

The difference though (I THINK) is that regardless of how Finley has been performing, he still draws coverage to him, which opens up things for other receivers. I don't know that the same kind of coverage would be rolled to DJ Williams.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree that Finley draws coverage. So why not take advantage of that. Run Williams behind Finley, Finley will get attention where Williams should be open. And if williams is in and teams don't want to cover him, get him the ball and let him use his speed. I would like to see Williams used more often

Bob Tundra's picture

I think Green did a good job running the ball in place of Benson. He gives the running game a different look than Benson does. As far as Perry being fined by the league, that is BS!!!!! This was another example of the bad officiating the Packers see every week! How else was Perry supposed to tackle Luck? I think every Packer Fan ought to appeal this decision to the league. I can almost guarantee that if an opposing DL hit Aaron Rodgers like that, there'd be no flag!

CSS's picture

So the going rate for tackling a quarterback hard is $15,000? Imagine what the league would have charged Perry if an illegal hit were to take place......

MarkinMadison's picture

The NFL: take out the knee of a linebacker or offensive lineman? No problem. Tackle a quaterback? Penalty and a fine.

jack in jersey city's picture

that's exactly what clay matthews was saying. it's b.s.

BoxStuffer's picture

The Perry fine was because he led with the crown of his helmet. 4 years ago, that wasn't a penalty, and a good football play. It's definitely a different world now.
@Bob Tundra: I can guarantee if someone hit ARodge the same way he'd be flagged and fined as well. You're kidding yourself if you don't think Rodgers, Brady, and Brees don't get the benefit of the doubt on most roughing calls from the refs.

Chad Toporski's picture

Please show me where he led with the crown of his helmet, because I didn't see it. Leading with the helmet? Yes. Leading with the top of it? No.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Completely agree... I have seen a few sources saying that. But most others that actually watched the play, saw that he did not lead with the crown of his helmet. His head was up and he hit Luck with his facemask. Exactly what your taught.
Perry got penalized because he hit him to hard. Pretty soon we might have to start throwing the red jersey on QB's in games, so they aren't touched at all...

Mike's picture

& honestly, if Perry had his head anymore up than it was, he would have ACTUALLY hit Luck helmet to helmet. Load of crap

Jamie's picture

Appeared to me contact was with the front of helmet / top of facemask area.

Knowing the NFL, and the 'two wrongs make a right' mentality they have operated under over the last 12-24 months, including numerous attempts to cover up incompetence at every level...the fine was simply a way to give credence to yet another poor and game result effecting call against the Packers.

The NFL's lack of morality is disturbing to me.

Bearmeat's picture

Do you expect anything different from GODell? His hubris is the cause of all of this.

woodson4president's picture

Its ridiculous Perry got fined for that hit..Having said that he sure did lay the wood and i could watch it over n over!!

Displaced Hodag's picture

That was a textbook hit by Perry and he gets fined? I don't even know this game anymore.

Rocky70's picture

The Packers are playing some of the worse football in the NFL, both defensively & offensively. But reading most of these comments it's obviously someone else's fault. (yes, that's sarcasm)

I sure hope MM, the coaching staff & especially the players aren't looking for the same crutch (as fans) to lean on. If they are, this season will be a lost season for sure.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Completely disagree... They haven't played their best yet, but when you keep getting phantom calls against you, it makes it so much tougher to play with momentum. The time of Perry's Sack/fumble Packers were up 14-0. Would have gotten the ball at the 17 yard line. Instead Colts get 15 yards and a first down. That drive leads to a Field goal by the Colts. Packers score there its 21-0 and at the very least 17-0. And Packers have all the momentum in the game. And if the rest of the game continues as it was the Packers would have been up 24 or 28-0 at halftime. No way Colts come back from that.
This game is played with momentum. The Packers haven't been able to maintain it due to poor officiating as well as uneven play.
Don't forget the Packers record should be 3-2. If they beat the colts, which they should have. they would be 4-1.
The officiating was horrendous in the 49ers game, and if the officiating was better in that game, who knows what would have happened.
The Packers have been victimized by horrible calls all year. They haven't played their best yet, but they are far from one of the worst teams in the league.

GBPDan's picture

It's getting harder and harder to watch NFL games. What happen to football? This isn't football ! Goodell needs to change his tampon soon

Chad Toporski's picture

Talk about an insult to women... I know a lot of ladies who have loads more toughness than Goodell.

Mike's picture

My mom could legitimately run the NFL better. Could Goodell give a better explanation of the PI rules than my mom - I think not! She still turns purple when you mention the PI call on her Cowboys in SB XIII...

Ruppert's picture

The Packers level of play right now is disappointing.

But it's not nearly as disappointing as constantly seeing complaints about the officiating.

All teams have to overcome poor officiating. This was true 20 years ago. It's true today. It will be true 10 years from now. You have to worry about the things you CAN control. The Packers certainly have more issues now in the areas they CAN control than those they can't (refs).

Stop whining about the officiating. You sound like Vikings fans. And THAT is truly disappointing.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


Chad Toporski's picture

I think you misunderstand the frustration here. I get why the call was made in-game. With things going at that speed, it was extremely hard to tell what happened, and Luck's head whipping back made it look worse. Even the commentators thought it was a clear penalty until they saw the slo-mo replay.

What is most irritating about this whole mess is the fine from the NFL. Players shouldn't be coughing up their money for legal hits.

cheesy4's picture

Thats true Chad so maybe when they make a"legal" tackle on a quarterback the NFL should give them a bonus.

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